The Legend of Futian
1796 Fighting Upper Level Renhuangs
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1796 Fighting Upper Level Renhuangs

Divine sword light cut through the air, destroying everything everywhere it passed. A mid-level Renhuang with a fifth-tier Divine Wheel transformed into a golden body, giving off a frightening amount of power. He was now armored in gold.

But the sword light pierced right through his golden armor in an instant. His body was then shattered into nothingness.

Slice! Slice! Slice!

Sounds rang out as most of the cultivators who had entered the Spatial Sacred Hall were suddenly slain. Those who were left alive fled, their auras surging, and their eyes filled with fear. They stared at the divine radiance that was upon Ye Futian.

"What is this?"

They looked all about themselves. The golden radiance was everywhere. Lines of invisible sword will had completely filled the world around them, becoming one with it. It seemed that this area of the world was now a realm of swordsmanship that would not permit any other kind of will to enter it.

And Ye Futian seemed to be the master of this new world.

As he cultivated to higher levels, the more he came to understand the will of the Emperor, and the better he was able to sense it. Now, he could even faintly sense what kind of thing the will of the Emperor was, and he could urge it on to an even stronger level.

Ye Futian gripped his divine sword. He twirled his wrist, and the sword will all around them hummed. Suddenly, there was the sound of clattering swords as all the guqin strings that were formed out of sword will resonated with this, filling the area with terrifying Sword Qi.

Slice! Slice! The incredibly sharp sword shot out towards the few still living cultivators with sixth tier Divine Wheels. The Great Path auras around them were shattered by the sword will. They looked at Ye Futian with terror in their eyes.

At this moment, Ye Futian was extremely dangerous. He was using the power of the Great Path to crush them.

Ye Futian stepped towards one of them. He moved very slowly, but with every step, sword will slashed through the air towards the few cultivators with sixth-tier Divine Wheels.

At that moment, the man he was walking towards gripped his ritual implement, which was a magic cloak. He threw it out in front of him, where it turned into a terrifying black hole that sucked in all the sword will around it. The huge vortex grew more and more fearsome until it blocked out the sun, stretching out towards where Ye Futian was. It tried to suck him into it.

A battle of life or death like this was completely different from a sparring match. Many of the cultivators had ritual implements and were highly ranked in their various forces, meaning their ritual implements were extremely powerful. After all, powerful forces would not lack for powerful ritual implements.

However, compared to the divine sword that Ye Futian had taken from the God's Relic, the cloak was far inferior. It was not at the same level. After all, the man who possessed it was only a mid-level Renhuang. He was no great figure of high status. The ritual implement he was using could only give him so much combat ability.

Of course, he still had the advantage in terms of level.

Woosh! Ye Futian was sucked up into the cloak. He transformed into a beam of light that swept into the black hole.

But in the next moment, brilliant divine light bloomed, and a gap appeared in the black hole. The light of the divine sword burst forth, and a figure burst out of the ritual implement, turning into a bolt of lightning that shot towards the bearer of the cloak.

The sword fell extremely quickly, and Ye Futian appeared right behind the cultivator with the sixth tier Divine Wheel. In the next instant, the man burst into pieces and disappeared.

Ye Futian's sword art had turned him to dust.

Fear shone in the eyes of the other few cultivators. They could sense that Ye Futian's current power was greater than their own. He himself had only a second-tier Divine Wheel, but under the power of the will of the Emperor, his aura had climbed to a whole new level.

This was in addition to his perfect Divine Wheel. And not only that, his wheel was fused with the will of the Emperor as well as the power of the divine sword. When the pressure of the Great Path skyrocketed again, there was a change in his nature. The people who had come to kill him did not even have perfect Divine Wheels. Thus, even though they were of the sixth tier, they were still crushed.

Many mid-level Renhuangs had been cut into pieces. The remaining sixth tiers did not have a chance.

The cultivators watching all of this from the cliffs were shocked. Even the higher level battles far away were ignored as they started at Ye Futian's fight.

The battle was simply astonishing. Golden, divine radiance had transformed Ye Futian. He stood there, bathed in divine light with his white hair and clothing. There was an air of incomparable nobility about him. It was as if the Great Emperor had descended to earth.

They knew that this aura about him was due to the divine radiance which itself had come from the inheritance of someone at the Emperor's level.

It must have been the inheritance that he had gained in the God's Relic.

Previously, they had only known Ye Futian as the so-called greatest genius of his generation in the Nine Realms, but they would never have thought that he was this terrifying. He had slain a whole crowd of mid-level Renhuangs. Sixth tier Renhuangs trembled before him and did not dare attack him. They tried to flee but were trapped.

Not long before, they had pursued Ye Futian, regarding him as little more than an insect. Now it seemed like they were the insects.

Outside the Spatial Sacred Hall, the two cultivators with seventh tier Divine Wheels had ugly looks on their faces. They had no way to support their fellows.

The cultivator from the Shen clan waved his hand, and a huge ritual implement cauldron appeared in the air above the sea, right above the Spatial Sacred Hall. The cauldron rotated, and divine light flashed off it, covering the area.

He clenched his fist, and suddenly the cauldron fell. Endless destructive golden lightning appeared from within it, striking the Spatial Sacred Hall and making it tremble. It fell downward and seemed like it would drop into the sea, but it could not be destroyed. It was a top-level ritual implement and was thus stronger than the other cultivators. Thus, it could not be broken by them.

At that moment, Ye Futian waved his sword again, and another person fell. Several cultivators had been hunted down and slain by him already. It was truly a preposterous situation.

How could a single cultivator with only a second-tier Divine Wheel take on such a powerful formation? Such a thing would have meant death even for a top-level Renhuang with a seventh tier Divine Wheel. They had come with enough force to deal with even a great figure.

But now, facing Ye Futian with his second-tier Divine Wheel, they were put at a disadvantage.

The ritual implement cauldron continued to fall, thousands of bolts of lightning splitting the air around it, trying to break the Spatial Sacred Hall. But all this did was make ear-piercing sounds ring out from it.

"No..." The cultivator from the Shen clan let out a low moan. Someone else had been slain by Ye Futian. It was his younger brother.

Before long, Ye Futian was the only one left living in the Spatial Sacred Hall.

The others had all been slain. Not a single one had been left alive.

When they had chased him, none of them would have thought that he would be so powerful.

At that moment, Ye Futian looked up from within the Spatial Sacred Hall. Then the hall disappeared, returning to Ye Futian's body.

Suddenly, Ye Futian appeared in the air above the sea. He was floating there, shining with a terrible golden radiance that dyed the sky.

The two seventh tier Divine Wheel cultivators finally felt the true power of that radiance. They faintly felt like they should fall down and worship him.

"Is he really such a strong heir?" They looked at Ye Futian and could clearly feel the power of the will of the Emperor. This seemed to really be a power that Ye Futian had been born with. It was the inheritance of the Great Emperor.

They had only heard of the things that had happened in the God's Relic. What inheritance had Ye Futian gained on that day?

Probably only he knew.

At that moment, beams of terrible consciousness stretched out towards them, covering a vast area. All of the cultivators fighting in the air above the sea shifted their gaze towards Ye Futian. It seemed that they could all sense his vast power.

Divine light shone from the eyes of the cultivator of the Shen clan with the seventh tier Divine Wheel and streaked towards Ye Futian, suppressing his will. But all he saw was a pair of terrifying eyes. Within Ye Futian's gaze, an ultimate divine figure stood there like a mighty emperor, guarding his will.

At the same time, the clouds up above changed. The flowing power of the Great Path made the two cultivators with seventh-tier Divine Wheels feel as if mystical illusions had appeared all around them, and they were losing contact with the world around them.

They were both of very high level and had great command of the Great Path, but at this moment, a strange thing occurred. It felt like they were being suppressed by the very source of the Great Path.

This meant that even though Ye Futian was of a lower level than them, his cultivation of the Great Path was higher than theirs. This was a contradiction, but it had really happened.

"The Way of the Emperor," they thought. They could not wait any longer.

At that moment, the two upper-level Renhuangs with seventh tier Divine Wheels felt threatened by someone with only a second-tier Divine Wheel. If this had been said out loud, no one would have believed it. But at that moment, it was really happening. This absolutely went against the rules of cultivation. Even someone with a perfect Divine Wheel facing someone with an imperfect one could not ignore such a difference in level.

The distance between a lower level Renhuang and an upper-level one was like the distance between the earth and the sky.

The cultivator from the Shen clan pointed at Ye Futian, and suddenly, thousands of rays of divine radiance shone from the cauldron in the sky. The golden light transformed into an unmatchable space ripping power. It tore through the air, destroying everything in its path.

The divine sword in Ye Futian's hand cried violently. He flew up into the air where endless sword will was flowing. The sword will collided with the oncoming radiance and was just barely able to block the attack.

The sword continued crying without end. Waves of power swept out through the air above the sea. The cultivator of the Shen clan stepped forward, and suddenly the cauldron pressed downward yet again. The radiance grew even more terrible.

"You're still not doing anything?" the cultivator of the Shen clan asked the upper-level Renhuang of the Golden Divine Nation beside him. There was no point in trying to save face now. They could not make that mistake again. It was crucial that they slay Ye Futian.

The cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation nodded and stepped forward. The image of a celestial god appeared in the sky, giving off the Sigh of the Divine God. A golden spear appeared in his hands, which was in itself a powerful ritual implement. Destructive golden radiance shone from it.

Two upper-level Renhuangs were facing a single lower-level Renhuang with a second-tier Divine Wheel. This scene left everyone watching from the seaside cliffs speechless as they stared at the battlefield!

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    《The Legend of Futian》