The Legend of Futian
1851 The Cavalry Has Arrived
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1851 The Cavalry Has Arrived

In the Heavenly Mandate City, with the Heavenly Mandate Academy as its center, countless cultivators had arrived.

All the inns and taverns were bursting at their seams. It could be said that this place was currently the center of attention in the Nine Realms.

Now, Ye Futian's fame was like the sun during high noon. Everyone paid attention to everything about him. Moreover, the various forces of the Nine Realms wanted to kill him. It was possible that this legendary figure of the Nine Realms would soon die.

Last time, he had already faced a life-threatening crisis. This time, he might truly be unable to escape unscathed. Too many people wanted to kill him. They almost covered all of the top forces of Nine Realms.

Those after Ye Futian included Shen clan, Golden Divine Nation, Solar Divine Palace, Martial God Clan, Sky Reaching School, and many others. There were also the forces of the Divine Prefecture. Even the number one training holy land of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, Tianshen Academy, also participated this time around. One could imagine what sort of catastrophe Ye Futian was faced with this time around.

This was a truly deadly predicament. They were certain to kill him.

Ye Futian had made a huge contribution by winning the war over the Original Realm. Afterward, the other party had actually suggested killing Ye Futian. By doing so, they might even draw the ire of the princess. The strength of their conviction was plain to see.

Mei Ting had also come this time. He still drank wine at the tavern he did last time. The situation this time around seemed to be similar to back then. However, it was also completely different. This time, it was even more dangerous.

Mei Ting had always been speculating about Ye Futian's identity. Was he related to Emperor Ye Qing? Then, if Emperor Ye Qing was behind all this, would the three top cultivators who they encountered last time appear?

If they appeared and were discovered by the members of Donghuang Imperial Palace, they would most likely die. Donghuang the Great would surely send people to pursue them. Hence, Mei Ting wanted to know whether they would choose to emerge from the darkness.

This time, the members of Donghuang Imperial Palace might come in person. Even if they did appear, they wouldn't be able to help the situation.

If Ye Futian was killed, could Yu Sheng be brought back to the Devil Emperor in the Devil World?

Mei Ting drank wine quietly alone. No one disturbed him. After all, currently, many people recognized him. The last time he appeared had been too astonishing. Additionally, it was also in this tavern. It was naturally effortless for people to recognize him in the same setting. Hence, many people looked at him from a distance. He was a demonic general figure from the Devil World, a super cultivator.

The Original Realm was truly a land of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Nobody knew how many extraordinary figures were currently here.

The Divine Prefecture, the Dark Court, the Empty Divine Realm, and the Devil World. Four god-level forces were gathered here. Aside from that, various forces from the Lower Worlds of the Divine Prefecture, as well as almost all the top forces of 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, might also be here this time. One could imagine what an event this was.

Many people were wondering whether such a grand event had ever occurred in the Original Realm before.

Such grandeur might be unprecedented.

At that moment, a group of silhouettes descended on the tavern. The leading figure had a somewhat sinister temperament. His appearance was extraordinarily handsome. He looked very young, and his gaze was deep and lively.

"Sir Mei," the person who arrived cried out loudly. However, his tone was not too respectful; it was just a formality.

Mei Ting raised his head. The pair of deep, jet-black eyes looked at him. Then, Mei Ting raised his glass again and continued drinking quietly.

The person was not someone Mei Ting was familiar with.

Mei Ting knew who the person was. He was a cultivator of the Empty Divine Realm. This youth was most likely the monstrous youth that was extremely famous in the Empty Divine Realm. He was Shi Xie. He was an existence with the Divine Body of the Great Path.

However, regardless of how talented the other party was or how high their status was, as a demonic general of the Devil World, Mei Ting did not need to be polite with the other party. Mei Ting was not associated with him in any way. He did not need to put up an act and grovel. He had always disliked talking with strangers.

Most of the cultivators of the Devil World had arrogant personalities.

Shi Xie also did not care. He smiled and sat down at the table next to Mei Ting's. He poured himself a cup of wine. He then raised his glass at Mei Ting and said, "I have long heard of you, Sir Mei of the Devil World, but I have never had the honor of meeting you. Allow me to give you a toast today, Sir Mei."

Without waiting for Mei Ting to respond, he bottomed up his cup of wine on his own.

Mei Ting still minded his own business and drank his wine as though there was no one around. This caused the cultivators of the Empty Divine Realm to be somewhat displeased. The people beside Shi Xie frowned. A formless pressure emanated from their bodies. Among them, there were also extraordinary top figures. They were all existences who were famous in the Empty Divine Realm. They were naturally similarly arrogant and proud. Seeing that Mei Ting was ignoring them, they felt dissatisfied.

However, Shi Xie did not mind. Mei Ting ignored him, but he still said to Mei Ting, "I have heard that Sir Mei had arrived in the Original Realm long ago. However, Sir Mei has been the only person from the Devil World here all this while. Since you are not here on behalf of the Devil World to contend for the Original Realm, why are you here?"

Upon hearing Shi Xie's words, Mei Ting was somewhat astonished at how sharp he was. Shi Xie actually suspected his reasons for coming to the Original Realm.

"Back then, the Devil World had never tried to contend for the Original Realm. The Devil Emperor's goal has always been to rule the entire universe. With the Devil Emperor's ambitions, the Original Realm would certainly not be within his sights now," Shi Xie seemed to say to himself. He continued, "As one of the demonic generals, it would naturally be impossible for Sir Mei to be here just for sightseeing. What in the Original Realm has drawn Sir Mei's attention?"

"Is it Ye Futian?" Shi Xie asked softly.

Shi Xie's gaze flickered. However, such a slight movement could not be detected at all.

"I have heard that last time, Sir Mei attacked the Dark Court in this tavern for disturbing you while you were drinking. Later on, in the Sea of the Path, you have also attacked them once more and taken Ye Futian away," Shi Xie continued. He seemed to be well-versed in the events of the Original Realm. He had clearly carried out detailed investigations beforehand.

This was especially so regarding Ye Futian. Ever since the war one month ago, Ye Futian was not only known by the members of the Divine Prefecture. The cultivators of the Dark Court and the Empty Divine Realm had all remembered him. After that time, Shi Xie had made it a point to pay more attention to Ye Futian. Shi Xie discovered that his growth was a legend in the Original Realm. He had risen up the ranks and became the number one Proud Son of Heaven in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

Shi Xie had also discovered that Mei Ting's appearances seemed to be related to Ye Futian every time. This time, Mei Ting appeared here again. Shi Xie could not help but suspect that Mei Ting coming to the Original Realm was because of Ye Futian.

Upon mentioning Ye Futian, many people behind Shi Xie revealed murderous looks in their eyes.

In that war, Ye Futian had killed many of their juniors. Even among the cultivators of Empty Mountain, many of their juniors had perished to him.

This time, they had come to see that Ye Futian died.

Mei Ting ignored them. The other party knew quite a bit. However, he had come to the Original Realm, not for Ye Futian. Nevertheless, he had also formed a deep connection with Ye Futian. Now that he had been marked by other parties, Mei Ting did not appreciate this happening.

"Today, the members of the Divine Prefecture want to kill Ye Futian. He will undoubtedly die. We hope that Sir Mei will not intervene," Shi Xie said with a smile. If Mei Ting interfered, they would not hesitate to attack him as well. There should not be a problem if they attacked a person from the Devil World without participating in the affairs of the Divine Prefecture.

Shi Xie's gaze turned towards the Heavenly Mandate Academy in the distance. He lamented, "No wonder Sir Mei enjoys drinking wine here. The view here is quite impressive. Seeing the number one genius of the Original Realm perishing before you is also entertaining. If I were Princess Donghuang, I would be reluctant to kill Ye Futian."

Although Ye Futian had defied orders and even kept his ability hidden, that was how all of the members of the Evil Emperor Realm acted. Their personal benefit was their top priority. Everyone for himself, and the devil takes the hindmost. The members of the Divine Prefecture were forced to kill Ye Futian. If it were in Shi Xie's Empty Divine Realm, he would have directly intervened.

However, since Ye Futian was an enemy, Shi Xie could only watch as Ye Futian died.

The cultivators of the Dark Court also arrived. However, they headed over to another place. They were also here to observe the battle and watch Ye Futian die.

The last time they invaded the Heavenly Mandate Academy, they had not killed Ye Futian. The Lord of the Underworld somewhat regretted this. This time, although they could not attack, they could still watch. Ye Futian would certainly be killed.

The sky above the Heavenly Mandate Academy suddenly became exceptionally downcast. From afar, auras descended. It was as though a heavenly might was descending from the sky and enveloping the entire academy.

The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy looked up into the sky. As they were enveloped by the oppressive aura, they all felt a suffocating sensation. It was as though the God of Death was about to descend upon them.

Many disciples in the academy had ugly expressions. Their gazes were extremely dissatisfied. These past few days, Ye Futian had always been calm, going about everywhere. Every time they saw him, he was smiling and friendly with them. However, the disciples of the Heavenly Mandate Academy felt that he had already accepted reality and was facing it calmly.

There was also news that spread within the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Rumor has it that Ye Futian had already settled his affairs. It was as though he knew that he would be facing such a predicament.

"Renhuang Ye led the Divine Prefecture to victory and prevented the Original Realm from being divided up. Now, the various forces of the Divine Prefecture want to deal with Renhuang Ye instead. It is truly a mockery," some disciples in the academy were very dissatisfied.

"Even Princess Donghuang has also silently acknowledged this act. It is truly laughable. If we had known, Renhuang Ye should not have participated in the war."

"He fought for the Original Realm and emerged victorious. However, he brought about such an end for himself. It is truly laughable."

Mocking voices sounded in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. The disciples of the academy were extremely dissatisfied with this. Although nothing would happen to them, the person involved was Ye Futian. Among the junior cultivators of the academy, who didn't idolize Ye Futian?

Yet, no matter how much they complained, they could not change the outcome.

In the heavens above, silhouettes appeared. It was as though a large army was approaching. Their pressure could be felt across the sky.

These silhouettes were divided into different groups. There weren't many of them, yet their auras were all very frightening. The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy noticed that they were almost all upper-level Renhuangs. Clearly, for this battle, they were not planning to use people with weak cultivation. Only upper-level Renhuangs had the qualifications to join the fight.

All those below the rank of upper-level Renhuang did not need to participate.

After sensing this powerful pressure, the members of the Heavenly Mandate Academy turned pale. This lineup was too powerful. It could only truly be felt when faced head-on. This time, the top three figures of the Shen clan had all arrived. There were also the top two cultivators of Golden Divine Nation, as well as the other various major forces. With such a lineup, let alone the Heavenly Mandate Academy, they could even raze the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm.

In the Nine Realms, who could stand against this lineup?

There was also a cultivator from the Tianshen Academy, just one. The College Chief of the Tianshen Academy, Jian Ao had come in person. No one else had come.

The Divine Palace Palace Lord looked at Jian Ao. He had also not imagined that the College Chief of the number one training holy land of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path would choose to kill Ye Futian, someone whom the Original Realm owed a debt of gratitude.

In the last war, if it weren't for Ye Futian, the Original Realm would have been divided up. Who knew how many people would have lost their lives then.

However, in the current Original Realm, who would fight for Ye Futian? On the contrary, they were all here to kill him!

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    《The Legend of Futian》