The Legend of Futian
1869 Forceful Entry
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1869 Forceful Entry

The Dongyuan Pavilion was situated in the center of Dongyuan City. This was the holy land of Dongyuan City. Countless people wanted to enter this place to train.

Aside from a few special regions, almost all continents of the Divine Prefecture seemed to have locations similar to Dongyuan Pavilion. A few hundred years ago, the Great Emperor personally sent his people over to establish Dongyuan Pavilion. The cultivation methods within were all copied over from the Imperial Palace and were extremely precious. They were far more powerful than most of the cultivation methods in the outside world.

For many cultivators, entering Dongyuan Pavilion was a milestone on their cultivation journey.

Outside of Dongyuan Pavilion, many people were passing in front of it. However, only occasionally would someone be seen entering it.

Now, Ye Futian was standing outside of Dongyuan Pavilion.

The terrain was very high here. In front of Ye Futian, there was a flight of stairs. Looking up the stairs, one could see a towering structure at a glance. Divine halos of the Great Path circled around the building. Dongyuan Pavilion was the tallest structure in Dongyuan City.

Around Dongyuan Pavilion, there were also many grandiose palace complexes. There were also many cultivators there.

Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master trained on top of the Pavilion and accepted disciples. In reality, they were similar to a powerful sect clan. They also controlled the best resources for cultivating. Hence, who didn't want to become a disciple of Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master and train under him?

Under such circumstances, cultivators who could enter Dongyuan Pavilion were among those with the greatest talents.

The position of Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master was also extremely high. He stood at the top of Dongyuan City.

To the left and right of the stairs, there were two men on guard. When they saw that Ye Futian intended to head up the stairs, they came forward to block his way.

Ye Futian frowned. He looked at the guards before him and said, "I have come to take the Dongyuan Pavilion statue assessment."

"State your name, place of origin, and cultivation Plane," the person in front of him said.

"Ye Liunian, unaffiliated cultivator, Renhuang Plane, third-tier Divine Wheel," Ye Futian answered. Ye Liunian was naturally his alias.

After hearing his reply, the other party nodded their heads. Aside from being granted permission, there was another way to enter Dongyuan Pavilion to train, and that was by taking the Dongyuan Pavilion statue assessment. In every location similar to the Dongyuan Pavilion, the founders back then left behind a statue to assess the talents of cultivators. As long as the person being assessed passed, they were qualified to train in Dongyuan Pavilion.

However, this assessment was challenging. Those who could pass it were all monstrous figures. Very few people could manage to do so. The statue assessment was also divided into levels and grades.

The guards were just about to let him pass when a voice cried out and said, "Dongyuan Pavilion does not accept your assessment."

Ye Futian was stunned. He lifted his head and swept a glance up the stairs at the person who had spoken. He naturally did not recognize the person.

"Understood." The guards nodded and continued to block Ye Futian's way, not allowing him to advance further.

"Why?" Ye Futian asked as he raised his head and looked at the person. His tone was very calm.

"Very few people have passed the Dongyuan Pavilion statue assessment. Too many people come every day. Most of them are just a waste of time. Hence, we carry out selections. The two of you have not passed."

Ye Futian revealed a strange look on his face. Had not passed?

How did the other party carry out their selection?

Ye Futian was at the Renhuang Plane, and this was his first time here. He just wanted a chance to be assessed. He had actually not passed?

Clearly, the other party was doing this deliberately. The other party was indeed doing this intentionally. They looked at Ye Futian without any concern in their eyes. They even had looks of condescension in their eyes. They needed to agree for Ye Futian to want to enter Dongyuan Pavilion.

Ye Futian did not say anything. Before this, someone's will had swept out from Dongyuan Pavilion. Was it for this reason? After all, he had come to Dongyuan Pavilion. For someone to check on him with their will was very common. He did not think much of it.

At that moment, his will swept out towards Dongyuan Pavilion. In an instant, the entire region of the vast Dongyuan Pavilion was enveloped within his will.

In the training grounds above, there was a group of people who were drinking tea and discussing cultivation. This group of people had extraordinary temperaments. Among them, sitting next to a youth with outstanding temperament, was a silhouette whom Ye Futian had encountered not long ago on South Mountain.

Clearly, the other party had rushed over here before he did.

At that moment, Ye Futian understood what was going on.

The people having their banquet seemed to have noticed that someone's will was observing them. They could not help but raise their eyebrows. The looks in their eyes were somewhat cold. A woman wearing a long dress coldly scolded, "Presumptuous."

The moment she uttered this word, she looked in the direction where the will had come from. From a distance, she saw Ye Futian, and their eyes met.

The wills of the others also swept out and landed on Ye Futian.

They noticed that the temperaments of Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan beside him were rather outstanding. However, for them to have snooped on them with their wills was somewhat presumptuous and rude.

"Who handles affairs in Dongyuan Pavilion?" Ye Futian cried out loudly. The cultivator, whom Ye Futian encountered previously on South Mountain, had a cold look on his face. The youth beside him slowly got up and said, "Let's go have a look."

The few of them nodded in agreement. They then walked out from Dongyuan Pavilion. In an instant, they were at the top of the stairs. They looked down at Ye Futian standing below.

"He is the son of Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master, Liu Dongge [1]," Ying Qing transmitted her thoughts over to Ye Futian. Upon hearing this name, Ye Futian realized that the Pavilion Master wanted his descendent to rule over the Pavilion for generations to come. Hence, even his name was related to the place.

The group of people beside Liu Dongge had extraordinary temperaments. Their identities were certainly special. The woman who scolded Ye Futian was dressed like a noblewoman. She bore the proud air of an empress, and she could be considered a beauty. The look she gave Ye Futian was somewhat unwelcoming. She was clearly dissatisfied with Ye Futian's offense.

"You wanted to see me?" Liu Dongge asked in a low voice as he looked at Ye Futian. He gazed down at Ye Futian, and his tone was indifferent.

He had heard that this person had claimed to know the Priest of South Mountain.

Ye Futian was also sizing up the other party. What he had heard in Dongyuan City was not the same as what he had heard from Ying Qing. It could even be said to be the complete opposite. Hence, he needed verification. Although Ying Qing had helped him out, he could not kill the Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master solely based on what Ying Qing had said.

He had promised Ying Qing. If what she said was true, he would kill Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master.

However, from the looks of it, this Liu Dongge was indeed an extremely arrogant person.

"I wish to enter the Dongyuan Pavilion to train. I wish to take the assessment of Dongyuan Pavilion," Ye Futian stated calmly.

"Denied," Liu Dongge replied as he stood there.

"Why?" Ye Futian continued asking. He did not get angry.

"A denial is a denial. I do not need to give a reason," Liu Dongge said. In Dongyuan Pavilion, their word was law.

Although Dongyuan Pavilion was established by people sent by the Great Emperor, merely constructing these pavilions on the continents of the Divine Prefecture took hundreds of years. They did not have the time to manage these places. Hence, these places were controlled by the strongest cultivators and forces of the respective continents.

This continent could not be considered a top continent of the Divine Prefecture. It did not even have a name and was far from being ranked at all. The Great Emperor would not bother coming down here at all. Hence, in a sense, Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master held absolute authority here.

Down below, many people were looking over here. They had all noticed the commotion. They all looked at Ye Futian. Someone wanted to enter Dongyuan Pavilion to take the statue assessment and was being denied entry.

Usually, once someone reached the Renhuang Plane, Dongyuan Pavilion would not reject them and give them a chance to take the assessment.

Otherwise, if even Renhuangs were unqualified to take the assessment, how many people would Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master offend?

However, this time, the son of Dongyuan Pavilion Pavilion Master, Liu Dongge, had personally come out to stop this person.

What was so special about this man?

"Who built Dongyuan Pavilion? Who set the rules here?" Ye Futian continued asking. Even more people gathered around upon hearing him say this. Renhuangs were certainly very proud people. Moreover, this person appeared rather young. He would certainly feel dissatisfied when stopped by Liu Dongge.

Everyone knew who had built Dongyuan Pavilion.

Ye Futian was questioning Liu Dongge by mentioning the Great Emperor.

That being said, what would that do?

"Are you done?" Liu Dongge asked. "If you are done talking, please leave. You are not allowed to step into Dongyuan Pavilion."

"The Great Emperor built Dongyuan Pavilion, and it is looked after by someone for the Great Emperor. Currently, do even the servants around the Great Emperor take themselves to be the master of the Pavilion?" Ye Futian said. "If you can stand at the top of the stairs, why can't I?"

Having said that, Ye Futian stepped forward and walked up the stairs.

The surrounding crowd revealed strange expressions. Was he planning to enter by force?

Liu Dongge and the others looked down at Ye Futian. Strange looks flashed past in their eyes. Was he forcing his way into Dongyuan Pavilion?

The people beside Liu Dongge all revealed bizarre expressions. These people were all cultivators from the top forces of the continent. They happened to be in Dongyuan Pavilion. They never imagined that they would encounter someone trying to force his way into Dongyuan Pavilion.

"If we say you cannot, then you naturally cannot." The aura of the female Renhuang swept out from her body. It was extremely domineering.

"There is no point in getting worked up over this," Liu Dongge said softly to her. "Let's go."

As Liu Dongge said this, he turned and headed into the Dongyuan Pavilion. He said, "Those who try to cause trouble and enter the Pavilion by force will bear the consequences of their actions."

He did not look back, but his voice contained a faint hint of murderous intent. No one doubted what he said.

If Ye Futian were truly related to the Priest of South Mountain, Liu Dongge would have problems finding an excuse to deal with him. Since Ye Futian wanted to force his way in, he could use this opportunity to kill him on the spot.

So what if Ye Futian was a Renhuang?

How could a mere lower-level Renhuang stand against the forces of the Dongyuan Pavilion?

Beneath her mask, a murderous intent flared up in Ying Qing's eyes. She glanced at Ye Futian. If this continued, Ye Futian would see what sort of person Liu Dongge was.

Ye Futian lifted his head and looked up the stairs. Several cultivators stepped forward at the same time. Among them was the Renhuang that he had driven off on South Mountain. He looked at Ye Futian with a cold gaze and said, "Dongyuan Pavilion was built by the Great Emperor long ago. You will not defile this place. If you want to make that mistake, step forward. We will then consider that an attempt at forceful entry into Dongyuan Pavilion."

[1]: The characters for 'Dongge' is a shorthand for Dongyuan Pavilion, both names sharing the same Chinese characters.

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    《The Legend of Futian》