The Legend of Futian
1775 Who“s Descendant?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1775 Who“s Descendant?

Mu Qingke was stunned when he heard what Ye Futian had said. He frowned slightly. Ye Futian had said that he was nowhere near his limits.

Did that mean that he had not unleashed his full combat ability yet?

When he used the seventh level of the Tai'e Sword, his sword will was so strong that even in the Holy Land of Taichu, there were scant few people at his level who could withstand it.

Ye Futian had been sorely pressed by his swords. He had just been doing his best to avoid their edges, but now he said that he had not put forth his strongest fighting abilities yet.

So what level was the limit of Ye Futian's fighting ability at?

All throughout the Heavenly Mandate Academy below them, everything was extremely quiet as everyone watched the battle. This was the final battle between the two great teaching forces: the Holy Land of Taichu and the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The most talented cultivator from the force from the Divine Prefecture, Mu QIngke, had up till now still not forced Ye Futian to his limits.

Did that mean that Ye Futian had a chance to defeat Mu Qingke?

The cultivators within the Heavenly Mandate Academy felt their blood surge. They gazed fixedly at the battle in the sky.

They had all been waiting for this battle, for Ye Futian, the soul of the academy, to drive off the people from the Divine Prefecture.

Did they want to replace them?

If the Renhuangs who had come were not even good enough to suppress them, how could they talk about replacing them?

Everyone was holding their breath in anticipation. After saying what he had said, Ye Futian was probably going to unleash his strongest ability.

Endless beams of golden sword will descended from the pattern behind Mu Qingke onto his body. He transformed into a divine sword. Every one of the threads of sword will surrounding him could threaten someone at his level.

"Then let me see your limit," said Mu Qingke. As he said this, space will bloomed. He transformed into a sword and moved forward, disappearing from view. But at that moment, he saw a pair of infinitely deep eyes.

He was still moving forward and seemed like he would be able to pierce across a great distance instantly, but he found that the distance that he originally would have been able to move across in the space of a single thought was getting further away. Even things that had only been an inch away were now impossible to touch.

He seemed to fall into those terrifying eyes. They became a space of their own and pulled him into them.

These were eyes that Ye Futian had created: the Almighty Eyes.

His third Divine Wheel, thought Mu Qingke. This was a Divine Wheel of Eye Sorcery. It covered the whole area with a single glance and forged a world of eyes.

This was the ultimate use of the Great Path of Space. Mu Qingke had seen many powerful figures in his time cultivating at the Holy Land of Taichu and had come into contact or fought many Renhuangs. Thus, he had seen all kinds of Divine Wheels. Moreover, the archives told of many great figures in history and their Divine Wheels. These countless people had countless different kinds of Divine Wheels.

In the instant that he was drawn into the Almighty Eyes, he realized what was going on. He had been pulled into a world of eyes, where the Great Path of Space and Eye Sorcery were melded together. When this was added to Ye Futian's masterful understanding, he had forged it into a Divine Wheel.

"An Eye Sorcery space!" snorted Mu Qingke. He suddenly stopped. He was just like Ye Futian, skilled with the Great Path of space. There was only one way to deal with a powerful Divine Wheel like this. He had to break through it.

He would shatter the Eye Sorcery space with an equally strong use of the Great Path of Space.


Sword will surged in the air above him. Endless divine swords appeared in the sword pattern in the air above him. Sword will seeped out from it, transforming into thousand meter long divine swords that stretched through the sky.

His sword will surged and resonated with his body.

The sword will within him surged as well and shot up into the clouds as if it was trying to pierce the air itself.

"Slash!" said Mu Qingke, his voice extremely sharp. As he said this, the divine swords that were stretching out through the sky slashed out through the air, trying to destroy the Eye Sorcery space.

Golden sword marks appeared in the sky as the air was cut through. Mu Qingke moved through the sky, transforming into a straight line. The Eye Sorcery space seemed like it was about to split open as it was torn by the terrifying sword will.

Mu Qingke caught a glimpse of Ye Futian's figure once again. This time, Ye Futian was standing above him, radiating brilliant light, his white hair flying in the wind. He was bathed in golden radiance, like the sun and the moon standing in the sky surrounded by stars.

It seemed that there was yet another layer to this space.

The Great Path of Space was overlapping.

As he stood there in the sky, Ye Futian was filled with the incomparably terrifying power of the Divine Elephants. They possessed him with their mighty strength. His hands were as strong as those of a god of war, and he griped a golden staff that was suffused with radiance.

While his sword force was still bursting out from him, Ye Futian moved, striding through the sky. His form was as mighty as that of a god of war, and he thrust out with his staff, making the very air tremble. As he did so, it seemed like all the stars were falling. It was like the end of the world.

He had cultivated the Nine Heavenly Attacks for many years, and now his staff arts had transformed. They were no longer just the ones from the Ape Emperor. Now he had integrated them with the Great Path, forming an all new staff art. It was no longer like an ape's attack; it was something of his own.

His staff seemed like it would break the sky itself. Up until then, Mu Qingke had been unavoidable, and his sword still had its momentum. He could only move forward without stopping through the air, slashing towards the oncoming staff.

There was a sharp cracking sound as the sword shattered many stars. The fact that Mu Qingke was able to shatter stars with his sword showed just how terrifying the sword was.


The staff fell onto the divine sword that Mu Qingke had transformed into. Its sword will was shattered wildly. At that moment, destructive power erupted.


The sword's momentum was finally firmly stopped, and the brilliant, incomparable figure was forced backward even more quickly than he had come forward.

But Ye Futian did not stop his attack. He continued moving through the air, ignoring the distance between them. When Mu Qingke was no longer able to form more sword will, he struck out with his staff again.


This time the staff was even more forceful. Mu Qingke's sword had been stopped, and so he had no way to block this attack. He was sent flying backward yet again, and cracks appeared in the sword armor that covered his body, then it shattered. Blood ran from the corner of his mouth, and his face was pale.

In reality, no one on the outside had any way of knowing what had just happened. The area was closed off by the Great Path of Space.

As Mu Qingke was struck by continuous attacks, his Wheel of the Great Path disappeared, and everything returned to normal. The people on the outside saw Ye Futian standing there calmly while Mu Qingke was bent over, blood staining his clothes.


Everyone's heart was pounding. They looked at Ye Futian again, seeming like they wanted to see if he was wounded. But they only saw the handsome young man standing there with his hair blowing in the wind. His black eyes were still as deep and mysterious as always.

Obviously, he had not been hurt.

Had Ye Futian won this battle?

"There are no realms when it comes to the Great Path. The Great Emperor's Divine Prefecture controls both the Outer Realms and the Void Realm. The Great Emperor wants the world of cultivation to become stronger. Thus, although the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty is a force from the Void Realm, we will not refuse anyone from the Outer Realms who wishes to cultivate here," said Ye Futian. "Thus, if anyone from the Holy Land of Taichu wants is willing to join us in our quest to seek the Way, we will be happy to welcome them."

His words rang through the air and were imprinted on everyone's minds. At that moment, many of the younger people there looked at him with eyes full of worship. This was a true hero.

The Holy Land of Taichu had come at them with force, trying to replace them. Their might had seemed unassailable.

But now, Ye Futian had used his power to tell them that they could come to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to study. The academy would welcome them.

No matter how powerful the forces of the Divine Prefecture were, no matter what their teaching holy lands were like, the Heavenly Mandate Academy could defeat them, could crush them underfoot. Did they want to replace them? The teaching holy lands of the Divine Prefecture were only worthy of studying under them.

This feeling gave rise to a fierce sense of pride within the people of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. When they heard Ye Futian's voice, they could feel their blood rising.

He had told a teaching holy land of the Divine Prefecture to come to the academy to study.

In a true battle between top forces, the Heavenly Mandate Academy had achieved a complete victory. Ye Futian had defeated Mu Qingke, and Yu Sheng had defeated Sima Xiao.

"Amazing!" called Dou Zhao from within the academy, a look of worship in his eyes. If it had been him, he would have definitely said something embarrassing. But Ye Futian's words were more dignified.

The Holy Land of Taichu could come to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to study.


Xiao Muyu was becoming even more appreciative of her maser. A strange light lit up her beautiful eyes. Now, the Void Realm was in turmoil, and the Nine Realms were in chaos, meaning that this conflict between the Heavenly Mandate Academy and the Holy Land of Taichu was very important. Ye Futian had fought perfectly, defeating an enemy from the Divine Prefecture. This was a huge inspiration for the people of the Nine Realms.

Nan Luoshen looked at Ye Futian, understanding why her father had praised him so highly. Now that she had experienced this battle, she really felt it. When he came to full maturity, he could truly become the leader of an era. Many people could be called proud sons of heaven, but they could not be representatives of an entire era.

But Ye Futian could do it.

The people of the Holy Land of Taichu were speechless when they heard Ye Futian's words. What could they say?

Mu Qingke had been beaten. How could he have lost?

Had someone so astonishing actually appeared in the Void Realm?

And it was not just him. Previously, Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu had revealed incredible power.

These people, gathered together at the Heavenly Mandate Academy, had dealt the Holy Land of Taichu a stinging defeat.

In that case, what right did they have to enter the Heavenly Mandate Academy and control it?

"Let's go," said the white-robed cultivator from the Holy Land of Taichu. Suddenly, he and the others flashed away, bringing Mu Qingke with them. Their plan had completely failed. It seemed like it would be a little more troublesome to gain a foothold in the Void Realm now.

This confrontation would have an extremely negative influence on the Holy Land of Taichu.

After all, they had originally come to invade. If they had won, then it all would have been worth it. But since they had lost, then this move had been extremely costly.

Everyone watched them go, and many people began to whisper. In this battle, the power that those three members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy had shown had once again shocked the world.

Back in the restaurant, Mei Ting put down his glass and frowned.

So, he was that strong?

Then who's descendant was he?

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    《The Legend of Futian》