The Legend of Futian
1800 The Conversation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1800 The Conversation

Mei Ting stared at the men in front of him. The Devil Emperor ordered him to do his best to find out about that person's whereabouts.

That was why he seized Ye Futian.

But it was obvious that Ye Futian wouldn't give up the information easily.

It was probably very difficult to locate that person.

"What if I insist on taking him with me?" Mei Ting said to the man in front of him.

"You can't," the man responded.

"Is that true?"

Another voice came from another direction. The demonic whirlpool spun menacingly as beams of demonic light shot from a source far away and converged somewhere close to them.

Slowly, a demonic shadow took shape. This man was tall and burly, covered in bulging muscles. He carried a blood-red ax on his back, which was also emitting the eerie demonic might.

The man wearing the mask looked at the person who appeared just now and recognized him. Yet he was not too shocked.

Even so, it was a surprise that Mei Ting brought help with him this time.

Based on his appearance, it was not difficult to guess the identity of the man who just emerged. He was Red Devil, another Devil General of the eight Devil Generals of the Devil World.

The Red Devil had a mountain of blood debts. His blood-red ax once killed countless cultivators during the war in the Devil World. He slaughtered his way to the top and became one of the eight Devil Generals.

Now he was also here.

It was apparent how much the Devil Emperor valued the information about that person since he dispatched two of his Devil Generals here.

Ye Futian had a million thoughts racing through his head. He never expected to cause such a massive storm that attracted so many high-level cultivators, including two Devil Generals.

On the other hand, the three men wearing masks didn't seem to be daunted by the Devil Generals. Steady and unflinching, they still stood on the opposite side with absolute confidence.

Ye Futian's godfather left years ago and disappeared without a trace. What was he doing?

Did these three cultivators work for him?

Of course, Ye Futian was well aware that his godfather had never exposed himself ever since Ye Futian was a child. He disguised himself as a servant in the Ye family, an unsuspicious old man in his twilight years. Later, he pretended to be a sweeper working in the String Pavilion, where Ye Futian lived in the Donghai City. The last time Ye Futian heard about his godfather was when his older brother inherited the demonic blade.

It almost felt as if Ye Futian's godfather only existed in imagination. He was unreal; it was like a shadow that didn't have any tangible impact on the world. He was a real recluse.

Perhaps he was also silently watching Ye Futian and everything going on from some dark corner right this moment.

Nevertheless, someone wanted to bring him to light now.

"Red Devil," the man wearing the mask said in a low voice. He sounded calm and emotionless. His eyes behind the mask scanned the Red Devil.

"Can we take him with us now?" the Red Devil asked.

"Not yet," the man wearing the mask answered. "There are eight Devil Generals under the Devil Emperor's command. Neither Mei Ting nor the Red Devil is among the top three. Maybe we would allow you to take Ye Futian away if one of the top three Devil Generals came here today. But you two are not enough."

"Is that right?" the Red Devil asked rhetorically. He stretched out his hand and held the handle of the ax. The gleam of the blood-red ax dazzled their eyes in the void. The Red Devil's eyes were bloodshot as he grasped the Blood Devil Ax.

The tension in the space became palpable straight away.

Indeed, Neither Mei Ting nor the Red Devil was among the top three Devil Generals under the Devil Emperor's command. Nonetheless, any one of the eight Devil Generals was undoubtedly a supreme cultivator who stood at the top of the pyramid and could master any situation.

Few people were capable enough to be their rivals. What kind of ability did these three masked men have to make them so insolent and arrogant?

"You can have a try if you want," the man wearing the mask looked at the Red Devil and said.

The Red Devil stared back. The forceful demonic might surged and roared as he raised the Blood Devil Ax in his hand. The glint of the blade shone brightly.


The Blood Devil Ax chopped down directly without any ostentatious move. The ax split the sky into halves and created blood cracks right away.

This ax could gash the sky open.

At the same time, however, a ray of golden divine light abruptly and brilliantly shone in the vast void. The man wearing the mask pushed his hand forward. Numerous dazzling golden circles with gorgeous markings and ancient characters inside came into sight and surrounded the entire field in an instant. A giant and splendid golden round pattern also appeared in front of the man. The golden light circles kept bursting out of the round pattern and dashed against the blood-red demonic light.

The blood-red demonic light charged forward forcefully and shattered the light circles. Eventually, it crashed into the gigantic round pattern.


The void shook violently. Surprisingly, the bloody light was gnawed away little by little. It stained the limitless round pattern with blood and blotted out the sun, yet still couldn't penetrate the shield of the masked man.

"It's you!"

Mei Ting and the Red Devil shouted at the same time. A person who used to be an all-powerful legend in the Divine Prefecture came to their minds. Many people thought that man was dead already.

Yet he showed up here unexpectedly, with a mask on.

How did that person find this man?

Moreover, if Mei Ting and the Red Devil's guess was correct, who were the other two masked men?

Could they be as strong as he was?

Both stunned, Mei Ting and the Red Devil glanced at the other two men wearing masks. They were still standing there quietly and watching the scene without a word while emanating the same powerful, brooding air.

Mei Ting and the Red Devil probably couldn't accomplish their mission if these three men were equally capable. And it would be virtually impossible for them to locate that person if they couldn't even defeat these three men.

Right now, it was difficult for them to take Ye Futian away.

"We are in the Void Realm, a territory of the Divine Prefecture nowadays. I suppose you came to the outer space because you don't want to attract too much attention," the masked man said, "Since that's the case, I think it's best if we don't have a fight here. The impact may catch people's eyes even from here. It's not ideal for either of us.

"As for Ye Futian, the three of us definitely will be at an advantage against you two if we really fight over him. Why don't you leave him here since you can't take him away anyway?"

Mei Ting and the Red Devil knew he was telling the truth since they had recognized him.

They certainly couldn't bring Ye Futian along if the three masked men were equally powerful.

"When will he return to the Devil World?" Mei Ting asked.

That person was the biggest traitor to the Devil World. The Devil Emperor would want him back dead or alive.

"You can report back to the Devil Emperor that he will go back after he finished what he wants to finish," the masked man responded.

"What if he can't finish?" Mei Ting asked.

"He won't go back," the man answered. That person wouldn't go back to the Devil World if he couldn't achieve his goals. It meant that he would be buried in a foreign land.

"What is your plan for him?" Mei Ting was silent for a moment. Then he turned his eyes to Ye Futian and asked the masked man. Obviously, he was ready to accept their proposal. Mei Ting and the Red Devil probably wouldn't let go so easily if they were facing anyone else. After all, they were the Devil Generals and subordinates to the Devil Emperor.

Yet now, their opponents were following that person's order. Mei Ting and the Red Devil understood what they were up against and hence became less determined.

This was an internal affair of the Devil World.

Besides, Mei Ting also wavered from his conviction because of that person's perseverance and persistence.

Why on earth did that person become the biggest traitor to the Devil World?

Why did he do all of these things?

Mei Ting heard some rumors in the past, but he couldn't tell if they were true.

"We never showed up here. Of course, he will go back on his own," the masked man replied.

Mei Ting shot a glance at him. Since he knew the man's identity now, he surely understood that the man could never be seen in the Divine Prefecture. They had to hide in the dark.

"The battle over the Sea of the Path may not be finished yet. Would you reveal yourselves if Ye Futian runs into danger again?" Mei Ting asked out of curiosity.

"The two sides are evenly matched. I don't think the Golden Divine Nation can conquer the Divine Palace this time. The timing will not be so favorable the next time," the masked man answered calmly. Moreover, Ye Futian was supposed to deal with these events by himself, after all.

They would never expose themselves unless Ye Futian was about to die.

Besides, they had a pretty good cover if they had to intervene. Cultivators from the Outer Realms flooded in the Void Realm nowadays and made them less conspicuous. They would be spotted easily if they arrived at the Void Realm before the passageway was opened.

"Alright. I will send him back to the Higher Heavens Realm," said Mei Ting.

The masked men nodded, then stepped back at the same time and vanished into thin air. They left right away without doubting if Mei Ting would honor his words.

Mei Ting was one of the eight Devil Generals of the Devil Emperor. They trusted him to keep his promise out of basic respect between cultivators at the same level. They knew what kind of a person Mei Ting was.

The Red Devil's body was still glimmering with the bloody light. He looked at Mei Ting and asked, "Do you know what he wants to do?"

By "he," the Red Devil was referring to that person, of course.

"Maybe he has the real faith," Mei Ting muttered as he turned his eyes to Ye Futian. That person asked Yu Sheng to assist Ye Futian.

Was Ye Futian the person he chose?

Was Ye Futian a descendant of Emperor Ye Qing?

Mei Ting couldn't know for sure, but it was highly likely. Ye Futian's age seemed to match as well.

Ye Futian, on the other hand, had no idea what Mei Ting and the Red Devil were talking about. He was astonished and confounded by everything he saw and heard today.

If his godfather was the subject of their discussion, what did he want to do?

He remembered that his godfather reminded him frequently even when he was a child that he was born to be an emperor.

Was his godfather laying the foundation for that?

Why did his godfather say he was destined to be an emperor? Who was his godfather?

What kind of a relationship did his godfather have with the Devil Emperor in the Devil World? What did the Devil World think of him?

Ye Futian didn't have a clue about any of these questions. Despite his strong urge to ask, he knew that Mei Ting and the Red Devil would never tell him anything.

The chance of meeting his godfather again was even slimmer. He hadn't seen him for so many years.

Where was he now?

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    《The Legend of Futian》