The Legend of Futian
1819 Divine Body of the Great Path
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1819 Divine Body of the Great Path

Princess Donghuang turned her gaze to the youth who was speaking. She had figured out who he was.

The cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm had arrived. A youth was giving commands. His cultivation was not too high. From his appearance and temperament, Princess Donghuang knew who this person was.

He was a legendary figure who was extremely prestigious in the current Evil Emperor Realm. He was the direct disciple of the Evil Emperor, Shi Xie.

Rumor has it that Shi Xie had a Divine Body of the Great Path. When he was born, divine phenomena appeared. Later, he displayed extremely powerful talent in the Great Path of Space and was accepted as the direct disciple of the Evil Emperor. In the Empty Divine Realm, his standing was extremely high. Many top figures would pay him due respect when they encountered him.

Rumor also had it that Shi Xie's character was extremely wicked and that he had inherited the antics of the Evil Emperor.

Many people believed that Shi Xie would have the opportunity to inherit the position of the Evil Emperor in the future.

"Whenever the Empty Divine Realm decides to open its boundaries, the Original Realm shall also do the same," Princess Donghuang responded indifferently. The Empty Divine Realm referred to the Evil Emperor Realm. The Evil Emperor ruled it, so some people called it the Evil Emperor Realm. Others also preferred to call it the Empty Divine Realm.

Princess Donghuang claiming that the Empty Divine Realm would open its boundaries was clearly impossible. That was the territory of the Evil Emperor.

This also meant that, from Princess Donghuang's perspective, the Original Realm couldn't be opened to the outside. The Divine Prefecture had to control it within its grasp.

In the surroundings, the power of Yin flooded the vast heaven and earth. Everyone was enveloped in this icy and sinister power of Yin. Many cultivators felt slightly uncomfortable. This sensation made them feel extremely unwell.

Even Princess Donghuang's entourage was similarly enveloped within this power. Each of their silhouettes appeared to become somewhat blurry.

Shi Xie's eyes were staring at Princess Donghuang. An evil aura emanated from them. His thin lips curled into a smile, which was even more evil-looking.

"I have heard that Donghuang the Great dotes on you, Princess. If I can capture you, I am certain that the Great Emperor would not mind opening a mere Divine Prefecture to the outside," Shi Xie said as he stared at Princess Donghuang. His courage was quite something. Before this, the Lord of the Underworld had never even thought about touching Princess Donghuang.

After all, actually angering Donghuang the Great was no small matter. If that happened, no one would be able to control the situation.

However, this Shi Xie seemed to be unafraid. From this, one could gauge his courage and insight.

"Protect her Highness," the Empty Imperial Palace Palace Lord ordered. Some figures who were fighting below rose into the sky and also arrived beside Princess Donghuang. They stood around her.

Spear Emperor Du You was initially the strongest person beside Princess Donghuang. However, he had led the Lord of the Underworld away. He was naturally unable to take care of this side of the battlefield.

Now, the Evil Emperor Realm cultivators had arrived, and they actually wanted to make a move on Princess Donghuang. If Spear Emperor Du You knew that this would happen, he would not have left.

However, there were still top figures who came in this direction. They had even given up on the battlefield below. When Princess Donghuang encountered danger, protecting her was naturally their top priority.

First, it was to showcase themselves. Secondly, it was because if anything actually happened to Princess Donghuang, no one knew whether the Great Emperor would get involved or not. If he was angry, anything could happen. What if he came to settle the score with them?

If the princess was alright, there was no harm in them making a few mistakes. However, if anything happened to her, no one could escape the blame.

"The princess is prestigious, do not harm her," Shi Xie ordered. Under the power of Yin, figures stepped out and headed over towards Princess Donghuang. For a moment, this caused the members of the Divine Prefecture to be under a lot of pressure.

They were facing the armies of two forces on two fronts.

A silhouette moved forward. In front of this person, a golden divine sword was floating. From within his sword, unparalleled golden spatial divine light was emitted.

Swoosh. The divine sword flew out. Countless divine swords suddenly appeared all around and generated resonance. The cultivator then pointed his finger forward, and countless spatial divine swords immediately ripped apart the space as they advanced and slaughtered their way forward.

In an instant, it was as though the sky was being divided into infinite pieces by spatial divine swords.

Divide the space!

The swords would divide up this world.

A brilliant divine light radiated outwards. A golden cauldron of unparalleled divinity enveloped the various cultivators. It contained everyone within it. The divine swords slaughtered their way over, tore apart the space of the Great Path and crashed into the precious cauldron. Loud clanging could be heard. Cracks appeared on the cauldron, and it then shattered into dust.

"Princess, please leave first," a voice cried out. A cultivator of Celestial Worthy Mountain had said this. As he uttered the last word, he extended his palm forward. Immediately, there was a loud clang. A gigantic divine cauldron appeared in the sky above. Dazzling destructive light was released from within it. Everywhere the light touched, everything in the world seemed to be suppressed and destroyed by it. The light intended to envelop the entire space where the opponents were.

A figure stepped forward in the sky. He was yet another top figure. He grabbed the air, and instantly, fissures appeared in the space. A terrifying storm of the Great Path of Space was formed from the fissures. The cracks opened wide and savagely pounced on the precious cauldron, intending to engulf it.

However, the precious cauldron spun, and myriads of divine halos sprinkled down, destroying everything. A vacuum space was temporarily formed around the cauldron.

Princess Donghuang glanced down at the ground. When they were exchanging blows, quite a number of cultivators of the Dark Court rushed into the crack underground. It seemed like they wanted to enter the core region of the Shadow Realm and locate the divine item.

Right now, the divine item went berserk and showed signs of appearing. If the divine item really appeared, who wouldn't want it?

This divine item alone had shaped a supreme realm - the Shadow Realm. Its might was undoubtedly terrifying.

At the same time, an aura that caused the hearts of the crowd to tremble permeated the air from underground. One by one, cultivators dashed underground, causing the entire Shadow Realm to shake even more violently. The entire world was quaking.

If the divine item fell into the hands of the cultivators of the Dark Court, a catastrophe would surely follow.

From the ground, a mysterious, cold light gushed forth. Everywhere the light covered, the power of Yin was activated to its utmost limit. Everyone was freezing when they were exposed to the light. Frost slowly covered their bodies as they trembled in the cold.

Some cultivators who had weak cultivation turned into ice sculptures right away. They were frozen on their spots. They couldn't resist the cold at all.

This scene caused everyone on the battlefield to reveal strange expressions. Was the divine item still shaking? The abnormality was getting more intense and had reached a point where it could threaten the cultivators at the Renhuang Plane.

"Be careful," Emperor Nan warned. Even he felt slightly threatened by this aura.

The battle which happened on the ground had barely started, and it was brought to a halt due to the abnormality. All the cultivators moved higher up into the sky and spread out. All of them released their will to defend against the aura.

In the blink of an eye, everyone was enveloped by the light.

Buzz. Yet another terrifying aura descended. There were still cultivators fighting each other at this moment. Even under such circumstances, they still would not give up.

Ye Futian appeared. He seemed to have turned into a tree, with his body as the tree trunk. When the cold light shone in his direction, he absorbed the energy into his body bit by bit, merging the energy into his. Ye Futian could sense that the power of his Great Path was strengthening.

The World Tree was indeed omnipotent, Ye Futian thought to himself. It could even absorb and refine the power of Yin for its own use.

From the looks of it, the Way, which was born from his World Tree, was indeed what he had expected; it was a flawless Great Path.

Hence, his combat ability was stronger than that of cultivators who were at the same level. He could even kill middle-level Renhuangs. With the help of divine arms and the will of the emperor, he had killed a seventh tier upper-level Renhuang.

Under the corrosion of the power of Yin, everyone was soaked in this power. However, the battle still persisted despite the crowd getting further apart from each other.

Ye Futian looked in the direction where Princess Donghuang was. Some cultivators launched a sneak attack at her. The enemy attacked all the cultivators who were protecting Princess Donghuang. They were locked in their respective places.

Behind the Princess, there were many upper-level Renhuangs and middle-level Renhuangs. Even though they were dispersed, they still made their way towards the Princess when they saw her in danger.

Right at this moment, a sinister figure moved towards Princess Donghuang. It was none other than Shi Xie.

As Shi Xie approached Princess Donghuang, a few cultivators blocked in front of her and stared at Shi Xie with cold gazes filled with murderous intent.

Shi Xie shifted his will, and instantly, an abnormal phenomenon occurred. A dazzling pattern appeared above his body. Divine halos poured down endlessly. The light shot directly at the cultivators who stood in front of the Princess.

In an instant, the space twisted. Those cultivators were seemingly thrown into a distorted space.

When Shi Xie stepped forward, the space warped and shifted as the divine light showered down. The ground was covered by the light of the Great Path of Space. The space twisted and overlapped. Screams could be heard everywhere. Many cultivators revealed painful expressions as their bodies contorted uncontrollably. It was as though their body parts were in different spaces.

"Die," Shi Xie uttered a word, and the divine light slashed downwards. Swooshing sounds could be heard, accompanied by the sound of blood splashing outwards. Many cultivators were torn apart by the Great Path of Space. The scene was gruesome.

He was so powerful. Ye Futian, who had witnessed everything from afar, exclaimed internally. He didn't know Shi Xie, but he could sense that the Great Path of Space, which Shi Xie was proficient in, was similarly a flawless Great Path. His Great Path was at a much higher level than other ordinary Great Paths. Shi Xie merely shifted his will and the space contorted. Many Renhuangs were helpless against him.

This person's understanding of the usage of the Great Path of Space was practically terrifying. It had already merged into his every movement.

Ye Futian did not know that this Shi Xie was known as an existence with a Divine Body of the Great Path. He was a natural born possessor of the spatial divine power. He had been accepted as a direct disciple by the master of the Empty Divine Realm, the Evil Emperor!

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    《The Legend of Futian》