The Legend of Futian
1771 Dominance
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1771 Dominance

Inside that tavern at Heavenly Mandate City, Mei Ting was still sitting there quietly, drinking.

But what had just taken place also appeared in his divine consciousness.

No wonder he was the one who possessed the noblest bloodline in the Devil World. A natural-born demon Lord, who could conquer everything in this world. If he grew up in the Devil World, perhaps he would have been stronger still.

Yu Sheng stood in the battlefield high above the sky; his dark demonic eyes swept toward the cultivators from Holy Land of Taichu. He declared with the most domineering attitude that even those from the holy land of Divine Prefecture were not invincible. They could still be crushed by the strongest of them all.


Yu Sheng spoke. His voice was incredibly domineering and full of contempt. It was as if, in his eyes, he had never taken the cultivators of the Holy Land of Taichu into consideration. To him, they were just the "next ones."

This was completely contradictory to the situation that had occurred just now. It seemed to be a total reversal.

All around the Heavenly Mandate Academy, there was an exceptional quietude. Countless cultivators watched what was playing out in front of them silently, and many felt a surging excitement, especially the disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Losing the previous three battles had been a tremendous blow to them, and now they could felt blood boiling in their veins.


The Holy Land of Taichu was known as the holy land of preaching in Divine Prefecture. It had come to provoke the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy to show its contempt, intending to crush the academy beneath its feet.

Now that Sima Xiao had been defeated, who else could defeat Yu Sheng in this realm?

Countless many were staring in the direction of the Holy Land of Taichu. They were also curious to see if stronger men than Sima Xiao would step up from the Holy Land of Taichu.

But at this time, the reality was clear as day to those from the Holy Land of Taichu. They knew for a fact that for the likes of Sima Xiao to be so forcibly crushed, that there would be no one in this realm who could possibly hope to suppress Yu Sheng.

"You go." The old man in white looked at the swordsman, who was the first to make a move. He was the one who had defeated Xiang Mang.

This cultivator was unparalleled in speed. His expertise lay in the Great Path of wind, and he had blended that into the Great Path of tearing swords. Not only was he invincible, but his speed was extremely fast, just like his sword.

Everyone understood that they intend to win with speed.

Yu Sheng's strength was second to none, but his speed was bound to be much slower.

That Renhuang walked out, a murderous sword intent surrounded him, as a terrible storm blew up between heaven and earth. Many afterimages appeared in different directions as if he was everywhere at the same time.

Yu Sheng glanced at the opponent with cold indifference, and the Divine Wheel of the Demonic Eyes once again appeared in this space. Countless vortices of the Demonic Eyes instantly swallowed up the Way of heaven and earth, covering the sky.

He raised his arms and stretched his hands forward. In the next moment, a terrifying hurricane seemed to appear in his palms. And it was not only in his palms, but that huge shadow of the demon god and the demonic eyes between the heaven and the earth had both turned into one terrible vortex, swallowing the power of the Great Path within this space.

Everyone saw that the afterimages of that Renhuang seemed to be distorted, giving the impression that the power of the Great Path was affected, and that it had lost the smooth flow that it previously had when it was integrated into the space.

"Suppression of the Great Path."

Everyone's hearts were beating fast. This overbearing Divine Wheel and this dominant will of the Great Path had directly smashed the opponent without any fancy tricks.

No matter how fast the speed, once suppressed by the Great Path, the truth was revealed.

The same perfect Divine Wheel had been suppressed equally.

The impression was that Yu Sheng had forged an absolute demonic space with his power of the Great Path. It was a world in which he ruled, and anyone who confronted him within this world would most certainly be suppressed by him.

The Sword Will flashed in different directions, and the other seemed to know that he couldn't afford to wait any longer, or his Great Path would be suppressed even more, and then there would be no chance for him at all.

In an instant, infinite sword light appeared around Yu Sheng, tearing the void where he stood.


He stepped forward the moment the sword light exploded. His retracted arms slammed forward as if he had no specific target but to slam them into the void.

When he blasted with his punch, the space in front of him seemed to freeze suddenly. The Great Path was suppressed, as all the afterimages stopped moving, and those swords seemed unable to advance.

Boom... The fist will pierced through the void. Dark fist aurora swept out. Immediately after, everyone saw a figure flew out upside down. The body was tilted, arched, and it was blown out. There was a cracking sound that came from inside the body. It was as if all his internal organs were shattered, and cracks also appeared in his Divine Wheel.

When they saw what had happened, a cultivator from the Holy Land of Taichu came forward to catch him in the fall. After the opponent stopped falling, his body trembled as he spat out a mouthful of blood. All his clothes were reddened, and his breath was weakened instantaneously to the extreme. A Renhuang was debilitated so suddenly, no longer the audacious individual he was before.

"Suppressing the Great Path, the power of the Great Path!"

The cultivators from the Holy Land of Taichu stared in Yu Sheng's direction. The two blended into his fist will, and it was another simple strike. There was no technique to speak of, only absolute power. It was as if the simplest way for Yu Sheng was also the strongest.

No matter what they did, he was still invincible.

Before, even Sima Xiao's True Will of Waves was pierced by Yu Sheng, and he was seriously injured. It was only conceivable that this swordsman, without the weakening and blocking of the Great Path, to be blasted like this by Yu Sheng's fist, he was probably only half alive now.

Across a long distance, many felt the misery experienced by that Renhuang.

This strike was seriously horrific. No one could imagine the outcome of being on the receiving end of such a strike.

"Next," Yu Sheng continued. His indifferent voice still gave everyone who heard it a feeling of extreme aggression.

There was silence again; very quiet.

This man, with his own power, had completely kept the Holy Land of Taichu in check. Two genius talents from the Holy Land of Taichu were blasted out with a single strike in succession.

The Holy Land of Taichu had come to trample on the Heavenly Mandate Academy to prove their superiority, but now they were trampled mercilessly by Yu Sheng.

Seeing the silence coming from the Holy Land of Taichu, an old man in the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Academy spoke, "Aren't you the holy land for preaching from Divine Prefecture of the Upper Worlds? With such a lofty title, you have invaded the Heavenly Mandate Academy as if it was the Academy who should be honored. Now, you won't just have one or two people who could come out and battle, do you?"

"So, it seems that the Holy Land of Taichu came here prepared, and sent the strongest among you right away to the field? You don't have anyone else that is good?" someone else spoke again. All these voices sounded extremely exhilarating at this moment.

The feeling of unjust persecution was being released.

The truth was that it wasn't because there was no one from the Holy Land of Taichu. They were fully prepared this time and brought a lot of cultivators with them. However, Sima Xiao was indeed the topmost cultivator from of the Lower Worlds, at least in this realm, no one could surpass him. However, since he was defeated by Yu Sheng, there was indeed no one else they had who could come out and battle.

At this time, the cultivator in white said, "The Heavenly Mandate Academy is worthy of being the most prestigious preaching place in the Void Realm today, with impressive talents. Just as I thought, if it can be unified with the Holy Land of Taichu, there are bound to be more dazzling figures that will emerge..."

"Are you still fighting?" Ye Futian interrupted, speaking loud and clear, which shocked the cultivator in white as his eyes swept toward the direction where Ye Futian was.

"Everyone knows the purpose of your coming, so you don't need to bother making it pretty. The Holy Land of Taichu from the Divine Prefecture cannot even suppress the cultivator of the Heavenly Mandate Academy of the Lower Worlds; what are you good for?"

Ye Futian continued, "No matter how strong you are in Divine Prefecture, if you would have minded your business in Divine Prefecture, and let our Academy preach in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, we would not have had to interfere with one another. However, if you came here to trample on our academy simply because you are from Divine Prefecture, your current performance is a big disappointment.

"Previously, you won three times. If my guess is right, it's because you had a cultivator who was the First Order of the Divine Wheel. I just wanted the disciples of the Academy to feel that even your strongest was only so-so. I think you should know by now that in the following battles, as long as you continue to face Yu Sheng, you will lose every single battle in this realm.

"I will give the Holy Land of Taichu another chance. Yu Sheng will not participate in the next battle, so you can pick another person. We will have someone other than Yu Sheng respond," Ye Futian said.

As if to give the Holy Land of Taichu a chance to redeem itself.

After all, as long as Yu Sheng was around, they had no chance but to be fully suppressed in this realm.

The cultivators in white from the Holy Land looked intently at Ye Futian. Previously, they had the absolute advantage, but now they were in a passive position.

Moreover, their previous aggressive attitude was in sharp contrast to their current state.

Because they had lost.

Therefore, they couldn't afford to lose anymore.

He turned his head, and his gaze fell on someone whose cultivation was also very powerful. Although this man was not quite up to the level of Sima Xiao, he was definitely a top figure.

That Renhuang understood what he meant and stepped out. In this battle, he had to win.

As this man stepped forward, he exuded a shocking aura. Yu Sheng took a look at him and returned to the location occupied by the Heavenly Mandate Academy and settled behind Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's attention was focused on a man in white, who was handsome and extraordinary.

"Third senior brother, may we trouble you to respond in this battle?" Ye Futian asked. Now, Gu Dongliu was already well-established in the Renhuang Realm and was even hitting the second-order of Renhuang Realm. There was no doubt about his combat effectiveness.

The inheritance from the Demon Emperor, along with the inheritance from Gu Tianxing, he had gathered all the resources of the origin from the Demon Realm.

"No problem."

Obviously, Gu Dongliu would not refuse. He also had a mind to ​​step into the battle, but Ye Futian seemed to want to test some other people first. In other words, it was precisely for this moment that he had allowed the Holy Land of Taichu to showcase their strength first. After all, the preaching holy land from Divine Prefecture was indeed powerful.

But after this, he wanted everyone in the Nine Realms to know that the principalities from Divine Prefecture were not unbeatable!


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    《The Legend of Futian》