The Legend of Futian
1751 Who Was He?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1751 Who Was He?

In the Heavenly Mandate Realm, a black-robed figure had arrived at a demonic city, which was in the territory of the Demon Realm.

The aura emanated by the black-robed figure was terrifying. Many demonic beasts around him stared at him cautiously. Then, all of them subconsciously avoided him. Even though this black-robed figure did not emanate a strong aura, demonic beasts had a sharp sense of smell, and they could sense that he was a threat.

This human before them was very powerful.

However, currently, almost the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm had been united. The relationship between the human cultivation world and the Demon Realm was not as tense as it was before this. With the Heavenly Mandate Academy as the center, the humans and the cultivators of the Demon Realm formed a strong alliance.

Hence, the various demonic beasts were not too concerned about this person. They merely avoided the person quietly.

The black-robed figure walked until he came to a huge mountain range. He swept a glance at the mountain range before he advanced forward into the mountains with one step.

"This is the land of Dragon Gods. You are forbidden to enter," a powerful voice cried out. A dragon figure took to the skies and circled above, his gaze locked on the black-robed figure.

"I am looking for someone," the black-robed figure said indifferently. As he said this, his will swept out and directly enveloped the land of Dragon Gods. At that moment, many cultivators of Dragon Gods were shocked. The cries of dragons could be heard.

The black-robed figure immediately walked into the mountain range of Dragon Gods as he spoke. The dragons roared as they charged at him. However, there was a demonic might circling the black-robed figure. In an instant, extremely overbearing pressure enveloped the entire mountain range. Under this immense pressure, the dragons actually felt themselves being pushed down. Even though they were existences at the level of Demon Emperors, their huge figures were all trembling, and they were roaring restlessly.

"Which power has descended upon Dragon Gods?" a hoarse voice called out that filled the sky. In the distance, a silhouette dressed in long purple robes appeared. It was Dragon Master.

Dragon Master watched the black-robed figure closely. He actually sensed a strong might from the latter.

Naturally, Dragon Master knew that this world had not been peaceful recently. Many powerful figures had arrived. Could the person before him be one of the outsiders?

"Where is the Demonic Dragon?" the black-robed figure asked. His will had scanned through the entire territory of Dragon Gods, but he actually had not found the Demonic Dragon.

Dragon Master's eyes narrowed slightly. He stared at the black-robed figure intently, asking, "Who are you?"

The black-robed figure continued to expand his will, and his will reached a restricted area in the territory of Dragon Gods—the Abyss of the Dragon. His domineering will directly broke the seal and penetrated into the abyss. Then, a scene was revealed to him in his mind. There was a hidden space in the Abyss of the Dragon.

The black-robed figure turned around and left immediately. He took a step forward, and his figure directly disappeared from his original spot.

Dragon Master watched his movements, but he did not stop the black-robed figure. Or more precisely, he was not confident that he could stop the black-robed figure.

Dragon Master looked in the direction of the Abyss of the Dragon. His facial expression turned extremely serious in an instant. He had considered a possibility.

"Your Highness." All the dragons looked at Dragon Master for instructions.

Dragon Master waved his hand and said, "Do not act rashly."

After he said that, he strode in the direction where the Abyss of the Dragon was.

Right now, the passageway had been activated. Did the people from that place come here too?

In the Abyss of the Dragon, numerous chains locked an enormous demonic dragon in place. He lay on the ground on his belly. His aura was much weaker than before. He had been recovering his vigor all these years.

A few years ago, he extracted his dragon's soul out of his body, and his vigor was greatly impacted.

Suddenly, a black-robed figure appeared in front of him. His dark eyes stared at the Demonic Dragon intently.

The Demonic Dragon let out a roar in a low voice. He stood up, and he held his head up high. Arrogantly, he stared at the black-robed figure before him. The black-robed figure appeared exceptionally tiny in front of the Demonic Dragon, but his aura was powerful even though he was standing there casually.

"Where is your master?" the black-robed figure asked the Demonic Dragon.

The eyes of the Demonic Dragon suddenly released frightening demonic light. However, the black-robed figure merely stared back at him with a cold gaze. In an instant, the Demonic Dragon seemed to not only see a simple silhouette but instead a stalwart and overbearing demon. The huge figure of the Demonic Dragon shifted uneasily. The huge eyes of the Demonic Dragon were locked onto the other party.

"Who are you?" The eyes of the Demonic Dragon were staring at the demon.

"You should be able to guess where I am from," the black-robed figure calmly replied.

The figure of the Demonic Dragon was still shifting around. Had they arrived?

"After the incident back then, there was no news about him. He might be long gone," the Demonic Dragon replied as he stared at the other party with cautious eyes.

The black-robed figure looked him back in the eye.

Long gone?

The black-robed figure had not heard any news of him dying and had also not seen a corpse.

Some claimed that it was possible that he was still alive and might even have returned. However, they knew that he had never returned.

"You seem to know something," the black-robed figure said as he stared into the Demonic Dragon's cautious-looking gaze.

"I have always been imprisoned here. What could I possibly know?" the Demonic Dragon retorted.

"Is that so?" The black-robed figure took a step forward. His demonic might bellowed and enveloped the body of the Demonic Dragon.

The huge figure of the Demonic Dragon shook. The black-robed figure's eyes seemed to pierce his own. The black-robed figure raised his palm and struck the Demonic Dragon on his head.

Roar. The Demonic Dragon cried out. Demonic might churned, and a powerful aura swept out.

However, the palm of the black-robed figure seemed to contain endless dominant power. His palm pressed down immediately, as though he had suppressed and restrained the huge figure of the Demonic Dragon. He placed his hand on the head of the Demonic Dragon.


He pressed down on his palm, and the body of the Demonic Dragon was immediately pressed down. The Demonic Dragon was originally heavily injured. He did not have the strength to resist at all. Even if he was in his prime, he was no match for this black-robed figure.

The huge figure of the Demonic Dragon was sprawled out on the ground. The palm print of the black-robed figure was engorged in his head. The black-robed figure stood before the Demonic Dragon's head. His pair of demonic eyes stared into the eyes of the Demonic Dragon and immediately pierced through them, invading his consciousness.

"If you do not wish to suffer, then keep quiet," the black-robed figure said indifferently. Outside, Dragon Master and many cultivators of Dragon Gods were around. However, the vast demonic might that churned below was extremely terrifying. This caused the Dragon Master's facial expression to turn somewhat ugly.

The Demonic Dragon knew that the black-robed figure's cultivation was more powerful than his own; he was no match for the black-robed figure.

In the deep abyss, after a short while, the black-robed figure obtained what he wanted to know. A silhouette appeared in his mind.

The black-robed figure lifted his palm from his opponent's head. His gaze was also gentler and not as cold as before.

"Does anyone know that you have taught him before?" the black-robed figure asked the Demonic Dragon.

"There are some of my clansmen who know," the Demonic Dragon replied. "He does not know. This matter most likely has not spread outside. What do you plan to do with him?"

The black-robed figure remained silent. He could not make the decision for this matter.

"Have you ever considered that if I did not appear and did not take him away, you would have been a potential danger? You should not have taught him," the black-robed figure said as he stared at the Demonic Dragon. He did not speak these words out loud; his voice was directly transmitted into the other party's mind.

The Demonic Dragon was stunned as he raised his head and looked at the black-robed figure.

"I have been trapped here for so many years. Please end this for me," the Demonic Dragon asked of the black-robed figure.

The black-robed figure looked him in the eye and remained silent for a short while. He then transmitted, saying, "Give me your dragon's soul then."

The Demonic Dragon was stupefied for a moment. His body trembled slightly. He was hesitating. Giving the black-robed figure his dragon's soul was harder than death.

"I have no use of your dragon's soul," the black-robed figure continued. The Demonic Dragon seemed to have understood something. He lowered his head, saying, "Take it."

The black-robed figure stared at the Demonic Dragon. He was a rather loyal dragon.

"This is your honor," the black-robed figure assured.

"My honor." The Demonic Dragon lowered his head, and the black-robed figure once again put his palm on the dragon's head.

In the deep abyss, an alarming roar of a dragon could be heard. It was as though the dragon was experiencing excruciating pain.

A moment later, the black-robed figure appeared in the sky above the abyss. Dragon Master and many cultivators had their gazes fixed on him.

Dragon Master and the rest did not hear the conversation between the black-robed figure and the Demonic Dragon. They knew nothing about what had happened, but they knew that the Demonic Dragon had died.

"Why did you do that?" Dragon Master asked.

The black-robed figure cast a glance at him indifferently. Then, he turned around and left, not offering any response to Dragon Master. He did not need to explain himself to the latter.

Dragon Master stood in the sky above the Abyss of the Dragon. His demonic aura churned ferociously as he stared at the black-robed figure leaving.

He was Dragon Master of Dragon Gods. However, he felt helpless at this moment.

With the ability of this black-robed figure, let alone Dragon Master, most likely nobody in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path was a match for him.

In the Heavenly Mandate Academy, Yu Sheng was training quietly. Suddenly, he felt an unusual movement in the dragon's soul within his body. The demonic might churned uncontrollably in his body. He opened his eyes and stopped cultivating.

Yu Sheng took a step forward. Currently, he was already a Demon Emperor. His existence gave off an extremely strong pressure on the people around him. His might was domineering, and his aura was powerful.

He frowned slightly as he stared into the distance. He felt uneasy inside.

What had happened?

Had something occurred in the territory of the Dragon Gods?

If something really happened, Dragon Master would come here right away using the teleportation grand matrix, right?


A day later, in a tavern in Heavenly Mandate City, a black-robed figure was sitting alone drinking wine as he listened to the conversations of the people around him.

Most of them were talking about the cultivators that had recently arrived here and that there were other worlds outside of theirs.

Of course, occasionally, somebody would talk about a youth called Ye Futian.

Yesterday, the black-robed figure had already arrived here from the Demon Realm and learned of some matters. Now, he had an even deeper understanding of the matters here.

He lowered his wine cup as he gazed into the distance in the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

In the Heavenly Mandate Academy, the most famous person was not Yu Sheng. Not many people actually knew of Yu Sheng. Clearly, his fame was not too great. However, Ye Futian was like the sun in the sky. He was renowned in the Nine Realms. Although he had just reached the Renhuang Plane, he had already caused such an uproar.

Yu Sheng had always been following Ye Futian and trained with him. They seemed to have been together for a very long time. They came together from the Lower Worlds and should have known each other for many years.

The black-robed figure naturally knew who Yu Sheng was and whose blood coursed through his veins. However, a person like Yu Sheng had actually been following another youth. This youth had unparalleled talent and was known as the top figure of this generation.

It didn't amount to anything if the black-robed figure did not know who Yu Sheng was. However, knowing the identity of Yu Sheng, it was easy for the black-robed figure to try and speculate.

Had he intentionally arranged for this to happen?

If so, then what was the true identity of the youth called Ye Futian?

Who was he?


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    《The Legend of Futian》