The Legend of Futian
1831 Battlefield
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1831 Battlefield

Between the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path was endless darkness. There were barren, ancient realms scattered in that emptiness, devoid of life, that had encountered great destruction.

At that moment, the whole of some unnamed realm was covered in a faint radiance. If one were looking down from the sky, they would be able to see that there was a matrix carved into this realm that was surrounded by a light curtain.

The nameless realm was not large. In terms of scale, it could not compare with the Supreme Path Realms, nor even the Crimson Dragon Realm. It was about the same size as Emperor Xia's Realm. For Renhuang level cultivators, it was quite small.

Beyond the light curtain, the palace lord of the Empty Imperial Palace had arrived with the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture. On the other two sides, the cultivators of the Dark Court and the Evil Emperor Realm had arrived as well. All of them had powerful formations of Renhuangs. They looked at each other over the great distance.

Someone at the palace lord of the Empty Imperial Palace's level could cover a vast area with his divine consciousness. Even if something was very far away, they could still perceive it like it was right next to them.

"Can we begin?" the palace lord of the Empty Imperial Palace asked.

"Yes," said one of his opponents.

"This is a good place for it," said the other.

"Go ahead," said the palace lord to the people behind him. Suddenly, the great army moved forward, sweeping down from the sky towards the nameless realm.

The cultivators of the other two forces did the same thing. The three great armies charged forward.

As they descended, the light curtain shone with incomparably brilliant divine light. It was like an ultimate divine matrix, sealing the entire realm within.

The outer bounds of the nameless realm were covered by the light curtain.

The divine consciousness of the palace lord of the Empty Imperial Palace swept out towards the other two cultivators. "Is this acceptable?" he asked.

"It is," they replied, nodding.

"Then let us retreat," he said. Then he turned and left. All three cultivators turned back. According to their agreement, none of them could come near the nameless realm and interfere with the battle.

No matter who joined the battle, all they could do was watch.

Therefore, this battle would actually test the courage of all three parties.

Would they send out their top figures to fight? If they did, there was a chance that they would die in battle.

But if they did not send them, they would have far less chance of victory.

The three cultivators all went off into the distance and stopped there, watching from above.

At the same time, in the Central Emperor Realm, Princess Donghuang and others were looking up into the sky. There seemed to be a divine mirror up there, in which appeared images. These images shocked everyone. Their hearts beat wildly as they looked up at the mirror.

In those images, countless cultivators were fighting in a barren realm. Was it a battlefield?

"That is correct. This is indeed the battlefield between three great forces, reflected up in the sky for us to see," said many voices, one after another. Everyone was trembling on the inside. They saw that the cultivators of the three sides had all landed on the ground. They could see even down to small details. It seemed like they would be able to see what everybody was doing.

The images were extremely clear and realistic. Thus, they were able to watch the battle from across an unimaginable distance.

And it was not only them. The same thing happened at the other top forces as well. The three great powers all watched the three great armies descend upon the ancient realm at the same time.


The army of the Divine Prefecture descended into the nameless realm, appearing in the air above a mountain range.

Once they had descended, they had split up from the other two forces. They needed to be in different positions in this realm. Their divine consciousnesses could not radiate too far out.

Now, how should they begin the battle?

Everyone in this battle was at the Renhuang level and had great confidence and willpower. It would not be easy to control them. Thus, Princess Donghuang had not given them any specific instructions. As long as they accomplished their goals it would be alright. They could use any tricks they wanted, and she would not try to limit them.

"What thoughts do you all have about this battle?" someone asked. The person who asked had a third tier Divine Wheel who wore golden armor. He was from one of the divisions under Donghuang the Great's control.

Emperor Donghuang had conquered the Divine Prefecture, but he naturally needed people to help him manage it. He was in command of many divisions, and each one had a powerful figure at their head.

This man was from the Dark Phoenix Division. Every one of them had a murderous air about them.

The Dark Phoenix Division was a powerful army of conquest which had the personal trust of Donghuang the Great. They had once followed Donghuang the Great, fighting wars throughout the realms. They had made great achievements in smashing the enemies of the Divine Prefecture.

The person who was speaking was at the peak of the lower level of the Renhuang plane and was the leader of the Dark Phoenix Division that had come to the battlefield.

"What does everyone think?" he asked. His army was rather disorganized. Some of them were direct vassals of Donghuang the Great and the Divine Prefecture, like the Dark Phoenix Division itself, and some were forces from the Divine Prefecture itself. Others were cultivators from the forces of the Nine Realms.

Those, no one could give orders to each other. No one had the power to make decisions.

"The other two forces will probably join together against us. If we face them head-on, we will likely be humiliated. Why don't we ambush one of them first?" someone said.

"There are many people here in this rather small realm. It will not be easy to set up an ambush. We can only go out and fight them head on before they have had time to join up." At that moment, the thing they were most worried about was the Dark Court and the Evil Emperor Realm joining forces against them. That would cause a lot of trouble.

"They will certainly ally each other," someone said affirmatively. Everyone nodded. They had all realized this. The other two forces wanted to take over the Original Realm, so they had the same goal. All they had to do was destroy the forces of the Divine Prefecture and claim victory on this battlefield, and they would achieve their aim. Given this, there was no reason no to ally each other.

"Then should we move together or split up?" someone asked. This was an important question.

These Renhuangs had come from many different forces to form an army, all for the same goal. But how should they go about it?


At that moment, some of the cultivators frowned and looked up into the sky. There they could faintly see a figure, his form suffused with powerful spatial will. He was a cultivator with a third-tier Divine Wheel. Someone had found them first.

It was a cultivator from the Evil Emperor Realm.

It seemed like they didn't need to discuss it anymore. Their enemies were on the move.

They all looked up at the cultivator in the sky. He must have a ritual implement, and he was using the Great Path of Space. That was how he had found them so quickly. Moreover, he seemed very confident. He did not want to be left behind.


A beam of golden lightning flashed, and in the next moment a figure shot into the sky. He was also skilled with the Great Path of Space, and he wished to attack the cultivator who had just appeared.

However, his opponent waved his hands, and suddenly a space river appeared in the air, separating the two of them. The river cut space itself apart. The figure continued moving higher in the sky until he was very far away. He had no intention of fighting. He had just come to observe their movement.


Spatial radiance shot up into the sky. He was obviously transmitting information about them, letting his forces know he had found them here.

Then, more figures appeared in the sky, one after another. They were all cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm. Strands of dark qi appeared in the sky, letting them know that cultivators of the Dark Court had arrived as well.

It was just as they had expected. Their opponents had joined together from the start. They must have discussed it before the battle even began.

They had double the manpower of their enemies now. It would be enough to defeat the Divine Prefecture.

More and more powerful auras descended, and darkness gradually covered the sky, making everything dim and indistinct. More cultivators of the Dark Court were arriving.

The forces of the Divine Prefecture still waited. It seemed like even now, they would not act yet.

The atmosphere grew tenser. Everything was at a knife's edge.

"Attack!" called the head of the Dark Phoenix Division. As he said this, he shot up into the sky. It seemed that he had not acted before to let more people arrive. In this way, his enemies would not be able to escape easily.

Moreover, their opponent's main armies had not arrived yet. Attacking now would give them a chance to kill some of them.

The leader of the Dark Phoenix Division moved incredibly quickly. A ritual implement appeared in his hands. It was a black pagoda.

There was a booming sound as he unleashed his Divine Wheel. It melded with the pagoda, which appeared up in the sky, growing bigger and bigger. In a flash, there was a huge black pagoda in the sky, thousands of meters long. Bolts of terrible destructive lightning swept out from it, covering a vast area.

Then, destructive light shot out from it, and an intense pressure filled the area. Fierce will surged through the sky, and the Renhuangs who were arriving scattered in all directions. This ritual implement was incredibly strong.

"Go." The cultivator pointed in a direction and the black pagoda flew over there extremely quickly. Divine light filled the sky. There was a cultivator trying to escape over there, but he was struck by countless bolts of destructive lightning, and with a fierce cracking sound he was stunned and then slain.

The other powerful cultivators acted as well, forcing the enemies who had arrived early to scatter and retreat with all haste.

Ye Futian was involved in this as well. Since he was part of this battle, he would naturally give it his all.

His divine sword sang before him. Sword will whirled through the sky, transforming into a terrifying storm of swords. The sword will shook in harmony as if it was all following the same rhythm.


In the next moment, the divine sword slashed through the sky, accompanied by a divine light that pierced the darkness. The sword sped on towards a dark area. The enmity between him and the Dark Court ran deep.

Everywhere the sword passed, the darkness was shattered and cut. Lines of black, divine light shot flowed out into the distance and suddenly disappeared.

Ye Futian closed his eyes. The divine sword continued forward, speeding across thousands of miles, pursuing the dark light.


A strand of shadow will erupted within the sword, condensing the space in front of it and making it extremely cold. The dark airflow stagnated.


The sword pierced through it. Everywhere it went, space was shattered into pieces. The sword seemed to pierce right through the void, destroying the space around it. An illusory figure appeared, faint as a shadow, then disappeared from the world.

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    《The Legend of Futian》