The Legend of Futian
1770 The Famous Strike
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1770 The Famous Strike

Sima Xiao defeated both Yaya and Dou Zhao earlier this day and showed off the magnificent Art of Supreme Attack to people in the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

His True Will of Waves of the War God was excellent at both offense and defense. The terrifying destructive power of the waves of the war god could damage the opponent's internal organs and wipe out the spiritual soul from afar.

It also had the uncanny defensive ability that could weaken the attack from his opponent until it was no longer a threat.

Dou Zhao from the Dou tribe had reached his limit when he activated the eightfold Will of the Fighting God. But he was still crushed by Sima Xiao during their match.

At that time, the Holy Land of Taichu had won all three fights and made everyone in the field watching the battle believe that the Heavenly Mandate Academy had lost all hope to turn the tide and redeem themselves. Since Ye Futian already advanced to the Divine Wheel Second Order, no one in the Divine Wheel First Order from the Heavenly Mandate Academy could be a match for Sima Xiao.

Sima Xiao stood upright with an unconquerable pride after he clobbered Dou Zhao.

However, Yu Sheng came out of nowhere and blasted Sima Xiao away with one punch just when he was glowing. One could well imagine what an incredible shock it was to the people watching the fight.

It turned out that cultivators from the Holy Land of Taichu could still be defeated.

How could Yu Sheng, someone who was virtually unknown to people outside of the Heaven Mandate Academy, be so powerful?

It appeared that his direct attack power was even more striking than Dou Zhao, the heir of the Dou tribe.

On top of that, Yu Sheng's domineering Divine Wheel of the Demonic Eyes did not simply swallow the Great Path. It absorbed and incorporated the energy from Sima Xiao's attack before firing back at him altogether. The demonic waves it created at that moment were no different from Sima Xiao's waves of the war god.

What staggered the crowd the most was that the demonic waves of the war god generated by Yu Sheng seemed even more potent that Sima Xiao's True Will of Waves of the War God. Otherwise, how would it be possible for Yu Sheng to knock Sima Xiao over? This kind of power was beyond words...

Disciples in the Heavenly Mandate Academy clenched their fists tightly and were overwhelmed by both nervousness and excitement. Even cultivators in the Renhuang Plane were staring intently at the battlefield with their stomachs in knots. Dou Zhao had been beaten by Yu Sheng before and certainly had first-hand knowledge of Yu Sheng's ability. He was thrilled to see Yu Sheng finally joined the battle.

Sima Xiao was stupefied by Yu Sheng as well. He struggled to maintain balance and could feel the energy tumbling in his body. He was astounded that Yu Sheng could turn his own strength against him.

He couldn't launch any more attack on Yu Sheng for the fear that his power would be soaked up by Yu Sheng's demonic eyes again and hurled back at himself.

In the meantime, Sima Xiao's desire to fight also intensified. Strong-willed and unyielding, he stepped forward once again as if he was not disheartened by the blow moments ago. How could a person like him weaken his determination for a temporary setback? He was not truly defeated yet.

It seemed like the True Will of Waves in the sky suddenly came to a standstill. The True Will of Waves of the War God didn't strike at Yu Sheng against for fear of being absorbed once more.

Sima Xiao waved his arms and triggered the Divine Wheel. A massive golden pattern became visible around him. Like a golden pool of water, it rippled in all directions with Sima Xiao's body at the center and spread to the entire sky. The air vibrated violently as the True Will of Waves of the War God that came to rest just now suddenly became stronger.

Sima Xiao lifted his foot and took a step forward. The invisible, terrifying power of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path swept toward Yu Sheng's body.

The sky was almost blown into pieces following a loud booming sound. Sima Xiao wanted to use the power of his golden Divine Wheel to crush Yu Sheng's Divine Wheel.

Nevertheless, Yu Sheng clenched his fists swiftly and conjured up countless demonic eyes on the demon's body. But that was not all. Millions of demonic eyes also became visible everywhere, both in the sky and on the ground.

As if the vast battlefield was transformed into a demonic world just now.

Forming the Divine Wheel was the symbol of advancing to the Renhuang Plane. The cultivator had to integrate his soul with the wordly great path and infuse his comprehension of the Great Path into his Life Spirit to develop his Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

Different cultivators could generate completely different Divine Wheels due to distinctions in their Life Spirits, souls, and their comprehension of the Great Path. Even Divine Wheels in the same order didn't possess the same amount of power.

Sima Xiao's Divine Wheel combined the Great Path of Water and Gengjin and was even integrated with the True Will of Waves of the War God. With such a perfect and extremely potent Divine Wheel, no wonder Sima Xiao wanted to bring Yu Sheng to his knees straight away.

Unfortunately, he only realized now that he didn't have any advantage over Yu Sheng in terms of the Divine Wheel. Moreover, his Divine Wheel was subdued by Yu Sheng's.

The countless demonic eyes that appeared in the sky constructed a massive demonic net that surrounded the entire battlefield and consumed everything within, including the Law Power.

This kind of Divine Wheel was truly masterful and dominating.

Sima Xiao had always been an arrogant person who was extremely proud of his Divine Wheel. He was certain that his Divine Wheel of the Great Path was a cut above all of his peers'. It would become even better when he advanced to higher levels and gained a deeper understanding of the Great Path.

Nonetheless, the Divine Wheel that brought him great pride was humbled by a cultivator from the Heavenly Mandate Academy in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Bang. Yu Sheng also walked a few steps forward. It was like he stamped on Sima Xiao's heart with absolute supremacy and mastery.

Sima Xiao looked into Yu Sheng's eyes and felt that Yu Sheng was more like a demonic god than a flesh and blood human. That pair of eyes trapped Sima Xiao in an illusion of thousands of demons worshipping their god.

As if Yu Sheng was born to rule the devils.

The vast space transformed into a frightening whirlpool where innumerable Demonic Eyes of the Great Path were spinning around in a frenzy and devouring the power within.

Even cultivators from the Holy Land of Taichu were unsettled by the scene.

They were perceptive, astute cultivators at an exceptionally high level and certainly understood the situation.

This was different from the previous matches. Sima Xiao got the upper hand over Yaya and Dou Zhao, but his Divine Wheel was overpowered this time.

At this moment, Sima Xiao had less vigor as well as an inferior Divine Wheel.

The Holy Land of Taichu might lose this match.

A strange expression briefly crossed the face of the cultivator dressed in a white robe as he frowned slightly. Unlike people in the Void Realm, he thoroughly understood how powerful Sima Xiao was. Sima Xiao was a remarkable cultivator even in the Holy Land of Taichu and was entrusted with the mission to promote the Holy Land of Taichu in the Void Realm.

He was pretty confident that not only would Sima Xiao not lose, he could also demolish the cultivators with so-called perfect Divine Wheels in the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Nevertheless, his confidence had been fraying at the edges ever since Yu Sheng stepped out. He was especially demoralized now since Yu Sheng had turned the tide.

Yu Sheng made a move under the white-robed man's watch. He leaped across the battlefield in one step and landed right in front of Sima Xiao. He threw a punch straight ahead just like what Sima Xiao did; it was plain and simple with dominating power.

The Divine Wheel was set in motion, and the storm surged from the demonic eyes along with the Fist Will. A scary, black whirlpool appeared in front of Yu Sheng's fist. Facing the direct attack from Yu Sheng, Sima Xiao knew he couldn't back off.

Therefore, he responded with a punch as well. With the maximum True Will of Waves of the War God, the golden waves charged ahead and shattered the space.

It was another head-on clash that seemed to be overly basic. But the fist was the most effective weapon that contained the greatest strength.


There was not any light screen expanding in all directions like the last time. Everything was annihilated when the two fists came into collision. Nonetheless, Yu Sheng was still moving forward. His fist drilled through the horrifying waves of the Great Path and cleared a path with absolute authority.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The True Will of Waves of the War God that could weaken the incoming attack disintegrated into pieces and hit on Sima Xiao's body. It was proven that nothing was invincible in the face of absolute power. One punch could destroy the most superb defense.

The light rune of the Great Path of Space came into view. Sima Xiao's body sunk into the void and was about to fade away.

However, Yu Sheng's Fist Will penetrated the void and thrust into the passageway directly.

Sima Xiao's body reappeared in someplace far away. But the Fist Will caught up with Sima Xiao and crushed his defense. Once again, Sima Xiao was blasted away. Blood spurted out of his mouth as his internal organs were badly damaged.

It seemed quite similar to what happened to Dou Zhao before.

As though Yu Sheng intentionally chose to beat Sima Xiao with the same move Sima Xiao used on Dou Zhao. It even achieved the same results.

Yu Sheng pulled back his fist after Sima Xiao was sent flying. The demonic might was still rolling in the sky. Everyone raised their heads and looked at the strapping man standing in the void. How wild, fierce, and overbearing he was.

His image burned in everybody's memory. Years later, people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm still regarded this fight as the one that made Yu Sheng's name.

Yu Sheng rose to fame with one strike.

He blasted away the genius from the Holy Land of Taichu and accomplished something thought to be impossible by people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm!


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    《The Legend of Futian》