The Legend of Futian
1766 Overpowerd
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1766 Overpowerd

Lord Taixuan stared at his opponent, intently. It seemed like the conflict today couldn't be avoided.

The Heavenly Mandate City, as well as the entire Nine Realms, was keeping a close eye on the situation. If the Holy Land of Taichu wanted to pick a fight, the Heavenly Mandate Academy couldn't chicken out.

Lord Taixuan turned around and looked at Ye Futian, who was standing close to him.

Ye Futian had to make the decisions.

Ye Futian and the disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Cottage represented the future of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. They were the cornerstone of the Academy.

The disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Cottage all developed perfect Divine Wheels. They were the only group of cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Academy that stood a chance against the Holy Land of Taichu.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy would certainly lose if they sent out junior cultivators in lower planes to clash with the challengers from the Holy Land of Taichu.

Ye Futian had been standing quietly for a while. At this point, he glanced around and realized that people were all waiting to see his response. Several cultivators were eager to have a try already. With a determined face, Dou Zhao was on the edge of his seat.

He had been asking to be sent to the front before his arrival.

And Ye Futian gave him the nod. As might be expected, Dou Zhao couldn't wait to step up to the plate.

"I will go."

Another person spoke at this moment. It was Xiang Mang. Xiang Mang proved his path later than everyone else, and he hadn't had a real fight ever since that. This was a great opportunity for him to see how much the perfect Divine Wheel improved his capability.

Ye Futian looked at the rest of the group and said, "Let Xiang Mang go."

"Good," Xiang Mang nodded, then stepped out in a couple of strides. He became a Demon Emperor with a stately bearing and a domineering attitude after he proved his path.

Dou Zhao was slightly irritated. He stared at Ye Futian, his eyes wide.

"Have some patience," said Ye Futian. Xiang Mang proved his path much later and was less powerful than Dou Zhao. Although they both developed perfect Divine Wheels, there was still a gap between them. Xiang Mang was the successor to the Divine Elephants, while Dou Zhao was the most talented cultivator in the Dou tribe.

The battle between Yu Sheng and Dou Zhao back in the days already demonstrated how strong Dou Zhao was.

Ye Futian picked Xiang Mang for the opening exchange as a means to temper and strengthen him. This would be Xiang Mang's first fight since he proved his path. Such pressure could help bring out his latent potentials. Even if he lost, it could arouse his fighting spirit. Besides, Ye Futian could have a chance to catch a glimpse of the ability of the cultivators from the Holy Land of Taichu.

In all honesty, Ye Futian wasn't too hopeful about this fight. He knew it was more likely for Xiang Mang to lose to the cultivator from the Holy Land of Taichu.


With a deafening roar, the trumpets of an elephant were reverberating through the Great Path. Xiang Mang walked forward while glaring at the cultivators from the Holy Land of Taichu standing in the distance.

Xiang Mang was bathed in divine golden light. The perfect Divine Wheel of the Great Path in his body burst and radiated brilliantly. The shadow of the gigantic divine elephant was faintly visible.

The old man in white robe from the Holy Land of Taichu turned around and looked at the people standing behind him. His eyes fixed on one cultivator, who then stepped out.

This man seemed quite young and was at the same cultivation level as Xiang Mang. The Holy Land of Taichu was supposed to be the best place for imparting knowledge in the entire Divine Prefecture. Unlike the Shen clan, they couldn't send out cultivators in significantly higher planes than their opponents from the Heavenly Mandate Academy. If they wanted to outshine the Heavenly Mandate Academy, or even supersede it all together, they had to win an overwhelming victory in the battle against the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Only that could smooth the way for the Holy Land of Taichu and help them establish their presence in the Void Realm without too many twists and turns in the future.

Therefore, they sent out an exceptionally powerful and talented cultivator for the first fight. He was one of the best in the Taichu Sparring Grounds of the Holy Land of Taichu.

Although most people in the Renhuang Plane in the Divine Prefecture couldn't develop perfect Divine Wheels, some gifted cultivators from forces with a long history and rich heritage still had a decent chance of forging perfect Divine Wheels when they were proving their paths.

The reason was simple. The Divine Prefecture had a vast territory and a sizable population. The cultivators selected by each force undoubtedly had tremendous talent. In addition, the top forces in the Divine Prefecture had more and better resources than the supreme forces in the Void Realm.

Thus, there were several Renhuangs who had perfect Divine Wheels in each generation.

Of course, to maintain a perfect Divine Wheel and advance to the higher-level Renhuang Plane was still extremely difficult even in the Divine Prefecture. Cultivators with such achievements truly were eminent masters.

The swordsman from the Holy Land of Taichu walked out. He held a sword firmly in his hand. A terrifying Storm of the Great Path surged around him while he was standing still. The storm cast a shadow over All Heavens and swallowed the shadow of the divine elephant.

His body became more and more indistinct. His shadows popped up in different directions then disappeared in the blink of an eye as if he was everywhere.

Bang. Xiang Mang stamped his foot in midair. The Divine Wheel in his body surged and formed a towering golden statue of the divine elephant in the sky behind him. The massive elephant trod on and crushed All Heavens. The Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky, coupled with the Divine Elephant Massive Power and Xiang Mang's Divine Wheel, almost made the sky fall.

The storm of the Sword Qi rampaged around them frantically as if it could reach anywhere.


At the moment, the shadow of the swordsman in the Renhuang Plane from the Holy Land of Taichu appeared in different directions simultaneously. The Sword Will and the wind blended together and moved freely; it was as if they had become a whole.

Blades of light shone brightly. Xiang Mang had an illusion that the Space of Great Path he suppressed was cut into millions of pieces, yet he couldn't even detect the location of his opponent.

Ye Futian watched the battlefield and thought Xiang Mang was about to lose. It seemed like that the Holy Land of Taichu specifically selected this Renhuang to hit back at Xiang Mang.

Ye Futian had a devilish look in his eyes. Everything that happened on the battlefield was engraved in his head. He clearly saw that the attacks of the sword were real. The swordsman was moving so fast that he and the wind had become one.

He could launch countless attacks in a second.

Moreover, every attack was forceful enough to tear the space and sever Xiang Mang's connection with the Great Path. The link between Xiang Mang and the Wordly Great Path was completely cut off by the Sword Will.

Ye Futian had never seen such kind of technique before. The swordsman used his speed to detach Xiang Mang from the Great Path and fully surround him.

Bang... Surges of the dreadful storm of the Sword Qi blew up around Xiang Mang's body and engulfed him.

The Renhuang cultivator from the Holy Land of Taichu emerged from the storm. He twisted his hand and turned every wisp of wind in the storm into a sword right away.

Countless swords charged at Xiang Mang and buried him in the endless storm of the swords in a flash.

Xiang Mang roared in anger. The mighty shadow of the divine elephant stamped the sky, trying to charge out of the storm. The millions of sword jabbed on the giant body of the divine elephant and left innumerable marks.

Xiang Mang's perfect Divine Wheel brought him remarkable defense capabilities. However, his Divine Wheel couldn't help him gain the upper hand in this fight since his opponent also had the perfect Divine Wheel.

Therefore, the swords left marks on the shadow of the divine elephant.

Each sword created a mark. Cracks started to become visible on the divine elephant when the damage was extensive enough.

Xiang Mang let out a long and loud cry. Using the Divine Elephant Void-Splitting Fist, he shattered the space around him with one punch. The giant divine elephant charged forward into the storm. Everyone in the Heavenly Mandate City looked up and saw the divine elephant was trapped in the horrifying storm, struggling.

The darkening wall of clouds completely obliterated the sky.

Right at this moment, a man appeared in the sky. It was the swordsman from the Holy Land of Taichu.

He unleashed the Divine Wheel of Swordsmanship. Millions of swords surrounded his body and rapidly rotated downward, eventually formed a deadly Hurricane of Divine Sword.

"How frightening!" Many people shook with fear. All of a sudden, the swordsman vanished. The crowd in the Heavenly Mandate City saw the Hurricane of Divine Sword immediately moved onto the divine elephant.

It was impossible to describe the power of the Hurricane of Divine Sword.

The force of a million swords concentrated on one point—the tip of the Hurricane of Divine Sword. It was the ultimate attack.

Then, the cracks on the divine elephant spread like a spider's web.

With a loud and clear trumpet of the elephant, Xiang Mang transformed into his original form. The golden divine elephant merged with the Divine Wheel and dashed against the Hurricane of Divine Sword.

The violent storm swept the space, and the divine elephant fell from the sky. The crowd of onlookers in the Heavenly Mandate City all hurried to get out of the way.

The divine elephant smashed on the ground with a loud bang.

Covered in blood, the divine elephant apparently suffered severe injuries.

Meanwhile, the Renhuang from the Holy Land of Taichu was still hovering in the sky high above. Wisps of wind, as sharp as blades, surrounded his body. He floated in the air and looked out on the people in the Heavenly Mandate City, said, "Even though the cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Academy developed the perfect Divine Wheels, their combat skills lack variety, and their capabilities are limited. This kind of education is bound to set people back and waste their talents and time."

People in the Heavenly Mandate Academy didn't know how to respond. Xiang Mang, in the form of the divine elephant, raised his head and made every effort to stand up and return to the sky. He felt aggrieved and couldn't resign himself to failure.

"Come back," Ye Futian said to him. The swordsman from the Holy Land of Taichu was right. The two sides were not on the same level. The swordsman applied a superior technique and completely overpowered Xiang Mang. Xiang Mang had been at a disadvantage since the beginning.

Besides, the swordsman's attack was powerful enough to breach the most vigorous defense and eventually wounded Xiang Mang.

Ye Futian had to admit that there was a significant gap between Xiang Mang and the swordsman from the Holy Land of Taichu. Xiang Mang would only be injured more if the fight went on.

Xiang Mang was not ready to pull back when he heard Ye Futian's words, yet he still followed the instruction. People in the Heavenly Mandate City all sighed quietly.

Even the cultivator who had the perfect Divine Wheel couldn't defeat the challenger from the Holy Land of Taichu.

It seemed like the Holy Land of Taichu was going to overshadow the Heavenly Mandate Academy after all!


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    《The Legend of Futian》