The Legend of Futian
1826 Metamorphosis of the Moon
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1826 Metamorphosis of the Moon

Lord Taixuan, Emperor Nan, and the others came to Ye Futian's aid right away. He seemed to be in an absolute suspended state, no breathing and no heartbeat, or even blood flow. It was as if he had indeed perished.


At this moment, Lord Taixuan noticed that the Shadow currents seemed to flow into Ye Futian's body. It seemed as if that was a natural occurrence. Emperor Nan obviously noticed it too and said, "Take him back."

They all realized that something might have happened here. In this area, no one else was alive except Ye Futian. The Shadow storm had disappeared, so something must have happened.

Although Ye Futian had ceased all signs of movement, it didn't necessarily mean that he had perished; there might still be a possibility of him being alive. At the very least, this Shadow current...

"Mmm." Lord Taixuan nodded and left with Ye Futian in a flash.

In the distance, quite a few of the cultivators looked in their direction, and many of them could feel that there were no vital signs coming from Ye Futian. Were they taking his corpse away?

Or rather, was it possible that Ye Futian could still be alive?

And could everything that had happened here had anything to do with Ye Futian?

However, even though Ye Futian was known as the most enchanting genius of his generation in the Original Realm, the possibility of this kind of extreme situation was almost impossible to have anything to do with him.

They knew very well that this was a place where even top character found it hard to set foot into, so how could Ye Futian possibly have any influence on anything here?

The fact that he was still in one piece was probably just pure luck.

Lord Taixuan was fast. They passed by Princess Donghuang as she glanced at them. Lord Taixuan said, "Your Royal Highness, I will take him back to see if there is still a chance to revive him."

Princess Donghuang looked at the Ye Futian, who was motionless, and nodded gently. "Go, you don't need to be here."

"Thank you, Princess," said Lord Taixuan. He then levitated directly into the sky, continued hurrying along to take Ye Futian away from this place of contention as soon as possible. From a rational perspective, he also thought that everything that had happened here had nothing to do with Ye Futian.

However, he was the only one who remained. Even if he had no vital signs, but the Shadow currents were able to enter his body. Was it a coincidence?

Maybe, just maybe, it really had something to do with him?

Therefore, he definitely wanted to take Ye Futian away from here to see if there was any chance for a turnaround.

People from the Heavenly Mandate Academy began to evacuate the area. With Princess Donghuang here, even the Shen clan and the Golden Divine Nation, who had a grudge against Ye Futian, could not possibly intercept Lord Taixuan, so they could only watch them leave.

Furthermore, they thought that Ye Futian was dead. It was impossible for anyone to survive in this core area of ​​the Shadow World.

The Dark Court had suffered heavy losses, with many who possessed great power died in the Shadow storm. Ye Futian came to this core area without adequate power. He was asking for it.

Shi Xie and the other cultivators from the Evil Emperor Realm had also come to this site and did not bother with the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture for the time being. Instead, they looked ahead at the Shadow storm that was dissipating.

He was curious; what had happened here?

Was it related to that man?

All this seemed to be caused by the departure of that man.

He was hailed as the heir of the Heaven Realm, someone who was extremely talented. But was he really that terrifying?

"Your Royal Highness, it seems that this Shadow Realm is about to have its name changed." Shi Xie looked at Princess Donghuang and continued, "The Shadow Realm is one of the Nine Realms of the Original Realm. Now that it's been pillaged by others, does the Princess not planning on pursuing them?"

He obviously didn't think that this matter had anything to do with Ye Futian. He didn't know Ye Futian at all. If the dissipation of the Shadow storm was caused by someone, then it could only be that person.

Princess Donghuang didn't respond but seemed to be contemplating something else. As for what she was thinking, no one knew.

However, the Shadow Realm, as it stood now, would definitely be different than before.

The power of the Shadow would eventually dissipate completely, and the Shadow Realm would become an ordinary realm, with those living inside this realm no longer affected by the force of the Shadow. This, however, would be detrimental to cultivation.

"The land of the Original Realm is ruled by my Divine Prefecture, and I don't want to see contentions in the Original Realm. If the Evil Emperor Realm wants to touch the Original Realm, then we will meet on the battlefield," Princess Donghuang said coldly as she looked at Shi Xie.

"On the battlefield?" Shi Xie's handsome eyes glowed with evil as he stared at Princess Donghuang. This woman, known as the noblest woman of the next generation, was astonishingly beautiful, who was like none other in the world. If he could capture her, he would be the envy of everyone.

"Aren't we already in the battlefield now?" Shi Xie stepped forward, and the space around Princess Donghuang was distorted immediately. Shadows flickered, appearing next to Princess Donghuang. The forces of the Dark Court were greatly impacted by the Shadow storm, thus reducing the pressure exerted on the Divine Prefecture's army, allowing them to spare some of their strength to deal with the Evil Emperor World.

In this dispute, the Dark Court was undoubtedly the biggest loser. They invaded the Shadow Realm but gained nothing in the end. The crisis had passed, but they suffered heavy casualties with many of their cultivators wiped out by the Shadow Storm. If the Lord of the Underworld knew everything that happened here, what would he think?

The army from the Divine Prefecture converged one after another, and so did the cultivators from the Dark Court. The three parties seemed to be in an impasse, with the Dark Court being the weakest.

"Take her down and the Divine Prefecture will withdraw from the Original Realm, what say you?" said Shi Xie as he looked at the cultivators from the Dark Court, proposing to join hands with the Dark Court. Divine Prefecture was the master of this world, so if they want to gain entry to the Original Realm, they must first deal with the Divine Prefecture.

The cultivators of the Dark Court hesitated, and their eyes fell on one person. The Lord of the Underworld was taken away by the Spear Emperor, so now there was no leader in the Dark Court. Although the Proud Son of the Underworld was the rightful heir, compared to the likes of Shi Xie and Princess Donghuang, he was still falling short.

But at this time, he spoke up, looking at the two camps, and said, "Retreat."

The cultivators from the Dark Court nodded. They had suffered major losses, and it would be unwise to fight again. They ought to retreat back to the Hidden Land Realm.

Moreover, what kind of man was the Evil Emperor? His disciple, Shi Xie, was said to be quite similar to the Evil Emperor in their temperament. Joining hands with him was undoubtedly a risky proposition at best. In the circumstances where their strength was at a disadvantage, any little carelessness could be used to cause their own demise.

It was better to proceed with caution at a time such as this.

The cultivators from the Dark Court gradually withdrew. Seeing this, an evilness touched Shi Xie's eyes, and he sneered, "You captured the Shadow Realm, but now you retreat with your tail between your legs?"

The Dark Court didn't pay much attention to him. The Shadow Realm had lost its previous value, but most importantly, their own strength was not enough to guard this place. For the sake of safety, it was best to retreat to the Hidden Land realm first, and wait for the Lord of the Underworld to arrive, and judge whether the Dark Court could spare anyone to be dispatched to the Original Realm.

Once the Dark Court withdrew, the Evil Emperor Realm would have no advantage. The two armies faced each other while Shi Xie seemed to be weighing the situation. Then he smiled and said, "I will exchange with the princess some other time, then."

Having said that, he also turned to leave.

If he started a war here, he would definitely lose, and both sides had already suffered heavy losses. After all, the Original Realm was the territory of the Divine Prefecture, and there were still those monks to think about. Therefore, it was much better to conserve his strength for now.

They did not leave this area at the center of the earth right away but were searching for any other secrets here. However, their search yielded nothing.

The cultivators from Divine Prefecture had also searched but without results. The Shadow Storm had the ability to destroy everything, so no treasures could remain here. Although the land of the Shadow Realm would still retain some power of the Shadow, it would no longer be the same as it was before.

In the end, the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture departed as well.

A crisis like this had been neutralized into nothing, and the Dark Court's intention to refine the Shadow Realm had ultimately failed.

It had even directly led to the changes that occurred in the entire Shadow Realm.

In the endless territory of the Shadow Realm, the cold currents dissipated, and the landscape of a frozen world no longer existed. The terrible Shadow Fire had lost its previous power, and everything returned to how it was before. Many mysterious places began to dry up and wither, losing the appeal they once had.

The Shadow Realm was changing all the time, as felt by some Renhuang with superior cultivation, and they were quite shaken by it.

In Heavenly Mandate Realm, at Heavenly Mandate Academy, Ye Futian was still deeply asleep. There were many people outside the palace where he was, but they were those who were at the core of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

"Go back now, all of you; tend to your own cultivation." At this time, Lord Taixuan spoke to everyone who was there, but they were reluctant to leave. Dou Zhao, Xiao Muyu, and the others wanted to stay here.

"I will inform you as soon as I have anything new. Now, there are somethings we need to discuss," Lord Taixuan continued. Zhuge Mingyue caught his drift and urged the others, "Let's go."

The others nodded and left successively. Only a handful of the top figures remained. Hua Jieyu stayed.

Xia Qingyuan stood not far away looking at Ye Futian, but when she saw Hua Jieyu by his side, she left as well.

The place quieted down. Shen Luoxue looked at Lord Taixuan and said, "There are no vital signs, but the body is full of the power of Shadow, which integrated everywhere into his meridians and his blood, and froze his life force."

"Mmm." Lord Taixuan nodded. "This power had destroyed many top figures, but not him; there must be some reason for that. Moreover, the power of Shadow was still flowing in his body; I believe this, in itself, is also a sign of life."

"We can only wait," said Shen Luoxue. In this situation, they had no other choice but to wait.

"I'll stay and watch him," Hua Jieyu said to Shen Luoxue and Lord Taixuan.

"Very well." Shen Luoxue nodded and left with Lord Taixuan and the others. Now, only Hua Jieyu remained by Ye Futian's side.

Hua Jieyu clutched Ye Futian's hand and looked at the man who was lying there quietly. She leaned down and gently lay her head on Ye Futian. Before she knew it, tears were streaming down her face. She was supposed to be unfeeling. Why was she crying?

At this time, inside Ye Futian's body, in the world of the life palace, the world's ancient tree was swaying madly. In this world, the full moon that hung in the void released a terrible Shadow radiance. The full moon seemed to be morphed from the divine stone as its brilliance turned into Shadow currents, flowing everywhere.

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    《The Legend of Futian》