The Legend of Futian
1834 Attention
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1834 Attention

In Empty Imperial Palace, a boundless giant mirror hung high above the sky, reflecting what was happening on the battlefield.

In the reflection, there were violent great battles everywhere.

At this time, cultivators from all parts of the Central Emperor Realm outside the Empty Imperial Palace. They stood in different directions, but all were looking up in the sky at this battlefield. Their hearts were filled with shock.

They saw a lot of well-known figures from the Central Emperor Realm. However, on that battlefield, they did not appear so brilliant anymore. The battle between divine-level forces was simply too horrific. Even those who possessed the perfect divine wheel were among many who had fallen.

The people from the Central Emperor Realm obviously paid more attention to the top forces fighting in this area, such as Tianshen Academy, the Shen clan, the Martial God Clan, and the Sky Reaching School. However, they found that these forces were merely struggling to survive on the battlefield, fighting with all they had. It was hard enough for them to even survive on the battlefield, much less claim a sweeping victory.

The strongest among them were naturally those who possessed the perfect Divine Wheel Third Order. Only those at this level were at the peak level on the battlefield.

At the moment, they noticed that a terrible offensive matrix composed of six men had killed their way through somewhere on the battlefield, claiming the lives of many Renhuang in their wake. They had now rushed into the army, tearing the great army of the Divine Prefecture apart.

These men were experts in similar abilities, so they probably came from the same sect. At this time, they were focused on just one man—the white-haired young man clothed in white, whom many recognized.

"It's Ye Futian. He just killed a comrade of theirs." someone said, having witnessed the previous battle. Ye Futian, known as the number one genius talent in the Nine Realms, was the center of much attention, and many made special efforts to watch his fight. After the battle broke out in the truest sense, he had only made a single move so far, and it had killed a man.

"Well, of all the genius talents in the Nine Realms, he is probably the only one who could defend alone," someone said. The man who was killed by Ye Futian was very powerful. He had punched through the defense from the Xiao clan and knocked out many Renhuang. If it weren't for Ye Futian's timely action, Xiao Muyu would have been in grave danger.

At this time, those six top cultivators had already descended in front of Ye Futian, and terrifying beams of light fell down to cover the sky over that area. It was as if a smaller battlefield was forcibly carved out within the greater battlefield. They planned to trap Ye Futian inside and kill him.

What they were seeing made many people feel a little uneasy. They had seen how tyrannical was the battle matrix formed by these six men, and so far, no one had been able to stop them. Now, that Ye Futian was dealing with them alone, the pressure must have been great.

Would this number one genius talent of the Nine Realms perish on this battlefield?

Even those from the Central Emperor Realm didn't want to see Ye Futian's downfall. People had the tendency to cheer for those legendary figures, hoping to witness the continuation of such legends, something that they could tell their children about.

In the Empty Imperial Palace, Princess Donghuang's attention was focused on the battlefield where Ye Futian was at, and those around him had also noticed it. After all, for such a powerful battle matrix to deal with just one person was treatment reserved only for the very top few in the Divine Prefecture.

Now, this handsome, white-haired man with a balanced beauty between femininity and masculinity was somehow besieged by the enemy.

Not just the people of Divine Prefecture, but some from the Dark Court and the Evil Emperor Realm had also noticed that battlefield. However, as they were not familiar with Ye Futian, they didn't care much about it, for they feared that soon, they would fall victim to those divine fists themselves.

In this battle, these two major forces were considered outsiders, but the situation had been advantageous to their joint forces. At present, they were able to control the principalities of Divine Prefecture.

On the battlefield at this time, the light screen of the battle matrix cast by the six cultivators came down and trapped Ye Futian, beams of light surrounding him. His body floated in the void as he looked up in all six major directions. Six tyrannical battle forms appeared, and each of them was over thousands of feet tall, giving out an unspeakable shock to those who were watching. Within this space, Ye Futian was under tremendous pressure.

This battle matrix was incredibly strong. Composed of six top characters, it could only be described as terrifying. He dared not let down his guard. The Will of the Way flowed about his body, and the divine sword chimed with enthusiasm. The sword intent circulated to sweep the falling shadows of the fist.

At this moment, the streams of light dropped on the bodies of the six powerful men. Its golden divine light was extremely brilliant. They raised their arms at the same time, and without any fancy moves, they directly blasted their attacks toward Ye Futian through the air. A dull crackling sound emitted from the void as the divine light fell down, and shadows of the fist filled the sky.

In the midst of all this, there were six incomparable spatial beams that penetrated the sky. Each beam of light was extremely robust, as they were transformed by the shadows of the fist. As they hit, it was like setting off a terrible wave of currents that flooded toward Ye Futian instantaneously.

Many people outside the Empty Imperial Palace couldn't bear to watch what was about to happen. Could Ye Futian, who was suspended in the void, withstand such aggressive attack?

Although they were not on the battlefield themselves, the power of this punch could be felt by simply looking at the mirror screen.

But at the moment, Ye Futian was motionless. With him as the center, the flow of the surrounding space seemed to have slowed down, as an extreme chilling air filled this space; even the sword intent that was around him was accompanied by this shadowy, cold breath.

When the domineering streamers of fist descended, their motion seemed to slow down as well but did not stop completely. Instead, a sharp tearing sound erupted. The terrifying streamers of light continued their attacks on Ye Futian. Such domineering fist shadows had the power to shatter the space.

However, it was still being affected somewhat. The streamers of fist shadows seemed to be covered with a light frost.

Ye Futian stretched out his hands, and the Sword Qi soared to cut through all things, including all the shadows in this void. At the same time, the divine sword was trembling violently, forming a terrible storm. The Great Path now moved as the space became confused; there were even sounds of melodies that could be heard faintly.

With a finger pointing toward the sky, the sword, cold and brilliant, worked with the countercurrent of the Great Path. As it rotated, it ripped the space apart. This feminine yet extremely sharp sword pierced the six fist shadows.

Dull bursts of explosions were heard, and the place where the collision occurred set off a spatial storm of destruction. The light of the divine sword went up against all momentum, and as the shadows of these fists were pierced, they then disintegrated into a cloud of dust. However, the divine sword was also knocked back and flew back to Ye Futian.

"He blocked it." Many spectators were shocked to their cores. Ye Futian had blocked the overwhelming attack of the battle matrix with a single sword strike. Previously, this fist aurora had slaughtered many Renhuang. And nobody had been able to stop it until this moment when it was finally blocked and destroyed by Ye Futian.

Many spectators from the Divine Prefecture were secretly hoping that even in such a battlefield, the number one genius talent in Divine Prefecture could face the foe alone to show that he was not any lesser than those top forces from Divine Prefecture.

However, at this moment, they saw the six cultivators in the battle matrix piercing the air at the same time with both of their fists. In an instant, horrific fist shadows rained down.

Horrendous thunders were born between heaven and earth.

What was even more frightening being that they did not stop their movements but continued to blast out domineering blows. In an instant, a series of blows smashed down, and every one of them was extremely overpowering. Under this attack, it felt that this limited space was about to be completely buried and destroyed.

Ye Futian, who was suspended there, looked particularly insignificant. Under the fist shadows that shrouded the sky, he seemed a little fragile.

"This attack..." Many were left speechless. It was too aggressive; the power of each punch exuded a fearful sense to those who were watching.

What Lower Renhuang could stop such attacks?

Ye Futian saw it too, but he had the golden body of the Divine Elephant to protect him. He stretched out both hands and placed them on the hilt of the divine sword. Suddenly the divine sword screamed and resonated with the infinite sword intent. An extremely cold and dark breath rose between heaven and earth. The power of Shadow was upon the divine sword, condensing the surrounding space into sheer frost.


With the sword in the air, Ye Futian did not evade as the sword shot straight toward the sky, and Ye Futian followed with it.

The overbearing shadow of the fist attacked but was split through by the frosty divine sword that opened a path of swordsmanship from the middle, slaughtering straight toward the sky. Ye Futian seemed to have integrated with the divine sword and turned into a light, going against the momentum and continuing to break through the void.

"How powerful." The cultivators who were watching the battle was a little shaken. He was able to break through with an attack. The divine sword was in the air, slicing above the void. Such strength was rare even among the genius talents from Divine Prefecture.

There was a look of surprise in the eyes of the two great cultivators in the battle matrix; they were slightly disturbed.

"Together!" Someone commanded among the six, and suddenly, they closed their hands together, and a mighty force penetrated from the beam of light.

The battle form of the Great Path behind them vibrated. In the sky above, an overbearing phantom of the divine god appeared directly above Ye Futian's head, towering and awesome, as if cast in a golden body.

The giant body of this phantom was full of boundless dominance. All the fist shadows were now unified into one, as loud rumbling sounds were heard. He punched directly toward the sky below, and in an instant, a beam of light directly penetrated this space. Blasting from the void to the ground, everyone could hardly react before they saw a fist shadow penetrated heaven and earth.

Under that light beam, Ye Futian's body became stagnant, his speed altered. Then the fist of god pressed down above his head, blasting down without any time for reaction.


There was a loud bang, and beneath the frost, the divine fist was still going strong on its way down. The crowd saw Ye Futian being blasted down again from above the void, and the sword intent around the divine sword was overpowered and darkened.

There was a loud boom as Ye Futian stepped on the ground. A deep crevice appeared, and he fell into it and disappeared from sight.

But the beam of light above the sky fell down and split the ground, shattering it into nothingness so that Ye Futian's figure appeared once again in the field of vision, surrounded by the beams of light.

The Divine Sword stopped releasing its divine light, and the golden body of Ye Futian started showing cracks. He lowered his head slightly as if he was suffering unparalleled pressure under the blast of this punch.

Those who were watching the battle outside the Empty Imperial Palace held their breaths. There was dead silence as all eyes were glued to the battlefield.

Such an attack was terrifying, indeed!

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    《The Legend of Futian》