The Legend of Futian
1886 Mother-Son Yuanyang Mirrors
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1886 Mother-Son Yuanyang Mirrors

The Penglai Deity Region was in the middle of the continent. It was shrouded by an incomparably dense Spiritual Qi. It felt as though one were in the Deity Realm.

Legends had it that the Penglai Deity Region contained a natural matrix that drew in Spiritual Qi from the heavens and earth, a matrix laid out by the Donglai Supreme Deity In the past. This was originally the outer regions around the Eastern Deity Island, and it was part of the Eastern Deity Island territory.

In present times, the Penglai Deity Region was unbelievably flourishing. With people from over a thousand continents gathered here, the number of practitioners was unimaginably large.

In the empty space, Ye Futian and his party were traversing the airspace above the Penglai Deity Region. In their surroundings, people were bustling about like a crowd of deities walking about in the air, making this Penglai Deity Region really seem like the realms of Deities.

Ye Futian surveyed the entire region and observed the practitioners that came and went. Some were elders who gave off Deity-like auras, and some were beautiful women that could bewitch anyone with a look. There were also powerful figures whose auras intimidated everyone, and cheeky youngsters who paid no attention to rules of courtesy. There were even monks and nuns.

"Every time the Eastern Deity Island opens, there will always be many people in the Penglai Deity Region. You can find all types of people here; practitioners from the good faction, those from the evil faction. Basically, there will be a large number of practitioners of all types," Emperor Helian said softly. He instructed his people behind him, "While you are here, be careful and avoid getting yourself into trouble."

"Mmm." Emperor Helian's subordinates nodded their heads. Among those from the Helian Royal family who came, apart from Elder Princess Helian You, there were other royal descendants and virtuosos from the royal family. There were still a few days before the Eastern Deity Island opened, so Emperor Helian decided to remind them.

This was not their home continent. On that continent, they were the most powerful people. On the other hand, on this continent, they would not even know the background of any person should they get into a fight with them. Furthermore, they might not even know who to take revenge on if anything happened.

The Divine Prefecture was so vast. If their opponent left, where would they even start searching?

Ye Futian shifted his gaze below and saw many intricately built towers and houses, courtyards, and pavilions; it was a scene of luxury and prosperity. Furthermore, he also noticed that many people had laid out their wares for trade in the pavilions. These traders could not be underestimated too; Ye Futian took just a casual glance around and realized that those traders were actually Renhuang level practitioners. In fact, it was extremely difficult to spot someone who was below the Renhuang stage.

The reason for this was simple: any weak practitioner would not dare take out any treasure to sell or trade. If they did and were targeted, they would have no means to protect themselves or their property.

"Is this how trading is done here?" Ye Futian asked aloud.

"Nope. This is just one of the forms. There are many other very famous trading areas in the Penglai Deity Region," Emperor Helian explained. "If anyone had a very valuable item to sell or trade, they would trade in those areas. However, they would release the information beforehand to give interested buyers and traders enough time to travel to the trading location. The most renowned trading location in the Penglai Deity Region is the Penglai Deity Lake, and it appears only every ten years when the Eastern Deity Island opens up to the rest of the world. Common treasures are not even eligible to be traded in that location. Anyone who wanted to trade there had to first have their treasures appraised, then assessed if their treasure was of a high enough grade before being allowed to trade it in the area."

Ye Futian nodded his head. Upon hearing this, he was indeed intrigued and wanted to take a look around. After all, he did possess quite a few treasures himself.

"Well, let's go down then," Ye Futian said. While people were hurrying about in the skies above the Penglai Deity Region, it was even more bustling on the ground.

The party landed on the ground and walked on this Deity Realm-like land. There were no guesthouses around, although there were a few inns that could only accommodate a few people. The fragrance of alcohol wafted from the sides of the pavement and pervaded the street.

Apart from this, in this Deity Realm, the typical person had aesthetic features. When one cultivated to a high enough level, their bodies and auras would undergo a profound change. A woman would develop striking features, especially women who were born beautiful; they could be said to be very pleasing to the eyes.

However, once they have cultivated to such a high level, the temptation of physical attractiveness would no longer be that great.

"Are you selling Spirit Herbs?" Ye Futian looked towards the pavilion at the side. There was an old man in ragged clothes standing behind his stall. There was only one stalk of Spirit Herb. It was completely crimson, and it caused the air around it to be quite hot. Ye Futian could vaguely sense the Will of Fire contained within the herb.

"Mmm, it was formed after being nourished by the Will of a Great Path," Beigong Ao nodded and said. "This Spirit Herb isn't of a high grade, so it should not be very valuable. However, to a practitioner at the Saint Plane, it would be extremely useful."

Ye Futian nodded his head. In the past, when he was still in the Original Realm, he once traveled to the Ocean Path in the secret zone in the Shangxiao Divine Palace to cultivate further, and so he understood.

The party continued moving forward. While they did see quite a number of valuable items, none of them interested Ye Futian. After all, he had seen much greater things, and thus, was not easily impressed.

"Why don't we go take a look at the Penglai Deity Lake?" Ye Futian said. The party continued on their way and came upon an ethereal mountain. Around the mountain, there were matrices laid out and even highly skilled practitioners standing guard.

"Do you all want to go in with me or…?" Ye Futian asked as he looked at Emperor Helian and the rest.

"I will also go in and take a look," Emperor Helian smiled and said. After giving out instructions to his people behind him, he just brought along two people. Beigong Ao and Yang Dongqing did the same. 11 people continued proceeding forward, and these eleven people were the same people who were going to enter the Eastern Deity Island, while the others waited outside.

At the stairway to Deity Lake, someone lightly bowed to them, smiled, and said, "Distinguished guests."

Ye Futian and the rest naturally understood what the person meant. Everyone who came here understood the rules.

Ye Futian took out an entrance pass and asked, "Will this be fine?"

"Yes, of course." The person smiled. "Please proceed."

The entrance pass that Ye Futian retrieved was the Eastern Deity entrance pass, this item could be used to trade for things, and it could fetch quite a high price too. The pass also proved that Ye Futian and his party had been extended the invitation and were thus allowed to enter.

As they walked upwards, they could feel that the region gathered the essence of the heavens and earth, and Spiritual Qi was concentrated to an unbelievable extent. In a luxurious pavilion, there was a Deity Lake, in which the aura of deities pervaded. Around Deity Lake, there were many extraordinary figures trading items.

While there weren't many people here, those who were here had cultivation levels and auras that far surpassed those who were outside this area.

The Penglai Deity Lake was five kilometers long. This pavilion inside was unbelievably extravagant. It was a hundred meters tall and was like a completely different world.

On the two sides of Deity Lake were a couple of stalls. There were quite a few people who were seated cross-legged on the ground, and arranged in front of them were some treasures, most of which were pretty valuable.

"What is this?" Ye Futian stopped at a certain stall. Laid out on the ground were two mirrors, from which Ye Futian unexpectedly sensed a slight ripple in the Great Path, and even a few wisps of Spatial Will of the Great Path.

"These are the Mother-Son Yuanyang Mirrors, mirrors that are bound to each other. When two people simultaneously refine the mirrors, they will be able to see each other and communicate through the mirrors even if they are separated by billions of continents." The stall owner exuded a deity-like aura and had an unusual air about him. He looked at Xia Qingyuan, who was standing beside Ye Futian, and said, "If my friend here and your missus lack these, they will be very useful to you."

Ye Futian's expression shifted slightly. He did not know that such treasures existed. After all, he had never heard about them in the Original Realm.

In the Divine Prefecture, Blacksmith Grandmasters cannot be matched by anyone in the Original Realm. In fact, they might not even be found in the Original Realm, and so many forging techniques have ceased to be passed on.

If they had this item, it would make things very convenient for them.

However, what caught Xia Qingyuan's attention was how the stall owner addressed her. She turned her beautiful eyes to the Ye Futian beside her and noticed that he actually did not deny it.

"What is the price?" Ye Futian asked.

"A ninth-grade Renhuang Implement," the stall owner stated his price. Practitioners in the Divine Prefecture aligned the grades of implements to cultivation levels, so there were nine grades of implements.

Thus, any ninth-grade Renhuang implement was a top-tier implement.

"It's just a communication device. Surely it's not worth that much?" Ye Futian said.

"Although this pair of Mother-Son Yuanyang Mirrors is just a communication device, it is very difficult to forge them, and only Blacksmith Super Grandmasters are able to do so. Even then, they need to be well versed in various elements of Great Paths and have to use very rare materials in order to forge them. Thus, the item is extremely valuable, and only powerful figures in top-tier factions could afford to use this, making it a symbol of status. My friend, with just a look, I can tell that you are standing on the pinnacle of authority and that you have an extraordinary aura. Your missus here is also no commoner; she looks absolutely stunning. Only people like yourselves are compatible with the item. Furthermore, it would be difficult to avoid being apart from your missus in the future. Should you encounter any trouble, this item would make it very easy for you to communicate with each other."

The old stall owner had a very glib tongue. Ye Futian just felt that it was a pity; if he had obtained an item like this earlier, he could have left one for Jieyu.

"Indeed, as he said, while the item isn't particularly useful, it is very difficult to forge. Treasures like this are quite rare. Since it isn't very useful, there aren't that many that are made, and only the core disciples in top-tier factions will need to use them," Emperor Helian telepathically spoke to Ye Futian. Ye Futian also understood the logic.

"Nonetheless, you can try bargaining," Emperor Helian said.

Ye Futian looked at Xia Qingyuan. He saw that she, too, was staring at him, and it looked like she wanted the item.

"We've been together all along, so we don't actually need this," Ye Futian said aloud. Upon hearing this, Emperor Helian, Beigong Ao, and the rest thought hard about his words. While the two of them had been together all along, Ye Futian had never explicitly explained their relationship.

This was the first time he had done so. In that case, were they really cultivation partners?

A slightly surprised look flashed across Xia Qingyuan's eyes. She lowered her head, slightly nodded, and let out a very delicate and soft sound.

"Let's go." Ye Futian walked off. The old stall owner casually smiled and said, "Please do as you like, but there are a lot of people who came to Penglai Deity Lake this time, and they are all figures with very high status. There is only one pair of Mother-Son Yuanyang Mirrors. If other people bought it, there would not be a second set left."

Trading, fundamentally, was a psychological game. While Ye Futian expressed that he did not need it, he was really doing it to lower the price. Having been in the cultivation world for so many years, how could the stall owner not see through Ye Futian's mind tricks?

While the lady had some intent to buy, she was a lot more concerned with what the man said. With one word from Ye Futian, she gave up on the thought. It was then up to her position in ye Futian's heart.

What a sly fox, Ye Futian thought to himself after hearing the old man speak. Indeed, the people here were all very shrewd.

"How about I trade cultivation techniques for this?" Ye Futian asked.

The old man shook his head. With his cultivation level, he could easily access places like the Dongyuan Pavilion, so he did not need cultivation techniques.

As for the really powerful and secret techniques, the Mother-Son Yuanyang Mirrors were not valuable enough, and he knew that.

"What about an eight-grade implement?" Ye Futian asked again. The old man still shook his head, shut his eyes, and said, "Since my friend here is insincere about buying, please leave."

"Old man, you win," Ye Futian turned around and walked to the old man. The old man revealed a smile and said, "This old man can still read people very accurately. My young friend here looks like a very extraordinary person. I was certain that you could afford to trade in a ninth-grade implement. Furthermore, it's for the sake of your lady."

Without saying anything, Ye Futian tossed him a storage ring. The old man used his divine consciousness to appraise the stored item, smiled, and said, "No problem. It's a deal."

Ye Futian received the Mother-Son Yuanyang Mirrors, and gave one of them to Xia Qingyuan. Apart from Little Condor, only he and Xia Qingyuan came to the Divine Prefecture!

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    《The Legend of Futian》