The Legend of Futian
1821 The Core
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1821 The Core

Ye Futian raised his head. In the sky, a gigantic illusory figure slowly appeared in front of the domineering silhouette, which was enveloped by the golden Divine Light of Space. The two figures overlapped. The figure raised his arm, and instantly, the air in the heavens and earth rampaged.


The will of the fists burst forth. Endless auroras from the fists covered the sky. The entire sky was dazzling as punches from the spatial Divine Fists traversed the space and struck towards Ye Futian's body. Even before the attacks arrived, Ye Futian could sense an overwhelming pressure suppressing him.

Buzz. A golden gale swept past, and a pair of bright wings appeared above Ye Futian. The wings covered the sky and separated the space, blocking the punches from reaching Ye Futian. Rumbling sounds exploded as the fists that densely covered the sky were all impeded by the wings.

A dazzling Peng Bird appeared in the sky above Ye Futian. His cultivation was frightening. He was an upper-level Demon Emperor with an eighth tier Divine Wheel.

He spread his wings, and immediately an astonishing spatial storm swept up into the heavens.

The silhouette in mid-air was not afraid in the slightest. The gigantic illusory figure was like a deity. It enveloped the silhouette within it. His figure dashed out and became a beam of light. He immediately disappeared from his original position. The next moment, he was charging in front of his opponent.

The Peng Bird's sharp talons ripped apart the space and met the divine light. His wings blocked out the sky and covered this space of the Great Path.

Rumble! There was a huge sound, and the opponent's silhouette disappeared. The next moment, he had appeared in another location and sent out another golden Divine Fist of flowing light that pierced the heavens and the earth.

In the heavens above, Divine Fists continuously came from all directions. It was as though countless silhouettes and illusions of the Divine Fists had appeared.

The figure of the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird shook. More and more golden divine feathers fell to the ground.


Finally, a golden Divine Fist punched a hole through its opponent's gigantic body. The fist punched through the Peng Bird's body from the top and came out from the bottom.

Countless tears appeared on the Peng Bird. An explosion then followed it. The bird let out a wail. An eighth-tier Demon Emperor was killed on the spot.

The opponent looked like a deity as his golden eyes pierced through the sky.

One could make out how terrifying a flawless sixth tier Divine Wheel cultivator was. At the very least, in the Void Realm, Ye Futian could not find someone at the same level who could contend with this figure. Not a single cultivator was on par with him.

In reality, the identity of this person was extraordinary too. The Evil Emperor ruled over the Empty Divine Realm and held the fort at Empty Mountain.

Empty Mountain was the training ground of the Evil Emperor. Only the most talented figures in the Empty Divine Realm were qualified to train on Empty Mountain. The figure who attacked just now was a disciple of Empty Mountain. Even though he was not a direct disciple of the Evil Emperor, he was more experienced, and Shi Xie would need to address him as 'older brother.'

This cultivator looked down from where he was high in the sky and locked his gaze on Ye Futian. A look of indifference flashed past his golden eyes, as though Ye Futian was already dead to him.

Perhaps from his point of view, Ye Futian would surely die.

He targeted Ye Futian because he noticed that Ye Futian was a possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel. Besides that, Ye Futian had killed quite a few cultivators just now. Naturally, he stood out as compared to the rest.

The cultivator from Empty Mountain strode downwards and was ready to attack again. Buzz… a golden light flashed across the sky. This time, he intended to punch a hole through Ye Futian up close. The light traveled at an astonishing speed. However, right at this moment, a celestial light shimmered, and a palm strike went up against the light with overwhelming momentum. The palm strike collided with the fist.

A scorching light radiated. This time, the opponent's silhouette was pushed back.

"Head over to where the princess is," the person who appeared was Hua Jiangshan from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. His cultivation was also at the eighth tier.

However, just a while ago, Ye Futian's opponent had killed an existence at the eighth tier right before his eyes. This caused Ye Futian some concern. He reminded Hua Jiangshan and said, "Senior, please be careful."

"I know," Hua Jiangshan replied as he nodded his head. As one of the previous leaders of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, his combat ability was naturally more powerful than that of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced around. The power of Yin had already flooded this part of the world. Everywhere his will swept across was covered in the power of Yin.

A heart-wrenching aura came from down below. Before this, many cultivators from the Dark Court had already delved deep underground. They could faintly sense that the divine item was about to emerge.

After hesitating for a short while, Ye Futian headed down below instead of where Princess Donghuang was.

Very few people could remain unscathed in the power of Yin. The deeper he went, the harder it would be. Ye Futian could do it. He would naturally not want to miss such an opportunity.

"Kill him."

At that moment, the cultivator who was battling fiercely with Hua Jiangshan in the sky above said this as he swept a glance at Ye Futian. It seemed that he did not want to let Ye Futian live.

After he said this, a few cultivators immediately dashed towards Ye Futian. As a cultivator of Empty Mountain, the cultivator had a high rank in this army from the Empty Divine Realm.

Ye Futian frowned and felt somewhat dispirited. He sped up and dashed downwards at high speed.

The cultivators who came after him became beams of flowing light and chased after Ye Futian. One of them raised his hand and grabbed out into thin air. A powerful force of the Great Path of Space immediately attempted to imprison Ye Futian's body.

Ye Futian's divine sword tore apart the power of the Great Path of Space, trying to imprison him as he continued downwards. He was as fast as lightning.

"Stop," a silhouette cried out. Divine swords that tore apart space rained down, forming a spatial storm of divine swords.

Ye Futian avoided the onslaught of divine swords, his speed decreasing. In that short interval, the other party caught up with him. Three cultivators appeared around Ye Futian. Two of them were middle-level Renhuangs. The last one was an upper-level Renhuang with a seventh tier Divine Wheel. He had a menacing aura. They were also all cultivators from the Empty Divine Realm. Their abilities would certainly be more powerful than the cultivators Ye Futian encountered in the Sea of the Path.

Swoosh. Swoosh. Frightening golden lightning flashed and unleashed a high-pitched sound. The lightning was everywhere, flooding the space and surrounding Ye Futian's figure within it. As Ye Futian glanced around, his figure was flooded by the golden lightning.

Ye Futian's opponent pointed a finger at him. Golden light of the Great Path that tore apart the space came cleaving down. The divine elephant Divine Wheel appeared. The golden divine elephant enveloped ye Futian's figure. However, the terrifying lightning struck the figure of the divine elephant and tore apart its body.

An illusory figure sparkled. The cultivator immediately appeared within the endless lightning storm. A divine halberd appeared in his hand. Menacing spatial halos flowed over the halberd. Golden lightning circled it, filling it with devastating destructive power.

The cultivator lifted the divine halberd. The next moment, his silhouette disappeared without a trace. It was as though he had merged into the endless lightning and was moving with it. The cultivator who was attacking had a sixth tier Divine Wheel. When he attacked, he made Ye Futian feel an enormous pressure.

The divine swords around Ye Futian resonated and rang. 10,000 elephants stormed, and the divine sword in his hand sprang out. When the lightning landed, Ye Futian's divine sword hit the opponent's halberd accurately.

The Sword Will and the lightning flowed past each other and slashed towards their respective targets. The divine elephants which were protecting Ye Futian were constantly being torn apart.

Bang! His body was sent flying backward as he was pushed downwards. The other two cultivators followed behind the upper-level Renhuang. They were guarding at the sides to prevent Ye Futian from escaping. Before this, the cultivators from the Dark Court were fighting with the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture. After the Empty Divine Realm joined the battle, the Divine Prefecture was naturally at a disadvantage.

Ye Futian was surrounded by golden lightning. His facial expression was ugly.

Not far away from them, a group of cultivators passed by. The leader of the group was the College Chief of Tianshen Academy. His group was pursuing a cultivator from the Dark Court. Beside the College Chief were a few Renhuangs who were at their peak. All of them noticed Ye Futian, and they glanced at the College Chief.

The College Chief of Tianshen Academy did not turn around. His gaze didn't even flicker as he strode downwards to pursue his target. He completely ignored Ye Futian.

The cultivators beside him naturally understood what the College Chief meant by that. They left together with him.

Ye Futian did not look in their direction, but he knew that they passed by. However, he did not dwell on their intentions. They were from different forces, to begin with. Even though he had trained in Tianshen Academy for a period of time, his stay last time was more of a collaboration between two parties. He was not a disciple of Tianshen Academy.

Hence, regardless of whether Tianshen Academy helped him or not, it was their choice. Ye Futian had nothing to say about it.

However, judging from their actions, it seemed like the College Chief of Tianshen Academy did not really like him.

In the sky, another attack landed. Ye Futian utilized the momentum from the other party's attack to move further downwards. He slipped into the crack and entered the underground.

The three cultivators followed closely after him. One of them said, "Kill him."

As soon as he spoke, the other two cultivators did not waste time standing around. Other than the terrifying lightning halberd, another brilliant divine sword joined in the attack. The Sword Will flooded the space as all the attacks were aimed directly at Ye Futian.

Buzz. A Spatial Sacred Hall appeared, enveloping Ye Futian in it. The precious item warded off most of the attacks. An intense rumbling sound rang. The sacred hall hit the ground frenziedly, moving underground.

This scene caused the three cultivators to frown. A powerful will surrounded them. They were slightly hesitant.

The terrifying power of Yin could be clearly sensed from the spot where they were now. Even though they had a high Plane of cultivation, they were still greatly affected by the power of Yin.

Their eyes emitted beams of golden divine light as they scanned the core. They could see that Ye Futian had emerged from the sacred hall precious item and was advancing further underground. He even turned around and glanced at them. His gaze was provocative.

When the three cultivators saw his gaze, their facial expressions turned ugly. Their gazes were sharp.

Ye Futian's gaze… Was he challenging them?

However, Ye Futian seemed to have an extremely powerful defense treasure item with him. They could not crush the item with their attacks, but they could capture Ye Futian along with the treasure.

Should they pursue him?

They were hesitating. The other two looked at the upper-level Renhuang. The upper-level Renhuang stared at the ground, then he strode downwards, saying, "Go and have a look."

The three of them were also interested in checking out what was happening underground. Since it had come to this, they would make a trip underground and capture Ye Futian along the way.

This space underground had been destroyed. Many powerful Renhuangs had come here. As Ye Futian moved deeper underground, his body was absorbing the terrifying power of Yin. Some cultivators were frozen solid. When the power of Yin caressed Ye Futian's body, he also felt an extreme chill eating away at his body.

However, he continued to move further down and advanced in the direction of the core!

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    《The Legend of Futian》