The Legend of Futian
1761 Chaos and Opportunities
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1761 Chaos and Opportunities

When Lord Taixuan saw that the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace gave his promise, he smiled and said, "The Palace Lord is most benevolent. Do you know if the Clan of the Seven Slayers and Youyue Divine Palace have any thoughts on the matter? Now that the Void Realm is facing such a major change, those of us in the Void Realm should be making preparations."

The clan leader of Clan of the Seven Slayers did not come in person, but he was a powerful figure with great ability himself. The first disciple of the clan leader, the First Kill, was a man who looked to be 35, and his temperament was very cold.

"I will discuss this matter with my master after I return," the First Kill said.

"Mmm," Lord Taixuan nodded.

"As to Youyue Divine Palace, I am afraid there will be people coming from the Divine Prefectures of the Upper Worlds in the future, so I cannot make a decision in this case," Goddess Chang Xi said apologetically. Lord Taixuan completely understood.

"This time, the chaos in the Void Realm will not be limited to just the Hidden Land Realm. Now that the passage to the Void Realm has been opened, and without any definitive orders issued by the Great Emperor, I am afraid that another round of changes is inevitable," The Palace Lord of the Divine Palace commented. In this era of great changes, the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms may see a shuffling of powers.

Lord Taixuan nodded in agreement. Unless Donghuang the Great issued an order, the power structure of the Nine Realms would change drastically. In the next few years, they would no doubt undergo a baptism of war. Some forces would die out, while others would rise against all odds.

If the top forces from the outside world had any intentions about the Void Realm, they would not easily squander an opportunity such as this.

For example, because Youyue Divine Palace also had connections to the outside world, they would not be involved with the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

At this time, someone came to inform Lord Taixuan, "My lord, Nantian Divine Kingdom has come to pay us a visit."

"Please show them in," Lord Taixuan replied. Nantian Divine Kingdom was a transcendental power, and Emperor Nan's cultivation was extremely powerful. If Nantian Divine Kingdom could form an alliance with them, it would be of great significance.

Soon, the cultivators from the Nantian Divine Kingdom arrived, and the person in the lead was peerlessly graceful, stunningly beautiful, and seemed to be out of this world.

It was the princess of Nantian Divine Kingdom, Nan Luoshen.

"Nan Luoshen greets Lord Taixuan and all the elders." Although Nan Luoshen was the Palace Lord of the Nantian Divine Kingdom and the treasured daughter of Emperor Nan, she was in the presence of many prominent individuals who were of the same level existence as her father. Their strength may not be comparable to her father's, but their seniority far outranked that of her father.

Therefore, Nan Luoshen would not exhibit too much arrogance on an occasion like this.

"The princess is truly stunning. Everyone, please take a seat," Lord Taixuan said. Soon, the cultivators from Nantian Divine Kingdom settled in.

Ye Futian looked at Nan Luoshen and was a little surprised. He didn't expect that Nantian Divine Kingdom would attend the banquet.

"Princess Luoshen, what is your father's view on what is happening now?" Lord Taixuan asked, referring to Emperor Nan's Qinghe Divine Sword as the sword that had sealed the Gate of Hell.

"Back then, on the order of the Great Emperor, my father had fought with Hell on the battlefield, in the hopes that the world would be peaceful and there would be no more chaos. Now that Hell is up to its old tricks again, my father is worried that troublesome times will once again descend upon us. Therefore, on this trip, my father wished that a teleportation grand matrix can be built between the Heavenly Mandate Academy and Nantian Divine Kingdom. If there are emergencies at the Academy, we can take care of each other," said Nan Luoshen.

Her words were surprising to Lord Taixuan, but he was delighted because it was exactly as he had hoped. He didn't expect Emperor Nan to have the same idea that coincided with his own.

"I had the same idea, too. We are so pleased that Emperor Nan would be willing to lend a helping hand. Please thank the Emperor on my behalf. We will immediately prepare to set up the spatial grand matrix," Lord Taixuan said with a smile.

"My lord needn't be so formal. My father had said that if chaos were to break out, it is not so much as lending aid to the Heavenly Mandate Academy, but it might be that the Nantian Divine Kingdom would also require help from the Heavenly Mandate Academy one day," Nan Luoshen replied.

When she spoke, she remembered her father's comment that great changes were about to occur and that no one could predict what would happen in the future. Her parents didn't have too many concerns except for her wellbeing.

Therefore, this alliance was not so much to help the Heavenly Mandate Academy but to give her a backup if she ever needed it.

Her father had commanded Nantian Divine Kingdom, and if there were no changes, he would continue on with his rule as before. In all of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, no one would dare to attack Nantian Divine Kingdom.

But the outside world was a different story.

The future was full of unknowns.

When Nan Luoshen heard her father's words, she understood that he had long grown tired of the fighting, and now that he was involved in this turmoil, he was worried about her. If anything were really to happen in the future, he didn't want her to be entirely helpless.

In truth, Nantian Divine Kingdom still had many other options. With the strength of Emperor Nan, he could choose Tianshen Academy or even the Shen clan.

But he reckoned that he could still protect Nan Luoshen for some years to come. In the future, his bet was on Ye Futian. If he did not die before his time, Ye Futian would have a chance to surpass the emperor himself. Otherwise, if the alternative was someone not as good as he, what was the point in that?

In the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, there were indeed few who could contend with Emperor Nan.

After the banquet was over, all the cultivators began to leave. Although this battle did not break out with the coming of the great army of Hell, it signaled the coming changes for the Nine Realms in the future, which would surely set off a storm.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy began setting up the teleportation grand matrix. This super spatial matrix would directly connect Shangxiao Divine Palace, Nantian Divine Kingdom, and the Clan of the Seven Slayers.

Clan of the Seven Slayers also agreed to join the alliance.

The reason why these major principalities were willing to form an alliance with the Heavenly Mandate Academy had a lot to do with the previous turmoil. The resolve shown by the Heavenly Mandate Academy was recognized by the entire Nine Realms, and such an ally was absolutely worthy of their trust.

On the day the spatial teleportation grand matrix fell in place inside the city, Ye Futian stood in the teleportation area and saw the extremely radiant divine light lit up. The space formed a terrifying spatial storm as the currents of the Great Path flowed. Golden spatial divine light rose upward as if forging a channel.

Many figures suddenly appeared on the teleportation matrix, and Ye Futian smiled when he beheld them.

Success. Many cultivators from Shangxiao Divine Palace had arrived.

Lord Taixuan and many other important figures from the Heavenly Mandate Academy were there, and they were all looking at the arriving visitors.

"Greetings, Lord Taixuan." The visitor saluted Lord Taixuan by bowing slightly, and many people were also looking at Ye Futian, who was standing next to Lord Taixuan.

Ye Futian saw many familiar faces among these visitors. Li Daozi and Li Xun of the Divine Sword Li Family were there, and they had come to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to cultivate.

Afterward, the light lit up again, and the cultivators from Nantian Divine Kingdom and Clan of the Seven Slayers appeared successively. Nan Luoshen and the Seventh Kill also appeared within their field of vision.

The setup of the spatial teleportation grand matrix was a complete success.

So, with the Heavenly Mandate Academy as the center, in addition to being able to reach the forces directly within the Heavenly Mandate Realm, it would also directly open up passageways to Yuanyang clan, Xiao clan, Dou tribes, Nantian Divine Kingdom, Shangxiao Divine Palace, and the Clan of the Seven Slayers.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy would be the strongest gathering place within the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. From this standpoint, no other principalities could compare with it, not even Tianshen Academy.

Except for the fact that the Heavenly Mandate Academy itself still had room for improvement, it could almost be considered as the core of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

Even Lord Taixuan and Shen Luoxue were delightfully surprised to see such a sight. The Heavenly Mandate Academy took an extremely important step forward.

Changes and opportunities had always coexisted. Nonetheless, this was also because the recognition bestowed upon the Heavenly Mandate Academy by various forces.

In a blink of an eye, several months had passed. Over the past few months, the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path could be said to have been peaceful, but it could also be said that it had continued to transform.

The Hell that unified the Hidden Land Realm was beginning to prepare all the forces in the realm. It seemed to want to control all the lands in its grasp and started to build a great army of Hell. As for Qingyao, who had already been sent away, that was their number one target.

The next target of the Dark Court was the entire Original Realm.

In addition, many principalities, such as the Solar Divine Palace and Youyue Divine Palace, had shared interests with some of the outside forces. Gradually they began to want to control the voice of the principalities within the Void Realm. Struggles were being played out all the time, openly and in secret. At the same time, they were also preparing for the great changes that were to come.

Precisely because of this, the past few months appeared to be particularly calm, but in fact, undercurrents had already been surging for quite a while.

There didn't seem to be many changes happening at the Heavenly Mandate Academy, but its relationship with various forces had become even closer. Of course, they were the forces with whom they had formed an alliance. Even Nan Luoshen was now cultivating at the Heavenly Mandate Academy, which showed just how important Emperor Nan view this alliance, and it was by no means a whim.

On this day, while at the Heavenly Mandate Academy, Ye Futian received an invitation.

Someone from a principality inside of Divine Prefecture had invited him to go to the Heavenly Mandate City for a chat.

Ye Futian happily departed to the banquet and came to a palace inside Heavenly Mandate City, with many cultivators in tow.

Inside the palace, music of guqin could be heard playing, and it was extremely pleasing to the ears. A maid guided Ye Futian into the palace, and he saw a stunning woman playing the guqin quietly. She was wearing a white dress, with ethereal temperament, as if she was a goddess who had come down from heaven.

Ye Futian and the others stood there quietly and listened. At this moment, a group of people came from the other direction. The person in the lead was an elder with a supreme temperament. He said, "We came from afar and are temporarily lodging here. It's not as elaborate as we would have liked, please bear with us."

Ye Futian stood there still, bowing slightly and said, "Elder invited me to here. How can I be of service?"

"Sit down and talk," the elder said with a smile while he himself took the main seat. The woman next to him still played quietly, as if there was no one around.

Everyone around the old man possessed extraordinary temperament. Ye Futian could feel that all of them were of the realm of Upper Renhuang.

These men were very powerful.

Nowadays, in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, his status was unquestionable. Ordinary folks may not be received by him even if they visited, but someone had sent out an invitation for him to come to their door, which demonstrated the highhanded attitude of the other.

But here he was anyway.

Now that the situation was unknown, and chaos was imminent. At this time, an invitation from the forces of Divine Prefecture should be treated with caution, hence his visit to parse out the intention of the other party.

"Presumably, little friend, you have already guessed that we are from the Divine Prefecture." The old man said, "Allow me to introduce ourselves. We are from the Song Imperial Palace in Divine Prefecture."

Imperial Palace?

Ye Futian's eyes sharpened slightly. To be able to take the name of the imperial palace, even if it was no longer ruled by an emperor now, there must have been a figure of the same level as the Great Emperor, another ancient and terrifying principality!

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    《The Legend of Futian》