The Legend of Futian
1838 The Grand Scheme of Things
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1838 The Grand Scheme of Things

Not long after, a few corpses remained beside Ye Futian. There were others whose souls had dissipated into dust.

None of them survived.

The battlefield was such a cruel place. The cultivators led by the woman were also juniors from a top force. They were also all monstrous figures. They had participated in this war to undergo a life-and-death trial.

In the end, they had indeed perished on the battlefield and would forever remain here.

"Let's go," Ye Futian ordered as he continued to charge towards other parts of the battlefield. The team of allied cultivators of their Heavenly Mandate Academy, with Ye Futian as the center, began to hunt. People came charging towards them one after another. With no exceptions, they were all killed. Among them were quite a few incredible and monstrous figures.

The dominance of their battle array also drew the attention of the outside world. More and more people were paying attention to them, especially among and outside the Empty Imperial Palace. Many gazes were focused on Ye Futian's group.

They were too powerful. This group of people led by Ye Futian seemed like an invincible existence. As they slaughtered their way across the battlefield, their kill count was most likely the highest.

As the battles erupted, the advantage of the war situation became more and more obvious. The alliance between the Dark Court and the Evil Emperor Realm began to gradually occupy an absolute advantage. They suppressed the forces of the Divine Prefecture in various parts of the battlefield.

This war situation also set off a chain reaction. For example, after settling their opponents with an advantage in one part of the battlefield, the enemy's allied forces could support other groups. This caused their advantage to snowball. The forces of the Divine Prefecture held advantages in a few battles. Ye Futian's group was definitely the most eye-catching. However, they could not change the grand scheme of things.

Yet, it was precisely because of this that Ye Futian's side seemed even more outstanding and stood out from the rest.

Cao Jun revealed a look of appreciation as he looked at Ye Futian. Ye Futian was truly incredible as he slaughtered his way across the battlefield.

If only a few cultivators at Ye Futian's level could turn the tide and widen the Divine Prefecture's advantage, they could then seize the initiative of this war. However, that couldn't happen. The most powerful figures, aside from Ye Futian's group, had all been targeted by the enemy. They were either battling with figures at the same level or were surrounded.

Ye Futian was also being surrounded. Before this, the six cultivators had formed a powerful battle matrix to kill Ye Futian. However, they had been killed by Ye Futian instead.

Outside of the Empty Imperial Palace, countless cultivators from the Central Emperor Realm looked at the screen in mid-air. They were similarly surprised by Ye Futian's dominance. Before this, they already knew that Ye Futian was very strong. After all, he was known as the number one genius of the Nine States. He could even be considered the most monstrous figure in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He wasn't just one of them; among those of the current generation, no one could contend with him for this title.

Yet, they had never imagined that in the Divine Prefecture, on the battlefield with three god-level forces, he was still so outstanding, to the point that he was approaching being invincible.

This made them all feel a faint sense of pride and honor.

However, at the same time, they were also worried when they saw the overall situation of the war. The situation was very unfavorable for the forces of the Divine Prefecture. If this continued, the Divine Prefecture might lose. If that happened, many cultivators would most likely point their fingers at Ye Futian.

If they lost this war, the Original Realm would also be divided up. When the time came, who knew what would happen. At the very least, in the short term, the cultivators of the Original Realm would have it hard. There would be a period of turmoil, and cultivators would certainly have a hard time.

"That b*st*rd..."

At this moment, someone cursed furiously in the Empty Imperial Palace. Many people immediately looked towards the person who had cursed out loud. It was a cultivator from the Shen clan. His expression was ugly. It was not just him. Shen Gao, the Shen clan leader, Shen Ji, and other top figures all had somewhat cold looks in their eyes as they stared at the battlefield.

"He is deliberately neglecting others and leaving them to die," another voice cried out. They saw that the cultivators of the Shen clan on the battlefield were being pursued. The lineup of the Shen clan this time around was very powerful. Aside from the members of the Shen clan from the Central Emperor Realm, the Shen clan from the Upper Worlds had also sent people to participate in the battle. They had quite a few incredible figures.

Yet, they had also encountered very strong opponents. Right now, they were at a disadvantage and were retreating while being pursued.

What made them furious was when Ye Futian passed by the part of the battlefield they were in; it was as though he had not seen them and completely ignored them to deal with cultivators in another direction. This was blatant revenge against the Shen clan. He had directly ignored the life-and-death of the cultivators of the Shen clan.

With Ye Futian's ability as well as his group's current full team, once they joined the fight, they could disrupt the opponent instantly and even kill the opponent together with the cultivators of the Shen clan.

However, Ye Futian did not even bat an eye at them at all. He just passed by them. Because he ignored them, the cultivators of the Shen clan continued to be chased. A number of their cultivators were killed. The others were also at a disadvantage and were retreating in defeat. They were on the brink of a crisis.

The cultivators of the other forces also saw this scene. In reality, it was not just the Shen clan. On the battlefield, the battles of the other forces were also ignored by Ye Futian. He did not participate in them. Instead, he hunted down the enemy on his own. This was how his group was giving their all for the battle. From this aspect, no one could find fault with them.

"Your Highness, Ye Futian does not care for justice and is seeking revenge publicly over a personal vendetta. He does not care about the outcome of the war at all," a cultivator from the Shen clan said. They did not disguise their dissatisfaction and directly complained about Ye Futian. They hoped that Princess Donghuang would also be dissatisfied with Ye Futian.

"What is the matter? Your Shen clan has tried many times to kill Ye Futian. Now, on the battlefield, you expect Ye Futian to rescue the members of Shen clan?" a mocking voice cried out. A cultivator from Xiao cIan said, "If the members of your Shen clan had such class, you would not have attempted so many times to kill Ye Futian and destroy the Heavenly Mandate Academy."

"You yourselves are vicious, and your methods are cruel, yet you hope that others will return your grievances with virtue and save you all. Isn't that too laughable?" another person said. They were all retorts to the cultivators of the Shen clan. This caused the expressions of the cultivators of the Shen clan to turn ugly.

This was all real.

"We are not asking them to repay grievances with virtue, but to consider the grand scheme of things," the cultivators of Shen clan justified. "On the battlefield, we are both forces on the side of the Divine Prefecture. By retaliating in such a manner, Ye Futian's group puts us in danger of a crisis. If he had given his all from the very beginning, the situation might not be as it is now. He could have lent aid to many more groups."

Regardless of whether it made sense or not, they had to at least shackle Ye Futian with the charges. The reality was that he had not given his all. They only need to constantly remind the princess of this point.

"This is truly laughable. The disadvantageous position we have in this war is due to the encumbrance of the person who has performed the most outstandingly on the battlefield?" cultivators from Dou tribe also retorted. "Those who have not contributed anything are pointing fingers and questioning the people who have contributed by killing the enemy multiple times." They could not stand the cultivators of the Shen clan anymore.

In reality, both sides understood that no one was qualified to say anything about Ye Futian not rescuing the cultivators of the Shen clan. They were originally mortal enemies. Why should Ye Futian save them?

However, the Shen clan still stood out to scold and question Ye Futian. Actually, they just wanted the princess to think that Ye Futian was not giving it his all and did not take this war of the Divine Prefecture seriously, prioritizing his own personal benefit over the outcome of the war. As long as the princess thought so, it was enough.

"Enough," Cao Jun said.

Cao Jun swept a glance at the crowd. There was a look of condescension in his authoritative gaze. A formless pressure enveloped the surrounding space. The crowd immediately fell silent as they looked at Cao Jun standing next to the Princess.

"Everything will be determined after this war ends. Everyone, please do not disturb the princess while she observes the battle," Cao Jun said indifferently. The crowd nodded their heads in agreement. Since Cao Jun had requested them to do so, they would naturally oblige.

Moreover, Cao Jun had brought up the princess in his chastising.

Princess Donghuang still stood quietly there as usual. She raised her head, looked at the screen in the sky and watched the scenes playing on it.

Cao Jun also raised his head and looked up into the sky. He then said, "From the looks of the situation, we might lose."

His status was extraordinary. Hence, he dared to say such things. The princess also did not mind. The others were alI silent. No one dared to speak and merely stared at the screen.

From the looks of the situation, they were indeed beginning to be completely suppressed by their opponent. The two large forces began to surround them from the outer regions of the battlefield. They then began to close in on the forces of the Divine Prefecture. More and more cultivators of the Divine Prefecture were being killed off.

If this continued, they would soon lose this war.

On the battlefield, the fighting was the most intense between the cultivators of Empty Mountain and the Dark Phoenix Division. Both sides had extremely outstanding figures, and their lineups were powerful to the point of being terrifying. This battle had always been the most violent one on the battlefield. Aside from them, the next was the battle between the cultivators led by the Proud Son of the Underworld and the cultivators of Buddha.

At that moment, on the screen, the cultivators of the Dark Phoenix Division began to retreat. They seemed to be preparing to temporarily avoid the heat of the battle and retreat for a while first.

Clearly, they realized that if they continued to fight, the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture would be massacred, and this war would end with their loss.

This scene caused the expressions of the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture to turn very ugly.

On the other hand, many cultivators from the Dark Court and the Evil Emperor Realm revealed victorious smiles.

From the looks of it, they were not far from victory in this battle.

At that moment, on the battlefield, a voice could be heard up to the highest heavens.

This voice only uttered one word: retreat.

It was the voice of the leading figure of the Dark Phoenix Division. When the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture, who were originally at a disadvantage, heard the word retreat, they instantly retreated in different directions. They attempted to disengage with the enemy and retreat temporarily. However, the opponent pursued them even more desperately. How could the enemy forces let such an opportunity slip past them? This was a prime moment to slaughter the cultivators on the side of the Divine Prefecture.

Ye Futian's group was currently still dominating. They had killed off many enemies. However, the grand scheme of things seemed to be irredeemable. When the order to retreat sounded, the various forces began to do so.

His will swept far across into the distance. He glanced around at the battlefield and then said, "Let's retreat for now."

In such a situation, he would naturally not fight the war single-handedly. If they were surrounded, the outcome would be tragic.

However, at that moment, many cultivators already had their eyes on Ye Futian's group. Before this, Ye Futian's group had been too domineering. Gradually, they caught the attention of many people who had then kept their eyes on them. However, due to the dominance of Ye Futian's group, although many people saw them, no one dared to attack them on their own.

Now, Ye Futian's group was considered one of the most powerful forces on the Divine Prefecture's side. If they wanted to retreat, the enemy naturally had to cut them off.

Hence, from various directions, silhouettes descended and tried to cut off and kill Ye Futian's group!

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    《The Legend of Futian》