The Legend of Futian
1804 Reestablishing the Order
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1804 Reestablishing the Order

Hua Jieyu had an odd look on her face as she transmitted her voice to Ye Futian, "She seems to be looking at me."

Ye Futian was stunned when he heard what she said; did he hear her right?

Just now, had Princess Donghuang really noticed the two of them?

So, was it possible be that Princess Donghuang remembered him after their two previous meetings?

However, that was decades ago. If it weren't because Princess Donghuang was so dazzling herself, he would never remember someone from decades ago. Therefore, he did not think that he would leave any impression on this princess from the Divine Prefecture.

"Gai Qiong greets Her Royal Highness." Gai Qiong, from Golden Divine Nation, was the first to bow and salute in the direction of Princess Donghuang. Although he served under Donghuang the Great, he hadn't actually seen the princess too many times before.

He only knew that in the Imperial Palace of Divine Prefecture, the status of Princess Donghuang was quite elevated. Anything that she wanted to do would be unconditionally approved by Donghuang the Great.

"Greetings to Her Royal Highness." The rest of the people followed suit and saluted. Whether it was the Divine Nation or the top power of clans, they had to respect her as the Princess, because what they were seeing in front of them was the only princess in the Divine Prefecture.

Ye Futian's reaction seemed to be a bit slower than the others. When he saw that majestic woman with dazzling divine light all around her, perhaps, subconsciously, he didn't want to bow down to her. Or, perhaps because of Emperor Ye Qing, the Snow Ape Emperor, and his teacher, Mr. Du, that he even had the brief thought to compete with Princess Donghuang.

His foster father claimed that he was born to be an emperor, but all along the way, there was nothing but hardships. However, the woman in front of him was born into nobility. Were they fated to be mortal enemies?

If there were someone whom he considered fated as a mortal enemy, then perhaps Princess Donghuang would be that person.

It was just that he still couldn't figure out the relationship between the two of them: who he was, what was his relationship with Emperor Ye Qing, and what kind of grudges existed with Donghuang the Great.

He didn't move, and next to him, Hua Jieyu followed his lead.

But then Ye Futian lowered his head slightly and followed others' examples. In this brief moment, many things went through his mind. Even though his mood was contentious, he thought of his foster father, who had kept a low profile, unwilling to reveal everything for many years. He didn't want to be discovered because of his pride; that would not do justice to those who cared about him the most.

In any case, now that he had come to the point where Princess Donghuang was within his reach, the truth shouldn't be hidden much longer.

As if noticed Ye Futian's hesitation, Princess Donghuang glanced in his direction but said nothing. She surveyed the crowd and said, "Have the forces in the Nine Realms and from the Divine Prefecture outside the Original Realm all arrived?"

"As far as we know, except for the Hidden Land Realm, which is controlled by Hell, everyone else should have arrived," answered the Palace Lord of Empty Imperial Palace, who was next to her.

"More than 300 years ago, there was turmoil in the Divine Prefecture. It was said that the Original Realm was in chaos, which many of you here must have experienced personally. Later, when the world was settled, and order was re-established, all principalities preached, and the Original Realm was united. Now that the passage to the Original Realm had opened, and the forces of the Dark Court is interfering once again, reigniting the disputes in the Nine Realms. I heard that everyone is busy launching wars to fight for the control of the Nine Realms," Princess Donghuang said, standing in the sky above and looking at the crowd.

Her voice carried some coldness, but it gave her audience an indescribable sense of arrogance. A few words from her, who was surrounded by divine light, actually brought a slight pressure to those cultivators from the top forces.

"Furthermore, I heard that several forces have already been destroyed and erased from the Original Realm," Princess Donghuang continued. She looked in the direction of the Golden Divine Nation among the crowd and said, "Gai Qiong, isn't that right?"

Gai Qiong was taken aback for a moment as he looked up at Princess Donghuang. He stood up straight and saluted Princess Donghuang, "Your Royal Highness, there are indeed struggles in the Nine Realms now. Although there has been quite a bit of damage, there are many forces here that acted out of consideration for the future of the Original Realm. Now that the passage is opened, the Dark Court has invaded, and the order of the Nine Realms will need to be re-established. Many forces from the Divine Prefecture are far stronger than the forces from the Original Realm. If they gain control of the Original Realm, they will consolidate and reshape its overall strength."

Princess Donghuang nodded as she took a step forward. Looking down at Gai Qiong below, she said, "There is some logic in what you are saying. You have been summoned here today. All the top forces from the Original Realm and the Divine Prefecture are now gathered here. Why not re-establish the order of things right here and let the battle decide? Those who survived will have the control of the Original Realm, while the fallen are counted out. This way, the order will be restored without further quarrels. What say you?"

Gai Qiong dodged her inquiring look, his head slightly lowered, and he did not answer. Obviously, the Princess seemed a little dissatisfied with this arrangement, and her will may directly affect the decision of the Great Emperor. It could even be said that since Princess Donghuang had come down here herself, she could certainly represent the will of Donghuang the Great.

People from the other forces didn't say much; were they going to fight a battle right here, right now?

Who could leave here with their lives when this day was said and done was still an unknown.

Many of these forces had brought with them their best from the younger generation, so it was possible that they had some ideas of their own. Although they understood that there was almost no chance, they were hoping to leave an impression, so that there may be opportunities in the future to interact with Princess Donghuang again.

After all, no matter how outstanding the Princess was, she was a woman, after all, and she may meet someone she liked. However, there was no one in the land of the Divine Prefecture who could match the status of Princess Donghuang, so there was no harm in having high hopes.

However, when they saw the magnificence of Princess Donghuang, they had a feeling it would be very difficult.

Princess Donghuang, as surrounded by divine light, was a powerful and majestic being, with the demeanor of a future Empress.

Perhaps, she might become the Empress in the future.

"Your Royal Highness, the Solar Divine Palace was originally a branch of our Solar Divine Mountain. Now that we have come here just to bring the Solar Divine Palace back to the fold of the Divine Mountain. Presently, the Solar Realm is weak in cultivation, so I summoned all the forces in the Solar Realm as they are willing to follow me to cultivate with the Solar Divine Mountain as a united front. From now on, the Solar Divine Mountain will preach the Divine Flames of the Great Path in the Solar Realm, adhering to the Will of the Great Emperor, to make the cultivators of the Solar Realm even stronger. We will not interfere with other realms," said the cultivator from Solar Divine Mountain, attempting to justify himself.

But, clearly, since the Solar Realm had already gotten what they wanted, they would not easily let it go. His statement was a hint that now the Solar Realm was under the control of the Solar Divine Mountain. As long as the Princess didn't object, there would not be many changes in the future.

Moreover, in this case, the Princess wouldn't be able to say much.

Princess Donghuang glanced at the other and did not say much. She knew that the Solar Realm meant a great deal to the Solar Divine Mountain, and that was something they wouldn't reveal.

"What about the others?" Princess Donghuang asked again. "I called you here today to let you choose for yourselves how to restore the order to the Original Realm."

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    《The Legend of Futian》