The Legend of Futian
1794 The Massacre by Sky River Great Elder
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1794 The Massacre by Sky River Great Elder

Sky River Great Elder had committed a massacre in Shen clan before; many cultivators of Shen clan had fallen to him. Even the great elder, Shen Ji, was injured by Sky River Great Elder before the leader of Shen clan could wound him and force him to retreat.

Sky River Great Elder had not appeared since the battle when the Heavenly Mandate Academy led their army to confront Shen clan.

Some said that Sky River Great Elder had fallen into the demonic Way and had most likely destroyed himself. Some said that he had gone crazy and was missing.

However, at this very moment, he silently appeared in the Sea of the Path. He calmly sat on the lone boat in the middle of the sea. If their current location was not the Sea of the Path, strangers would really treat Sky River Great Elder as an ordinary man.

Sky River Great Elder had broken through the Plane in the past. When cultivators of Shen clan saw him, their first instinct was to run away from him. At the moment, the giant figures had yet to come over here. When facing a cultivator at the level of Sky River Great Elder, there was no point in having a large number of people. They could not possibly defeat him. If they were to engage in a battle with him, they would suffer great losses.

"It's Sky River Great Elder." the cultivators of Golden Divine Nation and the other forces also managed to react to all this. They frantically retreated and prepared to escape from this place.

A terrifying crimson light shot out from Sky River Great Elder's eyes. Even though he was merely standing there quietly, the vast space was instantly enveloped by a horrifying aura. Endless crimson demonic light filled the heavens and earth, as though there were streaks of crimson lightning flashing in the sky.

Boom. Sky River Great Elder took a step forward and directly walked into the crowd of cultivators. The will of the crowd burst forth, and their figures retreated hastily. However, streaks of crimson lightning shot out like blood-red swords. The bodies of many cultivators with weaker cultivation were directly penetrated by the crimson lightning, and they were locked in place in mid-air.

Among these people, most of them were cultivators of Shen clan. They faced the most tragic fate.

Obviously, even though Sky River Great Elder had slaughtered his way into Shen clan before, he had not forgotten his vengeance in the past up until now. He had never forgotten about the death of his daughter, his 3,000 disciples, and other members of Sky River Temple.

This vengeance could only be abated by the fresh blood of Shen clan members.

After the battle at Shen clan, he left and gradually gained control over the demonic item. However, he still did not go to meet his wife, Shen Luoxue. It was not because he didn't miss her, but rather because he was remorseful. He felt guilty towards Shen Luoxue; he was ashamed to meet her both in the past and now.

In the past, he had not been able to protect Shen Luoxue and their daughter, Nongyue. Their daughter was killed, and Shen Luoxue was imprisoned by Shen clan for many years. However, he was not able to do anything and could only quietly train alone. He swallowed his pride and endured the suffering. He did not dare to reveal even a slight hint of his ambition. He had failed too many people.

On this day, he intended to kill members of Shen clan and commit a massacre within the clan. As long as he was still alive, his biggest goal would be eradicating Shen clan until not one of them was left. He could not let go of this hatred. However, he was well-aware that his wife, Shen Luoxue, originated from Shen clan. Even though she had cut ties with the clan and did not have any feelings for the clan now, it was something that could not be changed. The bloodline of Shen clan members also coursed in Shen Luoxue's veins. They shared the same origins.

Under such circumstances, if he asked Shen Luoxue to kill the members of the Shen clan, could she really do so?

He had decided to eradicate Shen clan and eliminate the clansmen of his wife. There was no way he could face his wife, not now nor in the past.

In the current Age of Turmoil, when Heavenly Mandate Academy and Ye Futian faced a huge crisis, only then had he appeared and found Ye Futian. Not many people knew about this. Shen Luoxue also did not know about his appearance. Ye Futian merely left a demonic rat by his side to serve as a means of communication.

The demonic rat was naturally from the Purple Gold Rat Clan and was under his control. It was trembling at this moment.


The endless crimson lightning drawn from the heavens above actually became a frightening crimson divine furnace. Miserable screams could be heard. The cultivators that had been pierced through by the crimson lightning were all smelted. It was extremely wretched.

"Sky River Great Elder," a cultivator of Shen clan roared. A frightening golden divine halo was unleashed from his body. Extremely brilliant golden lightning directly cleaved the space. It was the Tianshen Cleave technique.

Yet, a terrifying crimson glow directly attacked the golden halo that cleaved the space and caused it to explode into fragments.

Sky River Great Elder stepped forward and extended his palm across the space. He recognized many of the senior members of Shen clan. After all, he was previously a son-in-law of Shen clan and had spent some time living and training in Shen clan. He was familiar with many of the seniors.

Nevertheless, now, they were mortal enemies. He would not stop until they were all dead.

Sky River Great Elder extended his palm towards the cultivator of Shen clan and suddenly clenched it. A loud scream could be heard. The face of the cultivator was contorted, and he was in extreme pain. The crimson demonic light pierced to his figure, then his figure immediately exploded into pieces, and his soul dissipated.

The members of the other forces instantly escaped in all directions. When faced with a cultivator whose Plane surpassed their own, even if they might be able to put up a fight if they joined forces, the first person who attacked would surely die first. Under such circumstances, everyone wanted to preserve their own life first and ensure their own survival.

Buzz. Sky River Great Elder's silhouette became a frightening bolt of crimson lightning. Above the Sea of the Path, fresh blood constantly rained down on the world below. Many people perished in the sky above the Sea of the Path. They would be forever buried here.

Ye Futian and the others were also slightly astonished when they saw the scene. Aside from Ye Futian, the people here seemed to have not known that Sky River Great Elder was here. From the looks of it, Ye Futian had intentionally arranged for this. This way, even if they had been chased by figures at the peak, they still had cultivators who could keep one or two of them in check.

Of course, if the disparity was too great, even if Sky River Great Elder killed off a few powerful existences, the situation would still not change. They could only submit to their fates then.

Aside from that, Sky River Great Elder's methods were too dominant. They could even be considered cruel. He did not seem like a famous sage who once taught the Way in the Tianhe Realm. Instead, he seemed like a bonafide demonic figure.

However, when the crowd thought of everything that Sky River Great Elder had been through, they could empathize with him. He had practiced forbearance for many years. Sky River Great Elder had demonstrated very high endurance by not going insane after suffering for so long. Otherwise, he would not have lasted until this day.

Now, him descending into the demonic Way was also due to what Shen clan did back then.

Shen clan had previously acted too harshly. They had initiated a war to destroy a Realm and had killed countless cultivators of the Tianhe Realm.

No one could have done better if they were in Sky River Great Elder's position.

Everything that Shen clan was facing now was a matter of cause and effect.

If they had not been so cruel, they would not have forced Sky River Great Elder to become what he was today.

Ye Futian was also looking at the battle. Grandmaster had indeed joined the demonic Way. He acquired a demonic divine item. It was not easy for him to gain control of the Demonic Power contained within the item.

Ye Futian had no idea about the whereabouts of his Grandmaster for these past few years. He had never visited the Heavenly Mandate Academy before. Ye Futian speculated that his Grandmaster had been living in agony.

After all, Grandmaster refrained himself from visiting the Heavenly Mandate Academy even after his wife had joined the academy for training.

Grandmaster had shunned them up until now. He finally appeared when Ye Futian was facing a crisis.

Although Grandmaster was a demon when he was facing Shen clan and all the other enemies, Ye Futian could not find fault with the way Grandmaster treated him. Ye Futian felt so even though he felt like he had never understood Grandmaster before. He hadn't even gotten to know Grandmaster properly.

When Ye Futian was training in the Tianhe Realm, most likely, Grandmaster was also living in hatred during that period of time.

Right at this moment, a terrifying aura drew near. Frowning, Ye Futian and his group looked up in the direction where the aura came from. A figure dressed in white robes rushed towards here. It was none other than the cultivator from the Holy Land of Taichu, who led his group to challenge the Heavenly Mandate Academy before this.

This cultivator was also a giant figure. Even though he was not as powerful as the Purple Robe War Emperor, who came from the Lower Worlds, he was also a top figure in the Holy Land of Taichu.

This cultivator had been waiting for his chance. After he had escaped from the battlefield on the other side, he rushed here.

Without hesitation, he dashed and pounced at Sky River Great Elder, who was in the middle of the battle. Sky River Great Elder swept a glance at him and similarly walked towards him. This part of the sky was tainted by crimson demonic light, as though doomsday had arrived.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said as he turned and retreated. Today, the Holy Land of Taichu had initiated the battle to provoke this dispute. It was already too late for them to cease. Since they had already reached this stage and their top figures were at a disadvantage, they could only try their hardest to escape unscathed.

Although the Divine Palace had been sunk into the Sea of the Path, as long as the cultivators of the Divine Palace were still alive, the Divine Palace still existed.

Currently, Ye Futian was most worried about the other battlefield. He did not know whether Emperor Nan could withstand his opponent.

Sky River Great Elder and the white-robed cultivator of the Holy Land of Taichu instantly collided into one another. Astonishing destructive light swept out. Beyond the terrifying battle, Ye Futian and the others continued hastily escaping.

"Don't let Ye Futian escape," a sinister voice sounded.

In an instant, the cultivators, who were originally dispersing in different directions, moved forwards one by one. They showed signs of gathering as they continued to hunt Ye Futian and his group.

"Spread out," Ye Futian ordered.

"Don't spread out. Their target is you," a cultivator objected decisively. If their group escaped in different directions, the cultivator was certain that all the opponents would chase after Ye Futian.

After all, for those forces, killing Ye Futian was far more important than killing anyone else in their group.

"Palace Lord and Emperor Cang are holding the fort in the Divine Palace. Emperor Nan is there too," Jiang Chengzi of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven analyzed. "Even though they don't have an advantage in terms of numbers, they might not lose. It is enough to send away the first group of people from this battlefield. The rest of the cultivators should gather together. As long as none of the top figures come over here, we are capable of putting up a fight." The rest of them nodded in agreement; they were prepared to have a good fight anyway.

"Alright," Ye Futian felt a warmth inside. He did not reject the good intentions of the others. He only hoped that the Divine Palace would not lose in its most important battle!

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    《The Legend of Futian》