The Legend of Futian
1780 Crisis of the Divine Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1780 Crisis of the Divine Palace

Gai Cang glanced at the various cultivators who arrived. He smiled and said, "Today, the Golden Divine Nation has invited you all here to discuss the fate of the Higher Heavens Realm. Currently, the Nine Realms are turbulent, with chaos being stirred up everywhere. The Age of Turmoil that occurred hundreds of years ago seems to be gradually resurfacing. The status quo in the Nine Realms is about to shift. Hence, we have invited you all here to discuss the future of the various forces in the Higher Heavens Realm together."

After listening to what Gai Cang said, everyone remained silent. No one spoke up. Their so-called discussion was just a conspiracy.

However, there was one point that Gai Cang indeed spoke true of. In the current situation, the forces in the Nine Realms would be reshuffled. In the days to come, no one knew who would remain and who would end up in the annals of history.

Under such conditions, they could not reject the invitation of Golden Divine Nation.

During this Age of Turmoil, the forces would not dare to offend Golden Divine Nation lightly.

Moreover, Gai Qiong was a cultivator working directly under Donghuang the Great.

"According to my elder brother, his purpose for coming here is because Donghuang the Great does not wish to see the Void Realm being infiltrated by the dark forces. Hence, all of us need to work together and strengthen the Higher Heavens Realm. If the Great Emperor has any orders in the future, we can also contribute our skills for his use," Gai Cang said. He highlighted the relationship between Gai Qiong and the Great Emperor. It was both a reminder and a threat to the audience.

"What suggestion does the Dynastic Overlord have?" Old Demon Luo asked right then. Divine Capital of Xiling had launched a surprise attack on Taixuan Mountain back in the day. This Old Demon Luo had attacked before Lord Taixuan had broken through to the next Plane. He was cruel and ruthless. He also did not bear any goodwill towards the Divine Palace.

Divine Capital of Xiling and the Divine Palace had very little involvement with each other.

"The Heavenly Mandate Academy has gone through a few huge crises, yet the academy still managed to stand undefeated. Why is that so?" Gai Cang said. "It is because the Heavenly Mandate Academy knows how to take advantage of other forces. The academy relies on the cultivators of other forces; it forms alliances with them. Otherwise, with that tiny bit of ability of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, it is impossible for them to survive up until this day."

Gai Cang continued, "Since the Heavenly Mandate Academy can do so, our Higher Heavens Realm can too. Why don't all of us form an alliance and build teleportation grand matrixes to connect everyone? Our alliance will unite the entire Higher Heavens Realm. With it, the Higher Heavens Realm will have the power to contend with other outside forces in this Age of Turmoil."

Forming an alliance!

Everyone narrowed their eyes. The Golden Divine Nation finally revealed its intention. The motive behind their call for an alliance was most likely to control all the forces in the Higher Heavens Realm.

After all, once all of them formed an alliance, Golden Divine Nation would be the strongest force among them. Who could contend with them for the power of control?

Many forces were worried about being annexed.

Hence, all of them remained silent and did not reply. Everyone had their own axes to grind. No force would easily agree to Gai Cang's suggestion.

"Everyone can put your worries to rest. I sincerely hope for the alliance among all the forces of the Higher Heavens Realm. I am not trying to dominate the Realm and become its ruler," Gai Cang assured the crowd. "I truly hope that the Higher Heavens Realm can prosper and not fall behind the other Realms during this Age of Turmoil. Of course, I do not wish to see any force being eradicated as well."

Gai Cang continued, "Prior to this, I was hoping that the Divine Palace would help us. However, it seems like the Divine Palace doesn't really care about our Higher Heavens Realm and has moved on to the Heavenly Mandate Realm. I have always heard rumors about a secret zone in the Ancestral Lands of the Divine Palace. The place is said to be helpful for cultivators to improve the level of their Divine Wheels when they are breaking through to the Renhuang Plane. However, after all these years, how many people in the Higher Heavens Realm have been there? I only know of Huang Zhong having entered Ancestral Lands before, and Ye Futian, too.

"The Divine Palace really values Ye Futian, who is from the Heavenly Mandate Realm," Gai Cang exclaimed sarcastically.

Gai Cang sneered internally as he was speaking. Everyone was greedy. Even these top forces from the Higher Heavens Realm were no exception.

"The Divine Palace crowns itself as the holy land for training and delivers its teachings in the Higher Heavens Realm, yet it keeps its best resources from us," Old Demon Luo said. "After so many years, there is rarely a person who manages to enter the Ancestral Lands, so I think the place is actually not worthy of its fame. Rumor has it that there is a treasure in the Ancestral Lands, which can help cultivators to forge a flawless Divine Wheel. Could it be that the rumor is really true?" As Old Demon Luo spoke, a glint of greed flashed past his dark eyes.

Most likely, only forces at the level of the Divine Place could possess this kind of divine item. A few of the large forces in the Central Emperor Realm had this kind of divine item too. The forces in the Divine Prefecture were domineering, and their teachings were powerful. They were most likely as powerful as they were due to having rich resources as well.

The crowd gathered here had only heard of divine items. They didn't even know whether or not Shangxiao Divine Palace truly possessed such a divine item.

"Of course it is true," said Gai Qiong, who was beside Gai Cang. He looked at Old Demon Luo and said, "This rumor has been around since many years ago. No one else is more aware of this than me. Shangxiao Divine Palace owns a Tablet of the Great Path. It is a remnant from the collapse of the Heavenly Path. Not only can it help cultivators to forge flawless Divine Wheels, but it is also beneficial for the training of Renhuangs."

"However, this divine item will most likely be moved to the Heavenly Mandate Realm in the future," Gai Cang added. The two brothers echoed each other's words. The audience was well-aware that the two brothers were sowing discord between them and the Divine Palace.

Even though the audience was conscious of the brothers' intention, they couldn't help but have some thoughts about the issue when they knew that the brothers were speaking the truth.

A divine item. It was a divine item, left behind during the collapse of the Heavenly Path, which could assist cultivators in forging flawless Divine Wheels. For some unknown reasons, the Divine Palace had been keeping such a divine item a secret from them.

"If this matter is true, then the Divine Palace is unworthy to be called the training holy land. They are also unfit to teach the Way in our Higher Heavens Realm," Old Demon Luo said harshly. He agreed with the brothers' point of view naturally, pointing the finger at the Divine Palace.

"Divine Sword Li Family, Sky Burying God Clan and the rest of you, you have cultivators who are training in the Divine Palace now, right?" Gai Cang asked as he looked at Divine Sword Li Family and the other few large forces.

"Hmm." They nodded in response. Li Daozi, the Proud Son of Heaven of Divine Sword Li Family, used to train in the Divine Palace, too.

"Do the juniors who train in the Divine Palace have access to the Ancestral Lands?" Gai Cang continued prompting.

The few of them shook their heads. One would need to venture into the Ancestral Lands by themselves in order to train there. However, aside from Huang Zhong, nobody was able to do so in the past hundreds of years.

Before this, the cultivators only blamed their failures on themselves. However, they had some different thoughts now.

"Alright. Let's put this issue aside for now. Why did the conversation spiral to talking about the Divine Palace? As I have mentioned before, what's everyone's decision regarding forming an alliance?" Gai Cang continued to persuade the crowd, "Our Higher Heavens Realm must unite and form a single large power. As for forces which can teach the Way, don't you worry. Even without the Divine Palace, there will be another force, which will come to our Higher Heavens Realm to teach the Way. Moreover, this other force is better than the Divine Palace."

The audience revealed strange expressions when they heard Gai Cang's words; they instantly thought of a force.

It was none other than the Holy Land of Taichu, which was a top training holy land of the Upper Worlds. Not long ago, in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they had lost in the hands of the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Ever since the Holy Land of Taichu had been defeated, no one had heard news of them for a while. Now, combining Gai Cang's words and past events, the audience had a rough idea of what was happening.

Was the Holy Land of Taichu planning to establish their dominance here in the Higher Heavens Realm after they had lost in the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

Their previous target was the Heavenly Mandate Academy. After they had been defeated, were they switching their target to the Shangxiao Divine Palace?

However, it seemed like the Holy Land of Taichu was taking the soft approach this time. They weren't as direct as when they were in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Considering all these factors, the motive of Golden Divine Nation was clear now. They were plotting on seizing control of the Higher Heavens Realm by joining forces with an Outer Realms force.

"Divine Capital of Xiling supports the idea of Dynastic Overlord," Old Demon Luo voiced. "During this Age of Turmoil, everyone in the Higher Heavens Realm should work together. Golden Divine Nation is the strongest force in the Realm. With Divine Nation as our leader, I am sure we will be able to protect our Higher Heavens Realm amidst the chaos."

This bast*rd… Everyone else from other forces cursed Old Demon Luo in their hearts. Usually, Old Demon Luo was extremely arrogant, but now he had actually agreed to this idea so readily. Was he adapting his actions to the present situation?

However, this Old Demon Luo was not an honorable man, to begin with. One could tell his character based on his sneak attack in the past. He played dirty tricks. He was willing to do anything as long as it benefited him.

Now, he wanted to be the first one to pledge allegiance to the Golden Divine Nation. In the future, he would have some control over the alliance.

"Brother Luo is sensible," Gai Cang praised. "It looks like the rest of you will still need some time to consider this matter, but there is no rush. Golden Divine Nation has prepared a feast to welcome everyone. Since you are here in the palace of Divine Nation, you must drink and feast to your heart's content. You can take your time to consider the alliance."

Hmm. Everyone nodded in agreement. That was their only option now.

However, they had already realized that under the current circumstances, they had to fall in line. Golden Divine Nation would most likely not agree if they did not do so.

After the various large forces returned home, in the Divine Palace, their disciples left one after another, bidding farewell to the senior figures of the Divine Palace.

In the Divine Palace, various rumors began spreading. The rumors painted the Divine Palace in a bad light.

The matters that occurred in Golden Divine Nation, naturally, could not be kept secret and reached the Divine Palace.

Shangxiao Divine Palace realized that the Golden Divine Nation wanting to form an alliance this time was not merely as simple as forming an alliance of the Higher Heavens Realm; it was possible that they wanted to use them.

Ye Futian did not receive the news from the seniors of the Divine Palace. Instead, he heard it from Huang Zhong. They also had an information network in the Higher Heavens Realm, so they knew a thing or two about what had transpired.

In the Heavenly Mandate Academy, Huang Zhong and Ye Futian were together. Huang Zhong said to Ye Futian, "Before Li Daozi left, he had met with his master. Now that the situation is dire, he can only leave for now. Under the current circumstances, Divine Sword Li Family does not dare to make a powerful enemy. Hence, they had decided to temporarily leave the Higher Heavens Realm."

The Divine Palace was a place for training. They naturally did not have many strict constraints. Each person could make their own choice. Li Daozi still had Divine Sword Li Family behind his back. He had to consider the standpoint of the Li Family before he made any decision. It was kind enough for him to warn Huang Zhong and Ye Futian.

"From the looks of it, the forces in the Higher Heavens Realm will make a move on the Divine Palace. Is that true?" Ye Futian asked Huang Zhong.

Huang Zhong nodded and said, "The possibility is extremely high."

Ye Futian fell silent. If the Heavenly Mandate Academy meddled in this affair, most likely, the Outer Realms forces would not sit out of it too. However, since they had formed an alliance with Shangxiao Divine Palace, it was impossible for Ye Futian to let the Divine Palace be invaded!

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    《The Legend of Futian》