The Legend of Futian
1856 Destruction
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1856 Destruction

Who would make a move?

Did Ye Futian finally give up?

All eyes were fastened on him. This number one genius in the Original Realm, now asking for his own death.

But everyone understood that as the battle reached this point, the outcome was all but determined. He couldn't stay alive when more than half of the top figures in the Nine Realms wanted him dead.

Besides, the cultivators from the Dark Court and the Empty Divine Realm also desired his demise, so how could he stay alive?

If he continued to fight, it would only drag down the people who were around him.

Therefore, Ye Futian finally decided to give up.

Beneath the sky, inside the Heavenly Mandate Academy, those with weak cultivation had no idea what had happened above, but those who were Renhuang knew. Some of them looked on with coldness, some were angry, and some clenched their fists tightly, a murderous intent permeated from them.

However, none of them could help because no one could change any of it.

"What's going on?" Hua Fengliu couldn't see anything, so he could only ask those around him, but no one answered him. It was not because they were unwilling, but because they didn't want to be cruel.

"Did he lie to me?" Hua Jieyu murmured. She felt so terrible, and her heart ached.

And, this feeling seemed so familiar; it was so painful, yet so familiar.

It was as if she had experienced it before.

All these felt unbearable to her, but there was nothing she could do. Didn't he explain all this with a smile? Didn't he say that he would be fine?

Was he lying to her?

At this moment, a group of people walked out of the Heavenly Mandate Academy and headed toward the sky above. They wanted to see the battlefield for themselves and behold Ye Futian again.

Xia Qingyuan was there too, her long black hair flying in the air. She was traveling fast, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes.

Was this the reason why Ye Futian drove her away?

So that she would return to Emperor Xia's Realm.

A drop of a shining tear slid down her cheek as she sped up in the air.

They were all extremely fast, rushing toward the battlefield above the sky.

Hua Jieyu didn't move; she was still standing there in a daze. At this moment, her mind was full of confusion, and it hurt her head. It was as if, suddenly, there were countless pictures appearing in her mind.

A thought crossed her mind. Who was she? Where did she come from? And why was she born?

She was Ye Futian's wife, but why did she have no recollection of that at all?

Scene after scene appeared in her mind, taunting her, making her head hurt, but her eyes were still fixed on the man in the void with some affection. She only knew that she was his wife and that Ye Futian was the person who was the kindest to her.

Now, was he leaving her?

"What's happening?" The people in Heavenly Mandate City were asking because they didn't know what had happened.

Those who knew were silent and simply felt a sense of sadness. They were hoping for a miracle, but they had to face reality in the end. No matter how genius he was, no matter how many legends he had created, he couldn't face a melee involving all the top forces from the entire Original Realm and still survive.

Mei Ting was still drinking inside the tavern, but he had seen everything that happened on the battlefield.

Shi Xie saw it too. He looked up at the sky, with a vicious smile in his eyes, and said, "It's a pity. If he hadn't killed so many cultivators from the Empty Divine Realm, perhaps I could have taken him away."

"Could you have?" Mei Ting said with a casual glance at the other.

This was the Original Realm. With the representatives of Donghuang the Great here, it was highly unlikely that the Princess would allow the Empty Divine Realm to take him away.

Shi Xie looked at Mei Ting with a smile and said, "Perhaps this man is a super genius in the Outer Realm, but now, he perishes in the internal conflicts in the Original Realm."

Mei Ting didn't say anything. Internal conflict?

Perhaps, in the eyes of Shi Xie, it seemed like internal conflicts. After all, they were all cultivators from Original Realm. But the Original Realm was vast, and they were all different forces fighting for their own interests, so it was far from being an internal conflict.

Above the firmament, on the battlefield, those who laid siege to Ye Futian were not so anxious by contrast.

The overall situation had been determined, as Ye Futian himself had asked for this, and the Heavenly Mandate Academy had given up its last resistance. Now, they were just one last step away.

A group of men came over, standing in front of Ye Futian. They were top cultivators such as Jian Ao of the Tianshen Academy, Gai Cang of the Golden Divine Nation, the Hierophant of the Sky Reaching School, and the Palace Lord of the Solar Divine Palace, all standing above Ye Futian, enveloping the void with their divine might.

It would be impossible for Ye Futian to escape now.

Once they get started, Ye Futian would never leave here alive.

But who would start them off?

In the killing of this first genius in the Original Realm.

But at this stage, some of them felt that they almost could not go through with it. It was not that they didn't want to kill him, but that it was a rarity for such an enchanting genius to come out of the Original Realm, and now they had to destroy him themselves.

There was no way around it. If they had been friends with Ye Futian before, they might have been willing to guarantee his safety.

But since there were conflicts before, then it was better for Ye Futian to be dead so that they would not need to worry about him becoming a stepping stone for the rise of a Heavenly Mandate Academy Alliance in the future.

"Golden Divine Nation should take the lead," someone said. The hatred between Ye Futian and Golden Divine Nation was the deepest and one that could not be resolved. There was also the Shen clan, but their cultivators were not present.

In addition, many forces had participated in the last incident at the Divine Palace, so they were extremely worried and wanted to get rid of Ye Futian.

Gai Cang glanced at the people surrounding Ye Futian, and they were all notable figures. To task him with killing Ye Futian was no doubt a way to lay all the hatred upon his head; how could he possibly allow that?

Although the alliance formed by the Heavenly Mandate Academy might collapse in the future, and even if they dared to form the alliance again, they would repeat what they did this time. It was really nothing they need to concern themselves with.

However, Gai Cang was not entirely comfortable with the idea for the Golden Divine Nation to shoulder such a task alone. What if they ended up like Shen Ji, used up and abandoned?

Therefore, it was far better to do it together.

"Since we are already at this point, let's do it together, as a way to pay respect to the end of this number one genius of the Original Realm," Gai Cang said. He even went so far as to admit that Ye Futian was the number one genius in the Original Realm, but it was not something they could deny any longer.

In the land of the Original Realm, not only was there no one who could stand side by side with Ye Futian; it was as if he was in a level all his own.

"Good, let's do it together then," someone responded.

Ye Futian looked at the figures in the sky above, with the sacred and brilliant imperial radiance enveloping his body. Although he had given up, it seemed that he was still unwilling.

Lord Taixuan and other cultivators also deployed the Might of Way around him. It turned into traces of light screen, and those cultivators let out a groan.

The Sigh of the Divine God was heard, and the two great cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation were holding the golden divine spears. Divine lights fell from the sky, radiant and beautiful.

In front of the Hierophant of the Sky Reaching School, the Sky Reaching Tower released an unparalleled brilliance, which erased everything in its path.

The cultivators of the Solar Divine Palace summoned the Solar Divine Sword, as the Solar Divine Light appeared from the sky, to create a destructive force.

Cultivators from all sides released their own power. At this moment, the area where Ye Futian was located was under horrific suffocation, as if it was difficult to withstand the oppressive force of this suffocation that was inside it.

Ye Futian's silvery hair was dancing frantically in the wind. He was without fear; there was only indifference. His cold eyes swept toward those men as if to carve them into his mind.

"If I had several more decades, I could kill you all, " Ye Futian spat out with a cold voice.

"Unfortunately, you won't even have one more day." The golden spear in Gai Cang's hand trembled. He said, "Kill."

As soon as his voice fell, the golden divine spear pierced the sky, and a loud rumbling sound followed. The dazzling golden brilliance blinded those who were standing to witness this. Golden traces were left between the sky and the earth. Then, horrible cracks of Great Path appeared to have torn through the space, aiming at Ye Futian with a kill shot.

At the moment when he took action, other cultivators did too. The Solar Divine Sword wiped out everything, slashed across the sky. The Sky Reaching Tower suppressed the sky and gave rise to a storm of destruction. A series of apocalyptic attacks came down at the same time. The firmament was about to collapse in total destruction, never mind someone of the Divine Wheel Second Order, cultivators of any realm when facing an attack of this level would surely die.


In the distance, among those who rushed in from the sky below, Xia Qingyuan made a frightened and desperate sound. Her face was pale, her long black hair was a mess, dancing wildly in the air. Her heart was twitching, was bleeding.

In her mind, she seemed to recall all the memories of how she got acquainted with Ye Futian. In the past, they often quarreled, and one would not yield to the other. She was always annoyed by Ye Futian but gradually became accustomed to him.

And without her realizing when, she found that he had firmly implanted himself in her heart, an indelible existence. So, she had been silently accompanying him, from Emperor Xia's Realm to Crimson Dragon Realm, and now to the Nine Realms, experiencing many challenges with him, some between life and death.

But now, she saw a series of devastating attacks, as well as that terrifying crack. Those top figures unleashed one fatal blow after another, and none of them held back. They had released their most powerful attack right away without giving Ye Futian a chance to fight back, clearly wanting him to die once and for all.

The attacks of all the cultivators who had descended converged together and destroyed the space, causing dark spatial cracks to appear, hideous and terrifying.

Traces of devastating storms radiated toward the surrounding spaces, and the bodies of those around it, such as Lord Taixuan, were shaking uncontrollably. Their robes fluttered violently as the halo of destruction swept across the sky and continued into the distance.

"Puh..." As the residual might swept over them, Xia Qingyuan and the others groaned. She spat out a mouthful of blood, her face pale.

She was so far away, and it was only the residual might from the attack that had already been partially blocked by Lord Taixuan and the others. Still, when it fell on them, it had injured them considerably. Ye Futian, who was in the center of the storm, was facing an unimaginable slaughter.

The storm of destruction was still raging in that space, and those deep cracks seemed to have torn open a dark passage.

But Ye Futian was no longer there.

It seemed that the soul had scattered, disappeared completely, and was completely destroyed.

In the sky below, inside the Heavenly Mandate City, at an endless distance, even they could see the light beams of destruction falling from the sky and piercing through that space. At this moment, they seemed to sense something foreboding.

"Don't." Hua Jieyu held her head with both hands. She seemed to be in even more pain.

Seeing her reaction, Hua Fengliu let out a sigh. He was still looking up at the sky as he slowly turned to walk away. At this moment, he seemed hunched over a bit more and appeared even older.

How senseless.

"Why did I accept this unruly disciple back then?" Hua Fengliu mumbled under his breath. His eyes seemed a little moist.

Not a day had gone by in peace. Didn't he say that everything was going to be fine?

Could all this be true?

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    《The Legend of Futian》