The Legend of Futian
1844 Triumphant Return
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1844 Triumphant Return

The attack fell. In addition to the incredibly sharp, destructive power, a terrible hellish vortex appeared as well, filling the area around Ye Futian and giving him no power to escape.

He was completely swallowed up in an instant. It was like a flower of hell had bloomed and transformed into a killing blow.

In reality, this attack was dangerous to Qi Ye as well, but he knew that as the possessor of a second-tier Divine Wheel, he might not have another chance in direct combat. The Yin power was integrated into Ye Futian's attacks, along with the will of the Emperor, making them absolutely frightening. He had used dark escape techniques to avoid harm, and now that he had found this life or death chance, how could he miss it?

Countless people watched this attack. It would probably be the end of this fight.

Everything around Ye Futian froze, and frost covered it all. Lines of Qi became solid, like countless sharp leaves and branches that covered everything around him.

Under the dark spear of destruction, the terrifying dark beams of light pierced downward bit by bit, trying to break through his defenses. With a loud bang, the spear reached his Divine Elephant battle form, making cracks appear on it. And it continued forward, piercing within.

But at the same time, brilliant golden divine radiance covered Qi Ye's body little by little, and soon he was completely engulfed. The Yin power went into him, blocking his dark magic. His blood began to flow more slowly, and his divine spirit grew cold. The power in his hands grew weaker and weaker.

Everyone gazed fixedly at this scene. Ye Futian's arm moved, and he stretched out his hand. The divine sword came flying back to him, and he caught it then swept it behind him.

It swept out, giving off a terrible radiance that pierced through the frozen space. It continued forward, then pierced into Qi Ye.

Qi Ye's eyes narrowed, and he felt a stab of fear. There in the still space, all seemed hopeless.

He was the Proud Son of the Underworld. Was he really going to fall here?

Ye Futian raised his hand and slapped it down directly on the hilt of the divine sword. A beam of even more brilliant radiance bloomed. At that moment, Qi Ye's body shattered bit by bit until he became a little more than an illusory figure. Then he disappeared completely.

The heir of the Lord of the Underworld, the controller of the Throne of the Underworld, had fallen.

"He killed him!" The battle all around stopped at that moment. Many of the cultivators of the Dark Court looked over there. Had he really not been able to stop Ye Futian?

After his divine radiance burst forth, Ye Futian moved into the great army, killing people all along the way. In the end, he had slain the leader of the Dark Army, Qi Ye.

It was just like he had said. He had cut off his enemies' head.

At a time of defeat, one man had completely turned the tables. He had cut his way through an army of Renhuans and cut down Qi Ye, shattering the power of the Dark Army.

At that moment, who within the Dark Army would dare continue fighting?

At it was not only those on the battlefield. Those cultivators outside the battlefield also trembled within their hearts. He was dead.

Within the Empty Palace, the cultivators who were watching were speechless. The cultivators of the Divine Palace and the Golden Divine Nation had once again witnessed Ye Futian's absolute talent. But they were covered in a cold sweat. Showing so much magnificence on a battlefield would make Ye Futian far more threatening in the future.

A cold light flashed in their eyes. It seemed as if they were hiding their murderous intent.

There were shaken looks in the Princess and Cao Jun's eyes as well when they saw this. He had really cut him down.

"It looks like he has turned the tide of battle," said Cao Jun. A single man had turned the tables in favor of the Divine Prefecture.

In the Dark Court's camp, the Lord of the Underworld let forth his terrible aura. Qi Ye was his heir, and he had been slain. Given his personality, he did not care that much about his death. The people of the Dark Court did not feel too many emotions.

But the loss of his disciple made the light go out of his face. The others of the Seven Kings of Darkness would probably mock him for this.

Moreover, because of this, he would have no way to fulfill his duty. That was the most important thing. Thus, a foul mood had come over him.

This was all because of Ye Futian.

If he had known this would happen, then when he had attacked the Heavenly Mandate Academy, he would have killed everyone there and not just taken Ye Qingyao away.

No one spoke. There was a sense of tension in the air as everyone watched the battlefield.

Back on the battlefield, Ye Futian did not turn around. His divine sword flew back in front of him, giving off terrifying sword will.

This sword was payback for those who had been slain by the Dark Court and for Qingyao, who had been taken by them.

Looking up, Ye Futian swept his gaze over the other cultivators of the Dark Court. These mighty figures of the Dark Court broke out in a cold sweat at a single glance from Ye Futian, then they turned and fled. It was as if they feared his sudden attack.

Given the power he had shown today, none of them could withstand him.

At that moment, another part of the battlefield opened up. The cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm stared at Ye Futian. They knew that because of him, they had lost their advantage.

There was now no more hope for this battle.

If they continued fighting, Ye Futian could slaughter them.

A man who even the geniuses of God level powers could not defeat had arisen in the Original Realm.

At that moment, outside the battlefield, the huge matrix was surging. This made many people look up into the sky, where they saw brilliant light falling. The huge matrix was opening, and a dazzling light curtain spread out in two directions, then gradually disappeared.

Soon, the matrix covering the nameless realm was gone. The cultivators of the three sides appeared up in the sky.

The cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm, the Dark Court, and the Divine Prefecture were all there.

The Divine Prefecture was represented by the Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace. His gaze fell upon Ye Futian. A look of admiration was in his eyes.

Because of this battle, Ye Futian's name would be like the sun in the sky throughout the Nine Realms. No one would be able to compare to him.

This was not just a battle of the Original Realm. It had drawn in three God level forces. And yet he had still performed brilliantly on the battlefield, crushing all his opponents. This news would spread through the Nine Realms before long.

"Thank you for your help," said the Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace with a smile. When they heard this, everyone listening knew that victory had been decided.

Their opponents must be giving up.

When the cultivators of the Dark Court and the Evil Emperor Realm heard this, their faces darkened. They had lost.

These two great forces had allied and yet had still been defeated by the Divine Prefecture. Or rather, they had been defeated by one man.

Ye Futian retracted his aura. He was a little tired. Although, as he grew stronger, unleashing the will of the Emperor would no longer cripple him as it had before, he would still become quite tired. It used a lot of energy.

He did not know if this battle had been a blessing or a curse.

It was just that in the previous situation, he had not had a choice. He had originally planned to first withdraw and then lowly hunt his opponent. But his opponent had not let them go. If he had not acted, many of the people beside him would have fallen. He had to launch his own attack.

"Let us return," said the Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace. Suddenly the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture gathered to him. They did not say anything as they left. They were worried about what would result from all of this.

Ye Futian left with them as well. Behind him, everyone was watching him.

Because of this battle, he would no longer only be known in the Divine Prefecture. The cultivators of the Evil Emperor Realm and the Dark Court would all remember him.

Up in the air, the group of cultivators went on their way. The Palace Lord of the Empty Imperial Palace came up to Ye Futian and said, "Thank you for your help today."

"I only did my duty," said Ye Futian.

"If it weren't for you, we likely would have lost this battle," said the Palace Lord. "Previously, our opponents had the advantage. But in the moment that Qi Ye was slain, they knew that they had lost and did not continue fighting, admitting defeat instead. They probably did not want to see any more of their people killed or injured. After all, no one could withstand you."

Ye Futian nodded. It seemed like these top forces were wise as well. Although the struggle for the Original Realm was extremely important, once they realized they could not succeed, they had immediately given up.

At that moment, a figure walked towards Ye Futian. It was the leader of the Dark Phoenix Division. He smiled and nodded at Ye Futian, saying, "It seems we had a misunderstanding before. Please forgive me."

His power had won respect. If Ye Futian had not shown such strength, this man would not have personally come to make things right between them.

This man was someone who the Divine Prefecture had focused on training well. But Ye Futian had won the glory in this battle. He had turned the tide all by himself.

Previously, he had blamed Ye Futian for not fleeing the battlefield to prevent further losses.

"It is no matter," answered Ye Futian with a nod. Looking at it from the man's perspective, he could naturally understand where he was coming from. But he was not here to make friends, so he kept a neutral expression on his face.

After all, this was Donghuang the Great's man. And as for Ye Futian, perhaps they would be enemies one day.

The other man realized this as well, and so he said no more. He walked over to the other side.

The other people of the Nine Realms who were there, like Shen Hao and Di Wu, felt conflicted within their hearts.

They had been in danger of dying in this battle. And they had not been good enough to influence the overall situation of the battle. And they had even fallen short in their small scale battles.

Shen Hao thought back to when they were in the God's Relic, and he had disparaged Ye Futian. He would never have thought that now Ye Futian was on a much higher level than him. He had to look up just to see him. How ironic was that?

They no longer were even worthy of being called Ye Futian's opponents. If they fought him, they would probably be killed in an instant.


At the Empty Imperial Palace, the mirror within the sky disappeared, but the cultivators did not leave. They stood there, waiting quietly.

Princess Donghuang did not leave either. She waited for the warriors' triumphant return.

Countless cultivators were gathered together outside the palace. This battle had deeply shocked them as well.

Finally, powerful auras appeared off in the distance. A group of figures gradually came into view. After a while, they could see a mighty formation of troops coming towards the Empty Imperial Palace.

They stopped outside the palace, and everyone looked at them. Or rather, they all looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had once again shocked the world in this battle. Everyone knew of him now.

He was the foremost talent in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, and no one would ever again doubt that. Now they only wondered how high he would climb in the future!

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    《The Legend of Futian》