The Legend of Futian
1762 Battle over the Heavenly Mandate Academy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1762 Battle over the Heavenly Mandate Academy

Ye Futian was not clear on exactly how many forces from the Nine Realms had come. However, he knew that even in Heavenly Mandate City, there were already many top forces that were active all the time.

Aside from the forces that had previously visited the Heavenly Mandate Academy, Song Imperial City was the first force to send him an invitation to come over to their place.

Ye Futian sat there quietly and did not say anything, waiting for the other party to continue speaking.

The elder of Song Imperial City continued saying, "When coming over from the Divine Prefecture, I came to understand a little about the events that occurred in the Void Realm. I have heard that, currently, the Heavenly Mandate Academy is facing a bit of trouble?"

"We are doing well," Ye Futian replied. "Thank you, Senior, for your concern."

"Hell is a power that belongs to the Dark Court," the elder continued. "Even the master of the Throne of the Underworld has come in person. Although he was held off by Mei Ting, Mei Ting was merely passing by last time. Next time, the Heavenly Mandate Academy will most likely face trouble. Even if you cooperate with the local forces, it will be difficult to stand against them. To my knowledge, the Heavenly Mandate Academy also has many enemies in the Void Realm. In the Upper Worlds, Shen clan is also a super force."

"Senior, you seem to be well-informed," Ye Futian said with a smile. The other party clearly had already investigated the matter very thoroughly.

"Since I came over, it is only natural that I should understand things clearly. Not only do I know about the Heavenly Mandate Academy, but I also roughly know about the various top forces in the Void Realm. For example, do you know the background of Tianshen Academy?" the elder asked.

"There is a story about Tianshen Academy?" Ye Futian asked.

The elder explained, "For Tianshen Academy to be able to become the top academy in the Void Realm was actually all the work of the Great Emperor behind the scenes. The Jian family of Tianshen Academy was previously an ancient clan renowned in the Divine Prefecture. They had many resources and were an extremely powerful force. However, because they had committed crimes in the Divine Prefecture, they were sentenced to exile in the Void Realm by the Great Emperor. He made them redeem themselves through their service. This gave birth to the splendor of the top academy of the Void Realm."

The elder continued, "The Jian family has very powerful abilities. However, most likely, the members of the Void Realm are not aware of this."

Ye Futian remained silent and did not say anything. Jian Qingzhu should be a member of the Jian family. Ye Futian never imagined that they had such a backstory.

"Many forces like Solar Divine Palace, Youyue Divine Palace, and Celestial Worthy Temple are actually branch powers of the Outer Realms. However, hundreds of years ago, the Great Emperor sealed off the Void Realm, causing their relationship with the Outer Realms to wane. Nevertheless, now that the passageway has been reopened, many things are about to change. Little Friend Ye, have you ever considered making the Heavenly Mandate Academy the top academy of the Void Realm?"

When Ye Futian heard the elder's words, he raised his head. He knew that the elder had begun to get to his point.

Did Song Imperial City have their eyes on the Heavenly Mandate Academy?

"The Heavenly Mandate Academy is a place of teaching. However, being powerful is also the foundation of teaching," Ye Futian replied.

"Hmm." The elder nodded and said, "Currently, the Heavenly Mandate Academy's ability is already not weak. It is also allied with many forces. However, they are not the Heavenly Mandate Academy itself. Little Friend Ye, have you considered taking other forces into the Heavenly Mandate Academy? If the Heavenly Mandate Academy can have a top force of the Divine Prefecture backing it, not only will it be able to withstand against Hell, but it can also stand firmly at the peak of the Void Realm and become the top cultivating holy land in the Void Realm."

The elder had already said it so directly; how could Ye Futian not understand what he meant?

Song Imperial Palace wanted to take over the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

These top forces from the Divine Prefecture also wanted to hold power in the Void Realm.

"Senior, what do you want?" Ye Futian asked directly, not beating around the bush.

The elder looked at Ye Futian with a smile and said, "Song Imperial Palace can aid the Heavenly Mandate Academy to become powerful. However, we wish to be like what the Jian family is to the Tianshen Academy and become the clan behind the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Of course, on the surface, the College Chief of the academy is still Lord Taixuan. In the future, it can also be passed on to you."

Song Imperial Palace wanted to stand behind the Heavenly Mandate Academy and become the force that controlled it behind the scenes. It wanted to take over the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Such ambition. It seemed that Song Imperial Palace was far more powerful than Ye Futian had imagined. Otherwise, their appetite would not be so big.

Previously, when Ye Futian was chatting with the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace, they had talked about other forces from the Outer Realms coming to take over the top forces of the Nine Realms. Now, Ye Futian encountered such a case.

However, it was naturally impossible for Ye Futian to agree to this. His ideals were the same as Lord Taixuan's. Only by being independent could they control the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. They had never treated the Heavenly Mandate Academy as a force that they controlled. However, once they let Song Imperial Palace take over, everything would change. Would the Heavenly Mandate Academy still be the same? There would no longer be any meaning in it existing.

"Junior thanks Senior for your good intentions. However, I am just a member of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. I am not qualified at all to determine who the Heavenly Mandate Academy belongs to," Ye Futian explained. "Of course, the Heavenly Mandate Academy will also not be controlled by any one person or force. As the College Chief, Lord Taixuan is only working to pass down teachings. Hence, I can only politely decline Senior's offer."

"Ye Futian, sooner or later, you are going to leave the Void Realm. You don't belong here. Song Imperial Palace will be a very good place for you. You can directly get in contact with central powers in the Divine Prefecture," the elder continued to persuade Ye Futian and painted a bright future for him.

"It seems like Senior has yet to comprehend my words just now," Ye Futian said. "All that I said is true. I have not told any lies. So whatever Senior says now is meaningless to me."

Upon listening to Ye Futian's words, the elder fell silent and just stared at Ye Futian quietly. Ye Futian looked the elder in the eyes and did not retract his gaze.

The elder obviously did not believe Ye Futian's words. Based on the information the elder gathered, Ye Futian was the decision-maker in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. His influence in the Heavenly Mandate Academy might even surpass that of Lord Taixuan, who was the College Chief. Therefore, the elder approached Ye Futian.

"Are you not going to consider my offer at all?" the elder asked.

Ye Futian stood up. Bowing slightly, he said, "Junior will take my leave now."

Even though he was somewhat irritated, he did not want to make more enemies now. Hence, Ye Futian still kept his manners even though he had lost interest in continuing the conversation with the elder.

Suddenly, the music turned intense and rang in Ye Futian's ears. He turned around and saw that the lady had stopped playing the instrument. Her gaze was fixed on him. Her eyes were extremely enchanting, but they revealed hints of aloofness. One could clearly sense that she was distancing herself from the rest.

Ye Futian swept a glance at her and left. The members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy left along with him.

After they left, the elder was still sitting at his spot.

"They are ignorant of their current state," a stern-looking, middle-aged man who stood behind the elder commented. His aura was overbearing. Before Ye Futian and the rest left, he was pressuring everyone from the Heavenly Mandate Academy with his might. If the elder had given his order, he would have attacked them right away.

"We are outsiders, after all. They are the owners of this side of the world. Naturally, they will not hand over the right of control so easily," the elder responded. "Moreover, this Ye Futian is talented and famous. I am sure he is very arrogant. Judging from his attitude, it is impossible for him to willingly allow us to have shares in the Heavenly Mandate Academy."

The group from Song Imperial Palace came here with a mission this time. They had to seize control of a force in the Void Realm.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy was undoubtedly their first choice. This force had huge influence and potential. If they could win Ye Futian over to join their Song Imperial Palace, it would be even more perfect.

Unfortunately, their plan had failed.

However, they still had plenty of time, and they were not in a rush. Now that the passageway had been connected, the chaos in the Void Realm would last for a while. Other forces from Divine Prefecture would most likely make a move too.

After Ye Futian returned to the Heavenly Mandate Academy, he informed Lord Taixuan and the others about this matter. Lord Taixuan and the others all realized that there were forces from the Outer Realms that already wanted to claim the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Prior to this, other forces had tried to do so, but they had failed.

Song Imperial Palace would also definitely not be the last force to try to do so.

As expected, the next day, in the sky outside of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, a large group of cultivators descended. Their auras were frightening and had spread across the entire Heavenly Mandate Academy. Everyone could clearly sense it.

Lord Taixuan, Ye Futian, and the others stepped forward and came up into the sky above the Heavenly Mandate Academy. They gazed into the distant sky.

"May I know what business you have with us for all of you to come over to the Heavenly Mandate Academy?" Lord Taixuan asked from afar.

"We are from the Divine Prefecture's training holy land, the Holy Land of Taichu. Rumor has it that the Heavenly Mandate Academy is passing on teachings in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The Holy Land of Taichu wishes to establish a cultivation temple here in the Void Realm. Why don't we join forces and establish it together? We can set the Heavenly Mandate Academy as a branch of the Holy Land of Taichu. When that happens, the Holy Land of Taichu will be connected to the Heavenly Mandate Academy and will send cultivators from the Divine Prefecture to the academy to pass on teachings."

A voice called out; it could be heard all across the Heavenly Mandate Academy. They were even more direct and overbearing than the previous Song Imperial Palace. They wanted the Heavenly Mandate Academy to become a branch of the Holy Land of Taichu. This act was so arrogant.

The various cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy were somewhat dumbfounded. The Holy Land of Taichu was actually behaving so high and mighty. They came from the Outer Realms, yet they wanted the Heavenly Mandate Academy to submit to them.

"The Heavenly Mandate Academy is the Heavenly Mandate Academy. We do not need other forces to come and pass on their teachings here." When Lord Taixuan heard the words of the other party, his aura immediately turned cold. This was practically too presumptuous. The Holy Land of Taichu was looking down on them completely.

"Since you are a force that passes on teachings, the name of the force is not important. It is alright as long as you can pass on teachings and improve the conditions of cultivators," the other party continued. "Taichu Saint Emperor has peerless cultivation and has many mighty existences serving beneath him. He has trained countless outstanding figures. If the Heavenly Mandate Academy becomes a branch of the Holy Land of Taichu, it will only stand to benefit. There will not be any losses. I believe the disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Academy will also not mind."

"Please see yourself out. I will not send you off." Lord Taixuan immediately chased them away. It was impossible to have an exchange with them when they had such a haughty attitude.

"If that is the case, we will return in seven days. When we return, we wish to experience the abilities of the Heavenly Mandate Academy in passing on teachings. If your abilities are not up to par, then the academy should step aside and let the Holy Land of Taichu pass on teachings here," the other party said. Then, he immediately left.

When the members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy heard this, everyone understood that the other party came over here merely to inform them of this. They were not planning to use methods of persuasion like Song Imperial Palace had at all. Instead, they wanted to take down the Heavenly Mandate Academy directly.

This "takedown" was also somewhat different. They were trying to suppress the members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy through their ability to pass on teachings.

That way, the Holy Land of Taichu could replace the Heavenly Mandate Academy directly. By passing on their teachings here, just as they had said, it was no concern for the local cultivators. If the ability of the Holy Land of Taichu to pass on teachings was stronger, they would naturally be more suitable for cultivators.

The Holy Land of Taichu merely wanted to claim all the hard work of the Heavenly Mandate Academy and directly replace them!

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    《The Legend of Futian》