The Legend of Futian
1843 Killing Move
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1843 Killing Move

Shadow radiance shot towards his opponent, but a terrible engulfing force appeared within the black hole storm, which formed a horrifying vortex in the sky. The radiance was sucked into the vortex and then was completely swallowed up and destroyed.

Ye Futian looked at the black hole storm. The light of the Moon Wheel grew even brighter. It not only did not stop; it gave off even more powerful radiance, which it then sent into the vortex.

A layer of frost gradually covered the black hole vortex. Looking up at it, it seemed to be freezing and solidifying. The storm gradually grew weaker and weaker as well. This caused a look of utter shock to come over the faces of the cultivators of the Dark Court. This power of Yin was too strong. It could destroy anything that they threw at it.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Divine shadow thunder struck inside the storm, making the vortex in the sky tremble. It seemed to be so unstable that it could be destroyed at any moment.

"Attack!" someone cried. The other cultivators of the Dark Court were no longer merely watching. They had already released the power within their bodies, and now they were launching their attack. They seemed to have a tacit understanding with each other, and they sent out destructive dark flames at the same time.

In but a moment, the entire sky was covered in dark flames. The space where Ye Futian was standing was transformed into a world of destructive fire. Within the deep, dark flames, the world seemed like hell.

Ye Futian was engulfed in flames. Lines of radiance bloomed from him and dispersed in all directions. Bright moonlight fell violently from the sky, freezing the dark flames.

A mystical stream of Qi flowed by. Ye Futian could feel the space around him transform and become silent; it was as if there was no one else there. The lines of destructive Qi seemed to enter into a dark illusory space.

Many Underworld illusions appeared in this hellish space, appearing insubstantial and vague.

Terrifying Qi flowed through the air, rushing towards Ye Futian. His expression turned fierce, and it seemed like he could see through everything.

Boom! There was a loud noise as a huge black spear pierced down towards him. But as it drew near to Ye Futian, it slowed down, as if it had entered a defensive field around him.

More attacks came in from all different directions, but not one of them could get close to him. Nevertheless, Ye Futian was buried under these countless attacks.

At that moment, lines of destructive flames of the Way appeared, flowing through the air. They were everywhere, surging around Ye Futian. He looked all around him with his fierce gaze. He saw that he seemed to be within the flames of an oven formed by a ritual implement.

He had indeed been swallowed up by a giant oven.

Outside, the cultivators of the Dark Court were surrounding him, standing in all directions. Dark destructive air currents surged violently from them. Every one of them was calling upon both the power of their Wheels of the Great Path as well as their own power.

As so much power was released, they seemed to form a giant matrix. Dark light covered the sky, rushing wildly between them. There was a giant black oven there that had swallowed up an entire section of the sky. Ye Futian was within it.

This oven was the powerful ritual implement of one of the genius cultivation masters of the Dark Court, who was one of their greatest figures. At that moment, all of the cultivators were working together. First they had used a diversion to trap Ye Futian in a dark illusion, then they had covered the sky with their oven. The only way out of the oven was through the gap at the top.

Now, they were going to burn him to death.

Given the power of the cultivators of the Dark Court, there was no way they could fail to do so.


Qi Ye stood atop the oven, wearing a long dark robe that flapped in the wind. Another black hole vortex appeared before him, from which endless underworld spears appeared, each of which then pierced down into the oven. And he was not the only one who did this; the other cultivators attacked continuously as well, adding even more destructive power to the furnace and trying to bury Ye Futian within it.

The cultivators of the Divine Prefecture kept looking over at that part of the battlefield, feeling greatly anxious. Although Ye Futian had displayed incomparable power, these were the true geniuses of the Dark Court after all. When they worked together, their power was frightening. Right now, they had trapped within Ye Futian within a ritual implement. They did not know if Ye Futian could handle such a devastating assault.

Within the oven, Ye Futian was indeed facing powerful destructive attacks. His body had been swallowed up by the destructive flames of the Way. In addition, lines of poisonous air were mixed with the flames, and violent, dark spears were striking him constantly. At that moment, he truly felt like he was in a dark hell. If his defenses had not been so powerful, he already would have been destroyed by this devastating power.

Shadow radiance shot out, and the World Tree swayed within him, sending out airflows in all directions that pierced through the dark oven. The power of shadow was integrated into these airflows, and they spread throughout the air, infusing it with shadow.

Outside, many of the cultivators could not see what was happening inside. Only the controller of the ritual implement knew what was going on there.

"How is it going?" someone asked the cultivator who controlled the dark oven.

The cultivator frowned. The dark oven was filled with many kinds of destructive flames that would burn the flesh and destroy the Divine Wheels of anyone inside. These flames were shockingly powerful, but so far, they had not managed to touch Ye Futian. And at that moment, the inside of the oven seemed to be filled with invisible power. He could not even tell what was happening with Ye Futian's body.

Just then, everyone saw the dark furnace begin to shake violently and give off a terrible noise.

"What is happening?" Everyone stared at it. Was Ye Futian attacking from within?

This furnace had been forged by an incredibly powerful figure, who had then asked other top figures to refine it until it was absolutely indestructible. If Ye Futian wanted to destroy it, it would be utterly impossible. He could only come out through the gap in it.

"Should I go cover it up?" someone asked. The cultivator was hesitating, unsure of what to do.

However, in the next instant dazzling light bloomed with a loud boom. Divine radiance shone as Ye Futian came shooting out of the gap. Terrible, dark Underworld spears were still flying out of the black hole vortex towards him.

But they saw a beam of light shoot out. A divine sword pierced towards the black hole vortex, blazing with shadow radiance. It ripped the black hole apart and then went through it, appearing in the sky above it.

Moonlight fell, illuminating everyone and making them feel a chilling presence. The world seemed to freeze. Even the Great Path of Space went still.

Up in the sky, Ye Futian gripped his staff, and dazzling divine light burst forth from it. He flew forward, raising his staff with both hands.

At that moment, he swept out the staff, causing thousands of staff images to appear. They covered the sky as they swept out, flattening everything in their path.

Fierce booming sounds rang out as the sky itself seemed like it would collapse. All of the cultivators fled backward, but since the Great Path of Space was frozen, many of them were swept away and instantly destroyed. Some of them managed to protect themselves with ritual implements and did not die, but they still spat up blood when they were struck.

After he had done this, Ye Futian pointed up into the sky. In the next moment, divine radiance bloomed from his sword and shot up into the sky. There were continuous puffing sounds as cultivator after cultivator was pierced by the light and killed on the spot, dissipating into ashes that floated away on the wind.

In the distance, more cultivators watched this scene in shock. Ye Futian was too powerful. With a single staff and a single sword, he had brought chaos and killed more than half the people surrounding him.

It was a tragedy. Many of those killed by Ye Futian were the greatest talents of the Dark Court. None of them could hope to withstand his continuous attacks.

The surviving cultivators retreated some distance, their hearts beating wildly. They gazed at the imposing figure bathed in a kingly radiance.

They had been crushed by a genius of the Original Realm. It seemed like there was absolutely no one in the world who could stand up to this man.

Ye Futian stared at Qi Ye and took a step forward. A terrible dark vortex appeared around Qi Ye's black-robed form. A vast area went dark as this force surged unto its fullest power.

Endless Qi flowed into Qi Ye, and his body grew larger. There was a booming sound as he reached the height of a thousand meters. Endless destructive airflows swirled around him, transforming him into a true god of the Underworld.

His expression was exceedingly cold. In the face of Ye Futian's power, he had absolutely no option but to use every last drop of strength that he had in him.

His dark spear had grown larger as well and gave off endless destructive power. He reached out, grabbing at Ye Futian from across a great distance. Suddenly, a terrible vortex storm appeared around Ye Futian, swallowing him up.

Ye Futian floated there, seeming incredibly small compared to his opponent. The bright moon was in the sky, its radiance falling upon the land. Shadow radiance covered the area and moved towards the vortex. The divine sword clanged as it swept through the air towards the terrible vortex that his opponent had made.

The divine sword was followed by countless air currents filled with swordsmanship, forming a river of destructive swords. It pierced through the vortex storm with a loud bang and struck his opponent's left hand, piercing through it. It continued onward towards his opponent's chest, freezing Qi Ye's massive body bit by bit with the power of shadow that it contained. But he managed to grab the sword.

Woosh! Ye Futian shot forward, waving his staff. It swept down from the sky, destroying everything in its path.

His opponent raised his dark spear, thrusting it towards the staff. There was a loud bang as they collided. The spear shook, and the staff continued downward, slamming into the massive Underworld figure and shattering it.

A terrifying dark air current burst out and flooded the area, surging all around. Ye Futian seemed to notice something. A figure appeared behind him. It was Qi Ye, the dark spear in his hands giving off incomparably destructive light. It struck out towards Ye Futian, who's attack momentum had not diminished. This was his true killing move.

"Die!" Cold murderous intent flashed across Qi Ye's eyes. The power of the shadow was shattered under the dark, destructive light. The blow pierced towards Ye Futian's head!

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    《The Legend of Futian》