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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1883 Fun

Ye Futian slowly descended beside Helian You. He smiled and asked, "What is the matter?"

"How strong are you now, really?" Helian You couldn't help but ask Ye Futian as she looked at him. She had been curious for too long.

Of course, it was only because they were already familiar with each other that she would ask this question in such a straightforward manner.

"Level three Divine Wheel, but only my Divine Wheel of the Great Path has been cultivated to perfection. Didn't you already see it all?" Ye Futian grinned as he asked.

"I am asking about your fighting strength." Helian You looked at Ye Futian. "I've always had a hypothesis. Last year, among the top factions on this continent, there was an evil faction—Senluo Manor—that was annihilated overnight. After that, a swordsman started cultivating in Senluo Manor."

As she finished speaking, she stared at Ye Futian. Even though she had made some conjectures a long time ago, she still wanted to hear Ye Futian acknowledge it himself.

Ye Futian saw the curiosity in Helian You's eyes. Likely, Emperor Helian's attitude toward him might have something to do with this.

However, the fact that Helian You could ask him this question was a sign of mutual trust.

"I am going to cultivate at Dongyuan Pavilion now." Ye Futian did not answer her directly. He smirked as he strolled to the entrance of Dongyuan Pavilion.

Helian You gazed at the silhouette of Ye Futian's back. Even though Ye Futian did not answer her directly, she already knew the answer.

Helian You sighed deeply, slightly shaken. While she had guessed it initially, she was still shocked when she really obtained acknowledgment from Ye Futian.

After all, he was only at Level Three Divine Wheel. How was he able to slay a high-level Renhuang?

The Senluo Manor Chief's level of cultivation was definitely on the same level as those of her father and Liu Han. He had always wanted to become one of the powers in charge of Dongyuan Pavilion. Still, because a few major factions joined together to prevent Senluo Manor from entering, Senluo Manor had always been excluded from Dongyuan Pavilion.

No one would have expected him to be slain by Ye Futian alone.

In that case, if Yang Dongqing really wished Ye Futian any harm, he would find it difficult to execute whatever plan he had in mind.

However, she would also not remind Yang Dongqing or the Yang Family about it. Using her father's words, even though they were allies once, they had joined forces because they shared the same goal then. However, since their stance and viewpoints were different, there was no need to be concerned with them.

Previously, Yang Dongqing was unscrupulous when he targeted the Beigong Family.

They would not start a conflict with Yang Dongqing nor the Yang Family, but there is still no need to remind him. Her father said that the sly old fox Beigong Ao of the Beigong Family might also have foreseen some things; if Yang Dongqing made a blunder in the future, then he could only blame himself for his foolishness.

Compared to Yang Dongqing, Beigong Ao was quite astute. He changed his stand at the crucial moment to support them in the past and stood on the side of the winners. Furthermore, he sent Beigong Shuang to Dongyuan Pavilion to cultivate. This head of the Beigong Family was indeed an astute person.

As Ye Futian walked into Dongyuan Pavilion, many people bowed as they saw him.

"Pavilion Master."

"Liunian Sword Emperor."

The numerous people who bowed were all practitioners who passed the trial and entered Dongyuan Pavilion. They revered Ye Futian, and there were even some who called him the "White-haired Sword Emperor" endearingly.

Ye Futian would always nod his head as a form of reply.

"The Pavilion Master is really handsome and is without parallel. He is the most extraordinary and exceptional being that I have ever seen. No one can compare to him," someone said in a low whisper.

"Mmm, even when it comes to talent, he is also unrivaled."

"If only I could become the Pavilion Master's cultivation partner," a young woman said with a dreamy smile on her face. A few people shot her contemptuous looks. This boy-crazy woman...

"The belle of the Beigong Family is currently cultivating in Dongyuan Pavilion, and then there is still the elder princess of the Helian Royal Family. How can you even compare?" someone jokingly said. His unrestrained comment roused some laughter among the crowd.

"Ahem!" A cold voice sounded out. Everyone turned to the source of the voice and saw an elder flipping through an ancient scripture. The fact that he was a Renhuang practitioner instantly silenced everyone, especially when they knew that they were disturbing his cultivation. However, he had already attained the Renhuang grade, so why was he still on the lowest floor of Dongyuan Pavilion?

Ye Futian walked toward the stairway leading to the upper floors of Dongyuan Pavilion. Given his current cultivation level, the cultivation methods in the lower levels no longer had any value to him.

Recently numerous people have joined Dongyuan Pavilion to cultivate, so Dongyuan Pavilion was quite crowded. Even though there was a limit to the number of people allowed in Dongyuan Pavilion, each floor still had quite a few people. With each floor that Ye Futian climbed, there would always be practitioners who would greet him as "Pavilion Master."

When Ye Futian arrived at one of the higher floors, someone shouted, "Pavilion Master." Somewhere in the distance, Ye Futian saw a feminine silhouette lowering her arms while in the midst of performing some action, turned her head toward him, and called out, "Pavilion Master Ye."

"Ah, Ms. Shuang, you are here too," Ye Futian replied.

"Mmm." Beigong Shuang nodded. "I have just entered the Renhuang stage and still have many questions regarding cultivation, so I have been staying in Dongyuan Pavilion, referring to ancient scriptures. Dongyuan Pavilion was indeed constructed by the Great Emperor. It's really all-encompassing."

"Indeed, one can learn a lot within Dongyuan Pavilion." Ye Futian nodded his head. "Please continue reading then."

With that, he continued to proceed to the higher floors.

Unexpectedly, Ye Futian saw Beigong Shuang also stepping forward, following behind him.

"Is there anything else I can help you with, Ms. Shuang?" Ye Futian asked.

"I would like to see what the Pavilion Master is reading in Dongyuan Pavilion and learn from you," Beigong Shuang said softly. "However, if doing so would disturb Pavilion Master, then I shall not."

Her voice was soft, gentle, and warm and made people feel really comfortable.

Ye Futian thought to himself, 'The Beigong Family really knows how to choose their people.'

"Do as you please," Ye Futian said as he smiled and walked up the stairs. Even though Ye Futian said to do as she pleased, Beigong Shuang did not hesitate but rather closely followed Ye Futian up the stairs.

Ye Futian felt a little perplexed. At any rate, Beigong Shuang was a practitioner who had already attained the Renhuang level…

Nonetheless, he did not concern himself with her. He started reading the cultivation techniques that could be found in records in Dongyuan Pavilion. Beigong Shuang also quietly followed without troubling him. When Ye Futian finished reading a scripture, she would read it after.

Whatever Ye Futian read, she would also read.

This state of things continued for a few days. Even though Ye Futian wasn't too bothered by it, as time passed, he still felt baffled by her behavior.

One day, he paused his cultivation for a while, looked toward Beigong Shuang, and said, "Ms. Shuang, the cultivation techniques that I am learning are suited for my own Great Path, but they may not necessarily be compatible with you."

"Mmm." Beigong Shuang nodded. "I know."

"…" Ye Futian looked at her. While he was a bit annoyed, the beautiful face of hers made it impossible for him to really get angry at her.

Was she really that dumb or was she playing dumb?

"It is just that fundamentally, cultivation should never be limited to our own Great Paths since all Great Paths are alike. In the few days that I have been following Pavilion Master Ye in reading these ancient scriptures, I have learned a lot, and my own cultivation has benefitted greatly. Given this case, what is the issue?" Beigong Shuang stated as she looked at Ye Futian.

"While that may be the case, would you not benefit more if you selected some volumes that were more appropriate for you?" Ye Futian asked.

"I have ascended to the Renhuang stage not too long ago, so I really don't know what would suit me more or what I should read. Furthermore, Dongyuan Pavilion is so huge." Beigong Shuang looked at Ye Futian and said, "Since Father gives Pavilion Master Ye high praise, I too naturally believe that Pavilion Master Ye's insights can be trusted, so I decided to follow you to cultivate together. If Pavilion Master Ye minds me, then I can stay a little further. I will only go ahead when you have finished reading the scriptures."

As she finished her sentence, she really started moving toward the side without any sign of displeasure, maintaining a rather nonchalant expression.

"…" Ye Futian could not find the words to reply to this nor rebut her.

He smiled and shook his head and then left her side. He let Beigong Shuang be and did not concern himself with her again.

Indeed, Beigong Shuang kept a distance from Ye Futian, but like what she did previously, she looked through the volumes of scriptures that he read.

After cultivating for a few more days, Ye Futian left.

Afterward, when he returned to Dongyuan Pavilion to cultivate again, he brought Xia Qingyuan along and had her accompany him around.

Yet, completely out of his expectations, Beigong Shuang did not leave him and still followed him around. Ye Futian really wanted to know exactly what she was thinking in that mind of hers.

Beigong Shuang's behavior even attracted attention from other people in Dongyuan Pavilion, and this even spread outside of the pavilion and became an exciting topic of conversation for many people in Dongyuan City. Stories of the beauty and the prodigy naturally spread the fastest. Furthermore, these rumors weren't constrained by the level of cultivation at all; the higher the level of cultivation of the practitioners involved, the greater the curiosity they sparked.

In this case, it was especially so because the relationships were rather complex; the main characters seemed to be involved in a love triangle.

This did provide some fuel for post-meal and post-tea conversation for the common folk.

Although Ye Futian was a little bothered by it, it did enrich his boring days of cultivation to a certain extent. After all, cultivation was extremely dry.

Time flew by quickly, and unconsciously a year had passed without Ye Futian ever leaving Dongyuan Pavilion.

When the year 10046 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar arrived, Emperor Helian, Yang Dongqing, and Beigong Ao visited Dongyuan Pavilion again.

Ye Futian walked toward them in Dongyuan Pavilion, and the three people greeted him, "Pavilion Master Ye."

"There is no need for formalities, my seniors," Ye Futian said, laughing. "It's the first day of the year. What matters have drawn busy men such as yourselves to Dongyuan Pavilion?"

"We actually made this trip for a specific reason. I'm sure Pavilion Master will know of it soon enough." Emperor Helian grinned.

Ye Futian let out an expression of bafflement and surprise. The three major factions arrived at the same time for some reason. It seemed that this cause was something extraordinary, or else they would not have placed such importance on it!

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    《The Legend of Futian》