The Legend of Futian
1817 Disturbance
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1817 Disturbance

Beneath where the Lord of the Underworld stood, across the vast expanse of land, crimson dark light flowed up the stone pillars. The light grew brighter and brighter. An intense rumbling sound could be heard coming from the ground. Following the stone pillars, the crimson dark light flowed towards the heavens.

In an instant, it flooded the sky.

Silhouettes rose into the sky. They were all top figures of the Dark World. They seemed to be consuming the power that flowed out from the stone pillars. The masses of crimson light enveloped the top figures within them. Right now, tens of thousands of miles of land was flooded and buried beneath frightening dark red light.

Even in the heavens above, the army of the Divine Prefecture felt the extremely sinister aura. This frightening power seemed to want to smelt them within it.

Divine Fire of the Underworld enveloped this part of the world. In the heavens above, countless dark lotuses appeared like flames of Hell.

These countless dark lotuses flew out. Their petals of death opened and closed as they surrounded the cultivators in the heavens above.

"Hell Flowers, blossom," the Lord of the Underworld uttered these words. One by one, the Hell Flowers of the Underworld blossomed and enveloped the crowd.

"Be careful," Du You reminded everyone when he felt the alarming will. The top figures of the Divine Prefecture headed down and charged towards the various cultivators in the matrix. Relying on the power of the matrix, the destructive power of the divine fire within the Hell Flowers grew even more powerful. It seemed as though one would perish with just a single touch.

Powerful will burst forth from their bodies and became the defensive power that enveloped them.

The various cultivators of the Mountain Realm advanced. The light of Buddha shone brightly, and the various Buddhas appeared. The scorching light of Buddha cleansed the world. However, when the Hell Flowers reached it, the light of Buddha was similarly consumed. It was corroded by the Hell Flowers. The petals of the Hell Flowers blossomed, and they became huge beyond comparison. The flowers kept advancing towards the cultivators of the Mountain Realm. The destructive divine flames of Hell were like fires of the end times, extinguishing the light of Buddha.

The power of Buddha originally could subdue the power of evil. However, right now, it was instead being suppressed by the other party. This proved how terrifying the other party's Way was now.

Relying on the divine item in the core of the Shadow Realm and using a matrix to harness its power, the Hell Flowers evolved and became even more powerful. The entire sky was covered in Hell Flowers.

The Buddhas all had serious expressions. The Abbot of Tianxian Temple put his hands together. Endless light of Buddha burst forth from his body. Behind him, the other members of Tianxian Temple also did the same. They chanted the Sound of Buddha. The Sound of Buddha immediately circled the place and generated resonance. Around them, huge golden ancient Buddhas appeared. These ancient Buddhas enveloped all the members within them, becoming indestructible golden bodies. When the Hell Flowers reached them, they flowed over the golden bodies of the ancient Buddhas, attempting to consume them. However, by merely touching the golden bodies, the power of the Hell Flowers was weakened, and they could not corrode the golden bodies.

The other cultivators also displayed various miraculous powers. Emperor Nan's body flashed with green divine light. His sword hummed in front of him. Under the destructive green divine light, the Hell Flowers could not approach him. However, he was frowning slightly. He never imagined that these people could utilize the divine power of the Shadow Realm so quickly.

Of course, he knew of the divine item in the core of the Shadow Realm. However, after so many years, even Youyue Divine Palace could merely utilize a fraction of its power in their cultivation. Now, with the arrival of the dark forces, they immediately could refine and use this power. This was very dangerous. They had clearly made preparations all these years. Invading the Shadow Realm was not a spur-of-the-moment plan.

The cultivators of the Divine Prefecture that were charging towards the opponent were caught within the Hell Flowers. Many of them could not attack the other party.

In the heavens above, when Du You saw this scene, he wielded his golden divine spear and took a step forward.

"Protect the princess," Du You said to the group of people next to him. Aside from him, the Empty Imperial Palace Palace Lord was also standing guard beside Princess Donghuang. She was Donghuang the Great's only daughter. Her safety was of the utmost importance. Even though the Dark Court did not dare to attack her, they could not lower their guard.

"Alright," Empty Imperial Palace Palace Lord replied as he nodded his head. Du You stepped forward. The brilliant three-dimensional pattern on his body grew brighter and brighter. In an instant, it blocked out the sky and the sun. Across the vast sky, with his body as the center, a huge pattern appeared. It seemed to be a matrix. From within it, the unparalleled power of the Great Path surged forth.

He pointed the spear in his hand forwards. Immediately, from within the pattern, countless golden spears swept across the sky and massacred their way down. Spears rained down from the heavens above. Each divine spear contained invincible destructive power that showered down on the cultivators below.

The top figures of the Dark Court raised their heads and looked into the sky. The disciple of Donghuang the Great, Spear Emperor Du You, had a flawless ninth tier Divine Wheel. How powerful was he?

In the previous clash, even the Lord of the Underworld, who had become a fake emperor, found it hard to best Du You.

"Be careful. All of you, retreat," some top figures of the Dark Court shouted loudly to their juniors. A divine spear carved with the brilliant light of runes descended from the sky. With a loud rumble, it immediately pierced through a stone spear and turned it to dust.

Rumble. Rumble. Rumble. Stone pillars kept shattering and turning to dust. Not only that, but countless divine spears also stabbed into the matrix on the ground, destroying the foundations of the matrix. The divine spears that were stabbed into the ground actually generated some sort of resonance and lit up with brilliant light. The ground split apart, and cracks appeared. The matrix was destroyed.

Du You himself took a step forward. The next moment, his silhouette immediately disappeared from his spot. The crowd only saw a dazzling golden divine light penetrate the space and shoot down to the sky below. Blooming Hell Flowers were disintegrated and returned to nothingness.

The divine spear descended. Under the golden divine spear, divine light ripped the space apart. Scary-looking cracks appeared. The tip of the spear was laced with unparalleled destructive power.


A dark air flow surged out. The Lord of the Underworld did not receive the spear. He actually avoided it. The dark air flow receded. The divine spear stabbed into mid-air.


There was a huge explosion. The instant the divine spear touched the ground, destructive spatial cracks propagated outwards. The Lord of the Underworld raised his palm and sent it crashing out, blocking the terrifying power that tore the space apart.

The land frenziedly split apart. The cracks propagated far and wide. It seemed as though the world was falling apart.

Du You's actions had not stopped. His arm swept out, and the divine spear instantly cleaved down. Its speed was extremely fast. The afterimage of the spear immediately consumed the space. It was as though it was opening its big, bloody mouth to swallow the figure of the Lord of the Underworld. Terrifying spatial fissures appeared, seemingly sealing off the escape route of his opponent.

The attack of the Spear Emperor was invincible. His long spear was like a dragon, slaughtering its way forward. It destroyed all within its path with astonishing momentum. No matter how powerful the existence was, they absolutely did not want to face Du You's divine spear.

The gaze of the Lord of the Underworld was frightening as he stared at Du You's movements. With a single thought, the Dark World of the Underworld appeared. The figure of the Lord of the Underworld directly became an independent space. His figure became a Body of Way. He became a menacing illusion of the God of the Underworld. A terrifying head tried to swallow Du You directly.

Du You swept his long spear out horizontally. Golden divine light swept out, and the head exploded. However, many faces appeared in the space. They were all the faces of the Lord of the Underworld.

"Du You, even though you have a flawless Divine Wheel, I have transcended the Renhuang Plane for many years. You are no match for me," voices filled the heavens and the earth. They seemed to be everywhere. He was the master of this spatial world. He had a Body of Way and was omnipresent in this space.

Du You frowned. If it was purely a contest of attack power, he believed that the Lord of the Underworld absolutely could not withstand his divine spear. However, the Lord of the Underworld had dwelled at the fake emperor Plane for many years. He had a Body of Way, and it was indeed hard to handle. Wanting to kill him would be extremely difficult.

Slowly, Du You's body floated in the sky. Even more brilliant divine light burst forth from the patterns on his body. The divine spear in his hand floated in the sky. Du You formed a seal with both his hands. His Divine Wheel pattern immediately exploded with endless light.


He cried out. In an instant, innumerable golden divine spears shot forth and tore apart huge cracks. They attacked in all directions. Even if the Lord of the Underworld had a Body of Way, Du You would still shatter it.

Outside, frightening battles had also erupted in other battlefields. It seemed as though the endless space was falling apart. The cracks in the ground grew more and more shocking. The divine light that exploded out of the stone pillars became more and more powerful.

The land seemed to be unable to withstand the tremors from these clashes. The power of these clashes was also growing more powerful. Huge rumbles could be heard. Within tens of thousands of miles, all cultivators could sense this frightening earthquake.

The cultivators of the Dark Court stood frowning on the ground. What was going on?

In the heavens above, Princess Donghuang gazed down at the ground below. She also sensed the intense vibrations which seemed to originate from deep underground. At that moment, the crimson divine light from the stone pillars intensified. It was a shocking sight. Extreme power of the Shadow Realm flowed out and spread throughout the sky.

The divine item had been disturbed? Princess Donghuang frowned. If that were the case, earthquakes would erupt over the entire Shadow Realm!

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    《The Legend of Futian》