The Legend of Futian
1799 The Mysterious Men
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1799 The Mysterious Men

Everything returned to normal above the Sea of the Path. Ye Futian was the only one who remained standing there in one piece. Two high-level Renhuangs with Seventh Order Divine Wheels were wiped off the face of the earth.

Countless onlookers who were watching the fight on the beach of the Sea of the Path were dumbfounded by the results. How did a Renhuang with a Second-Order Divine Wheel kill two high-level Renhuangs with Seventh-Order Divine Wheels?

Although Ye Futian had made a name for himself in the Nine Realms a long time ago, this kind of battle was still utterly astonishing. Ye Futian overpowered his opponents when they were not at the same level at all. What would happen when Ye Futian advanced to the high-level Renhuang Plane?

Would he completely vanquish all the other Renhuangs?

It looked like no one could question that Ye Futian was the most talented cultivator in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. The result of this fight would come as a bombshell in the Nine Realms again.

Many people turned their attention to other parts of the battlefield. It would be a shame if Ye Futian met his death later in this conflict. He had the potential to become the fabled figure who could represent the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He already proved that he could crush the extraordinary cultivators from the top forces in the Divine Prefecture during the last battle in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. He wouldn't be afraid of the Divine Prefecture at all by the time he fully matured.

That being so, many people secretly wished that Ye Futian could survive this calamity and defeat the forces from the Outer Realms.

Bang... The situation suddenly changed just now. Another burst of intimidating energy rushed toward Ye Futian. Even people who stood on the beach by the Sea of the Path could feel the terrifying might.

What just happened?

The crowd raised their heads to look in that direction. Numerous sharp, golden blades slashed through the void and directly flew toward Ye Futian. The blades left deep and frightening gashes in the sky.

This unstoppable attack was launched by Shen Gao and thrust through a great distance.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy had been at a disadvantage on the battlefield. Although they were doing their utmost to hold the line against their enemies, they couldn't fully withstand the attack. Shen Gao took advantage of the opportunity and fired at Ye Futian from afar.

Ye Futian was a remarkably talented cultivator and a successor of the Great Emperor. Considering the deep and lasting enmity between the Shen clan and Ye Futian, there was no reason for Shen Gao to show him any mercy. He had to kill Ye Futian here and now above the Sea of the Path.

The gashes expanded ferociously and were about to swallow everything. The Spatial Sacred Hall popped up and shielded Ye Futian's body. Ye Futian hid inside of the Spatial Sacred Hall once more.


The frightening blow dashed upon the Spatial Sacred Hall. Even that seemingly indestructible ritual implement cracked and was blasted away. More and more cracks became visible on the Spatial Sacred Hall as if it could break into pieces any moment now.

Ye Futian uttered a low rumbling sound as he tumbled and slammed on the inner walls of the ritual implement. He couldn't bear up against the attack from a master cultivator like Shen Gao. His life was hanging in the balance, even with the help of the ritual implement.


The Spatial Sacred Hall was shattered by the sharp blades that slashed through the void and blown to smithereens. Following that, the devastating attack shifted toward Ye Futian. It was powerful enough to annihilate him easily.

Everyone watching from far away trembled with fear, eyes widened.

Would Ye Futian bite the dust here after all?

It would be a terrible pity if such a legendary genius were killed eventually.

Every bystander felt a twinge of regret in their hearts.


The wild and fierce attack didn't land on Ye Futian after all, despite the thundering noise. The crowd was staggered. They focused their eyes on the battlefield and saw another man appear by Ye Futian's side. With a domineering and solemn look, the man had jet black hair. He was also dressed in black.

The dak demonic light flowed around his body and formed a Demonic Wall, which absorbed the crushing blow and didn't flinch at all.

Ye Futian was also stunned. He turned to look at the man next to him and recognized that he was Mei Ting, the Devil General from the Devil World, who questioned Ye Futian previously in the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Ye Futian hadn't met Mei Ting since last time. He assumed that this Demonic Cultivator might know his godfather and Yu Sheng's background. He never expected that Mei Ting would show up again here.

However, before Ye Futian could think it through, Mei Ting already grasped his hand and took hold of his body using demonic methods. As the dark demonic light flashing, Mei Ting turned around and made a quick exit while bringing Ye Futian along with him by force.

A blast of light streaked across the sky and left the Sea of the Path. People watching from the seaside saw the light above their heads but hadn't realized what happened just yet.


A group of people emerged in midair above the coast shortly after Mei Ting and Ye Futian's disappearance. Surprisingly, they were cultivators from the Solar Divine Palace who withdrew from the battlefield before. It turned out that they never left for real. Instead, they had been waiting to see if they could reap the benefits in the end.

Much to their surprise, Mei Ting took Ye Futian away.

These cultivators from the Sun God Mountain knitted their eyebrows tightly. What did Mei Ting want?

Why did he take Ye Futian with him?

Could it be that he appreciated Ye Futian's talents and intended to bring him to cultivate in the Devil World?

"Who did that energy belong to?"

One person said in a low voice. He sensed another type of energy besides Mei Ting's. It seemed that someone else might step in even if Mei Ting didn't intervene.

Did that mean that some other top forces from the Outer Realms might be watching Ye Futian and the battle in secret?

The situation became increasingly complicated and interesting at the same time.

More and more people were getting involved in this chaos.

The bolt of dark demonic light traveled a great distance in a short moment while the Demonic Will was surging in the sky. Ye Futian discovered that they left the Sea of the Path and the surrounding land and reached a much higher altitude. They were in the boundless outer space high above the Higher Heavens Realm.

Looking down, he could vaguely see a vast plate where the Higher Heavens Realm was.

What did Mei Ting want to do?

Where did he want to take Ye Futian to?

Mei Ting stopped abruptly when Ye Futian was puzzling over these questions. The Demonic Will was still swirling around Mei Ting's body while he stood in midair and surveyed the area ahead with his inky eyes. He remained still, silently, as his divine consciousness covered the infinite space. Ye Futian was perplexed by Mei Ting and said, "Thank you for saving my life. May I ask where you intend to take me to?"

Mei Ting didn't respond to Ye Futian. He still stood there quietly.

He seemed to be gazing into the void and spoke, "Why don't you reveal yourself since you're ready to take action already?"

Apparently, just like the cultivators from the Sun God Mountain, Mei Ting also realized that someone else was going to do something if he didn't get involved.

Nevertheless, Mei Ting forestalled his rival because he wanted to obtain some information. Besides, he was certain that the contenders would show their faces if he snatched Ye Futian first.

Who were the people hiding in the dark?

Could they be on his side?

A surprised look flashed across Ye Futian's face. Someone else was here?

He couldn't detect anything with his divine consciousness, nor could he sense any fluctuation in the surrounding energy. In addition, the invisible man must be so incredibly threatening that even a powerful cultivator like Mei Ting had to treat him seriously.

So many people had their eyes on Ye Futian!

At this point, a whirlpool emerged in front of Mei Ting and Ye Futian. A man wearing a mask walked out of the whirlpool. Wisps of energy wrapped around his mask and blocked Mei Ting's divine consciousness. A pair of deep and penetrating eyes stared at Mei Ting and Ye Futian from behind the mask.

"I don't think you're the only one," Mei Ting said to the man. In an instant, two men came into sight from two different directions. They also wore the mysterious masks that concealed their faces.

All three cultivators emanated a powerful and brooding air.

No one spoke for a short moment, but everyone could feel the trepidation that hung thickly in the air.

"Who are you?" Mei Ting stared at them and asked. Any one of these three people was a master cultivator at the same level as Mei Ting. This was not a lineup some random ordinary group could assemble; only top forces from the Outer Realms could send these people.

In addition, Mei Ting suspected that these people were not from the Divine Prefecture. Instead, they should be related to that person one way or another.

That was why Mei Ting snatched Ye Futian.

And he took Ye Futian to the outer space rather than staying in the Higher Heavens Realm.

They could avoid detection and surveillance more easily here.

"Mei Ting from the Devil World."

The leader of the three men spoke while looking at Mei Ting. He obviously knew who Mei Ting was.

Mei Ting was not surprised. He continued to stare at them in silence. The energy swirled around his body was extremely domineering and intimidating. Despite being surrounded by three powerful cultivators, Mei Ting still maintained his authoritative bearing without showing a shred of fear.

Mei Ting was one of the eight Devil Generals in the Devil World.

Under the Great Emperor's command, he couldn't give the impression of weakness no matter who he was facing.

"Someone told you not to intervene," the man continued to say. Mei Ting's eyes squinted slightly. The man's words seemed to have proved Mei Ting's conjecture.

"Someone? Who is it?" Mei Ting asked, even though he already took a guess.

"You knew who he is," the man answered straightforwardly. Mei Ting took in a deep breath. Did he just give a confirmation?

He really existed.

Moreover, he had been watching the situation closely. If that was the case, Ye Futian would be alright even if Mei Ting didn't step in just now. Someone would save Ye Futian.

"Where is he?" Mei Ting asked.

Ye Futian's heart was pounding rapidly as he heard their conversation.

Could Mei Ting and the mysterious man be talking about his godfather?

What was his godfather's true identity? Who were these people?

What kind of relationship did Mei Ting have with his godfather?

And ultimately, who was Ye Futian himself?

Ye Futian felt like his godfather did everything to hide his identity. It would make sense if these three men worked for his godfather. After all, it was consistent with his style since they also wore masks to conceal their identities. No one even knew his godfather's existence.

However, Mei Ting became distantly aware of something from Yu Sheng. Besides, the Nine Realms was in chaos nowadays. The invasion of the cultivators from the top forces in the Divine Prefecture made the Nine Realms a big melting pot.

Did Ye Futian's godfather get involved as well?

These three mysterious men, were they here to protect Ye Futian?

"He said he will show up when it's time," the man said. Mei Ting frowned and made a menacing gesture. Nevertheless, the three men also unleashed formidable energy and made the air thick with dread.

Ye Futian felt the worst at the center of the storm. He was in a lower plane and could barely endure the pressure.

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    《The Legend of Futian》