The Legend of Futian
1855 Giving Up
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1855 Giving Up

"The enemy is charging into their midst!" someone in the distance exclaimed in a low voice as they watched the battlefield.

Ye Futian was being protected amidst the various cultivators. However, after Emperor Nan was led away from the battle, Jian Ao from Tianshen Academy made his move. The opening in their defenses was finally broken through. One by one, the enemy cultivators charged into the inner circle that was being protected.

Of course, this region was huge in reality. Everyone who participated in this war today were mighty figures. Although they were protecting Ye Futian, the shockwaves from the exchanges were terrifying. Their attacks frequently swept out for hundreds of thousands of miles. Hence, they were not just beside Ye Futian. In reality, they were spread out across a very big space.

Even though they had made their way into the inner circle, the place was still big enough to accommodate the raging war.

In the outer regions of the sky above, menacing crimson lightning suddenly flashed. In the darkness, a crimson storm descended. Many people turned their heads and looked in the direction of the storm. Over there, a silhouette appeared.

It was Sky River Great Elder. Many people were slightly astonished. Terrifying crimson currents swept across the sky. He swept a glance down below, and then his body disappeared, becoming a beam of crimson light.

In the sky, the beam of crimson light spanned across a few hundred miles. Princess Donghuang also saw this scene. Spear Emperor Du You, standing beside her, frowned and said, "Your Highness."

It seemed like Du You was asking her something.

However, Princess Donghuang did not say anything. Du You understood her intention: the Princess did not plan to interfere in this matter.

Since Sky River Great Elder joined the battle, then he would be considered as one of the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

On the battlefield, Shen Ji launched an attack at Ye Futian. The other two Shen clan cultivators had drawn Emperor Nan away from here, leaving Shen Ji behind. However, Lord Taixuan was playing the guqin of the Great Path in the space above Ye Futian. Countless guqin strings flew towards Shen Ji. Each one of the guqin strings contained a menacing Sword Will.

Moreover, the Sword Will gathered and coalesced into a divine sword, which could reverse the Great Path.

Rumble. The attacks from both sides collided. The destructive Sword Will enveloped Shen Ji's body. He frowned as he sensed a sudden danger. He emanated the aura of the Great Path of Space. His figure morphed into nothingness right away as he prepared to disappear from this region.

As his body was merging into the void, streaks of crimson divine light descended. The lights did not land on his body; instead, they landed around him. The streaks of crimson light turned into a terrifying crimson grand matrix, sealing off this region and causing the figure of Shen Ji to once again materialize. He actually failed to escape from here. His Great Path of Space was forcefully sealed off.

Swoosh. Swoosh. Sharp shrieks sounded as the space turned into a crimson grand matrix. Shen Ji was located at the center of the matrix. The menacing crimson grand matrix was corroding his Way, and it was even gushing into his body.

Shen Ji's gaze revealed a chilly look. Spatial divine halos radiated from him as he unleashed the Tianshen Cleave. He attempted to rip apart the crimson grand matrix with his astonishing cleaving force. However, at the same time, two beams of destructive light appeared above and beneath him.

The sound of guqin could be heard as the Great Path flowed in reverse. Lord Taixuan sent out an attack with the Fleeting Divine Sword. When the sword sprang forward, it was as though time was flowing in reverse, and everything was being wiped out.

On the other side was Sky River Great Elder's crimson divine sword. A terrifying storm, which could destroy the heavens and earth, was stirred up by the crimson divine sword. It was like a swirl, crushing everything within its path.

Shen Ji had seen this sword technique before. In the day, Sky River Great Elder's eldest disciple was known as the number one swordsman in the Tianhe Realm. This disciple had been killed by Shen Ji. The disciple had used this sword technique. Yet, due to the difference in their cultivation Planes, he was no match for Shen Ji. However, when Sky River Great Elder unleashed the might of this sword technique, it was not on the same level as the one that Shen Ji had seen before.

Shen Ji's expression became extremely ugly. Two astonishing divine swords slashed towards him at the same time. He unleashed the Tianshen Divine Halo on his body to its utmost limits. Storms that sliced apart the space erupted from his body. He waved his hands both up and down at the same time, and spatial blades sliced the space apart.

Yet, he still could not block the two-prong attack from above and below. The divine swords slashed straight towards him. He could only block one of the attacks.

He stood in the middle and faced the two-prong attack. Light that destroyed the space shot out from his eyes. With a loud cry, he extended both of his palms to his sides. The space was trembling violently. A divine sword flew out from his body and cleaved towards the Fleeting Divine Sword. His hands then suddenly grabbed out into the air, accompanied by his loud shout. Even space was distorted. There was a faint look of terror in his eyes.

He felt that he could not annihilate these two attacks.

Yet, at that moment, no one actually came to help him. The other two cultivators from the Shen clan were not here. The other cultivators did not seem concerned at all that he was being surrounded. Their only goal was to kill Ye Futian. This was their common goal.

As for Shen Ji, if he were to perish here today, would there be any detriments to the others?

None at all.

If Shen Ji died, the power of the Shen clan would even be weakened. For the forces of the Central Emperor Realm and other forces, this was beneficial to them. That way, of the three top figures in the Shen clan, only two would remain.

The current Shen clan was somewhat powerful. If Shen Ji died, it would instead balance out the powers.

Hence, at that moment, many people had very tacitly decided to do nothing. On the contrary, they used this opportunity when two cultivators attacked Shen Ji to charge towards Ye Futian. They wanted to eliminate Ye Futian as quickly as possible before things became complicated.

In the battlefield, the divine swords from above and below left behind beams of sword light. A roar of fury and terror could be heard. Then, everything in that space was reduced to dust and dissipated. Even a powerful figure like Shen Ji had his body reduced to nothingness.

Under the light of the sword, his soul scattered and dissipated.

Menacing, deep, jet-black cracks appeared. They were terrifying. Many people shuddered inside when they saw this scene.

In today's battle, a giant figure at the peak had perished.

Shen Ji from the Shen clan had died.

From today onwards, the Shen clan was only left with two peak figures. Moreover, Shen Gao had always been training in the Divine Prefecture.

Who knew what Shen Gao and the clan lord of Shen clan would feel when they discovered what happened here. Most likely, they would regret drawing Emperor Nan away from here.

If they were around, Shen Ji would not have been killed. However, to kill Ye Futian, they had drawn Emperor Nan away. No one could aid Shen Ji in his battle, and this resulted in his death.

No one knew how they would feel when they returned.

After Sky River Great Elder killed Shen Ji, a glint of sorrow flashed past in his eyes. In the past, Shen Ji was the sinner who led the Shen clan's cultivators to invade the Tianhe Realm. His actions had resulted in the death of countless people.

Now, Shen Ji had finally perished at the hands of Sky River Great Elder. However, this was still not enough. Shen clan needed to be eradicated.

His daughter, his disciples, and many other innocent lives were killed. Shen Ji's life alone was insufficient to settle the score.

However, there was no time to ponder upon that now. Crimson demonic might churned as he strode forward and advanced to another battlefield. A silhouette blocked in front of him. He was a top figure from the Mo clan of the Divine Prefecture.

The Mo clan cultivator had merely swept a glance at Sky River Great Elder, and he knew that the latter was carrying a demonic item with him.

In another battlefield where Ye Futian was, a menacing Sky Reaching Tower appeared in the space above Ye Futian. The 81-story tower spun as divine halos rained down. The tower caused Dragon Master and other cultivators to retreat. Renhuangs from various forces charged into this region and engaged in battles with Dragon Master and the rest.

Rumbles. Divine halos pressed down. The might of the Great Path penetrated through layers of space and blasted Ye Futian. Brilliant divine light shimmered on Ye Futian's body as he was unleashing the will of the emperor. He was also covered with divine armor. Despite all that, the divine halo attack by the Sky Reaching Tower was still unbearable for him. The aftershock wrecked his body. His internal organs were on the brink of crumbling due to the shock.

The clan lord of Dou tribe raised his arm and sent out an attack. His strike once again hit the Sky Reaching Tower. Sky Reaching Master coldly snorted. He took a step forward and directly stood on top of the tower. As he put his weight on the tower, the tower plummeted from the sky. He intended to crush the figures beneath with the tower.

Divine Palace Palace Lord desired to lend aid to this side of the battlefield. However, the College Chief of Tianshen Academy, Jian Ao, extended both his arms. Rolled-up scrolls flew out, and as they unraveled, they encircled the space. Endless attacks were unleashed from the scrolls, suppressing Divine Palace Palace Lord.

"Why are you still struggling?" Jian Ao said. His gaze pierced through the sky. Numerous seals flew out from the pages of scrolls and wrecked the cultivators. One of the terrifying seals landed directly beside Ye Futian. Even though someone blocked and weakened its might, it still sent Ye Futian flying from the shockwave and made him cough up blood.

They could not hold off the enemy. One could imagine how difficult it was to protect one person from the powerful attacks of so many top figures. It was almost impossible.

Ye Futian understood this as well.

No one here could deal with the ability of Jian Ao, the College Chief of Tianshen Academy. He was one of the people who stood at the peak of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

As Ye Futian saw the people beside him getting hurt one after another, he lifted his head and looked up at the various cultivators around them who were charging towards him. He then said, "Seniors, please give up."

When Divine Palace Palace Lord and the others heard these words from Ye Futian, they fell silent. Before the battle today even began, they already understood that the outcome had already been determined.

A terrifying storm of the Great Path swept across the sky. Once again, the sound of collisions could be heard. Several cultivators were injured.

With Ye Futian's figure as the center, everyone else drew closer to him, circling the area around his body.

Beside Ye Futian, the gazes of Lord Taixuan, Divine Palace Palace Lord, and the other cultivators were as cold as ice as they glanced around at the people in mid-air.

However, the other party did not mind. The looks they gave Ye Futian were burning with murderous intent.

They also understood that from the very beginning, there was no way for Ye Futian to make it out alive. It was because of this that some forces joined in this fight.

"Since Renhuang Ye himself understands, then we do not need to fight anymore. We don't need to increase our casualties and affect the ability of the Nine Realms," Jian Ao proclaimed in a loud voice. The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy looked at Jian Ao. He truly desired Ye Futian's death.

Was he truly doing this for peace in the Nine Realms?

No one believed that was so.

"Futian, we can still fight," Lord Taixuan said.

Ye Futian shook his head and said, "Lord Taixuan, Seniors, for all of you to have done all this for me, it is already enough. Legitimacy belongs to the victors. Since so many people in the Nine Realms want me dead, let's grant their wish."

Lord Taixuan and the others took a step forward. Their powerful auras enveloped Ye Futian's body, forming layers of dazzling light shrouds. It seemed that they were still dissatisfied.

Ye Futian looked at Lord Taixuan and shook his head. Ye Futian then suddenly smiled and looked at the crowd. He said, "College Chief Jian, I will remember you."

Today, with Jian Ao present, no one could manipulate the situation. It was firmly in the control of the other party.

"You can blame me all you want," Jian Ao replied. "In the Nine Realms, you showed the greatest talent. I also did not wish to witness such a scene. Nevertheless, the wishes of the people cannot be defied. After your death and this turmoil, the future of the Nine Realms will be even more prosperous."

"You are still so hypocritical," Ye Futian said mockingly. "Who will be the one to kill me?"

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    《The Legend of Futian》