The Legend of Futian
1884 Eastern Deity Island
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1884 Eastern Deity Island

Ye Futian looked towards Emperor Helian, smiled, and said, "Senior Helian, please don't keep me on pins. I'm dying of curiosity."

Emperor Helian smirked and said, "Alright then. Say, has Pavilion Master heard of the Eastern Deity Island?"

Ye Futian shook his head. Naturally, he had not heard of such a place before.

"Among the numerous continents in the Donghua Domain, there are some continents that are the pinnacle of power, and there are others that are filled with wonders. The Eastern Deity Island is located on the Penglai Continent, which is a rather unique continent in the region that we are in," Emperor Helian explained to Ye Futian.

They all discovered that this ye Futian seemed to know extremely little about the outside world; he was unaware of even the existence of the Eastern Deity Island.

Where in the heavens did this freak of nature come from?

"Penglai Continent," Ye Futian muttered softly to himself. The continent on which Dongyuan Pavilion is located had no name. Since there were too many continents to count in the Divine Prefectures of the East, typically, continents would be unnamed.

To the entire Divine Prefectures of the East, a place like a continent would be a tiny region; hence there was no reason to give it a name.

"Mmm," Emperor Helian nodded and said. "Penglai Continent is at the geographical center of the surrounding thousands of continents and is hence extremely prosperous. Many exceedingly strong factions reside on that continent, and I don't mean factions like the Helian Royal Family, but rather massive factions that really have Level Nine Renhuangs leading them.

"However, the most important reason why Penglai Continent is so famous isn't the existence of these top-tier factions, but rather the existence of the Eastern Deity Island. The owner of this island used to be an exceedingly powerful figure. It has been said that his cultivation level had reached the Emperor Plane, so many people referred to him as Donglai Supreme Deity. He was also an Apothecary Grandmaster. Apothecary Grandmasters are extremely rare in the world of cultivation; they are even much less common than Blacksmith Grandmasters. This has something to do with the elemental attributes of practitioners. Thus, this Donglai Supreme Deity was an extremely renowned figure in the past, with countless virtuosos often commissioning him to concoct elixirs for them. Alas, it was also because of this. He made some powerful enemies and was eventually killed."

Emperor Helian continued to elaborate, "Thereafter, the Eastern Deity Island was hidden from sight for many years. It was only until Donghuang the Great unified the Divine Prefectures that the Eastern Deity Island resurfaced. Every decade practitioners from the Eastern Deity Island would proceed to the capitals of the surrounding continents to invite people to travel to the Eastern Deity Island to pursue their Great Paths. Coincidentally, it has been ten years since they last extended an invitation, and so we have come early to wait for their arrival."

Ye Futian nodded. So that was what it was. The Divine Prefecture was vast and endless, with countless varieties of life. Certainly, there would be numerous peculiar practitioners as well. Further considering the innumerable years of history of the Divine Prefecture and the multitude of influential figures, the fact that such a place existed should be highly possible and not at all unexpected.

"So what opportunities are there on the Eastern Deity Island?" Ye Futian asked. Since they could invite people from thousands of continents over, there should be opportunities for cultivating the Great Path.

"There are many opportunities. The Eastern Deity Island has had years of inheritance. There was also Supreme Deity Penglai the apothecary, so, of course, there are countless treasures and various opportunities for one to be enlightened about cultivating one's Great Path on the island. Hence, when the Eastern Deity Island is opened every ten years, the Penglai Continent would host a massive pageant for practitioners of the Great Way, and there would also be a grand trading convention," Emperor Helian continued.

Ye Futian nodded his head in agreement. Although the strength of this continent did not seem great to him, at the very least, there were a few factions led by high-level Renhuangs and thus was certainly stronger than many realms among the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path in the Original Realm. It was just that he had already caused such a large upheaval in the Nine Realms, had set his sight on greater things, and had a high level of cultivation himself, so he didn't notice the existence of such an event.

Nonetheless, he wondered how grand an event must be if people from thousands of continents attended at the same time.

The Divine Prefecture was way vaster and more prosperous than the Original Realm. They could not even be compared.

Furthermore, he had not even made contact with any faction at the pinnacle of power. The Eastern Deity Island should belong to that level. Still, he wondered about the strength of the most powerful figure on the Eastern Deity Island after the death of Supreme Deity Donglai.

"Will anyone from the Eastern Deity Island come today?" Ye Futian queried.

"Mmm, they should have arrived earlier. The people from the Eastern Deity Island have always been very punctual all these years," Emperor Helian replied.

"Well then, it seems like the Eastern Deity Island of today is still very rich in resources, eh?" Ye Futian spoke softly. How much manpower did the island need to simultaneously send representatives to thousands of continents?

Even considering that they made use of teleportation matrices, one could still tell that the Eastern Deity Island had numerous virtuosos.

"In the past century, the Eastern Deity Island had absorbed several practitioners with unusually high potential to cultivate on the island. In over three hundred years, the Eastern Deity Island had opened its shores thirty times and attracted several influential people, so, of course, they would have an abundance of resources. Furthermore, the Eastern Deity Island now very rarely communicates outside of its territory, so very few people know how strong they really are now. Some people guess that apart from the Supreme Deity Donglai, the Eastern Deity Island may already have fully recovered its full vitality," Emperor Helian said.

Ye Futian nodded. He had become a little bit more excited.

In the past few years, apart from settling matters in Dongyuan Pavilion, the only thing he did was cultivate. It was time for him to experience the world outside. Anyway, it was also a form of raising his cultivation level.

At this point, Beigong Ao turned his head and looked outwards from Dongyuan Pavilion. Right after him, Emperor Helian and Yang Dongqing also turned their heads.

"They've come," Beigong Ao announced.

Ye Futian also stared outwards into the distance. He sensed a strong aura moving towards him. Indeed, like what Emperor Helian said, they were very punctual.

A column of women draped in white robes were walking on air, mist surrounding them. They had an aura that bore some semblance to those of deities. They were certainly extraordinary. The people around Dongyuan Pavilion all raised their heads and looked up towards them. Different from Ye Futian, they all guessed who had arrived. The goddesses of Eastern Deity Island arrived.

"The Eastern Deity Island has come to pay a visit." Ye Futian looked towards the source of the voice and spoke loudly, "Welcome, goddesses."

As he finished speaking, he saw the row of goddesses float straight into the airspace above Dongyuan Pavilion and swiftly landed beside Ye Futian.

Ye Futian regarded the people from the Eastern Deity Island. They were all gorgeous women, in particular the leader of the group. It was as though she were an angel with other-worldly qualities who had descended from the Nine Heavens into the moral realm. Apart from having a distinctive disposition, she also had exceedingly stunning features that could rival the top beauty of the Beigong Family—Beigong Shuang. However, the two had completely different auras.

It seems like the Eastern Deity Island did not only have opportunities for cultivating one's Great Path; it also had bewitching women.

Ye Futian could sense the ethereal aura of the lead goddess that seemed to both exist and not at the same time. This woman had a similar level of cultivation to his, but her Divine Wheel might be unique.

The lead goddess, similarly, was regarding Ye Futian. Ye Futian was at the front of the group gathered here, so of course, he would attract her attention.

"Could I ask, which among you is the Dongyuan Pavilion Master?" the goddess asked.

Everyone looked at Ye Futian. Ye Futian replied, "That would be me."

The host of goddesses looked at Ye Futian and let out an astonished expression. The eyes of the lead goddess also flickered. The Pavilion Master of Dongyuan Pavilion was only at the level of a lower Renhuang?

"The Eastern Deity Island will be opened after 15 days. We came today to invite the Dongyuan Pavilion Master to come. This is the entrance pass; one of this allows you to bring ten people along to the island," the lead goddess spoke to Ye Futian. Right after, an ancient pass flew towards Ye Futian and levitated beside him.

Ye Futian accepted the pass and said to the lead goddess, "Alright, I will definitely go."

"Mmm," The lead goddess nodded. "Apologies for the disturbance. We will be leaving now."

"Goodbye, goddesses." Ye Futian nodded. The goddesses then turned and left, leaving no trace of their presence behind.

After they left, many practitioners standing around Dongyuan Pavilion were riled up in anticipation. Even if they could not step onto the island, they still hoped that they could at least go to Penglai Continent to widen their horizons and witness the grand gathering of highly talented practitioners from various continents.

Ye Futian watched as the goddesses left. With the entrance pass in his hand, he muttered softly, "Only ten people?"

In this case, he had no choice but to only pick two or three people from the three main factions to accompany him.

"Mmm, this is the rule set by the Eastern Deity Island. Otherwise, there would be too many people swarming towards the island at once," Beigong Ao said. "In addition, once you have arrived at the Penglai Deity Island, you really have to keep that entrance pass safely, and you should not easily let other people know that you possess such a pass."

Ye Futian looked at Beigong Ao and said, "Robbery?"

"Mmm." Beigong Ao nodded his head. "The Eastern Deity Island allows admission only to those who possess the pass. Those who do not aren't allowed entry, regardless of who they are. Hence it is not uncommon to see fights break out over the possession of the entry pass. Every time this event occurs on Penglai Deity Island, there will always be a lot of contention happening. Setting aside the fact that you can bring people along and gain admission to the island with this pass, the pass also has a pretty high trading value."

Ye Futian understood. That was to say, even if one did not need to use it, they could also seize it to trade for other items.

The Eastern Deity Island, naturally, would not interfere with these scuffles because it was also a form of elimination. Although the passes are equally distributed among the various continents, ultimately, only the most qualified people will gain admission to the island.

"Am I considered among the ten places?" Ye Futian asked.

"Nope. You can bring up to ten people," Beigong Ao replied.

Ye Futian nodded, "In this case, I only need two slots. As for the other eight slots, Senior Helian and Senior Beigong can each bring two people. I'm sorry, Senior Yang, but you can only bring one person. I will surely compensate you for this unfairness next time. Of course, my seniors, you can bring more people if they aren't entering the Eastern Deity Island but want to look around the Penglai Continent."

"Alright." Naturally, Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao did not have any issues with this distribution. While they had some thoughts, they kept them to themselves and did not express them at all.

When Yang Dongqing heard Ye Futian's words, he was stunned for a moment but instantly recovered. Nonetheless, he felt unhappy. Only his Yang Family had to bring one less person?

Were they even lesser than the Beigong Family?

Very well...

"Pavilion Master, please allocate spots as you wish." Yang Dongqing also nodded, his voice revealing none of the anger he was feeling.

"Since everyone is agreeable, please start making preparations. We will head there directly," Ye Futian announced. His sight briefly landed on Yang Dongqing for a moment before moving on. Ye Futian did this on purpose to test him. If Yang Dongqing had any ill designs on him, then this trip to the Penglai Continent will be Yang Dongqing's opportunity to act!

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    《The Legend of Futian》