The Legend of Futian
1777 Provocation?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1777 Provocation?

Mei Ting walked over to Ye Futian's side. Lord Taixuan still stood in his spot, alert.

Mei Ting was too strong. With him here and in such close proximity with Ye Futian, it would only take Mei Ting a split second if he decided to kill Ye Futian. A figure at Mei Ting's level was not someone Ye Futian could defend against.

"Everyone else, please go about your own business. It is better if you keep quiet about my visit," Mei Ting said to Lord Taixuan, his back to him. Right now, Mei Ting was also hesitating. Should he act on it now, or should he go back to the Devil World first? At first, he was only here to look for news about that person; however, he had found the person's descendent now.

This matter involved the noblest bloodline of the Devil World. Even as a Devil General who could make decisions regarding most matters, Mei Ting did not dare to act recklessly.

Hence, he still opted to have a meeting with Ye Futian first.

However, before Mei Ting came to his final decision, he did not want to expose Yu Sheng's identity to the rest.

Therefore, he warned Lord Taixuan not to spread news about his visit.

"Lord Taixuan, I am fine here. Senior Mei and I are just having a casual chat. Please seal this space," Ye Futian said. Lord Taixuan glanced at Ye Futian and saw the latter giving him a nod of reassurance. Since Ye Futian knew what he was doing, Lord Taixuan would not say anymore. He turned around and left, sealing off the space with his Will. Others could not invade the space even with their divine consciousness.

Judging from the fact that Mei Ting had personally come to meet Ye Futian, Lord Taixuan had a feeling that the matter that they were about to discuss was huge. It might be related to some secrets.

Since Lord Taixuan first met Ye Futian on Taixuan Mountain, he had always acknowledged Ye Futian as a talented figure with an outstanding temperament. Ye Futian's performance since then had been impressive as well. Now, Lord Taixuan would not be surprised even if one revealed that Ye Futian might have other identities. After all, Ye Futian's talent was extraordinary.

Moreover, there was still Yu Sheng.

After Lord Taixuan left, Ye Futian bowed slightly towards Mei Ting and said, "Junior Ye Futian welcomes Senior Mei."

Mei Ting stepped forward and stood not far from Ye Futian. He was dressed in black clothes and had eyes as deep as the abyss. By just standing there, he already made Ye Futian feel pressured. His aura was too powerful. This person before him was a top figure who could fend off the Dark Army with just a single sentence.

"Who are you?" Mei Ting asked as he looked at Ye Futian. This was what he was curious about.

"I am Ye Futian," Ye Futian said.

Mei Ting frowned and said, "You know that that is not what I am asking."

"But, that is all that I know," Ye Futian responded. Once he finished saying this, demonic might descended on him. There seemed to be a suffocating pressure acting around him. Mei Ting stared at him and threatened, "You should already know about the Demonic Dragon. He was also unwilling to speak about this. You know how it ended for him. I came looking here after dealing with him."

It was obvious that he was hinting that he had learned of Yu Sheng's existence from the Demonic Dragon and hence had come looking for him here.

"Since Senior has come looking for me and not Yu Sheng, that means that you also know that Yu Sheng himself does not know about his identity. It is the same for me. I am afraid that I do not have the answers that Senior is seeking," Ye Futian replied honestly. "On the contrary, I also wish to ask Senior the same question: Who is Yu Sheng?"

Mei Ting revealed a strange look when he heard Ye Futian asking him the question back. Indeed, he had heard from the Demonic Dragon that Yu Sheng himself also did not know his own identity.

Hence, Mei Ting had chosen to find Ye Futian. He had heard that ever since they came to the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Yu Sheng followed behind Ye Futian, as though he was Ye Futian's shadow.

Therefore, Mei Ting had ultimately chosen to find Ye Futian first to see whether he could learn anything from Ye Futian.

However, Ye Futian actually asked him who Yu Sheng was.

Judging from Ye Futian's extremely calm manner, he most likely had some rough guesses, but might not have known the truth. He did not appear to be lying. Could it be possible that even these two juniors did not know their own origins?

However, this also seemed to be that person's way of doing things.

For Ye Futian to ask who Yu Sheng was, was naturally the same as asking who Mei Ting was. He was referring to their backgrounds.

Mei Ting clearly would not answer Ye Futian. Today, he had come to ask questions, not answer them.

"What is your relationship with Emperor Ye Qing?" Mei Ting asked as he stared at Ye Futian. His eyes gradually became even more frightening. Demonic might pressed down on Ye Futian. Even if Mei Ting believed that Ye Futian was not lying, it was impossible for him to let the matter go just like that.

Emperor Ye Qing had the surname Ye.

What was Ye Futian's relationship with him?

Could it be that Ye Futian was the descendant of Emperor Ye Qing?

From Mei Ting's perspective, the possibility was extremely high.

Upon hearing Mei Ting's words, Ye Futian knew that Mei Ting might know more than he had imagined. Although he did not answer Ye Futian, Mei Ting certainly knew about Yu Sheng's background.

"Where is Yu Sheng's father?" Mei Ting continued interrogating Ye Futian. He walked forward, and his pressure pressed down on Ye Futian. Immediately, a terrifying demonic might surged into Ye Futian's mind. This caused a frightening demonic shadow to appear deep within Ye Futian's pupils.

Ye Futian's gaze slowly changed. It turned somewhat cold.

"I invited Senior in and asked Lord Taixuan to leave as a sign of my sincerity. However, if Senior wishes to act in such a manner, even if I have to fight to the death, I will not yield," Ye Futian said in a cold tone. "Also, even if Senior truly can make it out of here in one piece by injuring me, I can assure you that Yu Sheng will spend the rest of his life trying to kill you with all his might."

Mei Ting was a Demonic Cultivator. Ye Futian conjectured the relationship between Mei Ting and Yu Sheng. Hence, he had said so as a probe.

As expected, after listening to Ye Futian's threat, Mei Ting paused for a moment. The pressure that he exerted on Ye Futian lessened significantly. He seemed to be hesitating.

Mei Ting's response verified Ye Futian's prediction. Yu Sheng's background was most likely very noble. Even Mei Ting had his concerns when he was up against Yu Sheng.

He might not dare to offend Yu Sheng.

If Mei Ting was here to capture Yu Sheng, or if he didn't care about Yu Sheng's identity, then he could have just ignored Ye Futian's threat.

However, after wavering for a moment, Mei Ting continued to pressure Ye Futian with his might. An alarming demonic will invaded Ye Futian's mind. Mei Ting's pupils were as dark as night. Ye Futian carried some secrets with him. These secrets might be related to Emperor Ye Qing and that person.

If he could investigate the whole matter thoroughly, he believed that the Devil Emperor would not blame him for acting rashly.

He would accept it even if Yu Sheng was going to hate him in the future.

Therefore, after considering for a moment, Mei Ting still decided to invade Ye Futian's mind.

He would not hurt Ye Futian, but he needed to know his background, and from there, he might be able to locate that person.

"Stop it." A chilly voice sounded. Mei Ting paused momentarily and turned around. A burly youth was standing behind him while staring at him with an extremely cold gaze. He was none other than Yu Sheng.

Mei Ting stared at Yu Sheng. At this very moment, the former had no idea how he should face the latter.

Yu Sheng was the descendent of a legendary figure of the Devil World. However, the legendary figure was a traitor of the Devil World.

Yu Sheng was the son of the traitor of the Devil World.

Although Yu Sheng was the son of the traitor, the noblest bloodline of the Devil World still coursed through his veins. This was an undeniable fact. He might also be the only one among the younger generations who possessed this bloodline.

Based on this, Mei Ting would definitely not dare to hurt Yu Sheng.

Only the Devil Emperor had the power to decide Yu Sheng's fate.

The demonic might lingered, but the pressure it exerted on Ye Futian weakened gradually. In the end, Mei Ting ceased attacking and retracted his demonic might. His gaze was still fixed on the figure who initially stood behind him.

This burly youth seemed to be full of power. His indifferent gaze was domineering and cold, showing no emotions. Judging from the youth's temperament, he was an innate Demonic Cultivator. He was the heir of the noblest bloodline of the Devil World; naturally, he stood head and shoulders above the rest of the demons. He was the future Demon God.

Mei Ting and Yu Sheng stared at each other. The former was a Devil General who was all-powerful, one of the Eight Great Devil Generals under the command of the Devil Emperor. The latter was a junior who had just broken through to the Renhuang Plane. However, he stared into Mei Ting's eyes boldly, showing no sign of fear.

"Do you know who you are?" Mei Ting asked Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng stared at him and did not reply. He didn't know the answer.

"Remember, you do not need to bow to anyone. You do not need to follow anyone either. Not everything the person told you was true. Perhaps everything he said was a lie," Mei Ting said.

Yu Sheng's gaze wavered slightly, then it turned colder. Mei Ting's words seemed to be provoking his relationship with Ye Futian.

Was the person that Mei Ting had mentioned his father?

However, Father's words were different from Mei Ting's. In fact, Father had advised him that his existence was for the use of Ye Futian.

Seeing that Yu Sheng was still staring at him motionlessly, Mei Ting raised his head and glanced outside. Then, he swept a glance at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng again.

Mei Ting moved back a few steps and saluted Yu Sheng with his head lowered. He seemed to be paying his respects to Yu Sheng.

After that, strands of demonic will surrounded Mei Ting's body, and he transformed into a beam of dark demonic light. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the disappearing silhouette, then he looked at Yu Sheng. He felt uneasy. Yu Sheng's identity appeared to be even more extraordinary than what he had imagined. An existence like Mei Ting had actually bowed and saluted Yu Sheng before he left. However, he seemed to disrespect Ye Futian's godfather by addressing him as 'that person.'

What exactly happened in the past?

As for Mei Ting's provocation, Ye Futian did not mind it. He walked towards Yu Sheng and whispered, "No matter what decisions you make in the future, I will support you."

Yu Sheng looked at him and nodded. He knew that Ye Futian would support him regardless of what he decided to do.

Their relationship had long transcended the point where they needed to explain themselves to each other. It was not something Mei Ting could waver with just a line or two.

Everyone else thought that he was following Ye Futian. However, he did so because he put his faith in Ye Futian. As for Ye Futian himself, he had never thought of Yu Sheng as a follower. Yu Sheng would not bat an eyelid if he needed to sacrifice himself for Ye Futian. Besides that, he was well-aware that Ye Futian would do the same for him too.

They had absolute trust in each other.

Two silhouettes approached them. Other than Lord Taixuan, another person was here. It was Emperor Nan.

Clearly, Lord Taixuan was worried about them. Mei Ting was too powerful, so Lord Taixuan made a trip to the Nantian Divine Kingdom and invited Emperor Nan over.

However, it seemed like he had worried too much; nothing happened, and Mei Ting had left.

"Ye Futian greets Emperor Nan." When Ye Futian saw Emperor Nan, he bowed to welcome him. He was very polite towards Emperor Nan as he was one of the figures who stood at the peak of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

Moreover, Emperor Nan had obviously come here to help him.

Emperor Nan nodded slightly and asked, "Why was Mei Ting here?"

Ye Futian smiled while shaking his head. Seeing his expression, Emperor Nan understood Ye Futian's concern and did not probe any further. Everyone had their own secrets.

Regardless of what intention Mei Ting had for coming over, it was of no consequence since nothing had happened.

"It looks like the Heavenly Mandate Academy still needs to strengthen its defenses. Cultivators at the level of Mei Ting are too dangerous," Emperor Nan commented. Lord Taixuan nodded in strong agreement!

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    《The Legend of Futian》