The Legend of Futian
1772 Unleash the Sword
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1772 Unleash the Sword

The two figures stood opposite each other, and this was their sixth battle.

Before this, the Heavenly Mandate Academy and the Holy Land of Taichu had each lost two battles. Therefore, this battle was the key to victory.

Whoever lost the battle would be completely at a disadvantage in terms of future momentum.

The celestial light lingered upon Gu Dongliu's body. His white robe fluttered as he stood there like a rebellious deity, unrestrained and willful.

Above Gu Dongliu, an uncommon sight was forming. The Great Path above the firmament roared, and a boundless giant pattern appeared, sheltering the sky and the sun. As the pattern swallowed up the power of the Great Path, it became ever clearer, like a divine matrix.

The Nine Seals of Spiritual Power revolved above this divine matrix, and each Seal of the ancient world seemed to contain the horrific power of the Great Path, from which the most brilliant divine light exploded.

Afterward, there were some roars from some ancient giant beasts. Above the divine matrix, thousands of fierce beasts appeared; their roars were enough to shatter the heavens.

In a turn of the mind, the sky changed color, and a might oppressed the heavens.

Gu Dongliu understood Ye Futian's intention. The previous three battles were just an opportunity for a trial. At the same time, he hoped to use this fight to stimulate the Heavenly Mandate Academy and even the cultivators from the Nine Realms, to jump-start their fighting spirit by showing them the power of the Holy Land of Taichu. However, the real message was that even though the Holy Land of Taichu was strong, it could be defeated.

The same was true for those principalities from the Divine Prefecture. No matter where they came from, as long as they themselves were strong enough, they could resist these foreign invaders and even triumph over them.

People in the Void Realm need not cave in to any outside force.

Therefore, Gu Dongliu immediately exploded with his most horrific ability, totally suppressing this space. The strong aura of the Great Path from that cultivator of the Holy Land of Taichu roared but was suppressed right away. The roaring beasts above the divine matrix suppressed the heavens; their roars were enough to shatter everyone's divine spirits. The Nine Seals of Spiritual powers descended and resonated with the Great Path, as well as the heaven and the earth. All powers were converged upon the divine matrix, and in an instant, that power erupted to its fullest.


Gu Dongliu took a step forward, carrying endless divine light with him. He unleashed one strike to the Renhuang from the Holy Land of Taichu with his pal; its power was great enough to suppress the heavens. Nine Seals of Spiritual Power surrounded Gu Dongliu, who, at this moment, burst out with infinite celestial light behind him, and countless demonic beasts roared in a symphony.

The power of this one palm strike was simply formidable without question.

The Renhuang from the Holy Land of Taichu looked in front of him, and the man who was coming at him looked like a real deity, one with bad intentions. Both of his hands were forming a seal, and both hands struck hard as if they were pushing against mountains and oceans, to block those giant palm prints blasting toward him.

In an instant, the celestial light descended, and a violent rumbling sound came out. The powerful palm strike continued to shatter everything underneath that celestial light. Gu Dongliu continued his downward momentum, destroying everything in his path. The momentum that continued as he moved forward did not weaken but was getting stronger and stronger until it blasted right in front of the opponent.

Bang... Accompanied by a loud boom, the Renhuang of the Holy Land of Taichu felt as if his body had been subjected to countless shock waves. It seemed that many ancient behemoths had run through him, and it was like all the forces of heaven had smashed down at the same time.

His body was slammed down from the void. With a loud bang, his body was shocked into the ground. The ground had sunken as cracks started to appear, and there was a human-shaped pit when the palm strike had sent him into the ground.

Gu Dongliu retracted his hands, and the celestial shadow returned to its place. Once again, that free-spirited man with white hair stood there with his long hair flying in the wind, extremely at ease.

Although he didn't know much about the cultivator from the Holy Land of Taichu, the opponent had no chance to make his move. There was no doubt that Gu Dongliu's strike was powerful beyond doubt.

That one palm strike was simply stunning.

That incredible figure was too brilliant to behold.

Many couldn't help but exclaimed to themselves that no wonder this was the heir of Gu Tianxing, and now the sole inheritor of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

"The third senior brother's combat effectiveness is getting stronger again," Ye Futian said. Presumably, the third senior brother's power to comprehend the inheritance was getting deeper, and his potential was gradually released. Back then, in the Origin Mountains in the Demon Realm, the power that Gu Dongliu inherited was much too frightening to contemplate.

Furthermore, his own realm was already at the peak of Divine Wheel First Order, not too far behind the Second Order.

Therefore, he was successful with a single strike.

The celestial light dissipated, but Gu Dongliu's temperament still felt elusive. In fact, he had actually employed extreme force, and without reservation, all to achieve the one-strike-one-kill effect that Ye Futian wanted. This was so that everyone could see for themselves that those who came from the Holy Land of Divine Prefecture could be trampled just like the others.

No one could say that Yu Sheng's first battle was an isolated instance, and Yu Sheng's personal strength was an anomaly. Because just now, Gu Dongliu had done the same at this moment. It was enough to make everyone realize that the power now gathered at the current regime of the Heavenly Mandate Academy was not any less than those top invading powers, even compared with the preaching power from the Divine Prefecture.

They were using actions to declare that this generation of the Heavenly Mandate Academy would represent the future of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and even very possibly the future of the entire 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

In due course, they would be the equal of any other top forces from the Outer Realms.

The impact of this battle, if no other major events were intervening in the future, would have a long-lasting effect.

The reputation of the Heavenly Mandate Academy would also reach a more frightening height.

Gu Dongliu looked at the people from the Holy Land of Taichu and said, "The Heavenly Mandate Academy is now more than just the Heavenly Mandate Academy, but also represents the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm. We have also formed alliances with many top forces in other realms, hoping to produce more outstanding cultivators in this land. The Heavenly Mandate Academy will never hold back better conditions for cultivation to the world, so if the Holy Land of Taichu is intending on preaching to the world, you are welcome to establish a place elsewhere in the Heavenly Mandate Realm instead of using these despicable means to rob the others of the resources for your use—it isn't something a true preaching principality should be doing."

After having said all that, Gu Dongliu walked back.

The people from the Holy Land of Taichu fell silent, and many of them had a terrible look on their faces.

Sima Xiao, the strongest in this realm, had already lost to Yu Sheng. Now that Gu Dongliu had defeated them again, which rendered the previous three victories completely meaningless. This meant that the Heavenly Mandate Academy had not exerted all their strength before, but the Holy Land of Taichu had given their all.

Therefore, no one would care about the previous three victories at all.

This kind of contrast made it even easier for people to remember that when the Holy Land of Taichu had won all three battles before, their stance was so high, and their words were so haughty. In the following battle, their menacing attitude was slammed from the high of highs into the abyss.

Now the consensus was that the Holy Land of Taichu was completely defeated.

Under such circumstances, how could the Holy Land of Taichu continue with their proposal to preach within the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

Everything that happened before was like a joke now.

However, it was clear that the Holy Land of Taichu would not give up easily this time. Even if they didn't end up preaching, they would never allow their name to be trampled by anyone, especially not by the preaching force that they had openly despised. If this news were to get back to the Divine Prefecture, their reputation would be severely damaged by this shameful stain.

Below, the people from Song Imperial City watched everything with an interested look.

They could have never imagined that the true strength of the Heavenly Mandate Academy would surpass their expectations so much. They thought it would be a hardcore crushing duel in which the Holy Land of Taichu would trample the Heavenly Mandate Academy to death.

Who could have thought that Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu, who answered the battle calls, were so powerful that they crushed the Renhuang of the Holy Land of Taichu with such brilliant aggression?

Therefore, the Holy Land of Taichu was now in an extremely passive position.

"It seems that his sword is going to be unsheathed, after all," the old man from Song Imperial City secretly remarked to himself. The woman next to him also looked at the cultivators from the Holy Land of Taichu. They were all top principalities in the Divine Prefecture and knew how strong the Holy Land of Taichu was. The people from the Holy Land of Taichu did not exaggerate, and they were even stronger than they had presented themselves. Their disciples spread all over the Divine Prefecture, and they had produced a lot of people with great abilities.

Several leaders in the Holy Land of Taichu were also powerful existence themselves.

In Divine Prefecture, those ancient forces that had been around for countless years had long histories. The strongest among them was not any less than those top figures directly under the Great Emperor, such as the Lord of the Underworld and the devil general Mei Ting. They were definitely right up there in terms of their strength, while some might even be stronger.

However, these people generally would not have come to the Void Realm in person.

Under such circumstances, Mu Qingke, the heir of Taichu Sparring Grounds, had no choice but to show his sword.

Otherwise, the Holy Land of Taichu could only leave with their tail between their legs.

Psst... At this moment, a sharp and piercing sound was heard, and in the next moment, an infinite Sword Will roiled and moved; it was as if a sword had been unsheathed.

At this moment, many people felt a tightness in their bodies. Between the Heavenly Mandate Academy and the Holy Land of Taichu, a sword suddenly appeared above the void. This sword was suspended there, clamoring loudly, its Sword Will was sharp to the extreme.

Above the sky, the Sword Will tossed and roared, and another sword gathered and emerged. It appeared next to the sword that had just appeared, so the two swords were suspended in the air together, ringing loudly.

Afterward, the third sword, the fourth sword appeared until all nine swords were standing side by side.

That Sword Will was everywhere. It seemed as if the battlefield was completely controlled by it. Any cultivators who enter into this Sword Will would most certainly be crushed by it.

At this time, in the direction of the Holy Land of Taichu, someone stepped out. This man was dressed in a long blue robe, and he cut a handsome figure as he was tall and slender.

He stepped directly onto the nine swords and stood there quietly with the swords underneath his feet.

"Mu Qingke," some people from the Divine Prefecture remarked to themselves when they saw him. As expected, Mu Qingke was making his move now.

Previously, many had speculated whether Mu Qingke would wield his sword this time.

If the performance of the Holy Land of Taichu was strong enough, there was obviously no need for Mu Qingke to use his sword. But the Holy Land of Taichu was suppressed so completely in the battles that took place. Even though they still had many more cultivators in all three realms of the Lower Renhuang who could battle, but at this moment, it no longer made any sense for them to do so.

A win or two was totally meaningless now.

What they needed was an absolutely powerful existence.

"It's true that the Holy Land of Taichu underestimated the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, but the Holy Land of Taichu that you see is not the real Holy Land of Taichu either. My name is Mu Qingke, one of the cultivators from the Holy Land of Taichu, Divine Wheel Second Order, an expert in swords. I am honored to be here today, and would like the opportunity to exchange with all the Lower Renhuang from the Heavenly Mandate Academy!"


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    《The Legend of Futian》