The Legend of Futian
1836 Lending Aid
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1836 Lending Aid

The battlefield in the nameless realm was drawn out very wide. The shockwaves of a Renhuang Plane battle spread too widely. As the battle erupted, the battlefield was naturally spread out.

Of course, in the process, many people had already fallen.

Now, the battlefield was being split apart. Huge battles were erupting amongst the various cultivators. There were even some who were beginning to retreat and escape because they could not defeat their opponent. Although this war was related to the dispute over the Original Realm, they did not need to battle it out to the death. If they were truly in danger of losing their lives and they had an opportunity to survive, surviving was, naturally, their number one priority.

It was not easy to cultivate up to the Renhuang Plane. For many people, their lives would forever be their number one priority. There was nothing wrong with this. Everyone only had one chance to live. If they died, there was no revival.

Hence, there appeared many situations where people were being chased and killed. The battlefield also kept expanding because of such commotion.

As for the overall situation, with the Dark Court and the Evil Emperor Realm having joined forces, they still held the advantage, and it was very clear. This time, to divide up the Original Realm, they were resolved to take huge losses. They had sent out many top figures to participate in the battle. Many of the cultivators of Empty Mountain had joined the fight.

Ye Futian had killed six cultivators with one sword. Although he had displayed extremely powerful ability, it was still only one corner of the battlefield in the end. He still did not have the power to turn the tide.

In reality, when killing the six cultivators, Ye Futian was also under a lot of pressure. He had even released the power of Yin during the battle. If he hadn't, wanting to break through the battle matrix might have required him to activate the will of the emperor.

They were six existences with flawless third-tier Divine Wheels. Adding on the increase of their power due to the battle matrix, one could imagine how powerful their combat ability was.

They were the cultivators of Empty Mountain, the peak genius figures that came from the Empty Divine Realm.

At that moment, Ye Futian, who was standing in mid-air, surveyed his surroundings. His will enveloped the nearby regions. The members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy and the allied forces tacitly understood not to leave this battle area. Although each of them was facing powerful attacks, according to their agreement, they still maintained a certain distance away from each other, remaining fighting within this region and lending aid to one another.

For instance, before this, when Ye Wuchen was in danger while fighting, Yu Sheng had gone up and helped him block his opponent's attack and killed his opponent.

Now, Yu Sheng stood in a corner. The demonic might on his body filled the sky as though he was a demon. A possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel from the Dark Court was battling fiercely against him. Both of their attacks were domineering. Yet, very quickly, a powerful and heavy pressure pressed down on the other party, causing him to feel as though the surrounding Great Path was pressing down on him. It was difficult for him to move. Then, the demon-like silhouette wielded a battle ax and cleaved downwards. A beam of dark demonic light cleaved down in the sky.

With a swoosh, Yu Sheng's opponent's body was cleaved in two, and he died a horrible death on the spot.

Yu Sheng had two powerful ritual implements on him. He had obtained both of them in the God's relic. One of them was a divine item that he had inherited in the Heavenly Palace that he had refined a bit. The divine item he had obtained was a black rock. It was heavy beyond comparison. By simply placing it in one place, he could suppress the space around it. After Yu Sheng refined it and incorporated it within his Way, when its power burst forth, it could suppress the surrounding space.

On the other hand, the battle-ax was something he obtained from the treasure trove in the Spatial Sacred Hall.

With two ritual implements, combined with his originally powerful combat ability, one could imagine how terrifying his might was. Dou Zhao also fought beside him. Although he was also very powerful, because of Yu Sheng's existence, he did not stand out as much. It gave off a false impression that he took advantage of Yu Sheng's might to throw his weight around.

Gu Dongliu's abilities were naturally also very powerful. His Divine Wheel formed a pattern of the Great Path and suppressed all the evils in this part of the sky. His Way could crumble the mountains and the rivers. He was surrounded by the ancient characters as his celestial body and demonic body became one. He slaughtered everyone who came his way.

Other than that, the sound of bells unleashed by Huang Zhong from the Divine Palace resonated in the sky. The might of the bell was unparalleled. Nan Luoshen, the princess of the Nantian Divine Kingdom, was equally outstanding as she wielded Emperor Nan's Qinghe divine sword in her hand. Unless they encountered someone very mighty; otherwise, with so many possessors of flawless Divine Wheels in this area, they could take on any challenge.

The strongest cultivators among those who came to this area had been slaughtered by Ye Futian.

Hence, the pressure on this battlefield was the smallest overall.

Ye Futian's figure floated high in the sky. His will radiated out and encompassed a vast area. From his body, currents flowed out and extended out into the vast space. The currents enveloped all of his companions and the cultivators of all the allied forces within them.

"Do not leave this area. That way, I can lend my aid at any time," Ye Futian said. The rest of them understood. They could sense the aura that Ye Futian released.

At that moment, some cultivators were slaughtering their way towards the members of the Nantian Divine Kingdom. Frightening flames of the Underworld rained down. Nan Luoshen slashed out with Qinghe. However, the other cultivators did not fare as well and were drowned in the destructive storm.

At that moment, a divine sword shot over to them from afar. It traversed the space and shot up into the sky.

The cultivators who were unleashing attacks from high in the sky retreated when they saw the divine sword. Yet, the divine sword hummed as it vibrated, ripping apart the space as it advanced. It was an unstoppable force.


The divine sword became a beam of light that pierced through numerous Renhuangs. This allowed the few Renhuangs from the Nantian Divine Kingdom to catch their breath. They peered out into the distance in the direction where Ye Futian was and said, "Many thanks, Renhuang Ye."

They secretly felt lucky. With Ye Futian around, they would be much safer on the battlefield.

On the other side, the cultivators of the Tianshen Academy were not so lucky.

The lineup of the Tianshen Academy was actually very powerful. At the very least, this lineup could be considered as one of the best in the Nine Realms. Aside from the lineup of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, which was clearly more domineering than theirs, the lineups sent out by the other forces were all weaker than that of the Tianshen Academy.

However, that advantage was only applicable when they were in the Nine Realms. Among all the lower-level Renhuangs from the Tianshen Academy, Jian Qingzhu was the only possessor of a flawless Divine Wheel.

At the moment, quite a few strong figures were targeting the cultivators of the Tianshen Academy. Among them were a few possessors of flawless third-tier Divine Wheels.

On that side of the battlefield, a few cultivators were standing around Jian Qingzhu and besieging him from different directions. Jian Qingzhu unleashed his Scroll Divine Wheel to counter their attacks. Even though his might was unparalleled, he was still stuck in the encirclement, unable to break out of it.

As for the other cultivators of the Tianshen Academy, they were similarly surrounded. One of the attackers was particularly powerful. He extended his palm and a terrifying light, which could tear apart space, appeared on it. A ritual implement spun at high speed and pierced through space. The implement looked like a roulette, but with sharp tips all around it. It was like a gear wheel. As it was spinning vigorously, a sonic boom exploded, accompanied by a bolt of golden lightning.

His gaze was fixed on the space beneath where he was standing. An intense murderous intent flashed in his eyes as he looked down on the figures below.

He lifted his palm slightly with it facing upwards. Immediately, the roulette, which was spinning in the sky, grew larger. A vigorous spatial storm appeared in the surroundings. One could faintly make out the silhouettes of many roulettes appearing at different corners. The roulettes emitted a rasping sound.

The attacker extended both his arms, and a divine halo poured down. Countless destructive roulettes appeared in this part of the sky. The roulettes resonated with his ritual implement, sealing off the vast space.

"Cleave," uttered the attacker.

As soon as he finished speaking, endless roulettes spun and cleaved the space, slashing their way downwards.

The cultivators of the Tianshen Academy roared in anger. Their Divine Wheels burst forth; they activated their might of the Way until their utmost limits to defend against the space-cutting power. In mid-air, the ritual implement smashed downwards. It moved at such a terrifying speed until the cultivators could not even see its shadow clearly. They could only detect a beam of light plummeting downwards at them.


Fresh blood spattered everywhere. Some powerful Renhuangs were slashed and killed on the spot. Their Divine Wheels were also sliced into pieces, unable to withstand this overbearing attack.

Soon, many people perished one by one. In the blink of an eye, quite a number of Renhuangs were killed. The battle was savage.

Ye Futian had also seen what happened at this side of the battlefield. This onslaught happened in the area where his will could barely cover.

He hesitated for a bit. Before this, when they were in the Shadow Realm, and he was being pursued, the cultivators of the Tianshen Academy passed by and ignored him. Among those who passed by, there were the College Chief of the Tianshen Academy and some mighty cultivators. They turned a blind eye to his predicament at that time.

However, Ye Futian didn't say anything. They were not obliged to save him. The two parties did not have any connection, anyway. He couldn't force them to lend him a helping hand.

Hence, he also hesitated for a moment now.

However, he only dithered for a split second before he attacked.

It was not easy for one to accumulate their cultivation. Moreover, they were on the same side in this battle. Since aiding the cultivators of the Tianshen Academy was not a difficult task, Ye Futian did not want to hold a grudge against them because of what happened last time. He still hoped that the Divine Prefecture could win this battle.

Ye Futian's divine sword traversed the space and left behind a brilliant mark in the sky. It was like a beam of divine light, slashing its way to its opponent.

The other party sensed something. His roulette flew back and spun frenziedly. Then, it flew in the direction where the divine sword was coming.


A loud crash sounded. The attacks from both sides contained powers, which could tear apart space. This caused the surrounding space to be shattered. Streaks of destructive Divine Light of Space rampaged. The opponent glanced into the distance and saw a figure with white hair. The white-hair figure was controlling the divine sword from afar.

Ye Futian did not move; he was still standing at his original spot. Even though he aided the cultivators of the Tianshen Academy, he still placed the safety of his alliance members as his priority. The safety of the rest could only come after that. Ye Futian was well-aware of this point.

Outside the battlefield, at the Empty Imperial Palace, the cultivators of the Tianshen Academy were observing their disciples who were in battle. Before this, all their expressions turned sullen when they saw many of their disciples being killed. Their facial expressions were exceptionally ugly when they saw that Jian Qingzhu was in danger too.

When Ye Futian attacked, they were first stunned by his aid. Then, they breathed a sigh of relief. However, soon, some of them revealed unpleasant looks.

"He is still standing at his spot. He purposely does not go all out to help them," someone complained. They were displeased.

The College Chief of the Tianshen Academy naturally saw what had happened too. He didn't say anything. Before this, when he chose not to help Ye Futian, the latter had most likely noticed him. Hence, the College Chief actually knew the reason why Ye Futian held back!

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    《The Legend of Futian》