The Legend of Futian
1795 Under the Divine Sword
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1795 Under the Divine Sword

The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy continued escaping hastily. The white-robed elder rushed to delay Sky River Great Elder; hence, the cultivators of the other forces continued to pursue Ye Futian's group.

Even though Sky River Great Elder slaughtered many of their members, their lineup was still more powerful than that of Ye Futian's group. After all, they had gathered an extremely powerful army before they came over. They even included many forces of the Higher Heavens Realm, such as Sky Burying God Clan.

They were in the same predicament as the cultivators of the Divine Palace. They all clearly knew that since they had reached this stage now, they had to act decisively. They could not depend on any element of luck. Only by eradicating the other party could they absolutely guarantee their own safety.

They could not do anything about the battle between the top figures. However, this battlefield belonged to them.

At the very least, they had to kill one person: Ye Futian from the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

As long as Ye Futian was killed, the opponent's alliance would most likely face collapse. If that occurred, their opponent would pose less of a threat to them.

The cultivators who were proficient in the Great Path of Space were the fastest in terms of speed. Many members of the forces like Shen clan and Golden Divine Nation were proficient in this. Some of the figures at the peak of the Renhuang Plane were the first to catch up to Ye Futian's group. A top figure of Shen clan cleaved down with his palm. In the distance, golden lightning appeared in the sky. It slashed the space apart and cleaved towards the crowd of cultivators.

Another cultivator stepped forward, and his Divine Wheel of the Great Path appeared. Beams of divine light shot out and slaughtered their way to the crowd in the distance.

Buzz. Gales swept past. A cultivator from Divine Palace's Sword Palace turned around and slashed up into the sky. Divine swords swept across the heavens, slashing towards the other party. It seemed as though it could tear apart the heavens and the earth.

From all directions, other cultivators attacked, restricting Ye Futian's group from leaving. There were cultivators from Ye Futian's group that turned around, one after another, and joined the fight.

Instantly, the Arts of Supreme Attack of the Great Path constantly collided in the sky above the Sea of the Path. Ritual implements flew out in all directions. Divine lightning descended from the heavens. Golden divine light split the air, and Swords of the Great Path cleaved the heavens.

Countless attacks exploded, and waves churned on the Sea of the Path. The sea was wild and violent and seemed as though it was roaring.

Ye Futian's group kept advancing. Other people blocked off the raging storm of the Great Path for Ye Futian. These people had the most intense killing intent directed at him. They could even be considered resolute. All of them wanted him to die in the Sea of the Path.

The person who led Ye Futian in his escape was the wife of Sky River Great Elder, the cultivator of Shen clan, Shen Luoxue. She said to Ye Futian, "Although he has killed many cultivators, the number of our cultivators is still less than theirs. I will go and hold off some of them. All of you, continue escaping. Their target is you. Escape as far away from the battlefield of upper-level Renhuangs as you can."

"Alright," Ye Futian said as he nodded his head. He did not say anymore. Shen Luoxue turned around. Her Tianshen Divine Halo radiated and enveloped the endless space, cutting off the path of many cultivators pursuing them.

Long story short, all of this occurred in a blink of an eye. Within this short amount of time, a huge battle exploded along the Sea of the Path. Currently, the number of cultivators that were advancing with Ye Futian had reduced by quite a bit.

Ye Futian looked into the distance. The shore could be vaguely seen. They were close to reaching the land and fort. As talented figures, they moved at an incredible speed.

There were fewer and fewer cultivators who were still hunting them, and those with a high Plane of cultivation were few. Many of the opponents were engaged in battles with Ye Futian's alliance members. Cultivators from Shen clan, the Heavenly Mandate Academy, and various forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm participated in this battle. Many of them were giant figures in their respective territories.

This battle could definitely be considered the largest battle in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path since Donghuang the Great unified the Divine Prefecture. Many top forces and giant figures were involved in it.

Let alone in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, the scale of this battle was most likely rare even in the Outer Realms of the Divine Prefecture. This large-scale war erupted due to the current Age of Turmoil.

Buzz. A gale swept past, and golden divine light dazzled. Three upper-level Renhuangs continued to pursue Ye Futian.

Jiang Chengzi was the only one left beside Ye Futian. On the contrary, on the opponent's team, not only were there three upper-level Renhuangs approaching them from three different directions, but there were also quite a few middle-level Renhuangs trailing them from a distance.

A brilliant golden divine light sliced towards them. Jiang Chengzi guided Ye Futian to dodge the attack. The terrifying divine light darted past his body; it was only inches away from hitting him.

"You should go," Ye Futian said to Jiang Chengzi.

Jiang Chengzi looked at him.

"I am capable of defending myself," Ye Futian said.

Jiang Chengzi nodded. A domineering aura was unleashed. He swiftly turned around and pounced at a cultivator who had an eighth tier Divine Wheel. That was the most he could do for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at him and took a step forward in the air. He continued to move towards the shore.

The other two seventh tier Divine Wheel upper-level Renhuangs and the middle-level Renhuangs, who were still a distance away, rushed towards Ye Futian. Their speed was astonishing. A glint of malice flashed past in their eyes. They reckoned Ye Futian could not possibly escape from their hunt this time.

One of the two seventh tier Divine Wheel cultivators was from Shen clan, while the other one was from Golden Divine Nation.

Both of them had their eyes dead set on Ye Futian. After all, these two forces had the strongest vendetta with Ye Futian. When they saw Ye Futian escaping, they were the ones who were the most enthusiastic about pursuing him.

Before this, the appearance of Sky River Great Elder caused these two forces to suffer great losses. However, they held the greatest advantage in this battle, so the outcome of this battle would not be changed. Even if the Divine Palace could really dodge the fate of being eradicated today, as long as Ye Futian was killed, the alliances he formed would fall apart as well. When that happened, the Divine Palace would never be able to rise again.

At that moment, Ye Futian's figure came to a halt. He had already arrived at the edge of the Sea of the Path. He turned around and looked at the people who were pursuing him.

Far off in the distance, along the shore of the sea, silhouettes looked up into the distant sky of the Sea of the Path. Their hearts trembled intensely when they sensed the terrifying aura from there. The people approaching were the members of the top forces.

The confrontation between Golden Divine Nation and the Divine Palace was known by all in the Higher Heavens Realm. The huge battle over there was also the attention of the Realm. How was this battle going to end?

"Who is that?" someone asked as they looked at Ye Futian. Why were so many cultivators pursuing him?

The aura on his body was only that of the second tier Divine Wheel. He actually drew the attention of so many powerful figures. This was too crazy.

Wasn't it enough to have a middle-level Renhuang to kill a second-tier Divine Wheel cultivator?

There were so many cultivators, yet all of them dashed towards him instead of going to help out on other battlefields. It looked like they really prioritized this youth in white robes.

"He has white hair and white robes. Who else can he be?" someone answered. "He is Ye Futian from the Heavenly Mandate Academy. He is a legend in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He is known as the most powerful person of his generation. No one can compare to him."

That was him. The crowd nodded their heads when they heard this. Then, what was happening came as no surprise.

Such a powerful lineup of cultivators had even forsaken aiding the other battlefields in order to pursue this person.

This must be because of how important Ye Futian was.

Capturing Ye Futian would be halfway to ending the war.

After Ye Futian came to a stop, the other party also did not rush to attack. Two upper-level Renhuangs appeared before him. The middle-level Renhuangs behind them also gradually caught up. They surrounded him. Very soon, the space was packed.

Right now, they were wondering whether to capture Ye Futian alive or dead.

In such a situation, it would be hard for Ye Futian to escape.

Ye Futian stood in mid-air as he glanced at the surrounding crowd of people. He naturally could sense his opponents' auras. The two upper-level Renhuangs in front of him stood there staring at him. Many middle-level Renhuangs circled around and surrounded him. Their wills pressured down on his body. At this moment, he was like a fish caught in a net.

"Slay him," one of them ordered. The upper-level Renhuang from Golden Divine Nation wielded a golden divine spear, and his killing intent was alarming. All the middle-level Renhuangs lunged at Ye Futian. Their Ways transformed into different weapons.


A dazzling golden light shot out from Ye Futian's glabella. This beam of light expanded quickly and transformed into a Spatial Sacred Hall. Everyone frowned in confusion. A sacred item?

Those middle-level Renhuangs who were approaching Ye Futian dashed into the Spatial Sacred Hall, preventing him from hiding inside the hall.

In an instant, the expanding Spatial Sacred Hall engulfed both Ye Futian and those middle-level Renhuangs.

The two seventh tier Divine Wheel upper-level Renhuangs did not enter the hall. They were standing guard outside.

Even though Ye Futian used a spatial treasure, those middle-level Renhuangs would most likely be sufficient to kill him since their cultivation was higher than his.

A divine sword appeared in Ye Futian's hand. It was glittering with brilliant sparkles. It was yet another powerful sacred item. He was also garbed in armor. Naturally, Ye Futian would utilize all the treasures that he obtained from the God's relic.

As soon as the divine sword appeared, it emitted a ring which resonated with the air. Its Sword Will was intense, and it flowed towards the surroundings, forming an encirclement. Divine light could even be seen glowing faintly in Ye Futian's body.


The cultivators who were surrounding Ye Futian frowned. What was happening?

Streaks of divine light on Ye Futian's body shone brighter as time passed. A terrifying Art of Supreme Attack blasted towards him and was actually crushed into dust by the Sword Will around his body.

Bang. The divine light intensified. At this moment, it was as though Ye Futian was draped with a divine golden light shield around him. He was majestic.

He unleashed the Guqin Divine Wheel. Countless strings of guqin appeared in the space. Each string of guqin emanated an unparalleled golden divine light. Sword Will coursed through the strings.

Twang. A ringing sound could be heard. Golden Strings of guqin, flowing with Sword Will, crisscrossed in the space.

A cultivator stood on his spot. He could sense that there were strings of guqin continually penetrating his surroundings. The strings slowly enclosed the space. It was as though they were forming an independent space of the Great Path.

Rumble. Extremely brilliant light of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path rained down on all of the cultivators.

An extremely powerful aura burst forth from the bodies of the various cultivators. Their Divine Wheels radiated. However, at this moment, they actually felt that their own Divine Wheels were no match for Ye Futian's.

A divine halo shot out from Ye Futian's body. It spread upward and caused the various cultivators to shut their eyes in pain.

The expressions of the surrounding cultivators all changed.

Was this the Emperor's Light?

He truly received the teachings of the Great Emperor in the God's relic. The cultivators of Shen clan and Golden Divine Nation had extremely interesting facial expressions. Was this his true ability? He had been hiding it all along.

He had previously said in the God's relic that he had received the teachings of the Great Emperor.

Right now, the scene that they were witnessing seemed to validate the arrogant things that he had previously said. He had received the teachings of the Great Emperor, and the deities had witnessed this.

Ye Futian lifted his sword, and divine light pierced the heavens. In this space, the will of the swords resonated and formed a world of the sword.

"Die!" Ye Futian uttered this in a cold tone.

Once he said this, the divine sword in his hand flew out. The Great Path resonated, and divine sounds could be heard all around. A middle-level Renhuang unleashed a powerful attack to block the divine sword. However, under the light of the divine sword, his figure actually turned to dust immediately, returning to nothingness!

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    《The Legend of Futian》