The Legend of Futian
1857 Leaving and Returning
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1857 Leaving and Returning

"Finally, dead!"

In the sky above, the cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation looked at those dark cracks and heaved a sigh of relief. This time they had finally achieved their goal. After Ye Futian's death, Heavenly Mandate Academy would no longer be a threat.

The aura on their bodies gradually retracted, as they had promised previously to Princess Donghuang that when Ye Futian died, it would be the end of everything.

Gai Cang's eyes were cold and indifferent. Too bad they couldn't kill them all. They should have taken this opportunity to destroy the Heavenly Mandate Academy once and for all, but the pretext they used for their attack against Ye Futian was that Ye Futian didn't do his best in that battle, thus negatively affected the others in the Alliance of the Original Realm. Now, if they proceed to slaughter the Heavenly Mandate Academy, it would be a blatant breach of the agreement they had made with Princess Donghuang.

Moreover, the Princess had promised not to interfere in this battle, in the hopes that the Original Realm would restore its order, choosing to sacrifice Ye Futian so that the Original Realm may return to the way it was before without more killings. If they continue to push their limit at this time, nothing good will come out of it.

Not only now, but in the future, all the principalities from the Divine Prefecture may need to tone down a bit more when they come here.

At this moment, two figures moved toward the place where Ye Futian was last seen, surprised many who were present. They saw a very beautiful woman, and the deep, dark cracks were still on the battlefield of destruction. It was as if a passageway had now been opened.

"Get back!" Lord Taixuan shouted at the figure that was rushing over there; it was Xia Qingyuan. He knew that she liked Ye Futian, but now, was she seeking her own death?

In addition to Xia Qingyuan, there was also the demonic beast, the Black Wind Condor. Its eyes were extremely sharp as it rushed in the same direction, saying, "Come on, Princess."

Xia Qingyuan landed on its back in a flash as woman and beast seemed to have reconciled their previous quarrel, now rushing toward that terrifying space passageway together.

The Black Wind Condor was extremely fast, and it dived into the crack in just an instant, which caused a look of confusion on many people's faces.

"Suicide pact?" The cultivators from the Gold Divine Nation and the others showed a look of interest. And that demonic beast, could it be so loyal as this?

"A rare display of true feelings... What a pity," Jian Ao said in a low voice. The cultivators' united attacks had abruptly opened up a space passage. But before that, Ye Futian was already dead. The attack converged upon him first and then tore through the space.

Probably because the woman still held on to a sliver of hope when she didn't see Ye Futian, wanting to rush into the crack to find him, but this was clearly an act of foolishness. There was space turbulence within, and based on Xia Qingyuan's realm, it was not something she could possibly survive. Even the top figures dared not step into it easily.

The cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy looked at that disappearing figure and sighed in their hearts. They didn't expect that this taciturn woman had such deep feelings of affection inside her.

Lord Taixuan was going to stop her, but Black Wind Condor was too fast, and it was too late when he realized what they were about to do. The Black Wind Condor had dashed in with a flash, too late for him to stop it. Lord Taixuan's face was somewhat uncertain as he watched the dark cracks gradually closing. They were too careless. Didn't Ye Futian tell her?

Lord Taixuan didn't know that Ye Futian had intended to drive Xia Qingyuan away so that she would return to Emperor Xia's Realm.

Before long, the cracks disappeared, and the sky returned to normal. This most powerful battle of the Nine Realms had come to an end.

"Ye Futian is dead, so everyone, please go back. In the future, don't stir up any discord in the Nine Realms," said Jian Ao. Everyone looked at him and thought that this Jian Ao was not only an expert in flattery, but now he seemed to be in the business of being a peacemaker.

This old fox, as if everything he did was for the Original Realm. It was more likely that he did it all for Jian Qingzhu.

"Princess." Jian Ao raised his head to look at Princess Donghuang and bowed slightly. Everyone followed his lead.

Princess Donghuang stood high above in the sky as she surveyed those below. "Everything stops now."

"Yes, Princess." Everyone nodded. Princess Donghuang's voice was slightly more aggressive this time, with a certain incontrovertible intention. Presumably, the Princess was not well pleased with their killing of Ye Futian.

Presently, no one dared to contradict her.

Princess Donghuang looked at the crowd one last time, it was a look without any emotion, but it gave many quite the chill. Then Princess Donghuang turned to walk away. The cultivators next to her followed suit.

The cultivators in the Dark Court also left upon her departure.

In the tavern, Shi Xie smiled vaguely as he put down the wine glass that was in his hand, and glanced at Mei Ting who was across from him and said, "I will drink with Mr. Mei again if opportunity allows in the future. I bid you goodbye."

Then, he took his men and left.

What an irony that the number one genius of the Original Realm died in the hands of the Original Realm.

Mei Ting raised his head and glanced above the sky. Indeed, they did not appear. However, he understood that the representatives of Donghuang the Great were here, so they wouldn't dare to appear. Even if they did and didn't die today, they would be spotted; it would be impossible for them to escape.

But, was Ye Futian really dead?

He had a feeling that things were not as simple as they seemed.

In the void, Emperor Nan, Shen Gao, and the clan lord of the Shen clan were returning.

The expressions on the two from the Shen clan were extremely sullen and especially gloomy, as their eyes swept toward the others.

Shen Ji was dead.

His death was not only caused by the allied forces of the Heavenly Mandate Academy but also by those who came with them. The only possibility for Shen Ji to die when they had the absolute advantage, which was when they were abandoned by their own allies.

These b*stards.

They only thought was to kill Ye Futian, so they spent all their energy holding Emperor Nan back and didn't expect a setup by those on their own side.

A top cultivator was hard to come by because any top figure was powerful enough to create a top principality that could stand at the peak of the Original Realm. However, in this battle, only the Shen clan had incurred a loss on this level when no one else did.

So, did the Shen clan win?

Killing Ye Futian was certainly a win, but they lost to the other forces.

However, they had to swallow this offense because who could they fight to get their revenge?

The Alliance of the Heavenly Mandate Academy? Now that only two of them were left, how could they possibly deal with the allied forces of the Heavenly Mandate Academy?

Their own allied forces? Who among so many of them?

Those cultivators left one by one, as if nothing had happened, ignoring them, pretending to know nothing.

Shen Ji died in vain.

"B*stards." The others had already left; they were all part of this conspiracy. At times like this, who would want to engage them proactively?

"Blame yourselves," Lord Taixuan said coldly.

The two men glanced at him with indifferent eyes. "We have all the time in the world, but Ye Futian is dead. I want to see just how much further Heavenly Mandate Academy could go in the future."

"Just wait and see, then," responded Lord Taixuan. The two men from the Shen clan huffed coldly and left angrily.

They couldn't get their revenge.

The cultivators all left one after another. Emperor Nan glanced at the place where Ye Futian disappeared, hoping that what he had said before was true.

Ye Futian had said that he would volunteer to die in this battle.

But, he would be back.

Therefore, although they tried their best, no one was all in, as they tried their best to protect themselves first.

Since the beginning of the battle, they knew how this would end.

Everything they did was to cooperate with Ye Futian's plan.

Many forces in the Nine Realms could not tolerate Ye Futian, not to mention that the Dark Court and the Empty Divine Realm also had their eyes on him. He was too outstanding as the one controlling the power of Shadow. In reality, they understood that the land of the Original Realm itself could no longer allow Ye Futian to exist.

They glanced at each other, then headed down below the sky, and the group returned to the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Everyone at the Heavenly Mandate Academy looked up with reluctance, anger, and sadness in their eyes. Did he die just like that?

The Heavenly Mandate Academy had produced a peerless genius talent, who was hailed as the number one genius in the Original Realm, and he was besieged and slaughtered by the cultivators of the Nine Realms.

They felt persecuted.

Qi Xuangang and Yan Yuan were together, and Qi Xuangang didn't believe it in his heart. He still remembered the conversation he had with Ye Futian that day. Ye Futian would not ask for death like this; he still had too many things that he wanted to do. He had dreams; he couldn't die.

People from the Nine States looked toward the void as well. Even though everything was so real, they were holding a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

Gu Dongliu was one of the insiders. Ye Futian didn't tell everyone so clearly about his plan, probably because he had his concerns. If everyone knew about it, it would be difficult to keep the plan undercover.

However, he did not expect the Little Condor and Xia Qingyuan to rush out like they did.

The Little Condor and Ye Futian were connected in their minds. Perhaps, it had discovered something, hence the rash action. Could it be that something unexpected happened?

He certainly hoped not.


Zhuge Mingyue was next to Hua Jieyu and saw that Hua Jieyu was still in a great amount of pain. There were tears from her eyes, and she looked extremely unwell.

There were more and more images in her mind. It was as if countless thoughts were now started to awake, all imprinted in her mind. At this moment, she had no idea who she was. It was as if every thought was her own.

At this moment, many people inside the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path suddenly appeared listless and raised their heads to look into the boundless sky. A ray of consciousness came out of these women and turned into an elusive figure that flew into the distance, as if toward another self.

In the midst of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Xuantian Goddess was there. Her mind was trembling violently. It was as if something had also awakened inside of her. She looked in the direction where Hua Jieyu was, and an illusory figure came out of her body, flying toward Hua Jieyu.

"So, I am too," Xuantian Goddess murmured.

Maybe, everyone who had cultivated that particular method was one of the incarnations.


The cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy looked at Hua Jieyu and saw that many illusory figures floating from everywhere, blending themselves into Hua Jieyu's mind, which cause a surprised look on these cultivators' faces.

What cultivation method could be so terrifying?

The Mountain Master of the 10,000 Divine Mountain and others like Jiang Chengzi of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven knew that Lady of Brahma's Pure Sky cultivated an extremely special method. They had urged Ye Futian to be careful around Hua Jieyu, knowing that she may have been a manifestation of Lady of Brahma's Pure Sky, who was using his power to cultivate.

But they didn't expect it to be so domineering.

They had a strange feeling at this moment. It was as if Hua Jieyu was the real manifestation and not the Lady of Brahma's Pure Sky.

At this time, a powerful aura permeated everywhere, and all eyes were looking that way. They saw an illusory figure of peerless elegance appeared, shining with divine light, and it was the Lady of Brahma's Pure Sky.

She stared at Hua Jieyu. How could she wake up so quickly? This interrupted her plan.

However, it would not affect the overall situation, but the timing was less than ideal.

She had cultivated many years but constrained by the Great Path. Even if she had obtained a powerful method, she still could not break the shackles of the Great Path. There was a lack in the way of heaven, and she was limited by this. Therefore, she needed to recast another body.

She chose Hua Jieyu not because of how talented Hua Jieyu was, but that she had detected an opportunity for enlightenment on her. Hua Jieyu had a strong life force that could be used for her own enlightenment.

However, Hua Jieyu was somewhat out of her control and had always retained a strong sense of self.

Under everyone's gaze, the Lady of Brahma's Pure Sky's elusive figure entered into Hua Jieyu's body. In a flash, an extremely tyrannical aura bloomed, and Hua Jieyu's face was changing. It seemed to have turned into the peerless beauty that was the Lady of Brahma's Pure Sky.

"No..." In Hua Jieyu's mind, there was another consciousness waking up. This consciousness was extremely strong and obstinate. At this moment, she finally realized who she was and where she came from.

A smile appeared in her tearful eyes, and her name was Hua Jieyu, his wife.

That face turned into Hua Jieyu's face again, and the two beautiful faces kept changing as if competing for control.

Her body was trembling slightly. She seemed to be experiencing a painful struggle.

Jieyu remembered that she once said that whoever won would have control of the body.

Under the gaze of all these cultivators, this scene lasted for quite some time. Finally, a beautiful face appeared, no longer changing, and a brilliant smile bloomed on that face. However, the tears continued to slide down that beautiful face.

She looked at the vast void, at that disappearing figure. In her mind, countless memories washed over her, and all of them were occupied by the memories of the same person.

Now that she came back, why did he leave her again!

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    《The Legend of Futian》