The Legend of Futian
1890 Kill Without Mercy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1890 Kill Without Mercy

"No..." Ye Futian had yet to respond when Beigong Shuang immediately rejected this suggestion. She continued, "I will not go back."

"Shuang'er," Beigong Ao said as he looked at her. He had a stern look on his face.

Beigong Shuang, on the other hand, had an exceptionally stubborn look on her face. She shook her head, not heeding her father's suggestion at all.

"Senior, why don't you go back with her?" Ye Futian suggested.

"The opening of Eastern Deity Island is considered a fateful encounter. Besides, would Pavilion Master also head back?" Beigong Ao asked Ye Futian.

"I wouldn't," Ye Futian replied as he shook his head. He looked at Beigong Ao and said, "However, Miss Shuang has already proven her Way. Senior should let her make her own decisions."

Beigong Ao was stunned as he looked at Ye Futian. Aside from his daughter's cultivation, he had indeed placed more restrictions on her regarding other matters. What Ye Futian said was not without reason.

However, this time, he still hoped that Beigong Shuang would leave. He could foresee hidden dangers ahead.

As the family head of Beigong Family, Beigong Ao felt that he was a very accurate judge of character. Jun Qiuyan was not a good man, and he was extremely proud of himself. Prior to this, due to the fact that Jun Qiuyan had been rejected by Ye Futian, he had tried to make Ye Futian and Beigong Shuang yield to him. Moreover, he had been contradicted, and Ye Futian had even asked Jun Qiuyan to accompany him to train on Eastern Deity Island. With Jun Qiuyan's prideful nature, how would he take all this?

Yet, Jun Qiuyan only smiled and let it go. Nothing had happened. Beigong Ao did not believe that this matter would end just like that. The more the matter appeared to be over, the more likely Jun Qiuyan would take action against them later on.

Although Ye Futian's group were top figures of their own continent, the young master of Jun clan, the top clan of the Penglai Continent, would not necessarily see them as equals.

"When we enter Eastern Deity Island, try to stay close to me," Ye Futian said to Beigong Shuang.

Beigong Ao was stunned. He gave Ye Futian a strange look. Beigong Shuang also looked at him. She gently nodded her head and answered, "Hmm."

Since Ye Futian said so, Beigong Ao did not say anymore. From Ye Futian's words, Beigong Ao faintly felt the powerful self-confidence that Ye Futian had.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said as they left the area and found a place to stay.

There were more and more members of the Penglai Deity Region around them. The place was lively. Countless cultivators had come to prepare to enter Eastern Deity Island. Be it in the air above or on the streets below, their surroundings were filled with people. It was a grand scene.

In the blink of an eye, there was only a day left to the opening of Eastern Deity Island. The cultivators from various continents had already made preparations. There were more and more business zones in the Penglai Deity Region. Many cultivators were completing transactions for treasures all the time.

Right now, at an open-air wine bar on the rooftop of a pavilion, Ye Futian, Emperor Helian, and the others were quietly drinking there. They looked down at the crowd below as well as the cultivators traversing the sky above their heads. Ye Futian was also slightly moved by this scene.

After cultivating for many years, even though Ye Futian had already encountered many top figures, even having encountered Princess Donghuang as well as the divine generals beside her, he still had yet to see an occasion where there were so many powerful cultivators. Even during the war between a few god-level forces back then, their numbers paled into insignificance when compared to the number of Renhuangs in the Penglai Deity Region.

After all, this was a gathering of cultivators from thousands of continents. One could imagine how many cultivators were here.

Even Emperor Helian was moved when he saw this scene. He said, "Having cultivated until now, we always have a misconception. Sometimes, we believe that we have cultivated to the peak. After all, we are already upper-level Renhuangs. Yet, after we see such a grand scene, we will feel that we still have a long way to go."

"There is no end to cultivation. Even the Great Emperor does not dare to claim that he has cultivated to the peak," Beigong Ao said in a low voice. He knew his place. On their own continent, they could act more presumptuously as they indeed stood at the top. However, when they came out, they needed to be more reserved and keep a low profile.

There were too many powerful figures in the cultivation world. Setting aside other people, even the previous Dongguan Pavilion Pavilion Master, Liu Han, had been killed.

Even Ye Futian with a third-tier Divine Wheel could kill off Liu Han. Although he had not directly taken action to kill Liu Han, everything was indeed set in motion due to Ye Futian, and this resulted in the fall of Liu Han.

If Ye Futian's ability was only that of an ordinary lower-level Renhuang, who would bother with him? He would not have been able to touch Liu Han at all.

Up until now, Ye Futian's identity was still unknown. He gave off a mysterious vibe.

"In the Donghua Domain, who is the strongest?" Ye Futian suddenly asked. He seemed to jump topics in conversation, causing Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao to both be stunned. They were still on Penglai Deity Island. Why had Ye Futian jumped to talking about the Donghua Domain?

"The Donghua Domain is too large," Emperor Helian lamented as he looked into the distance. The 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture were all domains with more than 10,000 continents. There were countless cultivators on these continents. There were also innumerable top figures.

"That's true. In the Donghua Domain, beside us, even the clans of Penglai Deity Island cannot be considered among those at the top," Beigong Ao added. "There are too many powerful cultivators in the world. Each of them are astonishing figures. As for who is the strongest, how would we know? It might be the Domain Chief."

Ye Futian nodded his head slightly as he vaguely understood. Although Emperor Helian and Beigong Ao were upper-level Renhuangs, the circles that they came in contact with were still limited. They were not that familiar with the figures at the top.

Ye Futian did not know how powerful the Domain Chiefs of the 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture were. They might be on par with Spear Emperor Du You, who appeared in the Original Realm.

The Divine Prefecture was so big. It must be the same for the worlds ruled by the Dark Court, the Devil World, and other forces.

From the looks of it, Ye Futian still had to increase his cultivation as fast as possible. With a third-tier Divine Wheel, he could still survive in these ordinary continents. However, in the core domains of the Divine Prefecture, his cultivation would be insufficient.

While they were talking, in a nearby pavilion, Helian You and Beigong Shuang were strolling leisurely. They wanted to check out to see whether there was anything they needed.

There was a very large trading house with many counters. Many people were carrying out transactions here. Their cultivations were all very powerful. Beigong Shuang stopped by a counter and looked at a Thunder Spirit Orb. It emanated terrifying lightning to its surroundings. It seemed suppressed, and if it could explode at any moment.

"You can refine this item into your spiritual soul. It can increase your control over the Way of Thunder. Would you like to consider it?" the owner of the orb recommended as he looked at Beigong Shuang with a smile.

"How much does it cost?" Beigong Shuang asked.

"This Thunder Spirit Orb is equivalent to a fifth tier treasure. I will need to trade it for a ritual implement of the same level with spatial attributes," the other party replied. A transaction at this level usually involved the exchange of treasures. Each person would have their own requirements.

"Can I test it out?" Beigong Shuang asked.

"Sure," the other party nodded his head. Beigong Shuang extended her palm and grabbed hold of the orb. Immediately, the terrifying power of lightning coursed up her arm. She instantly retracted her arm, trembling slightly.

"This orb should be fine," said Helian You, who was beside Beigong Shuang. Helian You was a middle-level Renhuang, and she had also sensed the power of the orb. Beigong Shuang nodded in agreement. She then took out a storage ring and placed a treasure within it. She then handed it over to the seller.

After the seller took it, his will reached into it. Beigong Shuang's gaze was still fixed on the Thunder Spirit Orb.

"Miss, why did you hand me an empty storage ring?" At that moment, the other party asked this question. Beigong Shuang was stunned. She took the storage ring from the other person, and her will entered into the ring. As expected, there was nothing within it.

Her expression changed slightly, turning somewhat cold as she stared at the seller. The moment the seller placed the storage ring into his sleeve, he must have used some trick to extract her item. The item was already removed from the ring.

Helian You looked at her, and Beigong Shuang said, "I gave him the item."

Helian You's expression also turned cold. She immediately waved her sleeve and took the Thunder Spirit Orb. She coldly stated, "I will pretend that you were just joking."

"Presumptuous," the other party immediately cried out when he saw what Helian You did. A rampaging aura swept out. The long robe on his body expanded outwards. The storm of the Great Path bashed against Helian You and Beigong Shuang. They were both knocked back from the shockwave.

"What's the matter?" At that moment, cultivators happened to descend from mid-air. Their auras were terrifying. Their pressure immediately enveloped the space. The leading dignified middle-aged cultivator had an especially frightening aura. He was actually an upper-level Renhuang.

When Helian You raised her head and saw this scene, her expression changed. She knew that they had fallen for a trap.

The other party had set this up and had been waiting for them.

Otherwise, things would not be so coincidental.

Without any hesitation, Helian You unleashed her will. They were not far from where Ye Futian and the others were. Her will could reach them. After all, they had offended other parties a few days ago, so they were not so careless and would look out for one another.

Unfortunately, at that moment, a ritual implement appeared in mid-air and immediately sealed off the vast space, cutting off her will.

"Someone tried to take a ritual implement by force and broke the rules of the trade. I will temporarily seal off the space. Everyone, please excuse this inconvenience," the majestic middle-aged cultivator said loudly in mid-air. His tone was cold and indifferent. He shot a glance towards Helian You. His cold pupils contained a murderous intent.

This woman had an extraordinary temperament and was beautiful. However, she still needed to die.

This wasn't good. Helian You looked at the other party. She could sense the murderous intent in the other party's eyes. She dragged Beigong Shuang and immediately retreated, wanting to leave this space. However, cultivators with frightening aura descended all around them, not allowing them to escape at all.

In mid-air, the eyes of the majestic middle-aged cultivator revealed a murderous intent. He then coldly said, "For coming to the Penglai Deity Region and stealing, you shall be killed without mercy."

He had barely said this when murderous intent enveloped the space. Murderous auras instantly burst forth from the surrounding cultivators in mid-air at the same time. In an instant, Helian You and Beigong Shuang were in grave danger!

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    《The Legend of Futian》