The Legend of Futian
1756 Arrogance
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1756 Arrogance

The advancing dark army suddenly halted. Above the darkened firmament, even as a terrifying storm was still raging, those cultivators were looking down below.

The tavern under the darkened sky looked extraordinarily lonesome, and the man drinking inside the tavern seemed even more forsaken, as if he was the only one in the world.

But those eyes had penetrated the void, overbearing and aggressive, gave everyone a feeling that even though he was sitting there alone, he could still vanquish an entire Renhuang army singlehandedly.

Above the darkened void, several men with a terrifying aura were coming toward him, as all eyes were fixed on Mei Ting.

Not only them, but many of the prominent figures who had arrived at Heavenly Mandate City at this time had directed their divine spirits in Mei Ting's direction.

No one expected that right before a great battle was about to erupt, someone who was drinking in a tavern would have killed a Renhuang in the great army because of a broken wine glass, and stopped this dark legion abruptly in its track.

"Who is he?"

Over where Shen Gao of the Shen clan, Gai Qiong, and other cultivators were located, they looked at the figure in black and wondered if there was really some Devil General who had already arrived amongst them?

The Devil World was in a remote corner of the world and did not have much interaction with Divine Prefecture. It was known for its aggressive and objective ways, which made the whole world its enemy. The Devil World had no allies, and everyone was an enemy, but they didn't much care.

Everyone knew that the goal of the Devil Emperor was to dispatch the Great Army of the Devil World to every part of the world and conquer it.

And they had almost done it too. Before the unification of Divine Prefecture, the Devil Emperor had the idea of ​​conquering the world.

However, according to the rumors, before the Great Army of the Devil World was dispatched, Donghuang the Great and the Devil Emperor had a meeting. No one knew what happened during that meeting. Some said that the two fought an unprecedented battle without a winner. Finally, in the end, the Devil Emperor gave up the idea of ​​conquering the world.

It was also said that after that battle between the two of them, out of mutual respect, they had agreed that they would never set foot on each other's territory.

In short, after that historic meeting, the cultivators of the Devil World had stayed in the Devil World without making any expedition. Among the famous Eight Great Devil Generals, some were promoted later, replacing the previous generals. Therefore, very few people, if any, had ever seen the Eight Great Devil Generals that were currently under the command of the Devil Emperor.

So that even as Mei Ting was sitting there, Shen Gao and the others could only guess, but had no clue as to who he really was.

"Perhaps, I was right." Next to him, Gai Qiong said. His bright golden eyes penetrating through the void, honing in on Mei Ting.

No ordinary person would have the audacity to sit there alone and stop an entire army of darkness, let alone the ability to do so.

If it were someone from the outside, they would have known that the Dark Court was behind this dark army.

Even if it was a cultivator from in the Devil World, for someone to be able to intercept the Dark Court alone, there could only be one possibility, and that was this person must have possessed powerful cultivation for him to be so confident.

"Who are you?" Above the darkened sky, a figure spoke. The might of Way that surrounded him descended and shrouded the tavern. However, at this moment, an apprehensive aura appeared around the tavern, making it impossible for the might of Way to invade, and it seemed to have no effect on the person sitting inside the tavern.

This man in black was indeed powerful.

Mei Ting did not respond to the question. He glanced at the broken wine glass on the table and asked, "What are you going to do about it?"

"About what?"

The cultivator in the void looked cold and indifferent. He had killed a Renhuang over a broken wine glass, and he was asking them what do they want to do about it?

Someone dared to be this arrogant and aggressive in the face of the dark army.

"What do you want to do?" someone said indifferently. The one who spoke was a top figure in the Fate World. The Renhuang that died moments ago was his peer.

Even though this man was extremely strong, he didn't think there was anyone who could be strong enough to counter an entire army. Never mind the many top figures that had come from the Hidden Land Realm, just that supreme existence from the Dark Court alone should give everyone pause.

"You are asking me?" Mei Ting looked at the other and asked instead, slowly getting up.

Suddenly, a tremendous powerful demonic might swept across the sky.

With Mei Ting as the center, a terrifying storm was forming. Countless demonic currents raged across the sky, and pitch-black demonic currents moved through the space with wrath.


Mei Ting stepped into the void. At this moment, the sky seemed to be quite still, and countless cultivators felt that it was difficult to move. Everyone was oppressed by a suffocating force of the Great Path.

When the Region Lord of the Fate World felt this aura of the Great Path, his expression altered somewhat. He took a step as a horrific destructive Image of Life and Death appeared in the sky. Infinite death rays sprinkled down, turning into pitch-black lightning of death. The space seemed to be on the verge of collapse and destruction. Under the lightning of death, it seemed that no life could exist, a true doomsday scenario.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a terrible sound of destruction, but it did not seem to affect Mei Ting much. With him as the center, an independent field of the Great Path was forming, so that even as that terrible destructive lightning slammed down, it could not breach the defense of the Great Path.


Mei Ting took a step forward, but his body disappeared in the next moment, turning into a black afterimage.

"Watch it!" Everyone's expression suddenly changed. Where the army of the Fate World was located was penetrated directly by a dark light, and no one could make out that shadow clearly.

Not only was it fast, but all the cultivators were being oppressed by the Great Path. It was as if they didn't even have the ability to dodge.

The dark light traveled in a straight line as it traversed directly through the army of the Fate World.

Time seemed to stand still. Mei Ting appeared behind the great army, with his back facing the army of the Fate World. The next moment, in that straight line, the bodies of all the cultivators exploded and shattered, turning into dust.

The rest of those who were still alive trembled, turning their heads cautiously to look at the man in shock, with great fear in their eyes.

The Region Lord of the Fate World was pale. His eyes fixed on the back of that man, who was still standing there quietly.

One strike had smashed through an area, killing anyone who was in its path.

It seemed that his fist was no longer human.

The light streamers of the Demonic Way still wreaked havoc between heaven and earth, and the dark legion was shaken by it. The people in Heavenly Mandate City felt this even more so.

Way too powerful.

No one imagined that a demonic cultivator who casually sat and drank in a tavern could be so powerful to this terrifying degree.

How many other awesome existences were currently inside Heavenly Mandate City at this moment?

Even at the Heavenly Mandate Academy at this time, as Lord Taixuan and many other cultivators stood above the academy, covering the endless area with their divine spirit, they were shocked into speechlessness.

With the coming of the great army, they had made the preparation for war.

However, as the army was passing by a tavern, a wine glass was broken, and someone's drinking was interrupted.

Therefore, in a most dramatic fashion, the army was forced to stop.

Among the cultivators at the Heavenly Mandate Academy, the Dragon Master of the Dragon Gods was also present, and he was shocked even more as he saw what was played out before him.

He had seen that man before, and it was at the Dragon Gods.

Unless the other had done this to help the Heavenly Mandate Academy?

This turn of event perplexed him greatly. At the Dragon Gods, the other had killed the Demonic Dragon, so why would he help them now?

"Lord Taixuan, Futian, ​​this man had been to the Dragon Gods just a few days ago." The Dragon Master transmitted his voice to Lord Taixuan and Ye Futian.

Both Lord Taixuan and Ye Futian looked curious. Ye Futian asked in return, "What was he doing there?"

"To see the Demonic Dragon. Soon after his visit, the Demonic Dragon of Longyuan perished." The Dragon Master continued to speak through voice transmission, as he didn't want to relay the information in public. After all, the current situation was way too complicated. It was better not to disclose the matter.

"You mean the Dragon Elder who taught Yu Sheng?" Ye Futian asked.

"Well, I was going to tell you about this later," The Dragon Master continued.

Ye Futian was extremely disturbed. He knew that the Demonic Dragon had instructed Yu Sheng. It was said that the Demonic Dragon was imprisoned in Longyuan because of his involvement with Emperor Ye Qing.

Was there any connection to all this?

His foster father was a demonic cultivator, and the skills taught to Yu Sheng was also demonic methods, and the sword that was given to the great senior brother was a demonic sword.

He suddenly had a bold idea.

When the Demonic Dragon instructed Yu Sheng back then, could it be because he knew who Yu Sheng was?

Could this powerful demonic cultivator be coming for none other than Yu Sheng?

What exactly was the true identity of this foster father?

However, guessing was all that could be done at the moment. If this was really the case, that this person was here for Yu Sheng, then the matter was more involved than previously imagined.

He had a vague feeling that the mystery of both Yu Sheng and his birth was getting closer to being unraveled.

Perhaps after they got out, they would have the chance to find the answer.

"Mei Ting!"

At this moment, a terrible sound was heard from above the firmament. It resounded throughout the entire Heavenly Mandate City.

Above the darkened sky, an infinitely domineering dark figure appeared.

With the appearance of this figure, infinite darkness descended on the throne, and the phantom in front of the throne gradually solidified.

Accompanying the infinite darkness, the figure upon the throne turned into an entity, a cultivator dressed in a dark robe. The moment he appeared, the sky seemed to grow even more horrific.

However, all the cultivators from the outside world were shocked by the two words he spat out.

Mei Ting.

Mei Ting was one of the Eight Great Devil Generals under the command of the Devil Emperor.

It turned out that a Devil General from the Devil World had truly arrived.

Although they had never seen him before, the names of the Eight Great Devil Generals were well-known to all.

As for the figure that just appeared, cultivators from the outside world stared at the man upon the throne.

Another super cultivator had arrived.

One of the kings of the Dark Court, only that no one knew who the king that had arrived here was!

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    《The Legend of Futian》