The Legend of Futian
1878 Decision
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1878 Decision

Powerful sword will drew a beautiful curve in front of the Dongyuan Pavilion as it flew back in front of Ye Futian.

In an instant, multiple gazes shifted towards Ye Futian; their hearts were still trembling intensely.

The cultivators of the Donglin clan were astonished, as was Donglin Qiuyi after she witnessed her father—the head of the Donglin Clan—killed by a sword.

In one instance, the entire place became eerily quiet. Everyone stared blankly at the scene that had just unfolded before them. The hair of the figure still standing within the Void was still as white as ever. His silvery hair drifting in the winds.

That was one of the six peak figures of this land. He was someone who could affect command of Dongyuan Pavilion. Just a moment ago, they were still fighting over command over Dongyuan Pavilion, scolding Ye Futian and not recognizing him as the pavilion's new patron.

However, no one would have been able to guess that in one instant, the head of the Donglin Clan would be killed.

Even though he was fighting against Emperor Helian and had fallen into the Will of the Great Dreams, but his plane level should be sufficiently high enough not to be affected. This only proved just how strong Ye Futian really was. At the very least, he was a lot stronger than his plane level indicated.

In that earlier instant, Liu Han and the summit lord of Mountain Sword Peak could not react in time as well. By the time they wanted to move, the sword had already hit its target, and they were powerless.

As such, the earlier situation where three powerful cultivators fought against two powerful cultivators had turned into a fight between the team of Liu Han and the summit lord of Mountain Sword Peak, and Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing. They no longer held any advantages. Moreover, there was still Ye Futian.

The complacency on Liu Han's face from earlier had disappeared while the Mountain Sword Peak summit lord no longer seemed confident like before. The both of them stared at Ye Futian. They had lost their earlier control of the situation. Meanwhile, the Beigong Family clan leader who had been maintaining a neutral position all the while also began to look at this scene with great interest, some ideas starting to form on his mind.

In the quiet space, Ye Futian looked indifferent. He had just taken a life in an instant. Now, there was a lot less pressure, so there was no need for him to expose too much of his strength.

This time, he killed the Dongyuan Pavilion head. He had no intention of showing all his cards. Humans were unpredictable, and he could not fully trust Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing.

"Kill him." Donglin Qiuyi's eyes were filled with rage and a murderous aura. Donglin Clan's cultivators started to move as they released extremely powerful might from their bodies.

Vuong... The Sword Will in front of Ye Futian sliced across the Void. Moving faster than lightning, it looked like a flash of light that pierced directly through the void, leaving only a beautiful trail of Sword Gashes.

"Careful." A middle-level Renhuang stood in front of Donglin Qiuyi. However, the Sword Will punctured him directly, and with a plopping sound, blood gushed out of his head before his body fell onto the ground.

Donglin Qiuye's expression changed drastically. She wanted to retreat, but it was already too late. Her Divine Wheel was only at the fourth-order. How was she supposed to withstand Ye Futian's Sword Will?

The Sword Will flashed across space, and Donglin Qiuyi's body trembled intensely. Fear and panic filled her eyes as she gazed toward Ye Futian, seemingly remembering the time when she blocked Ye Futian from going there back at Dongyuan Pavilion. Was this Ye Futian's way of seeking revenge?

The Donglin Qiuyi from back then would have never imagined that this day would come.

Fresh blood splattered into the air as Donglin Qiuyi's body fell to the grown, her spiritual soul shattered. Seeing that beautiful figure fall, the people from Dongyuan Pavilion looked toward Ye Futian's proud figure standing within the Void, a sense of self-confidence emanating from the white-haired figure.

The Renhuang who released their will might earlier stopped in their tracks. No one moved forward. None dared to raise a hand against Ye Futian.

Whenever and wherever the Sword Will flew past, a person would die. Who would dare move against that?

It was but an instant, but the head of the Donglin Clan, as well as the princess of the Donglin Clan, were both cut down and killed by the Sword Will.

"People of the Donglin Clan, you will leave Dongyuan Pavilion immediately. As long as I command the Dongyuan Pavilion, you will not step one foot in the Pavilion. Violators will be killed instantly." Ye Futian spoke with an indifferent and calm tone. Hidden within the calm tone was an undeniable murderous aura.

The faces of the Donglin Clan cultivators were as gray as ash. Their strongest Donglin Clan head was killed while the remainder were not a match against Ye Futian. In this situation, the Donglin Clan would be removed as one of the factions having control over Dongyuan Pavilion. They no longer had any influence on the Pavilion, and they were no longer qualified to take part in it. They could not even step into Dongyuan Pavilion to cultivate.

In just a day, the Donglin Clan's status fell straight down, to a devastating effect.

The source of it all was that they had obstructed Ye Futian.


"That's insane."

Everyone's heart trembled. They would never have imagined that the genius Renhuang who made statues manifest would be so overwhelmingly powerful and decisive in killing.

It was as if he was also a high order character who was extremely comfortable and used to giving commands.

Yingqing, who was standing not far behind Ye Futian, was already used to it. However, her curiosity over Ye Futian only grew stronger and stronger. Just who was this person?

Why would a person like this suffer such serious injuries and be picked up by Senluo Manor's Han Lin?

And even more ridiculous, he was almost turned into a corpse puppet.

The other cultivators from the Donglin Clans struggled internally. They wanted to cut Ye Futian down to avenge their head and his daughter. However, did they still have a chance to do so?

Liu Han and the summit lord of the Mountain Sword Peak were still there. If they were to work together, would they have an opportunity to kill Ye Futian?

Then, an elder spoke. "People of the Donglin Clan. Retreat." His position within the Donglin Clan was quite high. As he finished speaking, he led the way by leaving first. The remaining cultivators looked ashen and were reluctant. However, they still followed him and left.

"Hold on!" Liu Han shouted to stop them. He then asked, "You're going to leave? Just like that?"

"Master Liu, please forgive our uselessness and powerlessness." The elder turned around to salute Liu Han. He saw that some were still struggling, so he glanced across at them and, with a certain degree of forcefulness, transmitted his voice to them. After that, the cultivators of the Donglin Clan left.

The elder was well aware that the Donglin Clan was no longer what it was before. They had lost their clan leader. They were no longer qualified to play the game. Even if they stayed behind to take part in the battle, to ally themselves with Liu Han, they would gain nothing, regardless if they win or lose. If they won, they would become the vassal of Liu Han and slowly be devoured by him. And if they lost, they would die even faster.

Since they were no longer qualified to play the game, what was the point of staying?

A lot of people lamented as they gazed at the backs of the leaving Donglin Clan cultivators. Who would have imagined that this was possible just moments ago?

One sword by Ye Futian ruined a top-tier clan. From now on, the Donglin Clan would fall into ruin.

Liu Han's eyes were cold. It seemed as if he no longer intended to hide his killing intent. He stared at Ye Futian and said, "Even though you are handpicked by the elders who founded the Pavilion, you are extremely cruel. To kill in front of Dongyuan Pavilion, removing people who disagree with you... How can I leave Dongyuan Pavilion to someone like you? This is blasphemy to Dongyuan Pavilion."

The death of the Donglin Clan's head seemed to have given Liu Han an excuse to make a move. He went back on his earlier words and no longer wanted to step down.

Ye Futian looked at him. He was waiting for Liu Han to say exactly this. Otherwise, how could he kill him with justification?

"So?" Ye Futian asked calmly.

"You are addicted to killing. Even if I will be blamed and reprimanded by the elders who founded the Pavilion, for the future of the Pavilion, I have no choice but to kill you." Liu Han's voice was utterly cold. His murderous intent was at its peak, shrouding Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was very calm after hearing Liu Han's statement. He then said, "Unfortunately, I do not think that you ever intended to hand over Dongyuan Pavilion. You only intended to step down and leave the position to me so that I could become your puppet while you guys remain at the helm of the Pavilion. Liu Han, I have seen just how prideful and arrogant the factions commanding the Pavilion were the day when I went. Since that is the case, today can just be considered a clean-up day."

Forceful and overwhelmingly powerful will burst forth from their bodies. Liu Han's hands suddenly moved. His palm grabbed at the air. The Void trembled intensely. Then, a gigantic palm flew and grabbed directly at Ye Futian.

The Divine Wheel released a radiant and bright Divine Light of the Great Path. The Sword Will released an even brighter and beautiful light that broke through the sky in an instant.

A loud bang. The Sword Will did not pierce through the large palm this time. However, it did cause cracks to appear on it. Regardless, that Sword Will was crushed and destroyed. Nonetheless, at that moment, Emperor Helian appeared in front of Ye Futian and threw a punch that shattered the giant palm.

"Liu Han, no matter what, you are an elder. Show some decency," said Emperor Helian coldly.

Then, at that moment, in the sky above the Pavilion, cultivator Renhuangs started to emerge one after another. Liu Han had been at the helm of the Dongyuan Pavilion for many years, and he had trained and developed many cultivators. The Donyuan Pavilion was rather strong, and this could be considered Liu Han's home arena.

"Perfect grade Divine Wheel. No wonder..." An overwhelming aura emanated from Ye Futian's body. Bright lights shone from his Divine Will as his Sword Will radiated all across the Void.

A genius Renhuang.

"The Mountain Sword Peak and the Beigong Family are both top factions of this land who can collectively make decisions over affairs concerning Dongyuan Pavilion. Now, I have been designated as the new leader of Dongyuan Pavilion. Will the Mountain Sword Peak continue to help the enemy and attempt to kill me, the rightful leader of Dongyuan Pavilion, or correct your actions right now and help me clean up the factions of Dongyuan Pavilion?" asked Ye Futian.

Ye Futian continued in a loud voice, "The same goes for the Beigong Family; I will not pursue and fuss over past issues. I will still need to rely on all of you when I lead the Dongyuan Pavilion in the future. However, if you do not do anything today, I will recognize it as you surrendering your influence over Dongyuan Pavilion. In the future, you will not be involved with anything associated with Dongyuan Pavilion."

The Sword Peak Mountain summit lord initially sided with Liu Han. The Beigong Family was also bribed to remain neutral. However, at the moment, with the situation developing and shifting so quickly, everything seemed to have changed. They could not help but reevaluate the pros and cons.

While Ye Futian was young and his cultivation level was not all that high, he had exceptional potential, and he was also incredibly strong, even when fighting against top-class opponents like themselves.

For example, the head of the Donglin Clan was killed by a single sword hit.

Even if they maintained their earlier attitudes, Liu Han's chances of victory were still very slim.


A burst of sword might came from the summit lord of the Mountain Sword Peak. He released a monstrous amount of sword might. Then, like a river, his sword will descended straight from the sky and converged to become a giant divine sword that could seemingly cut the entire land in half.

The sword moved. The void under the gigantic sword seemed to be split in half. The sword was slashing towards Ye Futian. It seemed like the summit lord had made his decision. The conditions given by Liu Han were some things that were impossible for Ye Futian. Moreover, he would be behind Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing in the pecking order.

As such, he did not hesitate and swung his sword against Ye Futian.

Yang Dongqing suddenly appeared in front of the sword. Anyone who saw the scene would know that an internal conflict had begun in the Dongyuan Pavilion.

The clan leader of the Beigong Family looked toward the battlefield. Emperor Helian and Liuhan had already engaged in battle. Ye Futian's sword was already swung. The Renhuangs belonging to the factions that originally controlled Dongyuan Pavilion were consecutively cut down within the Void. No one could shake Ye Futian.

At that moment, he made a decision!

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    《The Legend of Futian》