The Legend of Futian
1877 Great Momentum
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1877 Great Momentum

Previously, when all the cultivators had talked about Ye Futian becoming the Pavilion Master of Dongyuan Pavilion, they had all said that he would need a transition period. Using this as an excuse, the forces of Dongyuan Pavilion had continued to "assist" him. In reality, they were taking control.

Even Ye Futian understood that Chang Dongqing would have this idea.

Right now, the various forces controlled Dongyuan Pavilion, and so the power of his words was limited. This would particularly be true if the forces of the pavilion allied with the Donglin Clan. In that case, they would have even more influence.

If Ye Futian became Pavilion Master, any of the various forces would have an easy time controlling him.

At least, that's what they thought.

Ye Futian did not know whether or not Emperor Heilian and Chang Dongqing would think like this, but it didn't matter.

The summit lord of Hanging Sword Peak looked at Ye Futian. He was the one who had just said that there would need to be a transition period.

"Although you are outstandingly talented, your cultivation base is still a little bit lacking. If you immediately take control of Dongyuan Pavilion, without any other forces aiding you in the transition, anyone could come and attack us. How will you stop them?" said the summit lord of Hanging Sword Peak. His words were sharp. As he spoke, his long beard danced back and forth and his robes rustled in the wind.

"You do not need to worry about that. As long as you all do not cause trouble, I will be able to control Dongyuan Pavilion," said Ye Futian.

"Those are bold words," said the summit lord of Hanging Sword Peak coldly. Sword will flowed out from him, filling the area with murderous intent.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over him, saying, "There is no point in discussing this further. I will only ask one more thing. Dongyuan Pavilion was created by the master of the statue. Does the master of the statue then control the pavilion, or do you all have the final say?"

Ye Futian's words made the cultivators of the six forces stare at him.

They were silent for a while. The atmosphere was incredibly tense.

The Pavilion Master of Dongyuan Pavilion looked at Ye Futian. Sword will was wrapping around the summit lord of Hanging Sword Mountain. The Helmsman of the Donglin Clan had a cold expression on his face. Ye Futian was truly arrogant.

However, his words had hit the nail on the head.

"I said that since you were willing to be the Pavilion Master, I would abdicate to you, but..." said Liu Han of Dongyuan Pavilion.

"Since you did so, that is enough," Ye Futian said immediately. "Previously, I resonated with the statue and inspired it to show its sacredness. This made you all declare that I was fit to be the Pavilion Master. Now, I accept your invitation to take control of the pavilion. From now on, I am the new Pavilion Master."

He said this loud and clear, his deep voice sweeping out for a vast distance. Outside the pavilion, all the watchers could hear what he said. They trembled in their hearts.

Was this his momentous declaration?

From now on, he would be the new Pavilion Master.

He did not need anyone else to agree to it, nor for them to even nod their heads. The founder of Dongyuan Pavilion had appointed him, so who could object?

Moreover, Dongyuan Pavilion had been founded on the order of Donghuang the Great Who among them could gainsay him?

Even Liu Han would admit that the control of Dongyuan Pavilion depended on the founder's words and not them.

No one could deny this.

Although this was only a small part of the mainland of the Divine Prefecture, it was still part of the Divine Prefecture. Thus, they would not dare be too wanton. Who could dare say that Dongyuan Pavilion was theirs?

It had been created by the Great Emperor.

The cultivators of the six great forces all looked at Ye Futian. He had directly announced that he would take the position as Pavilion Lord. There would be no ceremony, no handover. He had been hand-picked.

He stepped forward into the area where the six great figures were.

This made them all narrow their eyes. This man was really that bold? Was he really not worried that they would all gang up and kill him?

Helian You watched Ye Futian. She obviously knew that he was powerful, and now she had witnessed that for herself. Liu Dongge wanted to control Ye Futian. They all thought that the game was between the six top cultivators and Ye Futian.

However, Ye Futian had directly shoved them away and taken his place.

Liu Han and the others all stared at Ye Futian. Now that he had so forcefully announced that he would take up the position of Pavilion Lord of Dongyuan Pavilion, they could not kill him for the time being.

"Now that I am the new Pavilion Lord of Dongyuan Pavilion, we have no more need of Pavilion Lord Liu. Please take all the cultivators you have here and leave the pavilion," said Ye Futian to Liu Han.

Liu Han stared at him, his eyes sharp.

He was laying all his cards out on the table.

"Very decisive," said the Helmsman of the Donglin Clan, looking at Ye Futian. Power bloomed from him, and he said, "Pavilion Lord Liu has controlled the Dongyuan Pavilion for many years and put all of his heart into it. Now, although you were hand-picked for the role, you only just took it. And yet you still got rid of Pavilion Lord Liu. Very decisive. If you take this post, I'm afraid it won't be long before Dongyuan Pavilion comes to great trouble. Because of this, the Donglin clan, as one of the powerful forces here on the mainland, and one of the managing forces of Dongyuan Pavilion, refuses to allow you to take over the pavilion. I believe that in the hasty light from the statue, the elder only saw your appearance and not who you truly were. If he meets you again in the future, he will know who you really are."

He did not do anything to Ye Futian directly but overwhelmed him with his righteousness, refusing to allow him to take over Dongyuan Pavilion.

The Donglin Clan controlled the pavilion, along with Liu Han and Hanging Sword Peak.

Even though Ye Futian had been hand-picked, what did it matter? If they refused him, how could he control them?

Just with his words?

Now they would see how Ye Futian intended to take control of the pavilion.

Ye Futian looked at the other man as he spoke, then turned his gaze to Liu Han and said, "What do you think, Elder Liu Han?"

He did not reveal Ying Qing's identity and did not bring up anything about Mr. South Mountain. Those were in the past.

Now, this would be the best way to get rid of Liu Han.

"This again. I can let you take over as Pavilion Lord, but I must stay in Dongyuan Pavilion to assist you in taking control in order to prevent it from going astray. Everyone else must think this as well," said Liu Han indifferently.

There were some things that it was not appropriate for him to say, so the Donglin Clan had said it for him. But he would do what he must.

If he wanted to force him out, it would take several decades. Maybe he couldn't fight Ye Futian, but right now, Ye Futian did not have any authority.

"I understand," said Ye Futian with a nod. He looked at the Helmsman of the Donglin Clan and said, "Your force is one of the top forces on the mainland; it is one of the controllers of Dongyuan Pavilion. But you are only doing it for your own benefit, going against the purpose for which Dongyuan Pavilion was founded. In this case, as Pavilion Lord, from here on out, I revoke your right to speak on behalf of the Pavilion. From now on, the people of the Donglin Clan are not permitted to set foot within the Pavilion. Leave."

"Madness!" shouted the cultivators of the Donglin Clan at Ye Futian's words. Down below, Donglin Qiuyi cried out in fury as well.

The people of the Donglin Clan were not permitted to set foot within Dongyuan Pavilion?

He had even told the Helmsman of the Donglin Clan to leave!

Such arrogance! Such madness!

The Helmsman of the Donglin Clan stared at Ye Futian in shock. He had never seen such an arrogant youth.

And yet Ye Futian really was that arrogant.

A Renhuang with a third-tier Divine Wheel had told him to get out of Dongyuan Pavilion and forbidden the cultivators of his clan from ever returning.

How arrogant was that?

He stared at Ye Futian for a while, then suddenly smiled in a mocking and disdainful way. "I am already sitting here. What are you going to do about it?"

"Dongyuan Pavilion was founded by the Great Emperor as a holy land for teaching the Way. Now there are people perverting the Great Emperor's will. This is obviously very disrespectful. Elder Helian, you are one of the guardians of Dongyuan Pavilion. Please act now and kill them," said Ye Futian to Emperor Helian.

"I will do as the Palace Lord commands," said Emperor Helian with a nod. His feelings were very much in line with Ye Futian's. As he said this, his will surged into the sky. In an instant, the whole area was filled with his invisible will. The image of a face appeared up in the sky.

Many people could see the face, even off in the distance. When they looked into its strange eyes, they felt dizzy and fatigued, like they wanted to go to sleep.

A thought came into everyone's minds. "The Great Path of Dreams!" This was the technique that the Helian Clan cultivated. Emperor Helian had taken this cultivation style to a very powerful level. He could plunge people into a world of dreams and slay them there.

The other great cultivators in front of Dongyuan Pavilion were affected by this, including Liu Han and the Summit Lord of Hanging Sword Peak, and the Helmsman of the Donglin Clan even more so. He felt sleepy as invisible will seeped into him. Burning will surged out of him.

Emperor Helian's eyes became incredibly magical-looking as he stared at his opponent. It was like he wanted to bore his way inside of him. He looked at the Helmsman of the Donglin Clan and said, "Sleep now."

As he said this, Emperor Helian's eyes closed. In a flash, the Helmsman of Donglin seemed to have fallen into the dream space as well.

Liu Han and the Summit Lord of Hanging Sword Peak felt like they were about to fall asleep as well. Their hearts went cold. Emperor Heilian had sent his will against them as well. But for the time being, they did not intervene. The Helmsman of Donglin could handle it.

"Be careful!"


At that moment, cries of surprise rang out, and powerful sword will exploded into the sky, filling a vast area and forming a field of swordsmanship. The terrible sword field gave birth to even more sword will with the power of Yin merged into it.

The sword will swept through the air towards the Helmsman of Donglin.

That was why the cultivators of the Donglin Clan were crying out. The sword will was absolutely terrifying.

Liu Han and the Summit Lord of Hanging Sword Peak seemed to sense this as well. They looked at the sword will streaking through the air faster than lightning. They could not react in time to stop it.

Although the Helmsman of Donglin was trapped in the land of dreams, he could still feel the danger. He thrust out his hand, forming a palm print, aiming it at the oncoming sword will.

Within the sword field, endless currents of sword qi flowed above the sword will, resonating with it.

In a flash, the Helmsman of Donglin's body seemed to freeze. His soul stilled as he was attacked fiercely within the dream.

Crack! The sword will cut through his palm print and pierced into his head. Lines of blood flowed out.

The Helmsman of Donglin shattered into pieces, and his soul was destroyed as well. There was an illusory image of him left behind that had still not dispersed, a look of shock on his face as if he could not believe that this was really happening.

In the next moment, his body and soul shattered, leaving nothing behind!

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    《The Legend of Futian》