The Legend of Futian
1858 Divine Prefecture
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1858 Divine Prefecture

The Divine Prefectures of the East was in chaos and anarchy over three hundred years ago. Many extraordinary men rose to fame there.

Among all the realms, the Divine Prefecture produced the most superstars in history.

The Divine Prefectures of the East was united for real only when Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing entered the stage more than 300 years ago.

At that time, the eighteen domains in the Divine Prefecture all submitted to Donghuang the Great Emperor and Emperor Ye Qing, which smoothed the way for the time of prosperity three centuries ago.

Donghua Domain was one of the 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture.

Right now, a body was lying quietly in the middle of a vast field. The person wore white clothes and had silver hair. Covered in blood, he lay on the ground without moving a muscle. His eyes were open, yet he couldn't muster a tiny bit of strength. The only thing he could do was stare at the endless sky where the clouds were floating around. The air was exceptionally fresh here, and the Worldly Spiritual Qi was intoxicating.

However, he couldn't even absorb the Worldly Spiritual Qi right now. The meridians inside of his body were all shattered, and his internal organs suffered a great deal of damage. His life was hanging by a thread.

Was he in the Divine Prefecture?

He survived, Ye Futian thought to himself.

Princess Donghuang awarded him a precious gift that day, which took his breath away when he sneaked a peek at it after he went back. It was a divine item that could make Ye Futian look through and depart from the Original Realm without cracking open the space.

It also meant that he could have left earlier.

Nevertheless, he didn't choose to do it. More than half of the top forces in the Nine Realms wanted him dead. The Dark Court and the Empty Divine Realm also set their sights on killing him. What would happen to the Heavenly Mandate Academy if he left by himself?

What would happen to his friends and the alliance he built?

At that moment, Ye Futian understood Princess Donghuang's intention. She presented a gift to him while also allowed other groups to kill him. Princess Donghuang wanted him to disappear from the Original Realm.

That was how the battle earlier happened. It was actually for show only. To making it convincing, everyone on Ye Futian's side was fighting for real. But they didn't exert their full strength. They did everything they could to make it look like Ye Futian was driven into a corner.

In order to make it appear more real, Ye Futian left the moment when the strike landed on his body. Therefore, everyone would think that he was obliterated by the attack instead of leaving on his own.

For that reason, Ye Futian suffered extensive damage. The brutal assault pierced through the space of the Original Realm and hit him, which caused devastating injury to his body. It was such a horrifying attack.

"Is the Original Realm, the Void Realm, something that doesn't exist for real?" Thinking back to how he left the Original Realm with the help of the divine item, Ye Futian couldn't help but suspect the truth about the Void Realm. Who was capable enough to make such a formidable divine item that could bring him out of the Void Realm altogether?

Could it be that Donghuang the Great prepared this divine item for Princess Donghuang?

It was possible. No one else would be aware of the existence of such a divine item.

Princess Donghuang certainly spent a lot of effort to keep him alive. Nonetheless, Ye Futian and Princess Donghuang were more likely to be enemies rather than friends in the future.

A strident sound reached Ye Futian's ears from the sky far away. Severely injured, Ye Futian closed his eyes. He needed to rest for a long time to recover from his current state. It was naturally the best choice for him to pretend he was dead. His body could heal and amend on its own.

After all, he didn't know what kind of people he would encounter.

The strident sound was getting closer and closer. Ye Futian also heard a voice ordering people to go to exam him.

Ye Futian soon felt that someone was approaching him. He remained perfectly still and had his eyes tightly shut, hoping he wouldn't be disturbed by the incoming person. After all, he had to be extra cautious since he just arrived here.

He felt a hand touching his body. The person seemed to be observing him.

"Is he dead or alive?" A calm yet authoritative voice was asking about Ye Futian's state.

The person promptly left Ye Futian and returned to midair. She bowed to a cultivator who appeared to be in his 30s and said, "Young master, he will be dead any second even though he is still breathing now. We don't have to pay attention to him."

The Renhuang cultivator glanced at the woman speaking and cracked a smile. He asked, "Which level is he at?"

"I'm not sure," the woman answered.

"Go to take a look," he said to a middle-aged man next to him. The man quickly examed Ye Futian and returned to his place, said, "He already built the Body of Way and reached the Renhuang Plane. If I guessed it correctly, he should have a Second-Order Divine Wheel."

"Second-Order Divine Wheel," the Renhuang cultivator muttered. He ordered the woman, "Take him back."

"Yes, young master." The woman was only in the Saint Plane and didn't hesitate after receiving the order. She approached Ye Futian again, lifted his body from the ground, and brought him with her.

They strode across the field. After a while, a range of mountains came into sight. Ancient castles were perched on crags in the mountains, imposing and forbidding.

Senluo Manor was one of the main forces in this area and was ruled mountains.

They entered the Senluo Manor and kept walking forward until they arrived at a cultivation temple in the mountains. The head of the group lowered his eyes and darted a glance at Ye Futian. He said in a cold voice, "Take him to the You Pavilion."

The woman remained composed and expressionless even though her heart trembled for a second. She had been in Senluo Manor for quite a long time and knew the place like the palm of her hand. She understood when to speak and when to shut up.

She took a brief look at Ye Futian and sighed to herself. This man was so unfortunate.

You Pavilion was a place in Senluo Manor that specialized in refining corpses. The young master of Senluo Manor wanted to turn Ye Futian into a chief corpse directly controlled by him.

The woman brought Ye Futian to the You Pavilion, where many people were busy working. She met the master of the You Pavilion and said, "Young master ordered me to bring this man to the Pavilion."

The master of the You Pavilion was a Dark Renhuang who emanated a dangerous brooding air. He shot a glance at Ye Futian. Ye Futian seemed to be a young man with great talents.

It certainly made things more interesting.

"Okay." The master of the You Pavilion nodded slightly and replied, "You're in charge of it. Send him to the matrix."

"Yes." The woman bowed and received the order. It appeared like she was in a low standing in Senluo Manor. After all, Senluo Manor was a famous and powerful group that held sway in the region, and its chief was a high-level Renhuang. A cultivator in the Saint Plane couldn't possibly enjoy a high status in the manor.

She brought Ye Futian to a cavern residence that was guarded by soldiers and pushed the door to step inside. The mountain was hollow inside. A terrifying smell of death permeated the empty space. There was a chasm further into the mountain, under which an extremely scary Grand Matrix of Death. The dark currents were flowing around and filled the place with the Will of Death. Countless chains of death locked numerous people inside. Those people didn't seem to be alive, yet they were able to move; they were all corpses that were being refined.

The woman lowered her head to looked at Ye Futian, said, "How much longer are you going to pretend?"

Ye Futian opened his eyes and surveyed the woman in front of him. She had a masculine manner and black, piercing eyes. Her face was pretty, but not in a breathtaking way.

She looked emotionless and indifferent while staring at Ye Futian, who just opened his eyes.

Ye Futian didn't expect himself to be so unlucky. He pretended to be unconscious yet was still taken away. On top of that, the people who captured him were bad guys, indeed; they wanted to refine him with the Grand Matrix of Death.

He gazed into her eyes. The woman flinched and turned her distant eyes away.

She had known Ye Futian was only pretending since the beginning, yet didn't expose him. Ye Futian figured that she didn't really want to do this to him.

"What are you doing?" Ye Futian asked her.

"This is the place to refine corpses in Senluo Manor. The matrix below will kill and transform you into a puppet. Do you have any last words before that?" the woman asked him.

"Can you let me live?"

The woman shook her head, said, "I don't have a choice."

She didn't dare to defy the order. Otherwise, she would be the one being killed.

She brought Ye Futian to the chasm. At this moment, Ye Futian didn't have any ability to fight back. He could only be manipulated by her.

"I'm sorry," the woman said to Ye Futian. Before her voice faded away, she pushed Ye Futian's body into the chasm.

Ye Futian started falling immediately and eventually landed on the ground.

The Grand Matrix of Death at the bottom of the chasm activated right away and engulfed his body. Millions of tentacles stretched out of the Grand Matrix of Death and grabbed Ye Futian's hands and feet. Wisps of the frightening Will of Death invaded his body through his limbs.

Ye Futian never thought that the first thing that happened to him after arriving at the Divine Prefecture was to be refined into a corpse puppet.

He closed his eyes and let the Death Will took over his body and flowed around inside. The Death Will entered the Life Palace and became part of it. Ye Futian lay there quietly as if he stopped breathing for good.

The woman looked at Ye Futian from the top of the chasm and sighed to herself. She knew what she did was sinful, yet she couldn't defy or escape from Senluo Manor. Thus, she had no choice but to obey the orders submissively.

The Renhuang in front of her was quite handsome and dashing. He probably was an extraordinary young man when he was alive. But he still couldn't avoid such misfortune.

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    《The Legend of Futian》