The Legend of Futian
1806 Thoughtful Efforts
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1806 Thoughtful Efforts

Princess Donghuang had already made her decision, and it was seconded by the College Chief of Tianshen Academy; there was not much for the others to object.

Even though the princess was young in age, but as the only heir of Donghuang the Great, none of the principalities from Divine Prefecture dared to disagree with her.

More importantly, the rules specified by Princess Donghuang were well-balanced, so there was really nothing to object to.

Such rules did not only contradict the rules of the cultivation world but were still able to maintain the order of the Nine Realms. No unnecessary killings could ensue, leading to the collapse of order and the completely and utterly annihilation of many more forces and cultivators.

"Since you do not object, then it is decided. In the future, anyone who disobeys and violates the order of the Nine Realms will do so at his own risk." Princess Donghuang's voice was clear but cold, and her words were full of authority.

All the cultivators were now immersed in their own thoughts. As such, it would be impossible for them to do whatever they pleased as before.

Ye Futian and the others did not say anything. The Divine Palace was destroyed not long ago, and they came out of that the losers with a great disadvantage. Ganged up by their opponents, they had no advantage to speak of and not in a position to question these rules. They would not have their revenge now even if they were given a chance.

So, it seemed that they could only fight against the others within the bounds of these rules.

Furthermore, they knew that it was to their advantage that the forces of Divine Prefecture were restricted in this way. After all, the power of Divine Prefecture was strong beyond question. If the army that came was from the Holy Land of Taichu, then the outcome of that battle might have been very different.

"In addition, the Empty Imperial Palace will distribute the rules. In the future, anyone from the Divine Prefecture who come down to the Original Realm neglected these rules, please do your part to remind them." Princess Donghuang continued, "Now that the passage is opened, the Original Realm is in turmoil with all forces eagerly watching for their chances, as principalities of Divine Prefecture, you should do your utmost to protect and maintain the order of the Original Realm."

"The Jian family guarded Tianshen Academy these years, did as we were ordered, and we cultivated some good people for the Original Realm. Now that the Original Realm is unsettled, Tianshen Academy will take the lead in restoring the order. In addition to preaching, we will call up the cultivators from all sides to protect the Original Realm together," continued the College Chief of Tianshen Academy.

Many people looked at him again. They seemed to be rather verbose today. It seemed that he couldn't wait to show off his merits so that he could be allowed to return to the Divine Prefecture.

Some principalities wanted to come to the Original Realm, but they wanted to return to Divine Prefecture.

Of course, those principalities that wanted to come to the Original Realm just want to stay momentarily, not settling there for the long run.

"Everything that the Jian family did, the Imperial Palace is well aware of," Princess Donghuang said.

"Princess, I have one more matter to report." At this moment, Gai Qiong walked out, bowing with both of his hands together.


"Previously, in the battle at the Sea of the Path, Ye Futian was rescued by Mei Ting, the devil general from the Devil World. Later, he was returned to the Heavenly Mandate Realm unharmed. I felt that Ye Futian might have some relationship with the Devil World; a lot of people were there at the time and saw it for themselves," Gai Qiong said.

"That's right, Mei Ting took Ye Futian from the Sea of the Path," the cultivators from the Shen clan also added.

Now, under the rules established by Princess Donghuang, it was even more difficult to kill Ye Futian. So, it was worth trying to see if they could get rid of this thorn at their side some other way.

Princess Donghuang looked at Ye Futian as her long black hair flying in the wind, exuding noble beauty.

She did not speak, as if she was waiting for Ye Futian to explain.

Ye Futian looked up at her and didn't say anything. The cold and aloof look in her eyes caused some disturbance in his heart. Deep down inside, he sensed some desire to compete with her.

"Are you not going to explain?" Princess Donghuang asked.

"Mei Ting did take me away from the Sea of the Path; I can't explain that." Ye Futian replied, "As for the rest, I believe the princess will be the judge of that. Since they said that many people were there, and everyone had seen it, why would I come back if I did collude with the Devil World?"

What Ye Futian said seemed logical enough.

"Then, why did Mei Ting save you and send back someone who has unlimited potential to the Divine Prefecture?" Gai Qiong continued his query.

"Perhaps Mei Ting from the Devil World is more confidant and cherishes talents more than the likes of Gai Qiong." Ye Futian responded, "I, too, think it's ludicrous. Your kind came to disturb the Void Realm and wanted to kill me, but a devil general of the Devil World came to my rescue. It is somewhat ironic."

"Princess, it is prudent to check it out; maybe he is hiding something." Shen Gao of the Shen clan said at this time; his calm voice was sinister. If there was to be an investigation, Ye Futian had to be arrested first.

But doing so would cause a rift between the two sides. To probe the privacy of a Renhuang in such a manner was not a great way to ensure the loyalty of the others. If Princess Donghuang did that, it meant that Ye Futian's future was effectively over.

That was why they accused Ye Futian of colluding with the Devil World.

Sometimes, doubts were enough to ruin a person.

It all depended on how the Princess would handle the situation.

"In God's relic, did you receive the inheritance of the Great Emperor?" Princess Donghuang asked Ye Futian, but it was about an entirely different matter, which surprised many cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation and the Shen clan.

As expected, the Princess already knew about it, and if she cared enough to watch over Ye Futian, it would be difficult for them to have another chance to get rid of him.

"Yes, I had an opportunity in God's relic. The ancestors passed the Will of our Great Emperor down on to me." Ye Futian continued, "Even in God's relic, I seemed to have seen the tombs of the gods."

Princess Donghuang nodded slightly. Her beautiful eyes surveyed the crowd and said, "If the Devil World wants to fight me for him, what the Devil World can do, the Divine Prefecture would certainly do better; I believe him."

"Princess..." Gai Qiong was taken aback. It seemed that the Princess had the heart to cherish this talent, which was a blow to them.

"Enough." Princess Donghuang interrupted Gai Qiong and said, "In the past few years, there have been a group of talented cultivators in the Original Realm. Now the time is changing, everyone from all forces ought to cultivate harder so that all of you will have the opportunity to travel to the Divine Prefecture."

"Certainly." The people nodded, as the College Chief of Tianshen Academy spoke again, "Princess, my descendant, Jian Qingzhu, from the Tianshen Academy, had also reaped fruitfully from God's relic. He and Ye Futian were the two people who opened the last door of the relic together, and he had seen the relic of the Great Emperor. His talent is also satisfactory. Now he has proven as Renhuang with perfect Divine Wheel and had studied and read all the classics that were housed inside Tianshen Academy; there is not much to teach him at the Academy. I don't want him to get stagnant here, so may I ask the princess for a favor to arrange a position for him, either as a guard or as a valet, so that he can witness the glory of the top cultivators in Divine Prefecture and expand his horizons."

Everyone was stunned when they heard this. Only then did they understand why the College Chief of Tianshen Academy, as one of the strongest figures in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, doled out flattery so often today.

It turned out that he did it for his descendant.

This realization made the others felt sympathy for him.

The Jian clan, who was once a prominent force in Divine Prefecture, was exiled to Tianshen Academy. Now the family must have pinned their hopes on Jian Qingzhu to send him out and follow Princess Donghuang to cultivate. Even just as a valet, there would be great opportunities waiting for him if he performed with excellence.

Jian Qingzhu was also among the crowd at the Tianshen Academy, and many people looked at him. This was someone who was known as the most outstanding figure of the Tianshen Academy. However, at this moment, he did not display his full glory, only because there was one Ye Futian from Heavenly Mandate Realm.

But in reality, Jian Qingzhu was rumored to be extremely talented, definitely an extraordinary genius in his own right.

Otherwise, the College Chief of Tianshen Academy would never have the audacity to recommend him to Princess Donghuang.

"I don't need another person," Princess Donghuang glanced at the other and bluntly refused.

The College Chief of Tianshen Academy was not deterred as he bowed his head instead, saying, "I know that the princess is guarded by divine generals, but Jian Qingzhu must have some opportunity to serve the princess in the future; any random duties will suit him fine right now."

Princess Donghuang was silent for a moment, but right then, many people raised their heads and looked into the distance. Those who stood behind Princess Donghuang frowned, and their eyes suddenly became extremely cold as they looked at the place far away.

The sky suddenly changed colors, and the world darkened and dimmed. It was as if darkness had descended and shrouded the space.

"Dark Court." All the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture focused their attention there. Today, Princess Donghuang had personally summoned all the cultivators of the Nine Realms to the Empty Imperial Palace. If anyone dared to make trouble, there could only be forces that were at their same level.

The Devil World shouldn't dare.

Now in the Original Realm, it seemed the only possibility could only be the Dark Court that was now in control of the Hidden Land Realm.

"I didn't expect Princess Donghuang to come to the Void Realm, so I have not had time to make my welcome," a voice came from the darkness. In the dimmed sky, the light was gradually suppressed. But at this moment, a group of figures suddenly levitated into the air. Suspended in the sky, an extremely blazing divine light bloomed from them. The darkness seemed to be expelled little by little in an instant, and light above the Empty Imperial Palace appeared once again.

So, a spectacular sight was before them. The sky was divided into two; one side bright and the other dark, with clear distinction.

In that dark world, dark figures appeared like a great army emerged from the darkness. Suddenly there was a very depressive atmosphere that enveloped the Empty Imperial Palace.

Ye Futian and many others looked at the great army of darkness, slightly surprised. There were much larger troops this time than the one that marched into the Heavenly Mandate Realm last time.

Last time, when the great army of darkness had gone to the Academy, it was not long after they had taken control of the Hidden Land realm, and there were not many of them that came to the Lower Worlds.

The army in front of them at this moment was much stronger. Presumably, as all realms had been embroiled in chaos during this period of time, the Hidden Land Realm had not been idle either!

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    《The Legend of Futian》