The Legend of Futian
1808 Proactively Invite
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1808 Proactively Invite

When the Palace Lord of Divine Palace saw Jian Qingzhu's attack, he praised him, saying, "Tianshen Academy is the number one academy in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Its book collection is innumerable. I heard that Jian Qingzhu has read all the books. He is actually proficient in Buddhist combat techniques too."

"This Buddhist technique is somewhat useful in countering the dark power," said Lord Taixuan, who stood beside the Palace Lord.

"Jian Qingzhu opened a Door of the Relic when he was the God's relic, so he reaped huge benefits too. According to what I know, he obtained a library," Ye Futian said. "I'm sure there are countless manuscripts stored in the library. Moreover, they were all left by the Great Emperor."

The crowd slightly nodded their heads, showing their comprehension. Back then, Ye Futian obtained a palace hall full of divine arms. All of the divine arms stored in the hall were extremely powerful.

From the looks of it, the book collection received by Jian Qingzhu was surely very powerful too.

Right now, Jian Qingzhu had most likely merged all his learnings into his techniques.

At the moment, on the battlefield, the dark aura emanated by the strong cultivator from the Dark Court became even more menacing. His jet-black armor expanded as his body transformed into a War God of darkness. When he sent out a punch, a terrifying will of destruction erupted. Everywhere the punch passed, things returned to the void.

Jian Qingzhu was bathed in the divine light of the Scroll of the Great Path. Countless patterns and words intertwined and shone. Circles of halos moved forward and transformed into runes of Swastika. The Swastika runes circulated in the space and advanced, intertwining with each other to form an illusory figure of a Buddha. Golden light shone brightly for miles, casting away all the darkness.

The Buddha materialized. Under the halo of Swastika, it became extremely majestic. The runes clashed with the dark light. The Buddha chanted in Sanskrit and sent out a palm strike to its opponent. The space seemed to be ripped apart. The War God of darkness transformed by the other party pounced at the Buddha. Dressed in jet-black armor, his eyes were full of dominance and brutality.

When their attacks collided, gold and dark lights swept out to the surrounding space as though they were forming patterns of light. The Renhuang from the Dark Court was knocked back from the shockwave. However, his gaze was still very overbearing. He took a step forward and used the domineering power to actually advance. He withstood the attack from the various Swastika runes as he charged towards Jian Qingzhu. It was as though he wanted to tear Jian Qingzhu apart.

Jian Qingzhu formed a seal with both his hands when he sensed the domineering power from the other party. Waves of light patterns surged forward. The light patterns actually felt like huge shockwaves. It was a power faintly similar to the War God's True Will of Waves. The light patterns continually slapped against the opponent's body, impeding his menacing momentum.

Circles of light wheels appeared in the Scroll of the Great Path. These light wheels interweaved and resonated with each other, emitting streaks of light beams. The light beams were similar to lightning, but they were much thicker in size.

Streaks of terrifying lightning flashed in the sky even though it was broad daylight. A dooming will of destruction permeated the space. Everything along the path where the white light passed was blasted into dust.

Each and every light wheel shot out a beam of white light at the same time; the beams were focused in one direction. When Jian Qingzhu gestured out a mudra with both his hands, the beam of light intensified.

The audience who were observing the battle from below sensed the strength of the power. A dazzling divine light flooded the battlefield, making it hard for the rest to see Jian Qingzhu clearly. They could only figure out what was happening on the battlefield through their will.

At this moment, even the Proud Son of the Underworld looked at Jian Qingzhu. The former revealed a surprised expression. This cultivator was strong.

It seemed like the Original Realm still managed to give birth to a few monstrous figures.

Jian Qingzhu floated in midair. His finger pointed downwards. Immediately, the beams of divine light focused on the same spot. They transformed into a white beam that could pierce through the heavens and earth and slashed down without hesitation.


A thud sounded. The white beam hit the opponent's jet-black divine armor. In an instant, the body hidden under the armor was wrapped in white light as the cultivator looked like he had been struck by a horrifying attack. At the same time, cracking sounds could be heard. The jet-black armor cracked and turned into dust.


The domineering cultivator of the Dark Court was sent flying backward. A hideous, bloody hole could be seen on his body. He retreated to his clan immediately. He surrounded his body with dark light to control the bleeding.

The Way was hidden in the scroll. Impressed, everyone looked at Jian Qingzhu. He was yet another monstrous figure.

However, because he was Jian Qingzhu, the cultivators of the Nine Realms were somewhat mentally prepared and could accept it. After all, before he had proven his Way, Jian Qingzhu was already more or less considered the most monstrous figure of this generation in the Central Emperor Realm. It was just that back then, he had yet to cross paths with others, so he could only be considered one of the most monstrous.

However, in the God's relic, in reality, only he and Ye Futian had managed to open the Door of the Relic.

It was just that no one imagined that he was actually so incredible.

The cultivators of the Tianshen Academy stood there, watching all of this happen. Their expressions appeared very calm, but they were wavering inside, especially the members of the Jian clan. The reason why they had let Jian Qingzhu attack was to allow him to display his ability before Princess Donghuang.

Currently, the members of the Nine Realms only knew of Ye Futian. It would certainly be the same for Princess Donghuang. Under such circumstances, it was inevitable for her to overlook others.

However, with such a fateful encounter, they had to seize an opportunity for Jian Qingzhu.

If they could send him over to train with Donghuang the Great and follow Princess Donghuang, then Jian Qingzhu would naturally be even more outstanding in the future.

As expected, Jian Qingzhu was the first person to defeat an opponent. The battlefield where he was had also drawn the attention of Princess Donghuang, who was now looking over in his direction.

However, those eyes of absolute beauty did not seem to have been stirred.

With Princess Donghuang's status, she must have encountered many extraordinary figures. She would naturally not be impressed by this display.

After Jian Qingzhu defeated his opponent, he stepped forward and once again walked up to the Proud Son of the Underworld, Qi Ye. The battle between Jian Qingzhu and the other cultivator of the Dark Court had only taken a short while. It was over in an instant, and Qi Ye had yet to attack.

"Your attack is not bad. It has included many techniques. Its explosive power was as fast as lightning, and its penetration was as sharp as a sword. No wonder your senior intends to send you to be a slave under Princess Donghuang," Qi Ye spoke with an indifferent tone as he stepped forward. His words were demeaning. He actually used the word 'slave' to describe Jian Qingzhu.

Qi Ye then continued, "However, you can come to my Dark Court and serve under me. How about that? You were banished to the Lower Worlds anyway. You might as well betray your Academy and come to the Dark Court. It is saddening to see a top figure like you lowering your status to beg for help."

"Silence," the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy scolded loudly. He naturally saw through that Qi Ye was trying to provoke Jiang Qingzhu and was taking pleasure in doing so.

When he heard the other party saying this, Qi Ye smiled and walked slowly over to Jian Qingzhu. He said, "If you want to fight on behalf of Princess Donghuang, I will grant you your wish."

Once he said this, darkness enveloped the space. The entire space immediately turned extremely cold.

In this dark space, round patterns of light similarly appeared. However, they shone with a jet black hue and enveloped this space. The round light patterns flowed around in the space and were all around. Will of destruction spread out within the space and emanated a heavy pressure.

It was as though this space had become the Dark World.

Behind Qi Ye, in the darkness, an illusion of the Underworld faintly appeared. It was as though it was the true Underworld. It made many people feel despair.

Within the Dark World, there were countless black holes. From these round black holes, spears of the Underworld appeared. Each spear emanated frightening destructive pressure.

Jian Qingzhu's expression was serious. He took a stance, and his Scroll of the Great Path shone even more brilliantly. White divine light emanated from it, seemingly countering his opponent's black holes of the Underworld.

A frenzied destructive storm swept up. It rampaged over the battlefield where the two of them stood. It was absolutely terrifying.

"Go forth," Qi Ye uttered.

As soon as he spoke, all the spears sprang out of the black holes of the Underworld; they were as fast as lightning. Their speed was unbelievable as they went straight for Jian Qingzhu's body.

Beams of dazzling white lightning shot out from Jian Qingzhu's Scroll of the Great Path. The white beams and the spears collided. Instantly, black and white intertwined, and an even more menacing destructive storm erupted. The white beams were everywhere, while the dark spears attacked with great momentum.

Moreover, the black holes were still spitting out spears of the Underworld continuously.

The glint of a malicious smile flashed past in Qi Ye's eyes while his attacks continued to descend on his opponent. He seemed to be mocking Jian Qingzhu.

Huh? Ye Futian frowned. Something didn't feel right.

"Be careful," the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy cried. Jian Qingzhu seemed to have noticed something too. The Scroll of the Great Path unleashed a divine light. A brilliant light shroud protected his body. He ceased countering Qi Ye's attack; instead, he aimed to defend himself now.

In that instant, among the storm that was surging around his body, a formless flow of air was suddenly released. It had neither form nor shadow and seemed to merge completely into the darkness. Others could not catch sight of it with their vision nor with their wills.

It was an invisible attack.

Rumble. Jian Qingzhu's body seemed to have been hit. However, the attack seemed to have been blocked by his defenses.

Yet, after that, rumbling sounds could be heard continuously. Jian Qingzhu's figure was knocked backward. Ye Futian revealed a very frightening gaze. His eyes seemed to be able to pierce through the void. In his mind, he saw that Jian Qingzhu was already buried by the spears of the Underworld. The attack that was hidden within the darkness seemed to be formless and could not be guarded against.

At that moment, the black holes in the Dark World also frenziedly shot out spears of the Underworld that shot towards Jian Qingzhu. In the blink of an eye, his entire person was buried within the spears.

"Despicable," a friend of Jian Qingzhu in the Tianshen Academy said. The elders all had ugly expressions. However, they did not say anything. This was the original ability of Qi Ye. Since it was his ability, it naturally could not be considered despicable for him to have used it.

Qi Ye walked forward one step at a time and came up to above Jian Qingzhu. He lifted his hand and waved outwards. An even more frightening storm of darkness appeared in the sky above. The black holes spat out endless destructive divine light that rained down in the direction where Jian Qingzhu's figure was buried.

A terrifying, destructive light of the Underworld erupted. It was more menacing than the dark divine light. It directly slashed downwards at Jian Qingzhu.


An intense explosion was heard. Jian Qingzhu was knocked down to the ground from the sky. A golden Buddhist light shone, and the darkness dissipated. However, Jian Qingzhu's body was tainted with many destructive auras. His clothes were tattered, and he looked somewhat miserable.

Qi Ye cast a glance at him and continued striding forward. He walked towards Princess Donghuang and said, "I think it's still better to have Princess give me some pointers."

Princess Donghuang glanced at Qi Ye, then she turned and looked at Ye Futian, who was standing below. She asked, "Don't you plan to attack?"

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    《The Legend of Futian》