The Legend of Futian
1842 Killing Inten
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1842 Killing Inten

There had not been a moment like this where a large number of Renhuang fell ever since the large-scale battle began.

As Ye Futian continued to bathe in the Emperor's Light, no one could block his path.

Watching their companions blown to bits and crushed one after the other, the other Renhuangs began to falter as an extreme fear started to grow inside their minds. Some of them were already thinking about retreat; they wanted to get off this battlefield.

On this battlefield, owners of imperfect Divine Wheels were fodders in front of Ye Futian. They were killed instantly. In a situation like that, who would want to go and die?

Another round of Divine Light rained from above. All the people close to Ye Futian were punctured, while those exposed to the Moon Light died as well.

Ye Futian's overwhelming power made the people watching the battle forget the other two crazy battles on the left and right.

The battlefield created an illusion - Lower Renhuangs were like ants.

They were at the same level; however, the gap between their strength was actually so great.

One after another, the Renhuangs began to retreat. They avoided confronting Ye Futian directly. In the sky above, several genius-level perfect Divine Wheel owners frowned. Faced with the battle in front of them, they were actually feeling a little out of depth and out of ideas.

Their law power attacks could not even get close to Ye Futian.

"I will stop his movements. You guys attack." A voice suddenly appeared. A dark shadow was within the void. The figure was extremely imposing. His body emanated an aura of wildness. Strands of dark aura flowed over his body, raging between heaven and earth. In his hand was a completely black instrument that let out crisp clinking sounds. It was a black chain.


His arm trembled. Then, he suddenly threw the chain down to the ground. In that instant, loud clinking noises filled the air as a huge number of dark chains rained flew down from the sky, blocking the sun. Every single chain let out a deafening and explosive sound.

Hundreds of millions of chains shrouded the boundless void and locked down the land surrounding Ye Futian. An explosion of dark light emerged as the place turned into a dark prison. In addition to those, some of the chains were flying towards Ye Futian.

It was an indestructible ritual implement. Its attack was on the weaker side. However, it was capable of sealing people away. At the moment, ye Futian was too dangerous. They had to seal and limit his movement.

Ye Futian raised his head and glanced over his surrounding. The Yin Divine Light bloomed and made the chains closer to him gradually covered in ice. His gaze was terrifying as it pierced through the gaps between the chain-formed dark prison and reached the figures within the void.

After the divine item was released, it turned into an incredibly large prison to trap and imprison him.

The Moon released an even stronger divine light that directly enveloped the dark prison. All the chains became frozen, and as the Power of Yin seeped in, the dark prison began to slow down and stop as if it was solidifying before finally turning into a static prison.

Ye Futian's body flashed as he charged at a location. The Divine Sword flashed and disappeared with him. He directly charged through the gaps between the chains. His body moved straight as he moved quickly towards the figure high in the sky.

The cultivator's expression changed slightly. He moved his arm fiercely as he tried to retract the chains to wrap around Ye Futian. However, he seemed to have lost control of his divine item, which had been ice sealed by the Power of Yin. At the same time, a round and full moon appeared in front of him. Then, in the next moment, a huge amount of Yin current landed on his body.

Boom! The imposing dark aura around his body exploded as he tried to destroy and counter the effects of the Power of Yin. His body was covered in a layer of dark armor. The Yin Divine Thunder struck his body but failed to kill him in an instant.

It was as if the dark armor was also a powerful item.

Vuong! A beam of Divine Light shot towards the cultivators around him. With a simple flick of Ye Futian's consciousness, the Divine Sword cut through the skies and flew at them, forcing the cultivators to scatter and retreat. Two of them were too weak and were directly killed by the Yin Divine Thunder.

Ye Futian himself leaped and landed in front of the imposing Renhuang. He threw the long pole directly, causing a loud rumbling sound that seemed to tear through space, to fill the air, causing the cultivators around the area to tremble. Then, the pole came crashing down.

"Blurgh!" He coughed up fresh blood. Although that cultivator was protected by a ritual implement, his eyes widened as he spat out fresh blood. His spiritual soul was crushed, and he was killed by the enormously powerful force even with a ritual implement in between. Then, his body fell from the sky.

Many from the Dark Court knew which faction that person was from. They felt a chill right through their hearts. He could not be stopped.

Anyone who tried would die.

Ye Futian's gaze turned forward. He continued to walk forward. The Moon Wheel hung high in the sky as it continued to rain Divine Light down. Air current flowed down from above as if they were lightning, but in truth, those were the Yin Divine Thunder.

On Ye Futian's left were the cultivators from the Buddhist sect, while Yu Sheng and the others were on his right. They all moved forward together.

At that moment, it was obvious that the cultivators directly in front of Ye Futian had started to consciously and intentionally move away. No one was actually blocking Ye Futian.

They did not dare block his path.

Many had already sacrificed their lives for this. Apart from the Dark Court's own strength, the Dark Court's army also had cultivators from some of the major factions of the Dark World mixed within. The reason they came to the Original Realm was so that they could benefit from it. They wanted to gain a foothold in the Original Realm in the future. To have these people sacrifice their lives to help achieve victory for the Dark Court in the fight for the Original Realm? It was natural that they would be unwilling to do.

Even if they were cultivators from the Dark Court itself, they would still be reluctant to get themselves killed. The retreat from the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture from earlier was similar.

The Divine Light floated high in the air behind Ye Futian. The long pole in his palm; and the Moon Light shining around him. There was no longer anyone left within a certain range from Ye Futian.

His gaze shifted to a location far away. The leaders of the Dark Court's army was there. Among them was the Proud Son of the Underworld - Qi Ye.

Qi Ye's gaze was also fixed on Ye Futian. Was he going to charge towards him?

Ye Futian said that he wanted to kill all the enemy leaders. After all, one had to capture the ringleader first to capture all the followers, right?

Charging towards him directly... What arrogance.

If the words uttered by Ye Futian were considered somewhat insane, then no one would have suspected that Ye Futian was currently carrying out his earlier promise. He charged forward, and by then, no one dared to block his path. At the moment, he was charging towards the Proud Son of the Underworld.

Qi Ye did not retreat. Who was he? He was the heir to the Underworld, the Son of the Underworld, the commander of the army on the battlefield. If his army had lost the advantage and were facing defeat, a retreat would have been a practical, tactical maneuver. However, at that moment, the army had not yet been defeated. Instead, it was just one opponent defeating his army, charging into enemies, and then, straight towards him.

How could he retreat?

A retreat would mean that the Dark Court's army could not even deal with a single Ye Futian. Then what opportunities would be left for them in the future? His army fought head-on and was annihilated by Ye Futian. If he were to retreat, how would they turn things around?

As long as Ye Futian remained on the battlefield, they would be better off surrendering directly.

As such, Qi Ye's retreat would signify a defeat.

Moreover, his position did not allow him to retreat as well.

Cultivators of the Outer Realms, Dark Court, Empty Divine Realm, and the Divine Prefecture were watching this battle. Everything that happened on the battlefield would be seen and remembered by the cultivators from the Outer Realms. Running away without even fighting? The Proud Son of the Underworld being frightened and horrified by a single person - Ye Futian?

If he were to do this and return to the Dark Court, things would not end well for him.

Proud Sons of worlds are created amid cruel competitions. The Dark Court did not need weak and average individuals surged; it was an incredibly scary sight to behold.

Ye Futian landed at a location not far from the Proud Son of the Underworld. He was surrounded by several figures that were the elite cultivators from the Dark Court. Apart from that, on the other side, the cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm were also running toward this location. The Divine Light of Space surged. It was a scary sight to behold.

However, the Dark Phoenix Division was also charging forward. After Ye Futian released his true strength, the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture had also started a counterattack.

On Ye Futian's side, a tripartite confrontation seemed to have formed; however, two of the sides were targeting Ye Futian.

As the Moon Light shot down, a black robe floated in front of the cultivators from the Dark Court. A frightening dark storm converged together to create a scary whirlpool of a black hole that actually devoured the Moon Light.

At another location, lead by the cultivators from the Evil Emperor Realm, the cultivators released a divine sword. The divine sword used by the Great Emperor before released an unparalleled Divine Light of Space that tore through everything. Even the Yin Divine Light was crushed in front of it. Both energies were extremely powerful.

"Who are you dealing with first?" On the side, the handsome monk asked Ye Futian. Letting Ye Futian choose his opponent to help delay or distract the other one for a while.

While Ye Futian was incredibly powerful, facing the top dogs from the two enemies was still difficult.

The Buddhist sect and Yu Sheng's group could help by sharing the burden by facing one of the sides first.

"Them," answered Ye Futian while looking at the cultivators from the Dark Court.

The reason he chose the Dark Court was simple. There was still unfinished business between him and the Dark Court.

Back then, using the power of Hell, the Dark Court staged their comeback and killed quite a sizable number of people from the Nine Realms, including cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy. In addition, he also had to pay them back for when the Dark Court used them to open the Gate of the Hell when they were in the Hidden Land Realm.

Apart from that, there was the poor girl Ye Qingyao. She was forcibly snatched away by the Dark Court's army when they descended upon the Heavenly Mandate Academy. While Ye Qingyao left voluntarily, it was a decision forced by the Dark Court because she did not want to implicate or involve anyone else.

At that moment, it was time to pay them back for all these.

"Alright." The handsome monk looked at Yu Sheng and the others before saying, "Let us deal with the people from the Empty Divine Realm first."

Yu Sheng nodded in silence. A daunting aura of divine items came from his body while his might filled the space, resulting in a frightening aura forming around his body.

Ye Futian took a step forward. He walked alone towards the most elite group of cultivators from the Dark Court. The others would face the cultivators from the Evil Emperor Realm.

"Such arrogance." This thought flashed across the minds of many who saw the scene unfold, on and off the battlefield. For one person to deal with the strongest force of the Dark Court... However, Ye Futian has been overwhelming in the battle. If it were only the Proud Son of the Underworld, Qi Ye, it might not have been enough.

Qi Ye was at the same level as Ye Futian, which was the Divine Wheel second order. Ye Futian released the will of the emperor, so in terms of planes, Ye Futian had sufficiently overwhelmed him. Moreover, he had mastered the Power of Yin. Even the Proud Son of the Underworld would not have been able to win against Ye Futian.

Then, a cold killing intent flashed across Ye Futian's eyes as he glanced at Qi Ye. That made Qi Ye's gaze harden as he activated the Eyes of the Underworld. It was incredibly scary. The thought of killing him directly on that battlefield had actually crossed Ye Futian's mind.

Remembering the battle at the Empty Imperial Palace last time, Qi Ye could not help but feel that he had been ridiculed. The Ye Futian, who was easily crushed by him, was now trying to kill him directly.

A practitioner from the Original Realm was actually thinking about killing him, the Proud Son of the Underworld.

He extended his hands, and frightening dark storms converged. It became even more frightening by the second as a Hell-like black hole began to appear in the sky right above Ye Futian!

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    《The Legend of Futian》