The Legend of Futian
1812 Apocalypse of Shadow
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1812 Apocalypse of Shadow

The Hidden Land Realm and the Shadow Realm bordered each other. The Hidden Land Realm was also known as the Realm of Darkness, and the Shadow Realm was the realm of extreme darkness. It was the opposite of the

Solar Realm.

The whole Shadow Realm was filled with dark and cold air. The cultivators of this land were skilled at shadow magic.

It was said that in the Nine Realms, the Solar Realm and the Shadow Realm had been forged and nurtured from divine items.

Youyue Divine Palace was called the master of the current Shadow Realm, and it was the strongest force there.

They had their own force from the Upper Realms, which was an incredibly powerful force. Now they had come down to the Lower Realms and were slowly taking over Youyue Divine Palace. Moreover, they seemed to want to take over the entire Shadow Realm.

On this day, Youyue Divine Palace seemed to hang high in the sky like a moon palace. Clear and cold halls surrounded the divine mountain. There were many women there.

Due to their feminine physiques, women were skilled at shadow magic. Thus, many of the cultivators of Youyue Divine Palace were women. This was exactly opposite from the Solar Palace. Most of the cultivators, some men, cultivated sun magic.

At that moment, a supremely beautiful woman was sitting upon a practice stage in the palace. Her aura was cold and clear. She sat there cultivating alone, seeming very solitary.

A figure approached her from the front. Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes and said, "Master."

This woman was the Goddess Chang Xi of Youyue Divine Palace.

Her master looked off into the distance, making Chang Xi ask, "What is wrong, master?"

"My heart is troubled. I feel like something is about to happen," said her master.

"Right now, the Nine Realms are relatively calm. Princess Donghuang has personally commanded the fighting to stop. There won't be any trouble for the time being," said Chang Xi. Youyue Divine Palace had been gathering its strength and cultivating in secret. They were not displaying their power.

If there were any sudden disasters, they would not happen to them.

Chang Xi's master frowned and said, "Given the current disorder, anything could happen. Moreover, there are more powers in the Nine Realms than those under the control of the Divine Prefecture."

Chang Xi knew what her master was talking about. Previously, the cultivators of Hell had descended upon the Empty Imperial Palace. The Dark Court had been behind that. Now they had taken over the Hidden Land Realm, which meant that they had designs for the Nine Realms.

Woosh! A grey figure flashed towards them off in the distance, moving as swiftly as a bolt of lightning. A voice resonated throughout Youyue Divine Palace, "The Hidden Land Realm has attacked the Shadow Realm!"

The voice rang through the palace. For a time, everyone in the palace trembled fiercely. Many figures shot up into the sky above the palace.

In but an instant, many Renhuangs appeared and stood up in the sky.

The Hidden Land Realm had invaded.

They all knew very clearly what this meant. The Hidden Land Realm was under the control of the Dark Court. If the Dark Army had attacked, this meant that the Dark Court had launched a realm war. They meant to swallow up the Shadow Realm.

The Shadow Realm bordered the Hidden Land Realm and had similar atmospheres. Thus, the Dark Court had sent their army there first. Did they mean to take the whole realm?

A figure appeared up in the sky. Moonlight fell, covering the entire area.

"Guang Han, go to the Empty Imperial Palace right now and ask for help," ordered the figure up in the sky.

"Yuechan, lead the people below the Renhuang level away from here. And send a few groups to other forces to ask them to join together and help us."

"Yes, Palace Lord," came the answer. Suddenly, a group of figures flew through the sky as the palace became a scene of chaos. Everyone at low level was beginning to leave.

They knew that given Youyue Divine Palace's power, they would have no way to resist when the Dark Court invaded. They had to go to the Empty Imperial Palace to ask for help. However, they also knew it probably wouldn't come in time.

Also, if the Dark Court wanted to occupy the Shadow Realm, they probably would not only attack them. They would attack all the forces in the Shadow Realm and conquer them.

Just as the Palace Lord of the Youyue Divine Palace gave those orders, darkness began to spread towards them from a distance, like night was falling. It was moving extremely quickly.

In a short time, the divine beings within Youyue Divine Palace no longer shone with such brilliant moonlight. It was as if they had been infected by a darkness that was suppressing them.

A vast army appeared in the dark sky under the moonlight, outside of the palace.

The Lord of the Underworld, one of the seven kings of the Dark Court, was among them. He had brought many cultivators with him. And not only that but some of the other forces of the Dark World had also rushed to the Shadow Realm.

Suddenly, many terrifying black holes appeared in the dark sky, like vortexes of the underworld. Destructive underworld spears appeared and shot downward towards Youyue Divine Palace. In a flash, many cracking sounds rang out, followed by cries of pain. Many of the people of Youyue Divine Palace had been slain by the spears that now pinned them to the ground.

"Go!" yelled someone. Terrible, massive dark beasts were charging towards them. They looked like monsters from Hell. They had ferocious fangs with which they bit the cultivators on the ground to death. They rampaged through Youyue Divine Palace, killing everywhere they went.

Everywhere they passed was left in dead silence. Not even the grass was left alive.

They were cruel and violent, and they brought endless death and despair to them.

This was the Dark Court.

There had been a death knell when the Dark World went to war. They brought darkness everywhere they went and left no light.

The cultivators of Youyue Divine Palace were furious when they saw all this, but the powerful standing up in the air remained calm. Although there was fury in their hearts, they would not let it influence the situation.

This was what the world of cultivators was like. It was just that such fierce fighting had not happened in the Nine Realms in too long.

But several centuries ago, a slaughter like this would not have been out of the ordinary. People everywhere would have been plunged into an abyss of misery.

In the previous internal disputes of the Divine Prefecture, there had been rules. The realms under Princess Donghuang could be constrained, but the Dark World would not be so compliant with their invasion. This was not at all like a battle between two armies. It was a slaughter.

Words paled before a slaughter like this. They would have no meaning. Thus, no one asked for mercy, and none was given.

"Everyone attack! But do not be overzealous in your fighting!" ordered the Palace Lord of Youyue Divine Palace. The opposing army had come to destroy them. In this situation, it would be suicide to fight them with all their might. None of them would survive it.

Today, they would all try to escape.

Thus, she had ordered them to fight their way out.

"Protect the Goddess." Her eyes fell upon Chang Xi, and a mighty aura burst forth from her. Suddenly, the vast area around her turned extremely cold and filled with dark, icy power.

A full moon appeared behind her. Moonlight fell upon the army of the Dark Court. Suddenly, many of them were covered in frost. They had been frozen by Great Path ice seals.

At the same time, destructive attacks burst forth under the moonlight, smashing into the icy area. Many of the frozen figures were shattered and killed.

More and more people were dying every moment. It was a horrifying scene.

The Lord of the Underworld cast his gaze over his opponent. An underworld spear appeared in one of the terrible black vortexes. He stepped forward, and endless airflows of destruction and death swept out from the spear, shooting towards the full moon. Everywhere it went, death swept through the crowds of people. Many people were covered by the death will and died instantly.

Several great figures stepped out beside him, walking towards the great figures of Youyue Divine Palace.

Behind Youyue Divine Palace, several cultivators were taking Chang Xi away, but they were being pursued.

"Get her! I want her alive," said the Lord of the Underworld, looking at Chang Xi. She was a remarkable woman, beautiful and talented, and she was the goddess of Youyue Divine Palace. He could leave her alive.

Chang Xi went pale. Under the dark sky, all of Youyue Divine Palace was covered by death will. It was like the god of death had descended upon them. All the ancient halls and palaces crumbled and were destroyed. They had no way to stop the invasion of the Dark Army.

Now, all they could hope to do was survive.


While Youyue Divine Palace was being attacked, the other forces of the Shadow Ream were under attack as well.

At this time, the Snow Divine Kingdom, which stood within the Shadow Realm, was facing destruction.

Although they were strong, they had no incredibly powerful figures garrisoned there. Thus, even though there was only one great figure in the army from the Dark World that was attacking them, the Snow Divine Kingdom had absolutely no power to withstand them. They would be destroyed in an instant.

A group of figures stood before the palace in the Snow Divine Kingdom, watching the battle happening in the air off in the distance. There were hopeless looks on their faces.

Ye Man was there as well, watching the battlefield with her beautiful eyes. Her father, the ruler of the Snow Divine Kingdom, had a dark spear pierce through his heart at that moment. Countless hopeless cries rose from below.

Ye Man's face went extremely pale. She had no more strength.

Why was this happening?

In the past, when the one she loved had been killed, she had not had any power to fight. Now, the Snow Divine Kingdom was being destroyed, and she could once again only watch. Since she had not yet reached the Renhuang level, she could not participate in the battle. She did not even have the right to die here.

A group of figures descended before her. The people of the Dark World had sinister eyes, and they looked at them as if they were prey. One of them looked at her and said, "Leave this woman alive."

One of the others nodded. Ye Man trembled. It was hopeless. She was powerless!

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    《The Legend of Futian》