The Legend of Futian
1854 The Hour of Doom
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1854 The Hour of Doom

They could not hold off the attacks.

Powerful Renhuangs secretly thought to themselves as they observed the battle. Although the people around Ye Futian were extremely powerful and they were all mighty figures at the peak of the realms, the lineup of their opponents that surrounded them was very menacing. With the opponent attacking and Ye Futian's side being on the defensive, they were already forced into a passive position. They could not hold off the attacks of the enemy at all.

The spears of Golden Divine Nation, the Tianshen Cleave technique of Shen clan, the Sun God sword of Solar Divine Palace, the large suppressing handprint of Celestial Worthy Temple, and the grand matrix of School of the Emperor Star—when all attacks of all these cultivators landed at the same time, the space where Ye Futian was seemed to be flooded with destructive divine light. The defensive powers that Ye Futian's group put up were also constantly being sliced apart.

The leader of Sky Reaching School stepped forward. A tower that reached the sky appeared. He pointed his palm toward Ye Futian, and immediately, the 81-story Sky Reaching Tower radiated unparalleled divine light. The tower came crashing down from above. Everywhere it passed, the Great Path in the space turned to dust.

The towering, ancient mountain that Divine Palace Palace Lord had set up was flattened and crushed little by little. Loud rumbling sounds could be heard, and more and more cracks appeared in the Great Path. The 81-story Sky Reaching Tower continued crashing down, attempting to flatten the space below.

An unparalleled battle intent burst forth from the body of the Dou tribe clan lord. His Will of the Fighting God activated layer by layer. He activated eight layers consecutively. The terrifying battle intent alone could kill Renhuangs. Beams of divine light swept out and formed astonishing waves that crashed toward the Sky Reaching Tower, descending upon them from the sky above.

His body became that of a war god. He became towering and gigantic, as though a deity had descended. His head reached the sky, and his feet touched the ground. He raised a hand, and his golden palm that contained intense battle intent attacked the Sky Reaching Tower. A clang sounded as though two ritual implements collided. Waves of destructive light swept out into their surroundings.

The various cultivators were battling while surrounding Ye Futian, protecting him in their midst.

As for Ye Futian himself, right now, he was quietly floating in midair. The power of Yin flowed over his body. An extremely brilliant will of the emperor radiated from him. Such a dazzling light would surely catch the eye of many if it were any ordinary time.

However, right now, no one appreciated it, and no one had noticed it. The battlefield around him was too frightening. Battles between peak figures were erupting all around him.

The three top cultivators of the Shen clan cleaved apart the space with the Tianshen Cleave technique. Endless spatial cracks appeared, followed by a frightening spatial storm that appeared from within the cracks. With their bodies as the center, extremely resplendent spatial will enveloped the space. It seemed to contend with the green divine light in wanting to flood the space.

With the combined might of the three top figures of the Shen clan, the domain of the green divine light released by Emperor Nan was gradually invaded. The rampaging spatial storm enveloped his domain within itself, separating this space of the Great Path and forming an independent space.

"I will lead Emperor Nan away. I will leave this area to the rest of you," Shen Gao spoke up. He and the Shen clan lord moved forward at the same time while Shen Ji stepped back instead. Shen Gao was the top figure in the Shen clan back in the day. He went to the Divine Prefecture to train and returned. His ability was extremely powerful. There was also the clan lord of Shen clan, who was also a giant figure in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. He was truly renowned.

The two of them together were enough to deal with Emperor Nan. Both of them leading Emperor Nan away was also to be on the safe side. This was to prevent a figure of Emperor Nan's level from complicating the situation here.

As for Shen Ji, he could remain here and continue fighting to kill Ye Futian.

"Emperor Nan, you cannot stop this," the Shen clan lord said to Emperor Nan. He had barely uttered these words when a formless spatial storm circled the region where both of them, as well as Emperor Nan, were. The Divine Light of Space radiated endless halos of the Great Path of Space.

The next moment, it was as though the space shifted. The three top cultivators disappeared at the same time.

Shen Gao and the clan lord of Shen clan used their powerful understanding of the workings of the Great Path of Space to forcefully pry Emperor Nan away from the battlefield. The two of them would deal with Emperor Nan while the others continued to kill Ye Futian.

Without the protection of Emperor Nan, the attacks of many other cultivators immediately descended, no longer affected by the domain of the green divine light.

"Why do we need to continue this meaningless struggle?" Jian Ao, the College Chief of Tianshen Academy, said with a sigh. He took a step forward and looked at the battlefield below. His palm extended forwards in front of his body. Instantly, a storm of the Great Path swept up with his body as its center.

Within this storm, a divine light shone brightly, and a divine picture actually appeared. Jian Ao waved his hand, and it seemed as though a spring rain poured down, drenching everything without a sound.

The divine picture nourished all things as well as the Great Path around them. It constantly expanded, becoming bigger and bigger. It then rolled down below. The attacks were all swept into the divine picture by the power of its Great Path. It was as though the attacks were consumed by it.

Many people narrowed their eyes. Their expressions became solemn. The College Chief of Tianshen Academy, the top academy in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, had made his move.

Divine Palace Palace Lord swept a glance at the dazzling divine picture. He waved his hand, and the heavens immediately roared. Endless aura of swordsmanship emerged and was indestructible. He raised his hand and pointed upward. Countless divine swords pointed at the divine picture.

The divine picture kept expanding and covered the sky. It kept all that was swept into it within itself for later use.


A huge rumble sounded. The heavens and the earth split apart. The divine picture seemed to be formed from Jiutian Divine Thunder. In an instant, it became world-ending lightning. Billions of bolts of lightning descended and struck everything. The ancient mountain set up by Divine Palace Palace Lord was immediately shattered and returned to nothingness.

It seemed that this divine picture only contained one attack.

Jian Ao waved his hand. Another divine picture flew out. It seemed to be a Scroll of Tianshen. It also seemed like a piece of paper. However, in the eyes of cultivators of this level, even a piece of paper would be extraordinary.

This piece of paper flew out and immediately exploded into millions and millions of Sword Will currents. They descended upon the various cultivators on Ye Futian's side, causing them to defend themselves frantically.

What was even more frightening was that Jian Ao continued to wave his hand. He actually waved it more than ten times in an instant. Each piece of paper that flew out was a devastating attack.

Very soon, there was not a calm place left in the sky. There were only chaotic currents of devastation.

He was too powerful; many people thought to themselves as their hearts trembled.

High in the sky, Princess Donghuang was slightly stirred when she saw this scene. As a clan lord of the Jian clan, Jian Ao had already been a renowned mighty presence for many years. Later on, he was sent to the Original Realm.

As the leader of one of the Divine Prefecture's top clans, one could imagine how powerful his ability was. He was an existence, who stood at the peak of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Although he had never made any moves before, no one would suspect his true ability.

If this continued, the defenses of Ye Futian's group would be torn apart very quickly. Princess Donghuang was somewhat surprised. She had never imagined that these people would be so efficient. From the looks of it, they did not want to give Ye Futian even a shred of opportunity.

Down below, many Renhuangs who were observing the battle also saw this scene play out. They clenched their fists as they secretly sighed inside.

Ye Futian would not be able to avoid the inevitable outcome. For Ye Futian, it was difficult for him to escape from this battle. It was unavoidable. His only way out of this was to die.


Another shockingly loud thud sounded. Everyone saw that the domain was finally breached, and their defenses were torn apart. All the cultivators gathered and pressed towards Ye Futian.

This time, in the sky, the Sun God sword absorbed the halo of the sun. It slashed towards Ye Futian while emanating the flames of the sun.

However, the sword was blocked by Lord Taixuan. His Great Path had transformed into strings, and his power of the Great Path could directly attack the enemy through the strings.

Ye Futian himself stood there and observed the destructive storm rampaging. His gaze remained calm. He had mentally prepared himself for this battle. This was a battle that they were sure to lose. There was no suspense to it.

Many cultivators were willing to fight for him, but before the battle began, he had advised them to place their own safety as the top priority.

He hoped that no one would encounter anything bad because of him.

The destructive current and terrifying storm swept towards his side. The storm covered every single corner of the sky. No one was spared.

Those top figures were starting to engage in close-quarter combat. They had actually given up attacking from a distance. Instead, they had advanced to the area where Ye Futian was. Since all their long-distance attacks were blocked, they had no choice but to kill Ye Futian in close-quarter combat.

One by one, the cultivators standing guard around Ye Futian stepped out and went in different directions, battling the enemies head-on.

The rampaging storm of the Great Path was approaching, and it ran amok around Ye Futian. Around him, the mighty cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were still protecting him. When the aftermath of some attacks approached Ye Futian, the cultivators would destroy the attacks.

At the same time, in their surroundings, the tears caused by the fragmentation of the space were increasing. The tears grew deeper and deeper as they became more and more menacing.

"Get ready to charge into their midst," shouted Jian Ao, the College Chief of Tianshen Academy. As soon as he finished speaking, pages flew out from his body and floated in the sky.

The next moment, these floating pages of paper spun in the air and transformed into scrolls of pictures. Each picture was a unique type of attack of the Great Path.

"Go." As Jian Ao's order spoke, countless attacks descended instantaneously. At the same time, silhouettes traversed the space and slashed their way downwards.

Tears ripped apart the sky. All the cultivators charged downwards. The cultivators around Ye Futian unleashed their most terrifying attacks to defend against the enemy. However, they were being separated as the crowd flushed downwards. Their formation disintegrated. Their defense was not as sturdy as it was before.

Moreover, a few cultivators from the opposing side had charged into their formation. Above their heads were countless top figures. These top figures stared at Ye Futian as though he was already dead to them.

"Your hour of doom is here," uttered Gai Cang from Golden Divine Nation. Today was the day when he would avenge Gai Shi Shi and the rest!

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    《The Legend of Futian》