The Legend of Futian
1818 Dispute Over the Original Realm
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1818 Dispute Over the Original Realm

There were countless living beings in the Shadow Realm. They numbered in the billions.

Now, all of them had come out of their homes.

In a city far from the battlefield, many people were frantically flying up into the sky. The earth shook, and various buildings kept trembling. An extremely negative power emanated from the ground. Everyone could sense this aura.

What was going on? The crowd was shocked and felt that it was inexplicable. The Dark Court had invaded the Shadow Realm. However, the Shadow Realm was too large. The Dark Court couldn't control all of it. They only took control of the regions of a few top forces and had now gathered over at Youyue Divine Palace.

Rumor has it that there might be a war occurring over there.

However, how was it that such changes had also appeared over here?

The aura intensified. Many people felt cold sweat down their backs. Some people with weaker cultivation were already trembling. Many children were wailing. They seemed to have been startled.

Even more cultivators flew up into the sky. There were existences at the Renhuang Plane standing high above the city. When they felt the aura coming from below, their hearts shuddered violently.

Everywhere the will enveloped, a similar scene could be seen in the cities. Some people took in this power when they sensed it.

A cultivator in the air extended his hand. A mass of flame immediately appeared in his palm. The surrounding air was drawn to the flame. In an instant, it became the flames of the Underworld. The expression of the cultivator changed drastically.

As a cultivator of the Shadow Realm, who had reached the Renhuang Plane, he naturally heard some rumors.

Currently, there seemed to be changes occurring all over the Shadow Realm. Was this caused by the core of the Shadow Realm?

Rumor has it that some people had wanted to investigate the mystery of the core of the Shadow Realm. Unfortunately, some people had fallen before they even reached it. Many gave up. No matter how powerful their cultivations were, no one had managed to do so.

However, today, the aura from the core was spreading out and growing stronger. It gradually enveloped the Shadow Realm.

Some cultivators were calmly absorbing this power. They wanted to use this power to aid in their cultivation. There were also people frantically making their way across the sky, preparing to escape from this place. They had a bad premonition. This would most likely escalate into a catastrophe.

Such scenes were playing out all over the Shadow Realm right now.

The ocean of the Shadow Realm began to boil. Tsunamis burst forth, sealing everywhere they passed in ice. Many people did not manage to escape before they were permanently sealed in ice.

Some volcanoes in the Shadow Realm also roared. They released extremely Yin-charged fire. Everywhere it passed, nothing else grew. It burned away all existences.

The entire world was undergoing a huge transformation.

Such a change was naturally the most intense at the center of the battlefield.

Now, at Youyue Divine Palace, the armies of the Dark Court and the Divine Prefecture were in the midst of waging war. The power of the Shadow Realm had already flooded this place. Everyone could sense that this frightening power was affecting this Realm.

Even the Lord of the Underworld was shocked at these changes. Before this, he had also never imagined that such a scene would play out. He merely wanted to use the power of the matrix to refine the power of the Shadow Realm bit by bit. When the matrix covered the entire Shadow Realm, he would refine the entire Realm and consume it.

However, now, everything seemed to have occurred earlier than he had anticipated. The Shadow Realm began to revolt. Deep and frightening chasms appeared in the ground. The power of the Shadow Realm that emanated from these chasms caused everyone to take in deep breaths. Was this the aura of the Source of the Great Path? It was too rich and thick.

What kind of era was the time before the collapse of the Heavenly Path?

"Princess, please let me lead you away from here," the Empty Imperial Palace Palace Lord beseeched Princess Donghuang. He naturally also sensed this power. In such a chaotic situation, he did not know whether those who stayed behind would be in danger.

Currently, everything was gradually going out of control.

"There is no need," Princess Donghuang said, refusing his proposal. She gazed down below. Darkness enveloped the entire space, and it became even colder. The fires of the Underworld burned more violently. Hell Flowers flourished even more than before, blocking out the sky and the sun. The Hell Flowers consumed everything as they made their way up into the sky.

Silhouettes dashed out to avoid these calamities. Many cultivators of the Divine Prefecture took shelter from all this. This power was beneficial for the cultivators of the Dark Court. Otherwise, they would not have come to the Shadow Realm to cause trouble. If this was the Solar Realm, they had no way of reaping any benefits.

Frightening destructive winds appeared around the figure of the Lord of the Underworld. Each air flow of destruction became dark spears that frenziedly rampaged around the area. They swept up into the sky with astonishing destructive power. It was as though they were everywhere and were charging towards everyone at the same time.

"Du You, I advise you all to leave. The divine item has appeared. This is its own choice. Don't forcibly interfere," the Lord of the Underworld said. Endless destructive divine light became dark spears that shot out, flooding towards Du You's body.

The Divine Wheel pattern behind Du You shone to its brightest. His body spiraled upwards, and illusions of spears swept out throughout the sky. Then, he stabbed forward with his spear, and instantly a brilliant light shot out from it. This scene was astonishing. The spear ripped apart a golden crack that pierced straight towards the figure of the Lord of the Underworld. Everywhere it passed, cracks appeared.

Huge rumbling sounds could be heard. The figure of the Lord of the Underworld consumed the power of the Shadow Realm and refined it within his body. It merged with his Great Path of Destruction. The God of the Underworld appeared, wielding the spear of the Underworld. It pierced out, accompanied by dark, destructive light. The space split apart, and dark cracks appeared.

The two cracks met in mid-air. Terrifying light marks exploded outwards. At the same time, dark cracks ran amok. With their bodies as the center, the surrounding space collapsed. It was as though the space was going to be shattered.

Du You's movements had not stopped. He stabbed his spear again and again. It pierced out in all directions. These golden spears ripped apart the space. The cracks became more and more menacing. It seemed that this space was about to collapse and be destroyed.

"Hmm?" the Lord of the Underworld frowned, seemingly sensing that something was off. The space where he and Du You were in had already collapsed and shattered. However, powerful light was still bursting forth from Du You. It penetrated the darkness and completely shattered the space. It seemed like Du You had another goal in mind.

These spears also did not disappear. They were positioned in different locations and formed a pattern of spear light.

"What are you planning to do?" the Lord of the Underworld asked as he seemed to realize something. He raised his palm and sent it crashing out. He charged out of the encirclement and attempted to escape from this space.

"Your Highness, I will lead him away. Please be careful," Du You said loudly.

"Alright," Princess Donghuang responded as she nodded her head in mid-air.

The next moment, dazzling divine light burst forth from the spears positioned in various places at the same time. They instantly shattered the space. A gaping hole appeared. Du You's figure flashed, and the golden divine spears pierced the heavens, slaughtering their way over to the Lord of the Underworld. The space was sealed off by a pressure. The Lord of the Underworld shielded himself with a roar.

The golden divine spears led his body towards the cracks. They were accompanied by powerful light shooting out from the pattern. Both of their figures immediately disappeared without a trace.

After they vanished, the divine light of the spears dimmed. The cracks also sealed themselves shut. However, the figures of the Lord of the Underworld and Du You were no longer here.

Ye Futian was astonished as he saw this scene. What was happening?

Where had Du You brought the Lord of the Underworld?

Du You had actually pushed him through the crack. He also seemed to have broken through the spatial barrier and entered an independent space.

"Your Highness, where have they disappeared to?" Ye Futian asked Princess Donghuang.

"They have gone to the real world," Princess Donghuang replied. "The Original Realm is currently the Void Realm that exists as an illusion within the world. Here, the threat of the Lord of the Underworld is great. With the power of the Shadow Realm, he would be even more powerful, so Du You has led him away from this place."

By shattering the spatial barrier, one could reach the real world.

Ye Futian was somewhat shocked. This was the origin of the Void Realm. Everything in this world was fake; hence it was known as the Void Realm.

The Great Path here was a remnant of the collapse of the Heavenly Path.

However, the collapse of the Heavenly Path also left behind some things in this Original Realm. For instance, everything that was occurring before his eyes was due to the Shadow Realm. Hence, various forces from the outside wanted to establish their footholds in the Void Realm.

This vast world was both the Void Realm as well as the Original Realm. The people from the outside looked down at this place. Yet, they also wanted to seize control of it because it still had some value.


At that moment, Empty Imperial Palace Palace Lord seemed to have sensed something. He frowned slightly and looked into the distance and said, "Princess, another army is coming."

Princess Donghuang shifted her gaze towards the direction he was looking in. The clouds in the sky above churned. A terrifying aura spread out, causing others to feel palpitations.

Beams of divine light descended from the sky. The next moment, a group of silhouettes descended. The group of silhouettes was bathed in divine light. Their auras were alarming. Each person that arrived possessed extremely powerful auras.

When Princess Donghuang saw these people appear, a sharp gaze flashed past in her beautiful eyes. As expected, now, everyone wanted to claim the Void Realm. The Dark Court was not the only one to return; they had also come.

"Princess Donghuang," the leading youth among the people who arrived cried out as they landed before Princess Donghuang. An evil aura emanated from the body of this youth. His handsome face also emanated a sense of evil.

His eyes were exceptionally bright. However, they similarly contained an evil look.

"The Evil Emperor Realm also wishes to be involved in the matters of the Original Realm?" Princess Donghuang questioned in a cold tone as her gaze swept towards the army.

For the past three hundred years, the Original Realm had always been at peace. Now that the Dark Court had returned, the Evil Emperor Realm had actually also arrived here as well. They seemed to intend to interfere in the dispute over the Original Realm.

"The Divine Prefectures of the East have ruled the Original Realm for more than three hundred years," the youth said. "Now, they should cede control over the Original Realm. In the future, the Original Realm should not belong to the Divine Prefecture anymore. It should instead be an independent region that is not ruled by any force."

The resources of the Original Realm had been pillaged for countless years. It already did not have many precious resources left. However, the top figures still wanted this Source of the Heavenly Path. There had even been great prophets who prophesied that the changes of the universe would begin from the Original Realm.

The current world order was formed due to the collapse of the Original Realm. Future changes would probably also begin here.

Hence, the various forces were unwilling to let the Divine Prefecture continue to rule this land.

After the arrival of the Dark Court, the Evil Emperor Realm always had their eyes on this place. It was just that they had only meaningfully appeared at this moment.

In the future, the Original Realm had to be opened up to all forces!

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    《The Legend of Futian》