The Legend of Futian
1885 Penglai Continen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1885 Penglai Continen

Having traveled to Dongyuan Pavilion, the three major factions have naturally already made sufficient preparations. After some matters in Dongyuan Pavilion were settled, the contingent of people departed in a grand fashion.

For this trip, the three major factions each brought along people numbering in the teens. These practitioners had all achieved the Renhuang stage. Although technically practitioners in the Saint stage could also seek opportunities in Penglai Continent, there weren't enough people to spare from Dongyuan Pavilion. Furthermore, opportunities for furthering one's cultivation was not even guaranteed for Renhuang Level practitioners, let alone their juniors in the Saint and Sage Levels.

Under these conditions, naturally, only those with the highest chance of success would be departing, and so these people were all Renhuang Level practitioners.

In the empty space, the party of practitioners traveled majestically. They stood on a gigantic Speed Implement, whizzing through the air at an incredible speed.

Ye Futian stood in the middle of the crowd with Xia Qingyuan at his side and Little Condor behind him. On the left and right were Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao, respectively. Meanwhile, Yang Dongqing stood with the Yang Family members at the side.

"Pavilion Master Ye, this lass has caused you some trouble during this period, eh?" Beigong Ao spoke to the Ye Futian who was beside him. The woman standing next to Beigong Ao was Beigong Shuang.

Ye Futian glanced at Beigong Shuang and saw that she, too, was looking straight at him. He wondered if Beigong Ao was truly unaware or if he was just pretending.

"How can it be? Ms. Shuang is very dedicated to cultivation, and her efforts in cultivating have taught me a few things, too," Ye Futian replied with a smile.

"Indeed, she has been captivated by cultivating since she was a kid," Beigong Ao smiled and nodded. "Since that is the case, then I shall have her contact Pavilion Master more often in the future. Surely this will also benefit her cultivation."


Ye Futian looked at Beigong Ao. He could not find the words to reply.

Emperor Helian slightly narrowed his eyes. Beigong Ao, you old fox, he thought to himself. Beigong Ao had always been very shrewd. Beigong Shuang was not only extremely beautiful, but she was also not underhanded at all. Furthermore, he had that she was also a cultivation prodigy and had been nurtured very carefully by Beigong Ao.

"Oh yes, I have never asked Pavilion Master Ye before, but with your exceptional talent, you must have a pretty solid background. How and why are you now in Dongyuan City?" Beigong Ao asked curiously.

At this moment, Emperor Helian, as well as Yang Dongqing, listened very intently. They were also baffled by this.

Furthermore, Ye Futian did not even know about the existence of the Eastern Deity Island.

"I come from a land far, far away," Ye Futian casually replied. He did not continue to elaborate. Noticing that Ye Futian was not interested in continuing the conversation. Beigong Ao was clever on it and did not press any further.

Perhaps this was the key to unlocking the enigma that is Ye Futian.

The party casually talked about other topics, and Ye Futian took the opportunity to further understand the Penglai Continent as well as Eastern Deity Island. Unwittingly, they have traveled outside the continent's territory.

Ye Futian turned his sight forwards. Clouds and mist swirled around him, and the Spiritual Qi was as dense as Deity Mist, wafting about their feet. In his line of sight, he could spot another continent in the distance. Indeed, like what Yingqing said previously, continents were near each other.

Furthermore, they were nothing like the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, where there was spatial turbulence between continents. In the Divine Prefecture, all the continents were like an entire body, hovering about in the endless universe as though they were in the Realm of Deities.

Ye Futian and the rest of the party did not land on that other continent but rather proceeded on in the space above. As they traveled, they would often see continents that appeared as tiles floating about in space. Some levitated above them while others hovered below; it was quite the extraordinary sight.

In the region around Penglai Continent, there were already thousands of continents, and Penglai Continent was only one continent in the Donghua Domain. How many of these continents were there in the entire Donghua Domain?

Then, how many continents were there in the Divine Prefectures of the East?

This number was way too big to be imagined, and the number of practitioners was also extremely huge. Among these many practitioners, he wondered how many influential and powerful figures would emerge.

However, in the entire Divine Prefecture, there was only one Great Emperor.

How powerful exactly was this Great Emperor?

In a couple of days, while Ye Futian and the rest were still traveling in space, the number of virtuosos around them increased. Occasionally they would see a cluster of practitioners traveling through space like them towards the same direction. Seeing these, everyone understood that they were about to arrive at their destination.

The Penglai Continent had garnered the attention of thousands of continents. There was no way to count the number of virtuosos who had rushed to the continent. Apart from the invited factions, many practitioners from the Outer Realms would also come on their own accord to seek their own cultivation opportunity. This grand event only occurred every decade and is thus a chance not to be missed.

Ahead, Deity Mist swirled around a large landmass.

"That would be the Penglai Continent," Emperor Helian said to Ye Futian as he looked ahead.

Ye Futian nodded. As the center of over a thousand continents, Penglai Continent was naturally extremely huge, its vast territory extending into the distance.

"Where is the Eastern Deity Island located on this continent?" Ye Futian asked.

"There is an independent region on the Penglai Continent that is known as the Penglai Deity Region. There lies the entrance to the Eastern Deity Island. It is also the gathering location for this decennial grand event. In the Penglai Deity Region, there is no top-tier faction governing the area. This is not because they are unable to do so, but rather because they intentionally created this power vacuum to make this area completely independent from the other regions in the Penglai Continent. Every decade there will be a grand trading fair," Emperor Helian explained.

Ye Futian nodded. The party gradually closed in on the continent. Finally, after spending seven days traversing through empty space on their Speed Implement, they have arrived at Penglai Continent.

It was not the first time that Emperor Helian or the other two heads of the family had come to this continent, so they were familiar with the area and thus continued to make their way to the gathering point. Around them, there were quite a few people, who, like them, were heading towards the Penglai Deity Region.

The people below would occasionally raise their heads and look upwards. As they looked upon the virtuosos flying by above them, ripples coursed through their hearts.

Regardless of the continent, the world of cultivation will forever be a shaped like a pyramid; the higher the level of cultivation, the fewer the number of people. There were many Renhuang level practitioners in the Divine Prefecture because the base number of practitioners is enormous, and numerous people have cultivated for many years. Relative to the Renhuangs, there are even more people in the lower cultivation levels.

Naturally, Penglai Continent is no exception to this rule. Due to the occurrence of this grand event, many virtuosos from various places have come to gather on this continent. Seeing the gathering of so many virtuosos motivated the hearts of many lower-level practitioners, who all silently swore in their hearts that they would put in even more effort into cultivation so that they might one day also be eligible to participate in this grand event.

In the empty space above, a traveler heading in the same direction looked at Ye Futian's party and asked, "Are you all heading to the Penglai Deity Region convention?"

Ye Futian and the rest looked over and saw an elderly practitioner seated on a gourd, letting off an aura like that of a deity.

"Mmm," Beigong Ao nodded his head and replied.

"Did you all come at the invitation of the Eastern Deity Island? Where do you come from? Coincidentally I am also heading there. Why don't we travel together?" the elder said with a smile.

"We come from an unnamed continent and are here to train. How could we have been invited?" Beigong Ao replied with a faint smile.

"Pavilion Master, I'm sure you still remember what we talked about the last time. The Eastern Deity entrance pass is extremely valuable. Many practitioners are not sent an invitation even though they are strong, and will look for opportunities to seize a pass from other people. This elder should be a casual cultivator, but his level of cultivation should be really high," Emperor Helian spoke telepathically to Ye Futian on the other side of the Speed Implement.

Ye Futian naturally understood. He was the Pavilion Master of Dongyuan Pavilion, and only factions like the one that he was leading would be sent an invitation and given an Eastern Deity pass.

When Beigong Ao intentionally hid the truth, he was guarding against the elder.

The elder squinted his eyes, with a small gourd in his hands. He tilted his head backward and took a sip of rice wine from his gourd, sighed deeply, and continued, "No, no, it doesn't seem like that. I am not that old that my eyes are blurred. Three high-level Renhuangs, tens of Renhuang level virtuosos... You must be from some powerful cultivating faction from some continent. You did not tell this old man the truth."

"Oh no, we wouldn't dare deceive our elders," Beigong Ao said, his smile still plastered to his face. However, it was obvious that the smiles from these two people were very fake.

The elder turned his sight to Ye Futian and asked, "Well then, what identity do you hold? This is strange, very strange indeed."

Given his experience, the elder naturally could, with just one look, tell that Ye Futian is the core figure in this group of people. He stood right in the middle of the group, and the three most powerful practitioners in the group stood around him. Furthermore, the few most beautiful women were also standing next to him. His status in the group was unquestionable.

"I am Ye Liunian, a practitioner from an unnamed continent. I don't have any status," Ye Futian laughed. "Since old senior is also going to Penglai Deity Island and that we were brought together by fate. Let's travel together. Just as well, I'm feeling a little peckish now. Perhaps I might have a cup of wine from you."

When the elder heard Ye Futian's very casual and unguarded reply, some curiosity sparked in his eyes. As he regarded Ye Futian, he muttered softly, "Interesting."

Ye Futian actually agreed to travel with him, invited him to travel together, and even wanted to ask for wine? Very interesting indeed.

"Be wary of this man," a voice sounded out from afar. A group of people rushed over from behind. The leader of the group is a middle-aged woman who was giving off a bone-chilling intent to kill. She glared at the elder and said, "Return my Eastern Deity pass."

The elder glanced at that woman behind him and said, "Since when did I take your Eastern Deity pass?"

"You…" Everyone stared at the elder. This old man obviously stole the Eastern Deity pass, yet he refused to admit it.

"What about me? At the very least, I am a lot older than you. Do you not know how to address me with a little more respect? Indeed, once a woman becomes older, her temper grows with her age," the elder spoke flatly. The middle-aged woman's face was as white as frost, and she let out a wisp of a cold aura. Looking at Ye Futian and his group, she said, "everyone, this old geezer stole my Eastern Deity pass, and that is his motive for getting close to you. How about let's join hands and take him down?"

"It is not wise to interfere in the business of others," Emperor Helian telepathically spoke, worried that Ye Futian may try to be a good Samaritan and help the woman.

Of course, Ye Futian understood this. It wasn't that he was afraid of trouble. It was just that the elder didn't seem to have harmed anyone. If these were the hidden rules of the Eastern Deity Island, then they should settle it with their own strength, and there was thus no need for him to interfere.

"We are still hurrying, goodbye," Ye Futian replied indifferently. He continued moving forward.

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    《The Legend of Futian》