The Legend of Futian
1841 Invincible
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1841 Invincible

Changes abound amidst the battlefield. No one on and off the battlefield was not astounded by the bright and dazzling Divine Sword.

Inside the Empty Imperial Palace, countless gazes were fixed onto the bright and dazzling scene unfolding within the mirror screen in the sky.

One sword. Executing the enemy.

The Divine Sword returned to its place in front of Ye Futian. It floated there and released beams of swordsmanship Divine Light.

Apart from that, the bright moon still hung in the sky. Beams of moonlight shone upon the space, bathing Ye Futian within. Hair as white as snow, the will of the emperor as holy as ever... At that moment, he looked simply astounding.

The hearts of leaders and big shots of the Shen Clan, the Golden Divine Nation, and other factions that were enemies of Ye Futian, trembled. Their gaze changed gradually. They became colder; their killing intent had increased even further.

Just a while ago, they were still arguing that Ye Futian had dragged their feet in this battle. They wanted to convict him, to declare him guilty, and make him take responsibility for this battle. If he survived the battle, once he returned, they still hoped to lay all the blame on and punish him.

However, the next moment, Ye Futian released more energy, and his might overwhelmed everything. The Divine Sword swung into the sky.

This was the Power of Yin!

That day, Ye Futian was on the verge of death inside the core area of the Shadow Realm. Ultimately, he survived. However, he did not only survive. He also gained a blessing in his misfortune. He had mastered the Power of Yin.

Before this, the others had already been suspicious. However, now that they saw the Moon Wheel, it was no longer in doubt. Even if they did not feel the aura on the battlefield first hand, they knew that it was the Power of Yin from the Shadow Realm. It had been assimilated into his law power attacks and sword. That was the reason for the surge in might and strength.

"Yin," mumbled Cao Jun gently as he stared at the Void mirror screen. He would never have imagined that such an exceptional person would be in the Original Realm. Even though Ye Futian's previous display showed that he was unusually talented, maybe even a genius, what kind of person was Cao Jun? He had met all types of great individuals, geniuses coming from all places before, and each of them had begged to train under his banner. As a result, even though Ye Futian's earlier display was astounding, he was not truly moved.

That was until this moment. Cao Jun was stunned.

The will of the emperor and Power of Yin. The talent that he displayed had already surpassed many geniuses in the Divine Prefecture.

He glanced at Princess Donghuang beside him and saw that the princess was still gazing calmly into the Void. Cao Jun wondered... Did the Princess already know that this would be the outcome?

However, he only guessed. He did not ask. That was because, no matter his position under Donghuang the Great, the Princess was still a princess, and also the only daughter of the great emperor. The princess respected him, and naturally, he reciprocated the respect.

He would not ask what should not be asked. If the princess wanted to speak, she would, naturally, speak.

In areas where cultivators had gathered in the Evil Emperor Realm and the Dark Court, countless people were also stunned by the scene before them.

Shi Xie had already suspected this earlier. Now, it was proven. Ye Futian had already mastered the Power of Yin and had assimilated it into his abilities. When he was in the Shadow Realm back then, he did not pay much attention to Ye Futian's existence; instead, he put more focus on the heir of the Heaven Realm.

However, unexpected to him, the person who was on the verge of death in the Shadow Realm had not only survived but also managed to master the Power of Yin.

What was the reason for this development?

The number one genius in the Original Realm was the Heavenly Mandate Academy's Ye Futian.

This was the first time Shi Xie truly recognized Ye Futian. While Ye Futian's previous displays were exceptional, Shi Xie had never truly remembered Ye Futian. After all, the number of people worthy of being remembered by him was quite low.

However, at that moment, Ye Futian's name was carved into his memory.

It seemed like he had underestimated the people from the Original Realm. It was surprising to him that the Original Realm had someone as exceptional as this.

He continued to observe the battlefield. While Ye Futian was incredibly powerful, the general tide of the battle had already been set. Could Ye Futian change the tide of battle?

Amidst the battlefield, the Buddhist practitioners from the Mountain Realm looked over at Ye Futian. Then, the leading monk wearing the white robe suddenly turned around and walked towards him. Following that, the rest of the Buddhist sect practitioners also followed him as they walked back to return to the battlefield.

The monk walked to a spot not far behind Ye Futian and asked, "Dear benefactor, do you need this humble monk's help?"

Ye Futian did not turn around. Using his divine consciousness, he could see everything clearly. As such, it was natural that he was able to see his surroundings.

He continued to gaze at a location far away. There, the Proud Son of the Underworld's gaze was dead cold as he stared straight back at Ye Futian.

"Master, would you be so kind as to defend my left side and follow me as we kill the enemy's leader?" Ye Futian asked. Earlier on the battlefield, this group of monks was capable of battling against the Proud Son of the Underworld. This handsome monk, in particular, was even capable of fighting evenly against Qi Ye.

"Leave it to this humble monk," answered the monk with a gentle smile as he clasped his hands together. He looked very handsome when he smiled. A different kind of handsome.

"Older brothers, Yu Sheng, you guys are on the right," said Ye Futian as he looked at Yu Sheng.

"Alright." Yu Sheng, Gu Dongliu, and the others nodded. They went to Ye Futian's right and released their energies. Their might were frightening, particularly Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu. One had a vast amount of demon might as demons and shadows began to form around him while the other summoned a Juexian matrix, resulting in him being surrounded by celestials and demons. It was a frightening scene.

Three major factions. Apart from their group, the Dark Phoenix Division was battling against the cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm. As for the remaining cultivators, they were initially prepared to retreat; however, at that moment, many also started to turn around to look toward the battlefield.

Ye Futian's battle had attracted the gaze of everyone. He had become the absolute core area of the battle.

In front of Ye Futian was a vast army. Countless cultivators, multiple Renhuangs stood in the area in front of him. When their might descended, it was incredibly frightening.

However, at that moment, the large army did not move rashly. In the earlier battle, Ye Futian was too strong. The top fighters who went out to fight him had already been killed.

Then, Ye Futian waved his fist, making the divine move around Ye Futian to behind his body. This move surprised many people as shock filled their faces. What did this mean?

However, in the next moment, they saw Ye Futian bring out another ritual implement. It was a pole that was releasing a strong and daunting aura. The divine sword gave off a sense of sharpness, while the pole exuded a sense of power and weight. Both ritual implements were exuding a frightening aura.

With the Power of Divine Elephant in his grasp, Ye Futian was bathed in the Emperor's Light. Shadows and illusions of Divine Elephants appeared around him while Starry Halos spun around his body. At that moment, he looked like a hero of an era. The moment he took a step, the hearts of the Renhuangs in front of him trembled. They felt an extremely powerful force press against them.

The moment Ye Futian stepped forward, on his left and right side, the Buddhist practitioners from the Mountain Realm, as well as with Yu Sheng's group, had already taken a step forward. This way, they could share and alleviate the pressure coming from the left and right side of Ye Futian.

The white-robed monk held Buddha beads in both his hands. Then, flying and spinning at an amazing speed, ancient characters above the Buddha emerged and transformed into sutras. After that, a heavenly Buddha appeared. A gigantic holy Buddha statue appeared. The giant Buddha continued to grow larger as Buddha sounds whirled around it. It kept growing until it was thousands of meters tall, reaching high into the sky. Watching from above, everyone down below looked like ants.

Many raised their head to look up and felt as if the Buddha in the heavens was looking at them.

"Do it."

The Renhuangs began to concentrate their powers. Ritual implements danced in the sky. Powerful law power emerged and shot at the giant Buddha.

Only frightening rumbles could be heard as a giant Buddha palm slammed down from the sky. It covered a large area and slammed right into many talismans and weapons, blowing them away. The palm continued to push down as it crushed that entire piece of land.

On the other side, within the Juexian Matrix behind Gu Dongliu, celestials and demons roared. Holy beasts surged forward one by one while multiple Celestial Shadows raged forward. On the other hand, Yu Sheng leaped forward by himself. Using Gu Dongliu's attacks as cover, he charged straight into the enemy. His divine item's light shone, overwhelming the enemies in that space to the point where they could not move. His fists flew forward. Fierce and intense sounds of crashing could be heard as several Renhuang cultivators were directly punctured by the aurora of his fist.

Of course, most of the cultivators charged towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's speed was breakneck. He charged straight into the massive army in front of him. The Moon Wheel behind him released an even brighter and dazzling Great Path radiance. In an instant, the bodies of the Renhuangs in front of him froze one by one. They could feel their blood stop flowing while their spiritual souls trembled.

The moonlight continued to shine below. Hidden within areas shrouded in the moonlight were frightening lightning. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that the moonlight itself was transformed from the Yin Divine Thunder.

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

Within the void, figures exploded into pieces one after another. Under the radiance of the moonlight, their bodies were destroyed, and their spiritual souls were crushed.

In an instant, many of those who were in possession of imperfect Divine Wheels had perished. Their souls dispersed as they did not even have the ability to mount an ounce of resistance.

Ye Futian's level was at the Divine Wheel's second order. His Divine Wheel was perfect, and with the will of the emperor activated and with his powers, he was definitely at the level of Divine Wheel third order. Moreover, it was at a perfect level. In addition, he also had the Power of Yin. Hence, how could a Lower Renhuang with an imperfect Divine Wheel resist him? They were absolutely powerless and could not fight back, resulting in them being killed instantaneously.

The moonlight was still a law power attack. The Power of Yin assimilated into the Perilous Thunder to transform into the Yin Divine Thunder. Hidden within it was the destructive power of thunder, and the power of Great Path that could tear through space. As such, under the radiance of the Yin Divine Light, multiple figures turned into dust. They were powerless and fell instantly.

Plop, plop, plop...

The Divine Light remained, and combatants continued to fall on the battlefield. At that moment, many people felt that the Renhuang were like ants. In front of absolute strength, their numbers were meaningless.

An incredible number of law powers were thrown at Ye Futian. However, as these powers entered the domain of the Yin Divine Light, they froze before being annihilated by the Yin Divine Thunder. Others were trampled into pieces by the Divine Elephants or swept away by the Starry Halos around him. These Renhuangs could not even get close to Ye Futian.

Then, suddenly, a giant divine tower appeared and broke through the power of the Yin Divine Light and flew at Ye Futian. Many people stared at this scene, hoping to see a ray of hope.

Ye Futian raised his arm, the long pole in his palm. His body moved as he swept the pole outward. At that moment, the pole's shadow covered the sky, the Great Path roared, and the ritual implement was sent flying. The next moment, the Yin Divine Light was shining upon the cultivator who released the divine tower. The Divine Sword behind Ye Futian had also flown out. Before the divine tower returned to the opponent, the Power of Yin and the Divine Sword had descended upon him. Plop. A corpse was left behind.


The Ye Futian at that moment gave off a sense of invincibility. He continued to stride forward. The moon's radiance fell upon the land, and beams of Yin Divine Light swept across the battlefield. Renhuang continued to fall one by one. It was despair!

He was going to annihilate the Renhuang army by himself!

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    《The Legend of Futian》