The Legend of Futian
1798 Bombard
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1798 Bombard

There were almost no people in the restaurant on the seaside cliff as everyone had gone to watch the battle above the sea. Occasionally, several cultivators would step up into the air to get a better look.

Only one person left in the restaurant, a black-robed figure sitting there eating and drinking just like always. Mei Ting still seemed all alone. He was the only one there, and it seemed like the affairs of the outside world had nothing to do with him.

But in reality, nothing that was happening on the Sea of the Path could escape his notice.

Since going to the Heavenly Mandate Academy, he had returned to the Demon Realm to report to the Demon Emperor about what had happened there.

After all, this had been an incredibly influential event. Even as one of the eight great Demon Generals, he did not have the right to make decisions about it.

After he had returned, he had received his orders, and thus had come back to the Void Realm.

He had naturally seen the battle that Ye Futian had started, and the brilliant Imperial Radiance that he had shown was nothing short of astonishing. Everyone here was talking about it. Ye Futian had received the Great Emperor's inheritance in the God's Relic.

However, was that really the case?

This matter was probably not so simple.

Did the will of the Emperor really come from the God's Relic?

Since Mei Ting knew Yu Sheng's identity, he did not think so. Perhaps it was nothing more than a symbol.

It was lucky that Ye Futian, who had received the Great Emperor's inheritance in the God's Relic, could use it to hide things. Moreover, no one would think too much about it. After all, everyone in the Nine Realms knew what had taken place in the God's Relic. Also, Ye Futian had been very blatant in all that he had said. He had claimed that all the gods had witnessed the Great Emperor's inheritance. Even if it was just to investigate Ye Futian's past, the God's Relic was a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Ye Futian had truly shaken the Nine Realms when he had come out of the God's Relic. He had begun to walk the path of becoming a legend. It was an indispensable part of his process of growing up. Many people would certainly think that Ye Futian had received an inheritance there. He had forged a perfect Divine Wheel, so he much have inherited the power of the Great Emperor.

Thus, he had transformed.

Because of this, no one would know the truth hidden behind all this.

Perhaps he had always had the will of the Emperor within him?

Perhaps he had already been extraordinary before he had ever gone to the God's Relic but had never really shown off his might. He had used the stage of the God's Relic to reveal his brilliance and start to make a name for himself.

It was unlikely, then, that the people that he had made Yu Sheng follow only changed due to the God's Relic.

Mei Ting obviously did not believe this.

In his divine consciousness, the battlefield where Ye Futian was was closed off. The endless might of the Great Path swept through the area. Ye Futian had created his own world there.

At that moment, the two seventh-tier cultivators who were inside his world both looked rather downcast as they stared at Ye Futian.

He had just wounded the seventh tier, upper-level Renhuang of the Golden Divine Nation. The Shen clan cultivator had attacked but had been unable to hit Ye Futian.

Ye Futian gripped his sword, and sword will surged into the heavens. He looked at the two of them. The two seventh-tier cultivators were standing together, back to back, each one responsible for guarding against a different direction.

Woosh! Ye Futian moved, and incredible, destructive sword will exploded, making space itself become distorted.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of the Shen clan cultivator. It was Ye Futian. His divine sword swept through the air, piercing downward. Thousands of rays of light shot out from the Precious Cauldron in front of the Shen clan cultivator, each one containing great cutting power. They sliced through the air, destroying everything before them without exception.

But even so, Ye Futian's figure was still able to disappear. He reappeared above the cultivator and thrust his sword downward.

The cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation thrust out his golden spears straight up.

This time, Ye Futian did not try to dodge. His divine sword descended, slamming into the golden spear. He was bathed in the light of the Emperor as his attack power grew even stronger. But when colliding with a seventh tier cultivator, he still felt his internal organs shake at the blow. He disappeared again, but at the same time, a beam of destructive power swept downwards. The sword will left a mark on his opponent's body.

Ye Futian reappeared in the distance. The two others stared at him with ugly looks on their faces.

The two seventh tier cultivators could not lock him down, letting him hold the initiative. Moreover, whenever they tried, they could not cut through the space between them. They were not powerful enough. Perhaps if they were a little bit stronger, they could activate the spatial Divine Wheel. The will of the Emperor within the wheel made this realm too stable.

Ye Futian stared down at the two of them. Upper-level Renhuangs were upper-level Renhuangs after all. Even though he had the initiative, it would be difficult to kill them. They were ferociously powerful in terms of both attack and defense. Ordinary spells could affect them, but they could not do too much damage to them.

Even powerful sword arts could not phase them.

Even with his high level, his perfect Divine Wheel, the will of the Emperor, and his divine weapon, he could still only hinder upper-level Renhuangs. If they were at the eighth tier, he would not be able to handle them. They would even be able to attack his Divine Wheel.

Of course, what he was doing now was already far beyond the norm of what people thought possible. No one would dare imagine that a lower level Renhuang could fight two upper-level Renhuangs.

There was the whole vast realm of mid-level Renhuangs in between them.

If his sword could not affect them, he would have to change his techniques.


The sword will disappeared from the world suddenly, and the whole world became gloomy and oppressive. Up in the sky, the stars of the Great Path whirled around, making everything feel very heavy.

Many stars fell, slamming into those two figures. Divine radiance still shone from the Shen clan cultivator's cauldron. It swept out towards the oncoming stars and cut through them. The cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation raised his spear, and lines of golden light shot out of it, destroying even more of the falling stars.

The cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation grew in size, becoming as massive as a god. He reached out, and his hand covered the sky, blocking all the stars and smashing them to pieces, proving his strength.

If Ye Futian waned to crush the two Renhuangs based on pure might, he would have difficulty doing so.

He stood there up in the sky and reached out his hand. Suddenly, endless starlight fell. A long staff appeared in his hands, giving off brilliant divine light. The will of the Emperor seeped into it. A dull booming sound rang out, resonating with the heavens and the earth. It was as if the power of the Great Path of Space was all gathered together in that staff.

He was possessed by a divine elephant. Ancient characters wrapped around him as his body turned into a divine furnace that grew larger and larger until it covered the entire world. Everything in that world became one. He had turned into an earth-shaking god of war. The might of a divine elephant filled him, giving him the feeling of endless power.

Could his most powerful attack, launched in his own world, hurt the upper-level Renhuangs?

The world of the Great Path resonated as it became one with him. When Ye Futian waved his staff, all the power of the world gathered into it. At that moment, the upper-level Renhuangs felt a dull pressure descend upon them.

Ye Futian stepped forward, and divine elephants charged through the sky. His body transformed into a whirlwind, and he waved his staff in the air, whipping up windstorms that shot towards the two men below him. There was a loud "boom," and the whole world trembled. All the power in the area had gathered together and fallen upon them.

Before he even reached them, the ferocious power had formed into a wild, destructive hurricane that swept down. The two Renhuangs watched Ye Futian charging them and acted at the same time. The cauldron Divine Wheel's power swept out as the golden spear lashed out. They did not dare take this too lightly.

Brilliant spatial arcs appeared in the sky and Ye Futian in a different area. But his staff's momentum had not been lessened at all. It flowed along like water.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Successive violent collisions rang out, making the air tremble. The two Renhuangs hurriedly changed the direction of their attacks to block. This ferocious assault had finally shaken them, sweeping them backward.

Before they had even stopped, the Great Path roared. Endless stars fell around them, and they felt a powerful sense of threat. Ye Futian appeared behind them, cleaving at them with his staff yet again.

Since their divine consciousnesses could not lock down Ye Futian, that meant they could not predict his movements. So, they once again suffered a powerful blow.

The two of them felt very dejected. They were upper-level Renhuangs, making them much higher level than their opponent, but they were on the defensive here. They had no way to control the Great Path in this private world. Therefore, they were restrained in all ways and had to take defensive measures.

They had no way of predicting which way Ye Futian would attack from. Thus, they were subject to the violent assault of the storms.

The staff cleaved downwards, and Ye Futian's technique was becoming more and more violent. When the fifth strike came, they were a little overwhelmed. At the sixth strike, they let out groans of pain.

Staffs fell from the sky, transforming into stars. All the power of the world was in those staves. They fell down from up high. The two people below did not dare use all of their power to block them, for they had already been humiliated too often.

But this time, Ye Futian's staff did not change directions. It swept straight down.

Crack! Cracks appeared in the cauldron. The Shen clan cultivator let out a groan, and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. The Divine Golden Nation cultivator was sent flying back as well. Both of them had been hit.

But Ye Futian did not let up at all. He continued with his momentum. Staff after staff crashed into the cauldron, flowing as continuously as a stream of water.

Smash! The cauldron shattered. The Shen clan cultivator spat up blood. His Divine Wheel was destroyed, which caused him a terrible injury. But in the next moment, many stars slammed into him, giving off a loud booming noise. His body was shattered as he was smashed to death.

The Renhuang of the Golden Divine Nation trembled when he saw this. He began to wish to retreat.

But Ye Futian's attacks not only did not lessen, they, in fact, but also became stronger. He swept his gaze over his opponent. He gathered all his momentum into a single strike, pulling the power of the Great Path from the sky into it. The heavens and the earth resounded as he launched his most powerful attack.

When the Golden Divine Nation cultivator's spear struck the staff, it was sent flying away, and the staff struck the Golden Divine Nation cultivator's body directly.

In that instant, endless cracks appeared in his mighty form. In the next moment, golden radiance shone through the cracks.

Two upper-level Renhuangs with seventh tier Divine Wheels had been slain!

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    《The Legend of Futian》