The Legend of Futian
1865 Wipe out Senluo Manor
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1865 Wipe out Senluo Manor

Ye Futian once told Ying Qing that he had a way to leave. She never thought that he meant to fight his way out. Ying Qing probably wouldn't bother to talk to him if she had known this.

How could a man in the Divine Wheel second order prevail over the mighty Senluo Manor?

Nevertheless, Ye Futian became the God of Carnage now and slaughtered more than of the Renhuangs in Senluo Manor with one strike.

He stood high up in the air, his white robe flapping and billowing in the wind. The Sword Will spread through the field, accompanied by a frightful and strident wail. It soon overcast the sky and blanketed the entire Senluo Manor.


As the Sword Will raining down from the sky, the mountains fell, and the palaces collapsed with a series of loud and rumbling sounds. Senluo Manor was razed to the ground there and then.

Even though a cultivation method was never absolutely right or wrong, Senluo Manor shouldn't exist in the world for the evil deeds they committed against humanity.

If not for Ye Futian's extraordinary abilities and help from Xia Qingyuan, he would be murdered and transformed into a corpse puppet by Senluo Manor. In addition, he was not the first victim of Senluo Manor. They were apparently accustomed to such crimes.

A bolt of terrifying energy suddenly shot out of a palace far away at the highest point in Senluo Manor. The chief of Senluo Manor, who was cultivating there in seclusion, was disturbed by the noise. An enormous amount of Death Will surged into the sky and formed the Clouds of Death, which looked like the face of the Reaper.


A massive hand of the Reaper that could easily cover an entire mountain was aiming at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at it briefly. The clanking sound of the divine sword resonated with the endless Sword Will. Bathing in the Yin Divine Light, the Sword Will brought the Cleave of All Things into play and hurtled toward the giant hand of the Reaper.

However, each sword turned black and lusterless immediately after coming into contact with the Reaper's hand and soon evaporated without a trace. A cultivator in the high-level Renhuang Plane carried unimaginable strength. The dark hand of the Reaper blotted out the sun and deprived this field of every glimmer of hope.

Xia Qingyuan activated her Divine Wheel to wrap the Black Wind Condor and herself in the light screen of the lotuses to retain their energy and remain unaffected by the attack. Ye Futian pushed his hand forward. The divine sword thrust toward the giant hand of Death. The energy of the Great Path flowed against the stream and almost shattered the space.


With a deafening thump, the mountain under Ye Futian burst into pieces, and his divine sword was hurled back by the shockwave. Both Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan were engulfed by the Will of Death. Nonetheless, the hand of the Reaper also cracked and turned into an endless stream of the death current.

Ye Futian's body shook slightly as well. After all, even with his perfect Divine Wheel, there was a considerable gap between him and a high-level Renhuang in the Divine Wheel seventh order.

A burly man wearing a loose-fit black robe appeared in the sky above the ancient palace located at the peak of the highest mountain in Senluo Manor. His jet black eyes were staring menacingly at Ye Futian from afar.

A person in the Divine Wheel second order slaughtered so many cultivators of the Senluo Manor and even wanted to destroy the whole manor.

"Chief." Many people mumbled and greeted the man. They were more stunned that Ye Futian, a Lower Renhuang, stood firm against the attack from the chief of Senluo Manor.

It was an astonishing display of strength.

Another burst of domineering Death Will came from a different direction and turned Senluo Manor into an expanse of death. Under everyone's watch, a corpse puppet flew directly from the You Pavilion and stopped in front of Han Lin. It was the dreadful puppet he visited before.

Han Lin glared at Ye Futian. Despite Ye Futian's remarkable talent, Han Lin was still determined to kill him here and now. How could a cultivator in the Divine Wheel second order beat a high-level Renhuang of Senluo Manor?

Han Lin once had a perfect Divine Wheel, too, and was aware that cultivators with perfect Divine Wheels had the strength that exceeded their current ranks. It was common for them to be comparable with opponents who were at two levels higher. Some outstanding ones could skip three orders. But there were five steps between the Divine Wheel second order and a high-level Renhuang in the Divine Wheel seventh order. It was by no means a small gap.

Yet, somehow, Ye Futian caused a significant loss to Senluo Manor.

"Father, he's mine," Han Lin said to the chief of Senluo Manor in the distance. Ye Futian would become his corpse puppet, and Xia Qingyuan would meet the same fate in the end. But he wanted to "reward" her well and make her pay the price before that.

Han Lin formed a seal with both hands. In an instant, the corpse puppet's eyes were lit up with an eerie green glow. The decaying smell of the Will of Death emanated from its body. With a rustling sound, countless vines of death grew out of the corpse puppet's body, which looked like a rotten ancient tree. Like a million tentacles, the vines blotted out the sky and launched an attack on Ye Futian.

The divine sword rushed forward and hacked at the vines. However, the vines kept growing and were approaching Ye Futian at full tilt. The entire field was filled with the stench of death and desperation.

The scintillating divine sword carved out an opening and charged at the corpse puppet. With a crackling sound, the divine sword penetrated the corpse puppet and wanted to destroy it with its terrifying Sword Will. Nevertheless, the corpse puppet stretched out millions of tentacles that twisted and tangled around the divine sword, aiming to dissolve it.

The corpse puppet didn't have a life and wasn't afraid of pain. Its tentacles attacked the divine sword frantically, even as the Sword Will slashed through its body.

On the other side, countless vines of death continued to extend toward Ye Futian.

On top of that, each vine had a hideous mouth growing on top that was trying to gnaw at Ye Futian.

The light screen of lotuses around Xia Qingyuan was also attacked and slowly eaten away. The vines were already pressing on her.

Ye Futian saw it and his eyes glinted with rage. A beam of even holier light shone from his body as his superior power spreading out.

The area around his body turned into his absolute territory. The invading vines were immediately cleared out. The holy light also shone upon Xia Qingyuan and drove off the rotten energy for her.

Ashen-faced, the cultivators of Senluo Manor were staggered by Ye Futian's ability. How could this man become even stronger than before?

Besides, this kind of power...

Even Han Lin's expression became grim. The chief of Senluo Manor stared at Ye Futian and asked gravely, "Who are you?"

To his surprise, he sensed a source of imperial power and the will of the emepror from Ye Futian.

What was this man's identity?

Why would Senluo Manor offend such a supreme cultivator?

People in the Divine Prefecture were usually very cautious and intentionally avoided becoming enemies with extraordinary cultivators. After all, so many people in the Divine Prefecture had an unfathomable background. Although Senluo Manor had a high-level Renhuang in command and was an influential group in the region, they were nowhere near the top forces in the Divine Prefecture. There were plenty of people Senluo Manor didn't have the nerve to affront.

"I'm a man who was brought to your manor to be transformed into a corpse puppet," Ye Futian responded in a casual tone. The divine sword inside the corpse puppet's body emitted even more dazzling light as he was speaking.

"Break," Ye Futian spat in a cold voice. Countless vines shattered into dust. The corpse puppet burst apart and disappeared in a flash as the incandescent divine sword destroyed everything.

The divine sword hovered in the sky and burned with indescribable radiance.

The moon cast the Yin Divine Light over the entire area. One by one, cultivators of Senluo Manor were frozen into ice sculptures and crackled and fizzed. Some middle-level Renhuangs exploded into tiny pieces straight away.

Ye Futian darted a glance at the people around Ying Qing. The divine light of the moon fell upon them and took their lives before they could utter a sound.

"Senluo Manor deserves to be exterminated."

The blade of light illuminated the field and produced the mighty Sword Will everywhere. More cultivators in the middle-level Renhuang Plane were killed by the Sword Will, a horrified look left on their faces.

They would never expect that a cultivator in the Divine Wheel second order could destroy Senluo Manor.

Finally, Han Lin started to taste the fear as well. He stared at Ye Futian, his eyes wide open. How could this happen?

Ye Futian was only a random dying man Han Lin picked up on the road. Why did he happen to be such a monstrous cultivator with unspeakable strength?

Buzz! At this moment, Ye Futian suddenly sensed danger when a faint silhouette appeared in front of him. He knew he was seriously threatened since the faint shadow could attack his spiritual soul directly.

Ye Futian felt like his spiritual soul was confined when the chief of Senluo Manor made a gripping gesture at him from afar. He had trouble controlling his body to react to the attack at this moment.

Wisps of energy floated out of Ye Futian's body and turned the field into an absolute Great Path domain. Ye Futian fixed his eyes on the chief of Senluo Manor, who immediately sunk into the illusion world created by the Eye Sorcery. Notwithstanding, he still lunged toward Ye Futian fiercely.

"Get the f*ck back." Ye Futian focused his eyes on the faint shadow and sent waves of the Yin Divine Light surging and rolling toward it. The shadow hastily retreated and hid behind the chief of Senluo Manor, where a massive statue of the Reaper had manifested.

The Reaper glanced around. The moon and the sun were appearing in the sky at the same time and shone the terrifying divine light directly on him. He was trapped in the Great Path domain, created by the divine wheel of a Lower Renhuang.

Ye Futian stretched out his hand, which was holding a spear. Infused with the will of the emperor, the spear spewed out unparalleled energy. Ye Futian became a war god at that moment.

The chief of Senluo Manor seemed alarmed. Innumerable shadows of the Reaper pounced on Ye Futian simultaneously and troubled him with an awful feeling.

But Ye Futian was still charged with the ultimate intent of battle. A ray of light penetrated the space as Ye Futian stepped forward. The chief of Senluo Manor wanted to back off, yet the spear already reached him. The pure Energy of Yin froze the air and slowed down his movement.

"F*ck off!" Panic-stricken, he raised his hands and flailed desperately. But the man holding the spear had transfigured into a beam of light and streaked across the sky. With a fizz, the chief of Senluo Manor exploded.

"No..." The scene struck terror into Han Lin, whose face was deathly pale. Ye Futian turned around and looked at him.

Ye Futian held the spear and walked toward Han Lin. Han Lin was already in the mid-level Renhuang Plane, but all he wanted to do at this moment was running away.

However, he was trapped in Ye Futian's Great Path domain. Where could he run off to?

Another bolt of lightning struck. Ye Futian vanished from sight and reappeared behind Han Lin. A spasm of pain contorted Han Lin's face until the moment when his body blew up.

The few people still alive trembled with fear. Everything seemed like a bad dream to them.

A cultivator in the Divine Wheel second order wiped out Senluo Manor!

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    《The Legend of Futian》