The Legend of Futian
1787 Danger at the Divine Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1787 Danger at the Divine Palace

Outside the Divine Palace, above the Sea of the Path, there were many small boats descended outside the Divine Palace, where they stopped. The mighty great army did not enter the Divine Palace; instead, they seemed to be waiting for something.

Gai Qiong and Gai Cang were front and center of the formation; the two giants of the Golden Divine Nation were both gathered here.

However, they stood quietly on the boat, suspended in the Sea of the Path, with their hands folded behind their backs, looking at the preaching holy land of the Higher Heavens Realm that was ahead of them.

After today, Shangxiao Divine Palace, the Holy Land of the Upper Heavens Realm, would be history.

At this point, someone came behind them and said something. Suddenly a smile appeared in their eyes.

Everything was now ready, and the time was here to destroy Shangxiao Divine Palace for good.

He knew very well the strength of the alliance formed by the Heavenly Mandate Realm, which had involved too many powerful forces. But he didn't believe that the advantage would lie with the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Their increasing strength had already caused alarm to many. Among the Nine Realms, many top principalities did not want to see the rise of another superpower. It was enough for the Heavenly Mandate Academy to dominate the Heavenly Mandate Realm so that no one dared to move against it as they did before. However, if they now wanted to make a move on Upper Heavens Realms during this turbulent time, then it would threaten many people.

Therefore, in the current dispute, they had the advantage.

With a little push, this momentum would create a terrifying factor that would sway different areas in the Nine Realms, that could directly affect the battlefield here.

"Golden Divine Nation, along with all principalities from the Upper Heavens Realm, come to visit the Divine Palace, to inquire what constituted preaching holy land." Gai Cang's voice was heard throughout the void, as a golden staircase appeared above the sky. He stepped out and started walked upward and appeared directly high in the sky, sitting on the golden divine throne, majestic and authoritative.

This voice swept across the vast area of ​​the Divine Palace and rang in the ears of everyone. At this moment, in front of ​​the Divine Palace, Ye Futian and those with him had a terrible look on their faces.

Just now, they had received some very bad news.

Xiao Dingtian couldn't come. The clan lord of the Shen clan had personally gone to the Xiao clan, in the name of a visit, to have a friendly chat with Xiao Dingtian. Under such pretense, how could Xiao Dingtian leave?

He couldn't come here to this battlefield.

Not only that, in the Central Emperor Realm, the Martial God clan had also visited the Yuanyang clan.

What Ye Futian and the others were experiencing this time was even more dangerous than last. This was no longer limited to a single battlefield, but with all parties acting together at once. The Golden Divine Nation took the initiative to mobilize other forces as well, so that those who did not want to see the rise of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, joined in to take actions.

Moreover, they didn't openly declare their participation in the war, merely in the name of visitation, so that it was enough to prevent anyone from acting rashly.

During these times of turmoil, carelessness meant annihilation, and many top forces had been wiped out already. Thus, in the land of the Nine Realms, no one dared to take things lightly.

"Master, regarding the Xiao clan..." Xiao Muyu nodded. After all, they were part of an alliance. Now with was so much pressure exerted here, Xiao Dingtian's absence would no doubt put them in even greater danger.

"Muyu, you don't need to say anything," Ye Futian looked at Xiao Muyu and said. She was the goddess of the Xiao clan, and she was already here, so nothing more needed to be said; he completely understood.

Xiao Dingtian of Xiao Clan had once descended outside of the Shen clan. Now that the clan lord of the Shen clan was visiting him in person, how could he afford to be careless?

Under these circumstances, he couldn't possibly lay blame on anyone.

It was only when they were in the open, while the others were in the dark, and a dreadful undercurrent was forming against them.

The cultivators of the Divine Palace wore a solemn expression, and a sense of danger grew in their hearts. However, they managed to keep their composure.

At this time, the divine consciousness of the Palace Lord shrouded the boundless space. He looked at Gai Cang, the Overlord of the Golden Divine Nation, across the air and said, "How the Divine Palace preaches, the world knows, and there is no need for the Overlord to advise."

His voice was still indifferent, but even with the far distance, it landed clearly in the ears of many cultivators. Many people who were watching also faintly realized something. The presence of the Golden Divine Nation was more dominant, which indicated that the invasion from the Golden Divine Nation had a great advantage.

The two major forces had begun their struggle in secret a long time ago, and the Golden Divine Nation had been preparing for it. Now, after such a long preparation, it seemed that they were absolutely sure of themselves.

"The world knows?" Gai Qiong said loudly, "Shangxiao Divine Palace, as a holy land in the Upper Heavens Realm, attracted countless cultivators to come and seek the truth. However, the Divine Palace aided the evildoers to destroy the top powers in the Upper Heavens Realm, and disallowed cultivators to enter the ancestral land of the Divine Palace, not even the disciples at the Divine Palace could enter within. Is this something that a Holy Land should be doing?"

The Palace Lord of Divine Palace looked at Gai Cang and said, "Gai Cang, you don't need to hide your true intentions. As for whether the Divine Palace is worthy of the name of the Holy Land, history will decide. Powers rise and fall throughout the ages. Centuries before the Great Emperor unified the world, he had also witnessed the births and destructions of countless principalities. No matter how the Divine Palace is today, we have done our jobs preaching in the Upper Heavens Realm, and my conscience is clear."

Golden Divine Nation shot out from Gai Cang's eyes. This Palace Lord was cool and collected and his unusually superior composure, by contrast, accentuated the irrationality of their opponents.

However, none of these mattered. As the other stated, principalities rose and fell, and history would only remember the victors.

He hoped that the Golden Divine Nation could stand for generations to come and become ever more prosperous and powerful.

"If you insist, then there is not much I can say," Gai Cang replied. He looked around at the many cultivators at the Divine Palace. Currently, there were only cultivators of Renhuang Realm who were left in the Divine Palace. Anyone below Renhuang Realm had all been driven away by the Divine Palace.

Even if they didn't want to leave, they must, as there was no need for them to stay and experience the coming calamity.

Their target was not the cultivators of the Divine Palace, but the Divine Palace itself and the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Their purpose was to control the Upper Heavens Realm and to kill their sworn enemy, Ye Futian. Presumably, the existence of Ye Futian greatly threatened the Golden Divine Nation.

"The person in charge of the Divine Palace is incompetent. I came with the forces of the Upper Heavens Realm to change all that and regain control of the Divine Palace. Moreover, the forces from the Divine Prefecture will work together with us to rebuild this preaching holy land. Once it is rebuilt, we will open all the sacred places inside the Divine Palace for cultivation, and all disciples would be allowed to enter the ancestral land to cultivate." Gai Cang said loudly, "We did not come today for the disciples of the Divine Palace. All cultivators at the Divine Palace are welcome to join us and rebuild the palace, or you may choose to leave, and Golden Divine Nation would never pursue you. Everything we are doing today is only for the Upper Heavens Realm."

Even as Gai Cang and the others descended with their great army, they didn't dare to claim that they would destroy it completely.

The Divine Palace had a natural advantage. They were a preaching holy land created by the Will of Donghuang the Great, so its destruction would be a direct contradiction to the Will of the Great Emperor. Therefore, they had found a pretext, and promise to rebuild a better Holy Land, and even opening up the ancestral land, and allowing the cultivators of the Divine Palace to leave.

Thus, even if the Great Emperor were to send someone to investigate in the future, they could rationalize the whole affairs.

Inside the Divine Palace, all eyes were looked into the distance, as all of their divine consciousness bloomed. Looking at all the boats above the Sea of the Path, they had already received the news that the Golden Divine Nation had mobilized all forces this time. For the Divine Palace, it was indeed a disaster.

Furthermore, the Golden Divine Nation knew the Divine Palace very well, and it was precisely because of this understanding that they dared to launch their attack, and showed mercy to the disciples of the Divine Palace. Even if the Palace Lord were gone, they would not indiscriminately kill those who were left in the palace.

The Palace Lord of the Divine Palace looked at the crowd below, and said, "No matter what choice you make, I will support it, but I also hope that you will leave."

"Palace Lord." Many looked up at the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace, silent.

"History is filled with tales of the rises and falls of the world. Centuries ago, before the Great Emperor had unified the world, through the ebb and flow of time, how many people and things have disappeared in an instant, and who else can live forever? Over the years, the Divine Palace has done what it can to contribute to the world of cultivation. Regardless of the outcome, I can face it with a clear conscience, and I have lived for many years without much regret. On the contrary, if any of you still have concerns in the world, leave now." The Palace Lord of the Divine Palace said with a peaceful voice, but somehow it was said with a trace of sadness.

"This Divine Palace carries my dream of cultivation, and it also embodies our vision of the future of cultivation. As the Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace, I will stand with the Divine Palace. Disciples of the Divine Palace, if you can leave, then leave. Everything that is about to happen today cannot be controlled by ordinary Renhuang," said the Palace Lord of Divine Music Palace.

The Palace Lord of the Sword Palace levitated in the air, and a greatly powerful Sword Will surrounded him. He did not say anything, but it was obvious that he would guard this place with his sword.

To serve in positions that required great capabilities such as the Palace Lords in the Divine Palace, these men all had the same aspirations and expectations; that was why they all came together. Just like Lord Taixuan, who chose to serve as a Dean in the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Therefore, they would not be leaving.

"Since I have cultivated and grown in the Divine Palace, I pledge my life to the Divine Palace." A young Renhuang said, as he slowly levitated into the air, releasing his aura, ready to face the battle that was to come.

"We pledge our lives to the Divine Palace." Many more now also rose into the air at the same time, creating an extremely powerful aura. This display of unity moved many observers on the Sea of the Path while feeling somber at the same time.

This was the Divine Palace, the Holy Land of Preaching in the Upper Heavens Realm, disinterested in the disputes of the outside world.

The Palace Lord of the Divine Palace was right. Right or wrong, only time would tell. Even if the Golden Divine Nation won today, and as winner, some things may be erased, but there would still some other things that would remain with the world.

Especially those who had cultivated in the Divine Palace and now scattered throughout the Upper Heavens Realm, they would remember everything. In fact, many of them were now also in the Sea of the Path. It was only that they had no ability to participate in the war.

"The Divine Palace does not need you to pledge your lives." The Palace Lord of the Divine Palace merely remarked coldly, "It is hard enough to cultivate to your level today. No matter what happened today, the Divine Palace would be wherever you are. Anyone who does not value their lives would be disobeying the Divine Palace, and not worthy of being a disciple of the Divine Palace."

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    《The Legend of Futian》